Dawn has two mommies

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Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon and its characters. I don't make any money from this.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon and its characters.

In Sinnoh, a girl named Dawn walked out of Hearthome's mall from shopping and then she pulled the cellphone out of her pocket, trying to tell her mother that she's coming home. After dialing the older woman's number, Dawn waited at least fifteen seconds for her mother to respond, but she didn't. The blue-haired girl suddenly ran and trying to see if her mother is okay.

As soon as Dawn arrived in her home, she jumped and was heavily surprised that Johanna was sitting on the couch naked along with another woman named Lenora, a Normal-type Gym Leader in Unova. The two were also wet, assuming that they took a shower together, and it was the only reason why Johanna didn't answer her cellphone minutes ago. The living room was steaming hot too, hence the reason why the two women were bare naked.

Dawn was still shocked to see the nudeness between Johanna and Lenora until a few seconds later where her expression turns normal. "Mom... what is all of this...?" she asked. "Why are you naked with that woman you're sitting next to?"

"I'm glad you asked, Dawn." Johanna smiled. "I'll tell you why, but first, take off your clothes."

Dawn wasn't sure to remove her own clothes after hearing her own mom's words, but she did it anyway as the blue-haired girl stripped her clothing off. After the quick stripping, Dawn was fully nude and quickly sat between Johanna and Lenora on the couch.

Then Dawn smiled at her mother. "Ok, mom, I'm fully nude. Now tell me what's going on."

"Ok, Dawn. Three months ago, your dad and I had a heated argument and right after that, he left. Several hours later, two policemen came here and told me that your dad shot himself, resulting as a suicide. I didn't care much since he was a total asshole anyway."

"So, dad passed away, I see... What happened next?"

"I decided to go to Unova to meet with new people, so I went there and after a few hours of walking south, I'd laid my eyes on the most beautiful city in the world, which was Castelia City of course. After exploring a lot, I went inside the hot spring and saw Lenora sitting alone. I walked near her and sat, and then we were introducing ourselves and talked... and talked. After many hours of talking, we did something special in the hot spring and to tell you the truth, it was passionate and fun.

"So, you two sort of... had sex with each other inside the hot spring?"


"Wow..." Dawn said with sudden excitement, and then she turned her attention to Lenora. "So, Lenora, how does it feel like having sex with my mom?"

"It feels great, Dawn." Lenora replied with a smile. "Besides, it's better than anything I'd done in my entire life. Hell, it's infinite times better than having sex with my ex-husband. And speaking of sex, it would be fun for younger girls such as you to get gang-banged by women with bigger breasts. Let's get started, shall we?"

With Lenora's words, the Normal-type Gym Leader lightly touched Dawn's right breast and then kissed her gently on the lips. Both girls blushed and Johanna wouldn't let go of her bright smile, due to the lesbian action she's seeing from Lenora and Dawn.

Fifteen seconds later, Lenora let go of Dawn's lips and right breasts, leaving the younger girl surprised without shock. "You like that don't you, Dawn?" she asked.

Dawn couldn't say anything until five seconds later where she smiled. "Yes." she replied.

"Good. I'm going to lie down and I want you to take advantage of me."

The Normal-type Gym Leader got up and right before she lie herself on the ground, she slapped her own fat arse in front of Dawn, giving a sudden attraction to the younger girl. Lenora finally lie herself on the ground and then Dawn went towards her larger breasts, placing her mouth on the right nipple and then sucking it. She also uses the fingers from her left hand to toy with Lenora's nipple, fingering and pinching it gently.

"Oh, Dawn..." Lenora suddenly moaned as the sexual activity advances.

While seeing her daughter taking advantage of Lenora's larger breasts, Johanna wanted to join in. The blue-haired woman then moved down to Lenora's hairy pussy and spread it, revealing the flower part. Johanna gently placed her tongue on the flower part, licking it as she began to.

With an extra "oomph" of tingling, Lenora's moan increase further, due to the fact that Johanna was licking her pussy. "Oh, Johanna, keep licking my pussy..." Lenora knew it was Johanna licking her pussy because Johanna always used her style of sexual activity to lick Lenora's tender pussy, which was gently of course.

Now, Lenora was getting manhandled by the two relatives. Dawn was toying with her large breasts while Johanna was licking the hairy pussy. Lenora wanted this, but wanted Johanna and herself to manhandle Dawn and she'll have to wait later. But in the meantime, she kept moaning, which increased.

Then ten seconds later, the tingling inside Lenora's body was pulsing. "Oh, GOD...!" she yelled.

The sexual activity between the three still continues. Moments later, Dawn was done sucking the right nipple and toying with the left one and then swapped by sucking the left nipple while toying with the right one. Johanna, on the other hand, continues to lick the chunks off Lenora's sweet, tender pussy.

"Oh, this is the life..." Lenora said, relaxing herself with more moans and tingles.

Lenora's dialogue meant that she's enjoying the manhandling more often. But still, she wanted Johanna and herself to manhandle Dawn. Five minutes later, Dawn and Johanna finally let go of Lenora's private areas and the two saw her gasping for air, which made them smile.

After gasping, Lenora got up and went towards Dawn with a bright smile. The next thing she did was turning around and bending over, showing her fat arse to the younger individual once again. Dawn bent down on her knees, reaching her tongue towards Lenora asshole and licking it. Not only did Dawn lick Lenora's asshole, but she'd also grabbed the older woman's ass cheeks, squeezing them.

Lenora moaned once again, but it wasn't louder this time. "Oh. Dawn..." she said.

Despite licking something with foul odor in it, Dawn enjoyed it, but it wasn't enjoyable as sucking and toying with Lenora larger tits. But still, she was able to rim with pleasure. She also loved squeezing Lenora's fat ass, as her attraction with it grew further. Johanna watched and smile, seeing her daughter and new lover having fun with each other and as soon as they were done, Johanna wanted to give Dawn an extra surprise.

After the small individual was done licking the favors off Lenora's asshole, the two quickly embraced a kiss, which made Johanna more excited. "I'll be right back, you two." Johanna said, leaving out of the living room to get something out of her room. Thirty seconds later, Johanna came out of her room with an item, which was a banana. "Look what I got." she made a sing song, which was sweet.

"Spread your legs for us, Dawn." Lenora also made a sing song.

"Ok, Lenora.

The blue-haired girl lied down and then spread her legs for Johanna and Lenora, revealing her pussy and asshole. Johanna inserted the banana inside Dawn's asshole and then shoving it back and forward, making her own daughter moan seconds later.

"Oh, mom..."

After Dawn's small words, Johanna continues to play with Dawn's asshole with the banana. Other than herself to watch for a short period of time, Lenora sticks out her tongue to move it towards Dawn's unoccupied pussy and then licked it. Now, Dawn was getting manhandled by the older women and it was something that Lenora wanted to enjoy, letting two older women with bigger breasts gang bang younger girls with smaller breasts.

"Oh, Lenora... oh, god..." Dawn kept moaning and this time, it was louder.

Instead of licking Dawn's pussy, Lenora gobbled her entire mouth on it, eating it out like a wild animal. This made Dawn's moan increase further, but it went further than that when Johanna was speeding the banana inside Dawn's asshole.

"OH GOD...!" Dawn started yelling for the very first time.

Dawn's screams were loud enough to break a mirror, however. No one else besides Johanna and Lenora heard it as they were listening to some music or probably gone. If they did hear the loud scream, they would go knock on Johanna's door to see what going on, or probably call the cops to investigate. Other than that, it was a pleasure for Dawn to get manhandled by Johanna and Lenora.

And speaking of manhandling, Lenora was done munching Dawn's smaller pussy and began to place two fingers on her right hand inside of it, moving it up and down. Dawn continues to scream but the screaming stopped when Lenora silenced the younger individual with a deep kiss on the lips.

Ten minutes later, the older women let go of Dawn's private holes and they were on fire. Not in flames though, but they were burning like a flammable stick without the wildfire. Now for the finale, Johanna and Lenora lie on the floor together and begin to touch each other's pussies with tribalism.

The tribalism begins as the two were grinding each other's pussies. The two had done this before over the past three months and loved it. They love it so much that every time the two do this, their pussies would wet on each other like a spilled bottle of ink that spreads everywhere and their bodies would heavily tingle with a deadly pulse. Dawn was watching the whole thing and she wouldn't move her eyes elsewhere because of the way how two girls would play with each other's pussies attracted her and she was hoping to do the same thing to Lenora or her own mother.

Five minutes later, the two were done scissoring each other and they were also covered up with sweat, which was more appealing to them since sweating makes it better for the grinding. They got up and kissed briefly.

Then, Johanna looked at both Lenora and Dawn with a smile and decided to show her love once more. "How about we all hug each other and then we'll go out for ice cream?" she suggested. Then Johanna and Lenora went towards Dawn, sandwiched her, and three embraced a triple hug with each other. To Dawn, she was excited to have a thrilling moment of having sex with her own mother and Lenora, her new mom, which was possible.

The End

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