You\'re fired, Courtney!

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Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon and its characters.

 "You're fired, Courtney!" Maxie yelled at me.

 "I'm fired?! What the fuck did I do?!" I yelled back.

 "You were being insubordinate over the past few weeks and you were being disobedient. I gave you more chances during those weeks without even telling you, but I guess I should've fired you in the first place. Now, off you go."


 "Just get out of here, Courtney, just for the sake of Team Magma. And one more thing, do the world a favor and stop swearing in almost every sentence you make, will you?"

 After Maxie's word, I walked out of the hideout while I was still pissed off. I didn't know where to go next, so I'll just walk around aimlessly until I'm beat. Oh, and let me introduce myself. My name is Courtney, a former Team Magma member, as I would say that shit. And yeah, I'd been insubordinate and disobedient like Maxie said, but it wasn't my fault. I didn't feel like working and I always have a bad attitude towards my fellow employees, constantly swearing and disrespecting them.

 They were afraid of me, though. Every time I tell them to do something, they will do it, which means they'd treat me like a leader. And speaking of that, I was starting to think about replacing Maxie's place as the Magma leader. I know it sounds good, but I need to think harder of how to get revenge from the asshole that fired me.

 Finally, I took a break from walking and sat down on the beach. I was starting to think of a plan again for the next five minutes until I heard someone came up to me and sat down. I looked at the person and I was surprised. It was Shelly and I wonder why she'd sit next to someone with a Team Magma uniform? I don't know but I don't care since I got fired. Then, she smiled at me.

 "It is ok if I stare at the sea along with you, Courtney?"

 "Yeah, I don't mind,"

 "Oh... ok, then." she said, and then she turned around and stare at the sea while I was still thinking in distraught.

 "So, how's Team Aqua?" I asked, not knowing why I would ask a Team Aqua member about their job, but I had to.

 "It's ok, it guess." she replied, and then she turned her direction towards me while I'd done the same thing to her. "It's something wrong, Courtney?"

 "Yes... there's something wrong, Shelly. I got fired from that fucking cunt, Maxie!"

 "Oh, I see... I'm so sorry to hear that..."

 "Eh... it's ok. I want to get revenge from that asshole, but I don't know how. Most of the plans I thought about are weak and not devious enough."

 "Well, have you thought about killing him with an ice axe? It sounds devious, you know."

 "No, I haven't thought about it, but you know what? I should kill him with an ice axe. It sounds more devious than the other plans I thought about at first. Thanks for bringing that up, Shelly."

 "No problem, Courtney. Are you going to do it right now?"

 "Yes, but I need to find a way to get the rest of the Magma members out of the hideout so I could kill that son of a bitch, Maxie, and dispose his body."

 "Don't worry, Courtney. I'll help you lure out the members so you can take care of Maxie."

 "Ok, Shelly. And before we go, I just want to say thank you for trying to help me."

 "It's what I do best, Courtney."

 After the conversation, Shelly and I got up and headed our way to the Magma hideout. Before we could get there, we need to retrieve an ice axe. For the first time, we were working together. In the past, we used to be sworn enemies but now, we're not as Shelly wanted to help me annihilate Maxie. Minutes later, we made it to the hideout while I was carrying an ice axe.

 We saw two Magma guards sleeping on guard duty. I hid myself near the nearby bushes and see what Shelly would do to the guards. She went over to the guard on the right and swiftly kicked him in the balls. She quickly gave the other guard a deadly clothesline. The guards were shocked to see Shelly assault them like this. After all, she's one tough chick.

 "Team Aqua wants a piece of you pussies!" Shelly yelled at the guards, and then she ran away.

 Suddenly, the guards called out the other guards and the admins and all of them ran after Shelly, who was still standing far away from the hideout, as I could see it. I got out of the bushes and entered the hideout. As I walked for a short period of time, I heard footsteps. I turned around and I was surprised to see Shelly.

 "Thanks for luring the guards out of the hideout, Shelly." I smiled.

 "No problem, Courtney." she also smiled, and then she patted me on the shoulder.

 I continued to walk along with Shelly and I can't wait to confront Maxie, so I could murder that asshole. A few minutes later, we made it to his piece of shit office. He looked at the two of us with confusion and got off his chair to fully face us.

 "Didn't I fire you not too long ago, Courtney? You shouldn't be here. And what's Shelly doing here anyway?"

 "Oh, we're just here to take care of business, Maxie. You're not going to like what you see, you fucker!" I screamed as I quickly raised the ice axe on my hand and struck it on his chest. He collapsed after the assault. I gave him an evil smile as he looked at me with fear.

 "Courtney… I beg you… please don’t… do this…”

 "Begging isn't going to save your bitch ass! Good-bye, asshole!"

 After my angry words, I used the ice axe again to strike his head with it. He finally died with the hands of an angry woman, which was me of course.

 "Thank god it's over. Now, it's time to fool the members."

 "What are you going to do, Courtney?"

 "I'm going to write a note and say that Maxie will quit as a boss and go on a permanent vacation. Plus, I'm going to say that only admins can fill in as leaders, including the ones that got fired, if you could contact them or if they contact you via message from anything."

 "Ah, I see. And by the way, would you like to come over to my house and have more girl talk?"

 "Yes, but let me make the note first and then dispose Maxie's body."

 "Ok, Courtney."

 I begin to grab a piece of paper and pen off the desk, starting to create a note to fool the members. Then, I told Shelly to take care of the body while I put the note out of the hideout and then come back to help her. Finally, I'd sworn revenge and it was extremely devious. I wonder how the members would react to the note. They'd probably say that Maxie might be crazy, but who knows.

 Thirty minutes later, we were at Shelly's house. Just before that, we took care of everything by disposing Maxie's body and cleaning up the bloody mess I just made. But other than that, I was starting to circle around Shelly's living room. It was arguably the best living room I've ever seen. It was better than anyone other living room I've seen, including my room. Once I stopped circling around, I turned my attention to Shelly, who was smiling at me.

 "Nice living room, Shelly."

 "Thanks. It's the least I can do to make it perfect like this. So, what are you going to do if you become Team Magma's new leader?"

 "I'm going to treat the members like shit and make them do everything while I loaf around in the office."

 "So, you're turning into a tyrant in case you become leader of Team Magma? Sounds like a great idea to boss around the members, especially if you hate them."

 "Yeah, it sounds great, and how about you, Shelly? Do you want to become Team Aqua's leader in case Archie retires?

 "Well, actually, yes. I always wanted to become a leader of Team Aqua ever since I became an admin. I always have the proper tools to act like a leader. I guess I have to wait until Archie retires. But luckily for you, you'll have a higher chance of becoming Team Magma's leader."

 "I'll have a higher chance though, since the other admins told me that they're not leader material. I hope you become Team Aqua's leader one day."

 "I hope I will, Courtney. But before we could do anything else, I just want to tell you something."

 "What is it, Shelly?"

 "I never imagine what it would be like to work with someone with a Team Magma outfit until today, and I must say that I'm proud of it. Thank you for making me proud, Courtney."

 "Hey, it's the least I could do. We're just like every other ordinary person that helps each other regardless of their status. But other than that, is there something else you wanted to tell me?"

 "Yes. Courtney, I... love you."

 "You... love me?"

 "Yes, it's true. Ever since we met each other for the first time, I always think about you. I tried to reconcile with you and share my feelings, but I was too afraid since I don't know how the rest of the Aqua members would react. But now, here were are, all alone in my living room. I love you, Courtney. I really do."

 "Wow... I don't know what to say, but... I love you too, Shelly. I've been thinking about you ever since the first day we'd laid eyes on each other and I tried to reconcile, sharing my feelings with you also. But I decided to let go of those feelings since I don't want the Magma members to find out, in case I accidently blurt about it. I love you, Shelly, with all my heart. I never wanted you to die in the first place. This whole Magma/Aqua thing was getting out of hand for the both of us. I'm sorry for everything I'd done for Team Magma to hurt you."

 "Oh, Courtney... I'm also sorry for everything. I never meant to hurt you and I should've never threatened you over the past few years. It was all a big mistake. It really was. I wish I could've reconciled with you in the first place..."

 After Shelly's words, she was starting to cry. I started crying too since this whole Aqua/Magma bullshit kept us from hiding our secrets to each other. It wasn't our fault though; it was Maxie and Archie's fault and the rest of their crew for constantly hating each other. I never hated Shelly with a passion and she'd never hated me also. If only they would've gotten along in the first place, the two of us would make love right now and both sides would easily take over the world, obviously.

 If both sides would've worked together in the first place, they'd make Team Plasma and especially Team Rocket and Galactic look like pathetic wannabes that tries to follow the dangerous teams instead of being themselves. I'd heard all about Team Plasma's plans and it didn't sound devious. The latter two I've mentioned, however, had better devious plans to take over the world, especially Team Galactic's.

 But anyway, the two of us were still crying. We couldn't stop crying since the two of us should've reconciled in the first place, but we didn't. We'd waited so long to share our feelings and it hurt the both of us. But imagine if we would've done it earlier while letting both sides knew the prospect between us. Maybe they'd bury the hatchet and work together or something? Probably, but that doesn't mean they would, just because two people from each side share their own feelings.

 Finally, the two of us stopped crying together and smiled at each other. Shelly's smile was arguably the cutest smile I've ever laid my eyes on.

 "I love you, Courtney."

 "I love you too, Shelly."

 After our own words, the two of us press our lips on each other. I've been waiting for this moment to do this and I loved it. Shelly's cute lips were warm and my mind sparkled with fiery explosions. Oh, how I love it when our lips are finally touching each other.

 We continued to touch each other's lips. Then, I touched her left large breast with my left hand. I'd also waited for this moment to touch Shelly's larger breasts. Suddenly, my pussy was wet, as I could felt up. Oh, how I'm so excited to do this to Shelly.

 Ten minutes later, we stopped kissing each other. I'd never kissed anyone on the lips before. It was my first time though, but I'd never imagine how I could do this to another person. We smiled and stared at each other again. Oh, I love staring at Shelly's beautiful face. It was the only face that was necessary for my life.

 A short time later, we began to remove each other's clothing. A minute later, we were fully naked. I was amazed to see Shelly's large, bare breasts and her pussy looked delicious, as I wanted to lick it badly. Then, she turned around to reveal her own large, bare ass. She bent over and playfully slapped her own ass in front of me.

 Seeing Shelly slapping her own ass was beautiful. Her ass was also beautiful. Every time I see Shelly turning away from Team Magma, I looked down at her ass and stared at it. After a bit of reminiscing, I quickly slapped Shelly's large ass, making it loud. She turned back around and saw her cheeks rose heavily. Then, she walked closer to me and slapped my own medium-sized ass, which felt good.

 After the slap, she stared at me again with a smile. "Do you want a bit of wine, my love?" she said, and then I said yes with a smooth accent.

 She walked over to me and then a few seconds later, I saw her grabbing a large bottle of wine. Then, she came back to me, opened the bottle of wine and poured it all around on my body. Oh, it felt so good. I could feel the wine pouring down on my breasts, ass, and pussy and god, I fucking love it. It made my spine sparkled to the maximum.

 Shelly went down to my breasts and start playing with them. She was pressing her lips on the left breast, sucking it a few seconds later while she was edging my right nipple with her index finger from her right hand, toying with it. I started moaning after ten seconds later of feeling it.

 "Oh, god... Shelly..." I said, moaning with pleasure as Shelly was still busy with my nipples.

 The next thing I did was rubbing her beautiful, smooth hair with my right hand. I kept rubbing it over again while I was still moaning. Two minutes later, Shelly began to switch places with my nipples. She was pressing her lips on my right nipple, sucking on them a few seconds later, then she starting pinching my left nipple with the fingers on her left hand.

 I yelped a bit after feeling the pinching, but it didn't really hurt. I went back to moaning after another ten seconds. This time, it felt better. The reason for it was because of Shelly pinching my left nipple, like I said before and she was roughing up my right nipple with her mouth.

 A short time later, she was done with my nipples. Next, she went on my pussy, sticking her tongue out as I would see it and then licked it. Oh, god, I started to moan as soon as she started to lick it. My already wet pussy made it felt good but even without the juices come out of it, it'd still feel good.

 As she was still busy with my wet pussy, she looked at me with those beautiful eyes. Oh, they were the prettiest eyes I've ever seen. And yes, everything about Shelly was beautiful. Her eyes, hair, pussy, breasts, ass, I mean everything.

 "Lick it more, Shelly..." I said, wanting Shelly to stay busy with my pussy as long as possible.

 A few moments later, my moan began to increase. It wasn't loud, but it went through a higher level. I don't care how long Shelly will lick my pussy, even if it lasts for twenty-four hours. The only thing that matters to us is our relationship. We want to make it special since this was a fresh start.

 Twenty long minutes later, I told Shelly to stop licking my pussy and she did. I thought I could handle this much longer, but I didn't. I mean, the way that Shelly was licking my pussy was great, but I did the right thing by telling her to stop since I couldn't handle it like a pro.

 Shelly told me to bend down on my knees and I did. I was waiting for Shelly to do something next until I felt something wet inside my asshole. I thought she was going to slap my ass again, but she was licking my asshole. It felt good, but it wasn't as good as the pussy-licking was and the breast toying.

 "Oh, Shelly..." I said, feeling Shelly's tongue grinding and rimming my asshole.

 I know it was crazy for Shelly to do this, but she had to. It was part of oral sex and it counts as one. Despite knowing that it was arguably the nastiest oral sex ever, some people would attend to lick their partner's asshole. I'm glad that Shelly did I thought, as ass-slapping was a bit overrated. I mean, you always see it in wild sex parties, whenever two people get up on each other, slapping on each other's asses and grinding their ass on one's private area and whatnot. It commonly happens at any club, but Shelly and I aren't clubbing our asses off. We were just in a nice, comfortable home without making any repeated loud noises like music and shit.

 But anyway, I couldn't feel Shelly's tongue grinding on my asshole. I thought she would lick it longer but she didn't. I got back up, turned around, and saw Shelly smiling at me while pointing her own private areas to me. It was finally my turn to play with them.

 I went over to her large breasts and stared at them. Then, I press my lips on her right nipple and starting sucking on it. I heard her gasp as soon as I was starting to suck it. Next, I used my left hand to fully grab her large, unoccupied breast and squeeze it. She began to moan after that.

 "Oh, Courtney... I like the way how you're doing this..." she said, continuing to moan.

 The way that I'm doing this was sexy; sucking on a nipple while grabbing the unoccupied breast was a great combination. It was the first time I've ever done this in my life and I must say it feel great.

 A few minutes later, I swapped places. I was starting to press my lips on the left nipple and started to suck on it. And then I started to toy the right nipple with my middle finger from the right hand. Shelly went back to moaning, as I could hear it.

 She began to call out my name after a few seconds of doing this. I love it when she's calling out my name like this, especially the cute melody of her moan. And speaking of that, I'd always liked her voice. I especially loved it whenever she makes an angry voice, just like the one she made an hour ago when she was trying to help me sneak inside Team Magma's hideout.

 Another few minutes later, I was done playing with her nipples. Then, I went down to Shelly's pussy. It was wet, as it would seem and then I begin to lick it with my already wet tongue. Shelly started to moan seconds later.

 "Oh, Courtney... that feels so good..." she said.

 As I was still busy with Shelly's wet pussy, I looked at her. Then, she looked at me downwards, smiling. I saw her moving her left hand with a part of my eye vision and then I felt something rubbing my hair. It was her left hand though, hence the reason why she moved it.

 With my tongue, I was edging the left part of the flower area. Then, I moved it to edge with the right part, without even looking it at since I couldn't stop staring at Shelly. After edging the right part of the flower area, I moved my tongue to the center part and started licking it off.

 Several seconds later, Shelly's sweet melody of moan increased. It sounded more beautiful than before. I could make her moan like this until she tells me to stop and I hope this grinding and rimming I'm doing would last longer. If not, then I could always lick it longer another time.

 Fifteen minutes later, Shelly told me to stop licking and I did. I thought she was expecting herself to take more peer pressure, but she didn't. I hope she would let me lick it longer next time though because I love licking the shit out of her pussy and I also love licking the juices off it. Oh, such a delicious flavor that comes out of a female's pussy.

 Like Shelly told me earlier in our activity, I told her to bend down and I did. I went over to Shelly's large ass and started to lick her asshole, after sticking my tongue out. Regardless of the stuff I tasted, I was willingly to lick Shelly's asshole all over again since it was a part of oral sex.

 "Oh, Courtney..." she said as I was still busy with her asshole.

 I continued to lick it like a thirsty dog licking water. Like I said before, I was part of oral sex and licking it with my tongue wouldn't bother me with the stuff I taste. And even if Shelly would've farted on my face or shitted on my tongue, I'd still lick it regardless. She'd probably do the same thing if I would've done something accidental, but I haven't done it while she was rimming my asshole, so yeah.

 Five minutes later, I was done with Shelly's asshole. I thought about licking it longer, but I couldn't. Then, Shelly lied on the floor and smiled at me again.

 "Give me a bit of my wine, Courtney." she demanded sexually.

 I went over to the pile of wine and grabbed one of them. I went back to Shelly's lying body, opened the top of the bottle and poured the wine all over Shelly's body. She loved it to the extreme, as I can tell with the sweet, sweet smile on her face.

 "Now, it's time for the grand finale, Shelly." I said, laying myself atop of Shelly and pressed my pussy with her own.

 The two of us begin to grind on own pussies by moving each other. And yes, this is the grand finale. It's extremely typical for lesbians to do their grand finale like this, especially if you see it in porno films. But they don't always scissor each other in their grand finale, as they would strap each other with their strap-ons, share a dildo with each other, or probably do a little sex.

 We were still grinding each other pussies like this, plus we moaned together, which we'd already done for the past twenty seconds. It was rough, as I would imagine. And not only did we rough up our pussies like this, but we also did a feminine pelvic thrusting by squeezing the upper body part of our own pussies together.

 Then, we gave each other a kiss to reduce the moaning. It was so nice to tongue-kiss Shelly again. It was especially nice when we're grinding our pussies like this while kissing each other, making it a sexy bonus of our erotic activity. It was something that we should've done a long time ago, but we were glad to do this right now after reconciling and confessing each other's feelings.

  Twenty minutes later, we were finished. We got up together and then I said, "Wow, that was funny and sexy, Shelly."

 "It sure was, Courtney. We could always do it again and again each night."

 "Yeah, we could. But imagine if we would've done this a long time and have sex with each other every night. It’d be fantastic for just the two of us."

 "I agree about it being fantastic for us and all. And it would've been more fantastic if Team Aqua and Magma would work together, but I guess both sides will hate each other forever except for the two of us."

 "I don't think their hatred towards each other will last long forever, Shelly. You'll never know if Archie would retire sooner or later and you'll take his role as the leader of Team Aqua. And then, you and I, as leaders, will straighten things out for both sides, making them work together.

 "That could possibly work since we're girlfriend and girlfriend right now, but I hope Archie quickly retires and fill me in as a leader. I'm so sick and tired of this whole Magma/Aqua war fest."

 "I strongly agree, sweetie. As soon as Archie retires, I’d be better for Team Magma and Aqua to reconcile. But better we move on, let me take care of business first.

 I went over to my Team Magma admin suit and pulled out my cellphone. Then, I send a message to most of the Magma members, telling them that I was now boss of Team Magma. They'd probably automatically declare me as Team Magma boss since the rest of them aren't leader material, like I mentioned earlier.

 "So, what did you do, Courtney?"

 "I sent a message to the Magma crew, telling them that I'm now boss of Team Magma."

 "That's great, Courtney. Maybe we could share a toast and celebrate?"

 "We could, but here's one thing I'd like to say before we share a toast. I wonder how it would feel like to control a bunch of members, dominating them."

 "It'd probably feel perfect since being a leader makes you special. I'd probably feel special too once I take over Archie's role as a leader. Good luck taking over Team Magma as their new leader."

 "And good luck to you filling in Archie's role as a Team Aqua leader in the future."

 After our words, we quickly gave ourselves a kiss. Then, Shelly went over to her own shelf of glass, pulled two out for us, and then grabbed another bottle of wine. She opened the top, poured the wine inside the glasses and gave one of them to me. We shared a toast and drank the wine at the same time. Today, it was arguably the best day of my life, which means that I'd killed Maxie and took his role as Team Magma leader and sharing my first erotic time with my only true love, Shelly.

The End

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