The Trainer's Journey

BY : Foeofthelance
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or Pocket Monsters. I do not intend nor stand to make money off this story. Any similarity between characters and the living, dead, or otherwise is coincidence.

                “Just go into that room over there and I will make sure that the two of you have some privacy,” Oak said as he ushered Ashley and her new pokeball towards a room near the back of the laboratory. His assistants all stopped and stared as the nubile young trainer was rushed past without a stitch of clothing on.  

“But what about my clothes?” Ashley protested. She tried to dig in her heels, but the marble floor was smooth and Oak easily pushed her across it.

“It will take my aides some time to get to your house and fetch a new outfit, so there is no reason to wait on them, and I don’t want you serving as a distraction for the others.” Oak scowled at her. “Young lady, is there any reason why you are being so hesitant?”

“I don’t know what to do!” Ashley exclaimed. “I’ve never bonded with a pokemon before! What happens if I screw it up?”

“Ashley,” Oak answered, much more patiently as he began to realize the problem, “you can’t screw this up. The bonding process is a unique experience between and a trainer and his or her pokemon. Just do what feels right, and everything else will follow on its own accord.”

“But-“ Ashley tried. Oak gave her a gentle shove, and she stumbled backwards through a door which snapped closed behind her. She whirled around, only to find Oak standing on the other side of the door, making a little ‘go on’ motion at her through the window. Sure that she had gotten the message, he then pulled a shade down, sealing her off in total privacy. Sighing to herself, she turned around and considered the room. It had been decorated as a fairly typical waiting room, covered in various pictures of people and pokemon working and playing together. Each corner was occupied by a large potted fern, while the area between the plants was filled with comfortable looking furniture.

The pictures were of more interest to her than anything else. One was of a machop helping to construct a building, a steel girder easily five times longer than it was tall easily balanced on one shoulder. Another was of a boy and his slowpoke as they fished in a stream, the boy with a rod and bait, the slowpoke by means of dangling its tail. A pile of magikarp and shellders testified to their combined skill. And of course there was the required battle shot. A woman was mounted on the back of her charizard as the pair dove towards an angry looking electabuzz, bolts of jagged lightning stabbing upwards from its hands to smite the pair of battlers.

Ashely felt herself drawn to the last one, holding up her pokeball so that the creature inside could get a good long look as well. Charmander pressed his face against the inside of the ball as he stared at the painting. “Do you think that might be us some day?” Ashley asked him, sounding a bit wistful.

“Charr…” the pokemon replied in wonder. He stared at his painted cousin until his eyes began to water, breaking off only to link furiously.

“Come on, you,” Ashley rdered, turning away from the paining and collapsing on to one of the couches. It was old and faded, but there was still plenty of bounce left to its springs. She sank into the comfortably stuffed cushions and lightly tossed the pokeball on the floor. It opened with a pop, and the charmander immediately reappeared at full size.

“I guess we’re going to have to come up with a name for you,” Ashley mused as she patted it on the head. “But what?”

“Char, char!” he replied, nuzzling her hand. His flame began to grow as she touched him. She switched to scratching between his ears and it suddenly erupted with a roar. Ashley lurched back against the couch, surprised by the sudden outburst.

“Whoa, I guess you really like that?” she asked as she scooted closer. “Does your tail always flare up like that when you’re happy?”


Ashley smiled. “Then I suppose we best call you Flare. Would you like that?”


“Well, I suppose that settles that,” she announced with a half smile. “But I still don’t know how we’re supposed to bond, do you?”

“Fla!” Flare exclaimed. He leapt up onto the couch, knocking Ashley over. He climbed up between her legs and lay down on top of her. His skin was warm against hers, but oddly not hot enough to burn. Ashley blushed as her pulse involuntarily quickened at his touch. She was a good girl, always had been, and had never found herself in this position before. It was exicitng though, and she couldn’t help herself – she wanted more. She wanted to feel the heat of his skin against hers, the warmth of his breath on her breasts. But with a pokemon? With Flare? Was it really something she could do?

Why not?

She leaned forward and caressed his face. The two of them exchanged a look, Flare cocking his head sideways as they stared into one another’s eyes. “Char?”

“I think…” Ashley began before pausing. After this, there would be no going back. Was this the right thing to do? Would she get in trouble? What would people, what would her mother think about this?” “I think this is how we are meant to bond.”

She kissed him.

A dozen different things could have happened at that point. She or Flare could have pulled back. Professor Oak could have walked in to separate them. But this was a moment locked in time. It was as close to destiny as anything ever should be.

Flare kissed her back.

She wondered, for a brief moment, why it didn’t burn. Then she was lost in the sensations, the slight burnt taste of his breath, the way his hard, rough tongue felt against hers. His hands grasped at her breasts, her nipples tightening as his sharp claws pressed into her soft skin. She could his member pressing into her leg as it emerged from its sheathe, and her heart beat against her ribs with anticipation. Reaching down between them she began to stroke it, amazed at how hot and firm it was. It was incredibly smooth, with the exception of a ring of muscle about a quarter of the way down from the head of his cock.

Flare didn’t know much about human mating rituals, but he did know that taste was important to a pokemon. He broke their kiss so that he could run his tongue over her body, starting with gentle flips at her neck. She tasted of fruit and flowers, with a faint trace of salt and something, something delicious. He worked his way lower, strong, slow licks that tugged at her nipples with each stroke.

“Oh, Flare!” Ashley gasped as her spine arched with pleasure, pressing her body tighter into his embrace. She wanted him like nothing before, wanted him to feel the sheer bliss that she was experiencing. It didn’t even take a moment’s thought to make her decisions.  Grabbing him about the waist, she lifted him up so that he was straddling her flat belly, the fire of his tail blazing with a white heat. Flare’s cock nestled neatly between her breasts, framed on either side by the brown peaks of her hard nipples. She squeezed her tits together around his warm rod and bent forward to give it a tentative lick.

She approached it carefully, almost hesitantly, entirely unsure of herself. Part of it was fear, of course. How would he taste? Would he burn her? But mostly it was the newness of the experience. She had, of course, seen the pictures and videos any inquisitive teen could find on the internet, so she had at least a theoretical knowledge to work with. Knowing, however, is entirely different from doing.

She licked him.

He tasted slightly salty, but there was a stronger flavor as well, almost like the rich smoke of a campfire.  Her tongue slid easily over his smooth skin, and she easily took the first few inches into her mouth until he was uncomfortably close to her throat.  There was a slight bump to his cock, just below the tip, where a vein ran along the length. She flicked it teasingly with her tongue, earning a rasping hiss from Flare in response. His hands covered hers as he steadied himself, thrusting his throbbing cock gently between her heaving breasts so that he could get a bit more into her mouth, seeking the source of his pleasure. She played with him like that for several moments, enjoying the feel of his body wriggling above hers. His tail thumped against the couch as he hissed in ecstasy, adding the faint smell of scorched cloth to their mingling sex scents.

Ashley wanted more.

She let him slide out of her mouth and Flare quickly returned between her legs. There would be no going back, they both knew it, but at the same time there would be no hesitation, no regrets. With one movement their bond would be formed, a bond that could never be broken by any outside force. She could feel the heat of him poised at her entrance, the tip of his cock pressing against flesh eager to move aside for his passage. This was more than mere animal lust; this was desire, this was passion, this was love.

Flare thrust.

His cock sank into her up to that thick ring, her vagina closing tight around him. She gasped in pain at the first intrusion, but it was quickly washed away in a tide of felicity.  She could feel him trying to squeeze the rest of the way inside of her sex, and she rocked her hips to try and accommodate him. Back and forth they moved against each other, until with an almost excruciating slowness she opened for him, until the entire ring had slipped inside. It lodged against her g-spot and refused to go any further.  Flare thrust, trying to go deeper, but it was simply impossible. Instead he rode against her most sensitive spot, obliterating her world in a flash of heat and pleasure. Her body throbbed as her orgasm ripped through her, her hips rocking in time to his crazed thrusts. She felt him shudder inside of her, the sudden shock of his come splashing into her. Four years of pent up sexual frustration let loose all at once, waves of ecstasy crashing over them like the storm tossed tide. Unable to even string together a coherent thought, all she could do was moan and gasp their bodies heaved in time with one another…

*             *             *

In the other room, Oak smiled as he listened to Ashley’s happy cries. He knew that he had done a good thing by matching the two of them together. It was time for another exciting adventure to begin…

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