Evil Never Dies.

BY : DV85
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Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or the characters. This series is based on fiction and is for adults only. I also do not make a profit off of my works. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

This is part 1 of Evil Never Dies. Written by author DV85.

War and Peace: It had been a little more than a month since the eight DigiDestined fulfilled their goal by freeing the digital world form tyranny. By returning to their own world and leaving their Digimon partners behind, the group found difficulty in not only the departure but adjusting to normal lives. Tai having led his friends to victory took the separation the hardest. It was still summer so school was out of session. Most days the child would stay in bed ultra late until hunger forced him to get up. At the time he was staring at the ceiling while lying on his back in the bunkbed he shared with Kari.

"I guess its that time of the day again."

Tai crawled out of bed walking over to his dresser. After yanking his blue shirt over his head he glanced towards the picture of him along with the others taken at Primary Village after the final battle. Tai touched his hand over Agumon’s image before shedding a tear. He then placed the framed portrait into the open drawer slamming it shut. Commotion coming from the kitchen caused him to investigate. Tai discovered his young sister eating at the table. Tai took a seat slumping forward, burying his face in his arms.

"Tai, come on. You can’t stay like this forever." Kari said.

Tai overcome with emotions started sobbing. No different than most days. Kari normally gave him space but today she got out of her chair giving him a hug on his side.

"I didn’t know Gatomon as long as you knew Agumon but just know it hurts me too. All of us are upset." Kari shared.

"Oh Kari, its been so long and yet we haven’t heard anything from the other side…" Tai spoke in between tears.

"That doesn’t mean we never will."

Tai knew his sister only meant well. He turned towards her returning the hug. While appreciating her efforts it did little to nothing in terms of boosting his spirits.

Sora just like Tai was emotionally shaken up from being apart from Biyomon. She managed to rekindle the relationship with her mother from the invasion of the real world but that alone wasn’t enough. With her father mostly away on business it helped deal with the sadness just a little. The DigiDestined had mostly stayed apart from one another since the trolley brought them back but today for whatever reason, Sora felt like talking to one of her friends. Sora picked up the phone deciding to give Tai a call. It rang three times before Tai on the opposite end decided to pick up.

"Hey is Tai there?" Sora asked.

Tai suddenly perked up upon hearing Sora’s voice.

"Oh, Sora. What’s going on? I haven’t seen you since…" Tai drifted off.

"I know. I’d really like to see you in person. Can I come over?" Sora requested.

"Uh sure. I’ll see you soon."

The two hung up.

Sora gathered some things before making her way over. Along the way she couldn’t help but think about the time Tai saved her life back in Etemon’s pyramid. He grabbed her hand before she fell into a web of darkness even managing to hold on as Datamon tried to pry them loose. That seriously meant something to her. It made sense that she devoted herself to finding him after he and Agumon mysteriously vanished. The young girl quickly walked through the crowded streets before arriving at her destination. She found Tai’s door unlocked, heading on inside she found Tai setting up some drinks.

"So… what’s going on Sora?" Tai inquired.

"I think its time we all faced facts Tai. I miss Biyomon terribly and I’ve accepted the idea I might never see her again. Although it destroys me to think so it would be best if all of us move on." Sora explained.

Sora sat down taking a sip from the nearby can of soda. Tai immediately could tell she was being serious. While he was very distraught over being apart from Agumon, the boy wasn't accepting the idea of being apart forever. In fact that was the farthest thing in his mind.

"When we said goodbye it wasn’t meant to be forever." Tai reminded.

"I thought that at first too. But then all that time passed and, nothing…" Sora paused.

Kari heard the commotion coming out of her shared bedroom.

"Oh, Sora. I didn’t even hear you come in." Kari noted.

"Hey Kari, you’re looking well." Sora commented.

"Thank you. What brings you all the way here?" Kari wondered.

"I was just telling Tai that we need to accept facts that we’re never going to see the Digimon again." Sora informed.

Kari was in shock. "Sora you can’t mean…"

"We spent all that time together, saved both of our worlds. We did what we were supposed to do and here we are, all apart with no way of even communicating." Sora stated.

Kari refused to believe in Sora’s theory. She said nothing more before leaving for the city park.

"Tai, I didn’t mean to upset Kari. Should I go after her?" Sora asked.

"N-No. It’s okay I’ll talk to her later. Come on, let’s eat." Tai offered.

The two sat at the kitchen table to finish breakfast. Sora was hungry so she ate quite a lot although it didn’t fill the sorrow in her empty body. Tai felt as the former leader somewhat obligated to cheer his friend up. But he wasn’t sure how to do that. After eating and cleaning, the two sat in the den.

"Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?" Tai wondered.

"Well yeah, but I’m not sure how to say it." Sora answered.

"It’s okay. You don’t have to speak if you don’t want to."

Sora sighed. "I’ve been feeling lost, just so alone now Tai. I-I loved Biyomon. She was my soul mate."

"We might not have our partners but all eight of us have been through the same experience. Together maybe we can get through this."

Sora seemed unmoved by Tai’s words. Tears began to form in her eyes followed by weak whimpers. Tai felt the same way although with him and Agumon, it wasn’t necessarily love; probably the way girls and female Digimon bonded somehow. He shimmied over to Sora’s side as she lied her face against his shoulder. Tai held her hand.

"Can I confess something to you?" Sora requested.

"Of course Sora." Tai accepted.

"Ever since you saved my life. I’ve always had a thing for you. Then you were torn between worlds and our team fell apart. I never told you this because I never thought you would feel the same way." Sora spoke while sobbing.

Tai paused. "Sora, we’ve known each other for a long time. Even before we went to summer camp. I always liked you and, well yeah, you mean the world to me."

Sora suddenly became emotionless. She stared at Tai, eye to eye level.

"Do you really mean that Tai?" Sora questioned.

"I wouldn’t lie to you Sora. Not ever." Tai admitted.

Sora wiped the wetness from her face, smiling. A great weight had been lifted off of her shoulders to know that someone she truly cared about felt the same way.

"I promise you that we’ll get through this." Tai swore.

Sora gave Tai a tight hug. Now that the cat was out of the bag so to speak, it was though a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

"Come on. Let’s go out." Tai suggested.

The two left Tai’s place to look for Kari. Figuring she would be in the park, they went over and sure enough found the young child skipping stones by the lake.

Kari ran over. "Hey big brother, Sora."

"Look Kari, I didn’t mean to upset you before. I was upset if you know what I mean." Sora apologized.

"Oh, it’s okay Sora. Don’t worry about it." Kari accepted.

Sora smiled for the first time in a long time. Tai held her hand. The three joined together spending the next hour relaxing, enjoying each other’s company. As hunger set in they hurried over to a local fast food joint. Sora was now glad she decided to reach out to Tai. While eating the group continued to talk about good times they had together. Kari soon got tired returning home. Tai and Sora stayed together taking a walk around town.

"This day has been so fantastic. I feel a lot better now." Sora commented.

"I’m glad. I had fun too." Tai added.

"Well I better get home now, can you give me an escort?"

Tai nodded. "Sure."

The two shifted directions headed to Sora’s apartment complex. They arrived within minutes at their final destination. Before opening the front door, Sora gave Tai a kiss on his face.

"Thank you for everything." Sora said.

Tai just stood there sort of stunned. He quickly snapped back into action before giving her a nod and a smile back. Sora then let herself in and shut the door behind her. Tai proceeded to the elevator thinking about the day’s events.

"I feel so lucky."

The day turned into night. Tai hurried back to his own apartment building finding Kari waiting for him. His sister immediately noticed something was different about him.

"Hey Tai are you feeling better?" Kari inquired.

"Oh you bet Kari. It's like I've found my place in the world now." Tai responded.

Kari became ecstatic with that news. She laughed as she hugged her brother.

"That’s wonderful. Just wonderful." Kari stated.

Tai looked down at Kari realizing he had overcome his down emotions. His folks soon arrived back from work and together they ate dinner. Tai’s parents also saw clear as day their son felt better. That night everyone went to bed in high spirits.

Sora though was lying in bed transfixed on what happened earlier. She felt pounding in her chest like she never felt before. Was this what love felt like? The very idea crossed over in Sora’s head like a broken record. Sure she loved her family, loved Biyomon, but another boy?And what would this mean for the future? Although she felt nervous it also provided a large sense of happiness. Sora too fell asleep in a wonderful mood.

The next day Matt awoke in his bedroom. He like the rest of his friends were always upset over the separation from their Digimon partners. Yet he didn’t take it as hard as Tai or Sora. Instead, Matt focused on spending more time with his family in addition to his newfound love for music. He got himself dressed preparing for the day. Matt had already made plans to see his brother T.K. so he wanted to get a jump start. Quickly eating some leftover frozen pizza, he grabbed his wallet and headed out.

"If I hurry I can make the 8 AM train."

Matt ran to the subway, bought a ticket and made it on just as the railcar doors closed behind him. Taking a seat he couldn’t help but think of the time he and T.K. were with their partners riding the subway car during Myotismon’s attempted takeover. Looking to his left he could almost see their forms riding next to him. Almost starting to cry, he quickly shrugged off the thought managing to keep his eyes dry. Twenty minutes later the train stopped, Matt disembarked walking the rest of his way to T.K.’s home. He let himself in with a spare set of keys he kept with him. Upon entering he found his mother ready to leave as was his brother.

"Hey mom." Matt greeted.

"Matt, thanks for getting here so quickly. I’m headed out to run some errands but I’ll have my phone in case you need me for anything." His mother informed.

"Sure thing." Matt understood.

T.K. finished tying his shoes jumping up ready for a fun day. The two siblings said farewell to their mother before she left. They ended up going in a different direction towards the boardwalk. It wasn’t far so the two went on foot.

"Hey Matt there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you if you don’t mind." T.K. brought up.

"Of course. What is it?" Matt accepted.

"Well, its just that, are you and Tai on good terms now? I was thinking about that fight you guys had when Kari was taken over by that spirit. You never seem to talk about him anymore."

"Yeah, well Tai is a good guy in my book. I’ll admit we’ve had our problems but we have made up since. My mind has been on reconnecting with you mostly."

T.K. sighed. "Well that’s good. I just wasn’t sure if you were still mad or anything."

"I was just going through a hard time, that’s all. While I do regret what occurred there's no sense in bringing up the mistakes from the past."

T.K. didn’t pry anymore. They soon got to the boardwalk which was hosting an annual carnival. After seeing what rides they had to offer the two chose what they wanted to go on spending the next few hours enjoying each other’s company. While sitting on the ferris wheel, T.K. immediately thought back to that amusement park in the digital world where he got mad at his partner essentially abandoning him. Even though they forgave one another after, it still made the young boy upset that he initially believed that creep DemiDevimon who eventually disappeared  without a trace. Matt knew about the incident from Tai and could see it on his brother’s face that he was thinking back. He rested his right hand on T.K.’s shoulder as a sign of assurance.

"I miss Gabumon too T.K. but I’m sure we’ll see each other again, one way or another." Matt told him.

"I-I know Matt. Its just the waiting is the hardest part. Sure they’re probably going through the same thing but in the end I guess it was worth it to save their world." T.K. figured.

"It was destiny that brought us together, that same destiny will reunite us."

T.K. grinned a half smile. He knew Matt was only trying to ease his suffering. The two continued to enjoy the hosted event.

Izzy stayed mostly to himself since returning home. Being the one with the technical knowledge he took it upon himself to try and reach the digital world. Yet since coming back, he hadn’t had any luck. Izzy wasn’t going to stop though until he got results. This morning, he checked his e-mail account and as usual it didn’t have what he was looking for.

"I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised."

Izzy sighed. He knew Gennai had hold of his information. But why wouldn’t he make contact? Izzy had a lot more questions than answers. He turned off his laptop. Wanting to enjoy the rest of summer while it lasted, he set out. Not knowing what he wanted to do today, he just wandered around. Izzy eventually found himself near the boardwalk. In the distance he could make out Matt and T.K. He didn’t hesitate to walk away in the other direction.

"I… I can’t see my friends right now. It’s too soon."

Izzy made haste away from their line of sight. He hadn’t eaten yet but that was the least of his worries. He knew the others wanted him to find a way back to their friends but he didn’t have any good news to give them, yet anyways. Until he did the best thing to do in his mind was stay away.

Tai was reflecting on yesterday’s events. He wasn’t lying when he told Sora he had feelings for her. But what was the next step? Tai felt the best thing to do was spend as much time as he could with Sora. He decided to pay her a surprise visit at her home. Tai quickly arrived knocking on her apartment door. Sora answered somewhat taken back by Tai standing behind it.

"Hey Sora. Can I come in?" Tai requested.

"Sure." Sora accepted.

The two went inside to Sora’s room sitting down on her bed. Both had taken the traditional courtesy by wearing only their socks now. Their shoes now laid at the front hallway.

"So, what brings you here?" Sora inquired.

"Well I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. We only have ourselves until we find a way back to the digital world. If you’re interested, I think its time to take our friendship to the next level." Tai proposed.

Sora didn’t reply. She simply gave Tai a big hug which he took as a yes.

"I couldn’t think of anything more wonderful." Sora said.

Tai happily laughed as he returned the hug. The two were both puzzled as to what to do next. Tai took a bold risk by turning towards Sora giving her a kiss on her mouth. The two were now frozen in time. Thoughts always raced through their minds on what their first real kiss would feel like. With it actually happening it felt surreal. Tai soon stopped moving his face away from Sora’s.

"I-I’m sorry. I mean was it okay that I did…" Tai stammered.

Sora smiled at him. She moved forward by pushing Tai onto her bed climbing on top of him. Sora was seriously getting in the mood to express her emotions in a physical manner. Tai was too as he welcomed the move. They rejoined lips holding on to one another. Even though they were rushing it, for now it felt like the right thing to do. The two worked equally in making out having a blast in the process. This was a big step in cementing their relationship. While making out, the two felt giddy as friends doing something new together. Their bodies began to feel excited all over. Tai and Sora made some light noises in between their lip movements feeling eager to shed their clothing. Despite the urgency, both were afraid to make the next move. After getting deeper into the sexual mood being spread around, Sora went on ahead taking the blue cap off her hair. She then did Tai the same favor by removing his goggles.

The simple shedding of their unique head items helped motivate the two further. Tai took his turn at bat almost ripping his shirt by tugging it over his face. Sora saw his difficulty helping him along. Once free from that, Tai tossed it to the floor taking a pause to reflect on what was happening. Sora straddled Tai’s waistline with her legs the top half of her body was upright. Feeling braver, Sora followed suit with her own shirt but left her training bra on. Sora had previously only shown even this much in front of other girls and her partner but never for a boy. Now that it was over, she felt stronger as if nothing could stop her now. Tai stared at Sora with a half smile. He knew they had to overcome hurdles in order to physically express their feelings which wasn’t going to be easy. Sora saw the doubt in Tai’s eyes.

"Hey, can I take your shorts off now Tai?" Sora requested.

Tai paused. "Y-Yeah, that’ll be great…"

Sora gave him a look of confidence before shimmying backwards taking Tai’s signature brown shorts along with her. Once the garment left Tai’s legs he felt a tad uncomfortable. Wearing only his socks and underwear, this was the least dressed he had ever been in front of a girl. He blushed. Sora helped ease his stress by climbing back into bed with him. Sitting right next to Tai she decided the only right thing to do was strip down to the same level. With a heavy sigh Sora began to pull her pants off. After one leg was free Tai knew she was trying to ease his embarrassment. He helped out too by taking her pants off the remaining leg. Now both were in only their undergarments unsure of where to move from here. They exchanged a look of confusion at each other.

"What now?" Tai pondered.

"Well, hmm… How about this?" Sora offered.

Wanting to rip it off like a stuck-on band aid, Sora unhooked her bra strap exposing her underdeveloped breasts to Tai. While she was still relatively young, Sora had the makings of what would eventually become a full rack. Tai looked at the amazing sight suddenly feeling discomfort in his briefs. He and Sora turned their attention towards the bulge emerging from below. Tai now felt even more uncomfortable, in a physical and emotional sense.

"Tai, it’s okay, look." Sora said.

She motioned to her panties which had a wet spot. Tai now felt better knowing it was only natural for their genitals to become eager to play. Sora slowly, ever so slowly crept her right hand towards Tai’s waist. Tai offered no objection which she took as a good sign. Sora however needed to make sure.

"May I?" Sora asked.

Tai didn’t want to appear weak-kneed in front of Sora for a moment longer. He gave her a strong nod of approval. She then went on ahead putting her hand on Tai’s underpants and giving them a strong tug off. Once the blue colored item of clothing was clear of his feet, Sora got a good close look at what was lying in wait. She stared at Tai’s penis in awe always wondering what a boy’s unit looked like. Tai at first was afraid he wouldn’t have much to offer in terms of length. But now both were fixated on the appendage which stood fairly upright in front of them. Sora got Tai’s attention again by removing her own underwear standing by the side of the bed. His mouth went wide as the moist slit proved to be a wondrous thing for him to be seeing firsthand. Sora climbed back into bed sitting up next to Tai. Now that the threshold of exposing themselves had passed, it was time to move on.

Sora turned to Tai. "Can I touch it?"

"Sure Sora, sure." Tai answered.

Sora removed her gloves before placing hands on Tai’s balls and thick shaft. Upon fondling it, Tai immediately felt superb in that particular area. She didn’t go nuts with her hand movements, just simple touching to break the ice. Tai felt paralyzed by the feelings unable to move. Only his mouth appeared to be functioning uttering long stutters and moans. While he touched himself every now and then what was happening now didn’t even come close. Sora became further intrigued on how to further please Tai. Knowing he would drop dead at this rate from a bj, she instead opted to just use her hands for now. Sora liked the way his privates felt in her palms. She could touch it all day every day. Sora however knew all too well what was most important; Tai feeling special and joyous. The young girl did her best to touch over every possible area of his soft nut sac and firm rod.

Tai let her do her thing without any interruption. He continued to be mesmerized on how sweet a handjob could be. As the job pressed on in time, Tai began to adjust to the way it felt. He calmed down a lot since this whole thing began and now was completely relaxed. His moans let down to what would be considered a normal rate. Sora meanwhile didn’t stop working her magic. Seeing how Tai seemed to be deep into his treatment, she applied more pressure to her hands as well as more speed. The move resonated well with Tai. Tai now had to prepare himself for how this was going to end. At the rate Sora was going at, it wouldn’t be much longer until he came. It only occurred to Tai now that he hadn’t done anything to please her while she had done so much towards him. He felt obliged to do something about that, post haste.

"Hey Sora, let’s both feel good." Tai offered.

He like Sora before him, removed his gloves and nervously crept both hands towards her genitals. She didn’t object to him doing so. With that out of the way, Tai rubbed the outside of her pussy lips sending good vibes throughout that area.

"Mmm, Tai, keep doing that." Sora moaned.

Tai complied using his two hands to caress her special area. Sora then proceeded to use her own hands to return the satisfaction to him. The two young kids in love were now pleasing one another and loving the way it felt. Like Tai, Sora never had another life form touch her vagina so this was a big treat. They continued to sit up right, their arms crossed over each other. The air was filled with their happy noises. Sora leaked more and more fluids from the intense joy, more than she ever had before. Tai felt the moisture on his fingers becoming very eager to lick her like a mad dog. Yet he was still being handled by her wanting to see where that went before doing anything else. Sora let it all go at this point doing a standard jerking off with her primary hand keeping the other on scrotum duty. Tai felt pressure building up within his dick; this was the closest he was to having an orgasm for the first time.

"S-Sora wait! I’m gonna…" Tai fumbled to speak.

Sora wasn’t in fear of having Tai spill seed. She shifted positions from sitting next to him to facing him head-on. Her hands never left his cock as she moved. Tai never knew what to expect now. He struggled to think of the best way to deal with this impending ejaculation. While Tai ran thoughts through his head beginning to pant, Sora pushed him over the edge. She moved her face towards his throbbing penis circling her tongue over the tip in a clockwise motion. Tai couldn’t take such a move. After she went three times around, Tai felt an enormous amount of wonderful strength erupt from his ball banks. A fair amount of cum shot out of his pee hole surprising Sora as she thought he had a while to go. While most got on her face, some went directly into her mouth. At first the idea of having a male’s spunk sounded nauseating to her but once the taste resonated she found it quite appealing.

Sora took down what was inside before taking the stuff off her face with her hands and licking it. Tai meanwhile felt like the wind had been knocked out of him. He found difficulty recovering from his first shot. Lying on his back; had had a dazed look in his eyes. Once Sora finished with her treat she climbed on top of Tai’s body looking him eye-to-eye. Tai felt super grateful to her for everything that had just transpired. The thrill of having his first orgasm had made him happier than almost anything else could. He was very eager to return the favor in an even bigger form. Tai playfully pushed Sora onto her back and moved his body south towards her waistline. She easily got the idea spreading her legs a bit to give Tai room to slip in.

He wasted no more time gawking getting straight to the point. Placing his face directly up next to her pussy, he gave her some light licks. The pleasure was at least double for Sora from when Tai previously touched her. She lightly moaned in glee. Sora desperately needed more and that was exactly what Tai gave to her. Noting how well she responded to the initial tongue movements, he worked magic getting into a routine of it. Tai knew this was a big step to be licked so he didn’t want to push Sora overboard by going heavy duty. He took it slow at least for now. She was currently feeling the best she ever felt. The sensation of Tai’s tongue making contact with her privates was nothing short of a dream come true.

"Tai, oh Tai…" Sora murmured.

Sora gripped the bedsheets in her hands while uttering lots of noises. She felt so happy forgetting most of her troubles through having sex. Tai remained silent only moving his mouth. He still felt like a hurricane was swirling throughout his chest area. By doing this romantic activity Tai knew he had a lifelong friend to be with. Through trial and error, he discovered the best way to please Sora. He stuck to a specific technique which gained the most sounds from her. She continued to enjoy herself leaking a profuse amount of fluids, more than any other period in her life. Sora looked up at the ceiling with a sense that everything was truly going to be all right for now on. The joy coming from her pussy remained at a perfect level. Tai was doing a great job in both performance and sustaining balance. Still determined to payback what her hands did, he wasn’t going to let anything get in his way.

Tai also really wanted to impress Sora, mostly succeeding by the way she behaved. He took everything she did as encouragement to keep at it. Tai licked and licked while having fun at the same time. Sora like Tai before her, felt an adjustment to the pleasure being able to handle such a wondrous feeling. Her moaning lessened to a bit. Tai didn’t take that as a bad sign though, he knew better after having had his first jerk off only minutes before. If anything it made him pleased to know Sora was deep into her treatment. Sora peered her view downward to catch Tai with his mouth full of cunt. She smiled caressing his face with her free right hand. Tai didn’t even flinch. He was dead set on making Sora have a thrilling orgasm. Although that portion was still a bit away. Sora still had quite a bit more tongue to get there. Yet the very idea was deep in her head. She wondered what it would be like, how she would handle it. Her eyelids half drooped in a goofy expression stared at Tai as he worked. He was really working hard to please her.

"You’re doing great Tai." Sora commented.

Tai briefly looked up giving her a look of assurance. He would have liked to talk but felt it was unnecessary to break his face away, even for a moment. Lots more love juice poured into his mouth but Tai didn’t even take time to taste it. Instead he let most drip out while applying pressure against her juicy vagina lips. Sora now wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take. It began to feel like an overload. Unable to tell him to slow down, Sora took it in as best she could. Moaning went back up to a rowdy level. Tai understood this meant she was close. He decided to give her a proper send off by putting his hands inward. From there he spread her lips open a bit giving some licks to the interior. Having something outside come lurking inside was the right remedy for the craving Sora now had. Her body fell back against the pillow, an uncontrollable jerk of movements from the change.

Tai did his best to keep control of her legs as Sora almost smacked him in the head. Still keeping her genitals open he twirled against the pink center. Sora was now dying to come. Having never done so before the urge to splash felt like a deep obsession. The pleasure level was rising at an extreme rate. She relaxed her body wanting to get the full force of her orgasm without any interruption. Tai braced his face for warm sticky liquid to spray any moment now. Sora suddenly felt a surge like a thousand volts of electricity lighting up a cell tower. She grunted very loudly scaring Tai to the point where he thought he hurt her. He was about to pull away when he was dosed in a liquid matter that covered his entire face. No longer in fear, he remained stationary taking the blast like a true lover. Sora on the other hand felt herself spill while her breathing pattern almost stopped. Within a very brief period it was over, but boy was it fun while it lasted.

Sora still had to catch her breath lying on her back on the bed. Tai had climbed on top of her wiping away her cum with a positive look in his facial expression. She sat back up giving him a big hug. That was the best thing to happen in her life. Surely the memories would last a lifetime. Both of them were pretty spent feeling worn out from having their first orgasms. Tai returned the hug in the meantime. Wondering if they should continue to have their fun, they both decided to stop, for now anyway. Tai helped Sora clean up any evidence of their interaction before they both put their clothes back on.

"That, that was the most amazing thing Tai. I’m so glad we did it." Sora confided.

"I couldn’t agree more." Tai added.

"Well its been swell. So what do you want to do now?"

"I am hungry. Let’s go eat."

The two left to the local Italian pizza parlor nearby.

Joe like Izzy mostly stayed to himself since returning home. Hoping more than knowing he would see Gomamon again some day he spent most days studying medicine in hopes of turning it into a career. He was at the library looking at some books when he bumped into somebody behind a shelf.

"Oh, sorry I…" Joe paused.

"Joe? Is that you?" The stranger asked.

Joe looked up realizing he had bumped into Mimi. He was mum for words.

"Yeah, its me. So, so how have you been doing?" Joe inquired.

"Well, not so good. I mean my dad says we’re going to leave Japan soon." Mimi pouted.

"Wait, what?"

"He got a job offering in the states, plus he thinks being in this place where the Digimon invaded isn’t good for the family."

Joe saw Mimi looked sad. "Is there anything I can do?"

"I-I don’t think so. Thanks for offering though."

Mimi turned to leave. Joe forgot that he had an extra ticket for a band visiting from America. While flubbing his thoughts, Mimi left. Joe didn’t go after her. Instead he sat back down to go through the books he picked up.

"Maybe next time."

Kari had nothing to do today so she made her way to the boardwalk to see the sights unaware of the carnival taking place there. Upon arriving she felt stupid in that she didn’t bring any money with her.

"Silly me. I’ve got to remember my wallet."

Kari pondered on what to do next. T.K. was nearby noticing Kari standing within his sightline. He immediately rushed over.

"Hi Kari!" T.K. greeted.

Kari turned towards T.K. "Uh hey T.K., wow. I mean its been so long."

"Yeah, I know. How have you been?"

"Okay I guess. Tai was in a funk but he seems do be doing better."

"I see. Well I’m here with Matt. Are you all alone?"

Kari nodded. "My parents are out and so is Tai. I better get back now anyway, it was nice seeing you."


Kari left the area while T.K. returned to Matt. She passed by a food court in the nearby plaza when something caught her eye. She looked through the window of a pizza place seeing Tai and Sora inside. They were sitting together, eating, enjoying each other’s company. It made Kari pleased to see Tai opening up like this. Not wanting to bother them she continued along her way returning home. She went inside turning on the computer she shared with her brother. As it began to boot up, the screen glowed brightly causing Kari to shield her eyes.

"Ow! What was that?"

"Hello? Can anyone hear me?" A voice spoke from within.

Kari looked back at the monitor which was now displaying normally. She touched it almost sensing the presence of another life form. She turned on a button which recorded the desktop screen including any audio.

"Yeah, I can hear you. Who is this?" Kari questioned.

"It’s ------. P-Please, tell --- that I ---- ---." The unknown said.

Static filled in the gaps to which Kari couldn’t comprehend as words. The signal felt fainter now.

"I’m losing you. Can you speak up? Hello? Hello?"

There was no response. Kari turned off the record function not knowing what to do next.

"That voice, it sounded so sad yet familiar."

Kari copied the file onto a flash drive. She then placed the drive in her pocket before rushing over to Izzy’s. Hopefully he would be able to make some sense of it.

Matt and T.K. were finishing up their carnival adventure playing some skill games in hoping of winning a stuffed panda. T.K. decided to speak up about seeing Kari.

"Matt, I saw Kari before." T.K. shared.

"Really? How is she?" Matt wondered.

"She looked okay but deep down I think something was bothering her."

"Hmm. Maybe you should speak to her about it. She’d probably appreciate that."

"Yeah, I’ll do it when I can."

The two continued to test their luck.

Kari had run non-stop to Izzy’s place. She was out of breath by the time she knocked on the door. Izzy answered it having since come back after hiding from the others.

"Kari? Are you okay? You look sick." Izzy commented.

Kari took in some air. "I’m all right. But I just had someone talk to me from my computer."

"Come again?"

"I recorded it. Here."

Kari handed over the flash drive.

"Okay, come on in."

Izzy let Kari inside. He got her a glass of water which she happily drank.

"Just tell me exactly what happened." Izzy told Kari.

"Well, I turned on my PC and it shined brightly. Then a voice called out to me, I’m not sure who it was." Kari explained.

"Let me take a look at the file."

Izzy plugged it into his USB port on his laptop. After clicking on the file link, it played the audio message minus Kari’s replies.

"That voice, I know I’ve heard that voice before." Izzy recalled.

"Me too. Do you think it was one of the Digimon?" Kari brought up.

Izzy hadn’t even thought of that option. He tried to uncover more information but the file itself only offered minimal hints at best. Izzy set up a scan to remove the static but it would take awhile for that to finish results, if any.

"I just hope that if it is the Digimon, they’re okay. We fought for months to free their world and ours so if all that work was for nothing than…" Izzy feared.

"Maybe Izzy. But it sounded like they were just trying to send a message, not so much a cry for help." Kari countered.

"It’s been so long. I can’t even remember what their voices sound like."

"Well it was definitely a male voice. We should try and get the rest of our friends down here. Perhaps they might recognize it."

Izzy was against that idea. "I don’t know Kari. It just might make them upset to hear it."

"But Izzy, wait. This is the first possible contact we’ve had. We should at least let everyone know."

Izzy sighed reluctantly agreeing. He got out his phone book beginning to leave messages on everyone’s cell phones.

Tai had finished lunch with Sora having left his phone off as to not be interrupted. He was walking back home when he decided to turn it back on. It beeped indicating a missed message.

"I better see who called."

Tai listened to the message. He then hung up the phone rushing to Izzy’s home. Tai arrived within three minutes and Kari let him in.

"I got here as soon as I could. What did you find out?" Tai inquired.

"Well, not much. I came here because I thought Izzy would know what to do." Kari explained.

"It’s true Tai. I have the message but I can’t clear up the interference." Izzy added.

The three sat down. Izzy played the sentence-long audio to Tai.

"What do you think?" Izzy asked.

"I-I can’t be sure. It’s so hard to even remember what Agumon sounds like." Tai regretted.

"I guess its true when they say you forget your loved ones voice as time passes." Kari said.

"My program will take some time. I’ll keep you in touch until then." Izzy informed.

"Okay, thanks Izzy." Tai expressed.

Tai and Kari returned home. They took the news in as both odd and bittersweet.

"Oh Agumon. If it was you then what did you want to tell me?" Tai sighed.

"Don’t worry Tai. We’ll find out soon enough. Please don’t be sad." Kari pleaded.

Tai sat down next to his sister on the couch. "I wont. I had a good time with Sora today. We really discovered things about ourselves we didn’t know existed."

"Ooh! Like what?"

"Well first we weren’t sure about having sex, but then…"

Tai immediately cut himself off. He realized he shouldn’t be talking about such things to his younger sister. Kari though was intrigued by the conversation.

"Wait, what happened? What's sex?" Kari eagerly asked.

"I shouldn’t say. I think you’re too little to understand." Tai refused.

"B-But I’m a big girl. You can tell me anything, you know that Tai."

Tai saw the sad expression on her face. "Okay, but promise not to tell mom and dad."

"I promise!"

Tai went into basic detail about what happened in Sora’s bedroom. He left some stuff out but made sure Kari knew it was something that should be done in private with people that you really care about not related to you, and your own age. Kari appreciated Tai’s honesty. He had doubts about telling her such sensitive information but knew it would be better for him to say it then have Kari ask their parents. After their folks got home from work the four enjoyed dinner together. Soon after the Kamiya siblings were in their night clothes lying in the bed they shared together.

"Hey Tai? Is it okay that I told Izzy about what happened?" Kari wondered.

"Of course Kari. I know it might bring some sad memories back to me but in the end if Agumon is trying to make contact I’m better off knowing then not knowing." Tai encouraged.

"Thanks Tai. I feel better now. Good night."

"See you in the morning, I love you. Don’t ever forget that."

"I wont."

Tai suddenly awoke the next day to shaking by Kari.

"Tai! Get up! Get up!" Kari yelled.

Tai freaked out. "Ahhh! Kari! What’s wrong!?"

"Izzy is on the phone! He has something to say to you!"

Tai fumbled to get out of bed eventually falling and having to crawl to the phone.

"Tai! I unscrambled the message! Listen to this!" Izzy spoke on the other end.

Tai put the end of the receiver to his ear. After listening, he fell to the floor unconscious.

Izzy heard the thud. "Tai? Hello? Tai?"

End of part 1.

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