Extreme Ways

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Authors Note: This is a companion piece of sorts to Erase the Name. In some ways it can be considered a prequel of sorts. Some of the chapters were actually written for Erase the Name as flashbacks, but were cut because I felt they broke up the flow of it. This takes place a few years before the events of EtN, and may include some spoilers for it. For that reason, posting of this will slow at times.

Warnings: This story will carry few if any warnings, as such warnings may actually be spoilers. I have placed this story under an M rating for a reason, please be advised that it is due to mature content that may be violent or sexual in nature. I hope that these are things that will not turn readers away. That said, enjoy!


Extreme Ways

Chapter One


Mello's eyes narrowed angrily as one of the man made a placating gesture and gestured for patience. Before he could give voice to his impatience, the door was pushed open and a girl was led in, glassy eyed and stumbling. She was wearing nothing but a dingy white bathrobe. She had a moment to look around before the man that led her in ripped the robe off of her, leaving her naked and exposed to the air. Slim to the point of scrawniness, it took a couple of seconds for her to react by belatedly trying to cover herself with her hands and arm. Her head was bent down, hair that was kept in a simple medium length cut and dyed a shade of blue obscured her facial features.

"Why the fuck is she here?" The blond gestured to the girl before turning his attention to the men in the room.

The girl, shivering wrapped her arms around herself tighter. A few of the men,including those who had come here with the teen, eyed her, licking their lips, making lewd gestures and comments. Mello ignored them, but making a mental note to have a chat with his own men later. His uncle, Kal, being the only man that looked away spoke quietly.

“Jesus Christ.”

A middle aged gentlemen stepped forward, his hand cupping the girls chin, forcing her to look up. The mans name was Bryce, a low level peddler of the flesh and the person who Mello was here to speak with. The man owed Rod quite a bit of money for a drug shipment- drugs that he used to keep his girls in line- and his repeated protests that business was down irking the boss enough for him send Mello to pay a personal visit to collect on the debt.

"She's yours." Bryce motioned for him to come closer. "Of course you can inspect the merchandise yourself before committing. Give her a try even, if you wish. She won't disappoint."

Anger rose up in the blond, his fists clenching almost painfully as he strode over to where Bryce stood. He noticed a few of Bryce's men were taking steps forward defensively , while Mello's own men hung back, calmly waiting for any signal. The teen took a deep breath to calm himself. He was used to people not taking him seriously when it came to business transactions; the fact he was seven-teen and small in stature caused many to view him as a spoiled child playing a mans game.

"Is this how you fucking planned on paying Rod? With a drugged and disease infested fucking cunt?" he snarled. The girl flinched as she was roughly handled by Mello, his leather covered fingers forcing her to turn as his eyes briefly glanced over her before his gaze moves back to Bryce.

"I assure you, she is disease free. The only drugs that are used are those that help keep her in line, make her more compliant if you will. She's young too, gotta lotta years left in this little bitch before she breaks completely."

Mello sighed, fingers absently trailing upwards to brush through her hair. He looked over the girl in silence for a few minutes. She looked to be a few years younger than himself, early teens even he thought. Aging out of the profession, not as much money exchanging hands for her as she entered into womanhood. Soon enough she would be turned out to become a common street prostitute, sucking men off for what would amount to as pocket change when compared to what she brought in now. Her gray eyes even through the haze of the drugs focused on him, a defiant streak betrayed in her gaze and also in the way she tensed up when his fingers skimmed along the side of her breast, then trailed back upwards to her neck and jaw.

His eyes traveling over her body again as he slowly circled her, fingers barely brushing her flesh as he considered the options. The rational, business part of him knew this was a bad deal, flesh always being a bad investment. Whores eventually lose their looks as they age, making less money. She was still cute enough to affect him, his cock twitched as he noted the way she shivered at the barest hint of his touch. The mental image of her spread beneath him, panting and screaming as he fucked her was just tempting enough for him to take the risk.

"Fuck it. I assume she has been broken in..and ah how should I put it, not new to the business?"

“Oh yes, she is broken in, but not so much as to be damaged of course. She has been exclusively kept for my more special clientele.” Mello nodded knowingly.

He knew the types Bryce spoke of, big spenders, powerful people who often paid top dollar for young flesh to ravage. This was a whore who was never rented by the hour from a street corner. These deals took place over private meals, and she was discreetly delivered to a predetermined location. Left for hours, if not days to service men who treated her as a fragile commodity while indulging their perverse tastes.

“Kidnapped? Runaway?”

“No one is looking for her if that is what you are wondering. Got her off an associate in New York five years ago. European man who brings them over from...”

Mello cut Bryce off with a glare, he could feel his blood boiling as the words sank in. Five years she had been doing this, at the least, god knows if she had been “employed” before that. He betrayed nothing of his disgust while he continued to think it over. He studied her features closer, the set of her eyes and cheek bones showed her Slavic heritage.

“Eastern European then. She speak any English?”

“A little, but not that much I am afraid. She's been very stubborn in that area, pain in the ass really as neither men or myself -”

He leaned close to her, ignoring Bryce, whispering in Russian “Where you from?”

She stuttered, her eyes widening “ Belarus.”

But you speak Russian, correct?” She nodded slowly, tensing as he patted her cheek before pulling away.

Do Bryce or any of the men present in this room speak Russian? And don't lie to me.”

No, none of them.”

Bryce cleared his throat, “What she lacks in language skills, she more that makes up for talent. But I see that isn't going to be a barrier for you. Like I said, if you wanna a free ride before-”

“That won't be necessary.” He sighed, his cock winning out over common sense. "I'll take her, but this doesn't settle the whole debt so you know." His eyes never left hers as he spoke, thumb tracing along her lower lip.

“Of course. I will get Rod his cash, you have my word.”

“Kal, my jacket please.” Kal standing quietly behind him, complied handing the thick heavy leather to Mello's outstretched hand. The blond draped it over the girls shoulders slowly, finger brushing along her chin coaxing her to look up at him again. “You better be worth it. Now be a good whore and keep quiet.”

Mello spoke with Kal briefly, a few simple words spoken in Russian. Her eyes widened as he spoke. From the corner of his eye he caught her reaction, catching his look she relaxed, biting her lower lip nervously.

He nodded curtly to Bryce, thanking him, explaining that his men would discuss the matter of payment while the teen sampled the whore. He escorted the girl out to the waiting cars, arm wrapped around her shoulders, whispering more threats for her to keep silent.

As the muffled sounds of gunfire erupted from inside, the girl started to panic, trying to get away. He shoved her into the back seat of a dark blue Ford Explorer, quickly climbing on top of her. She struck out at him, the palms of her hands on his chest, trying to force him off her as she brought a knee up, the blow connecting with his lower back. His response was swift, a fist came down, the blow delivered to her cheek, before wrapping a hand around her throat.

“You fucking bitch.” He spat, the saliva landing on her chin as he squeezed. “Rule number one, don't ever fucking hit me.”

He pinned her to the seat with his body, the hand on her throat hand moving to her mouth to cut off her cries. Tears were beginning to form as she struggled against him. “Understand?”

She nodded, her frantic sobs muffled behind his hand over her mouth. Feeling the barrel of a gun digging painfully into her chin she stopped struggling, after which the blond carefully removed his hand and after gasping for air she spoke. “Fuck you. Get off me. ”

A wolfish grin formed as he took note of the fact that the jacket had fell open, exposing her. She bucked up against him, her fists beating against his back and shoulders and as she struggled to get him off her.

“Rule number two, you do not fucking tell me what to do.”

He slapped her, the sting of the blow causing her cry out. His free hand encircled her wrists, pinning them together above her head as he used his knees to spread her legs enough to settle between them. Rough denim rubbed against her, as he began grinding his hips against her, his gun now being pressed hard enough to bruise her.

“Lets see what your worth is. See if you are a useless whore that needs to be put down, or if you give a good ride. ” He sneered, hand going to the front of his pants to undo them. She closed her eyes, head turning to face away from him as she stopped struggling.

A knock on the window had Mello sitting up, gun in hand as he turned to see who it was. She pulled the jacket around her, scooting away from him as he cursed.

“Fuck, Kal. Don't fucking do that.” Mello was buttoning his pants up, but left the belt unbuckled as he sat back.

“Sorry to interrupt your play time.” Kal laughed, jumping into the drivers seat. “Feel free to continue, just don't fucking leave stains in the back of Rod's vehicle. He almost fucking strangled you himself the last time.”

Kal gestured to the girl, clucking his tongue as he noticed the discoloring that was starting to appear on her face and neck. “She give you trouble? Figured a whore would know her place by now”

“Bitch will learn.” Mello grabbed her by hair, forcing her to look at him. “Isn't that right?”




As they made the trip back to headquarters in, Mello mulled over the turn of events, his head resting against the cool glass of the window he as kept looking over at the girl. She appeared to be coming down off what ever it was they had given her; shivering and wrapping the jacket tighter around her body as she glanced around nervously.

As Kal drove he spoke quietly, his eyes occasionally going to the rear-view mirror.

“So, whats the plan?”


“With the girl? Rod don't like dealing with them that young, so what just dump her somewhere?”

Mello reached over, brushing blue fringe from her face. “She's cute enough.” His fingers trailed lower, parting the front of the jacket just enough to brush a thumb over a nipple. “Might even be able to make some income off her. Could also use a little distraction now and then, something to keep me occupied.”

“Besides your own hand?” Kal snorted, reaching up to adjust the rear-view mirror.

“Ha Ha, very funny asshole.” Mello said slowly. He caught Kal's gaze in the mirror, pulling away from the girl and straightening the jacket to cover her, he snickered. “Pervert.”

“Me? I am not the one itching to get my dick wet in jail bait here.”

She was accustomed to threats and sexual advances. Yet when the blond teen mouthed the word later, his eyes darkening with lust as he flashed a predatory grin, she went rigid with fear. There was no pimp now to firmly dictate that she was not to be hurt in any manner that might cause her to be unable to work. This young man was not a customer, a very violent young man. This one owned her now, and therefore he made the rules.

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