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Farfarello sat on the couch watching the news. Laughter bubbled out of the pale man as the mayhem was disclosed before him. He was eating popcorn and drinking a soda. Caffeine was not necessarily a good idea for the berserker, but it kept him a little bit quieter.

Brad Crawford was at the desk going over the budget. It was overdrawn of course, thanks to the German psychic. The man spent a fortune on exotic foods, claiming he needed it for his sensual perception. Half of the time he would hardly eat it and then give it to Nagi. He would sit at the table drinking coffee and watching the child eat his precious meal. Brad scowled at the thought. He was angry and upset. He was getting a headache and it was not helping. Headaches interrupted his short-term vision and that left him susceptible. He was not concerned for he knew if danger approached, the berserker would protect him. He just hated to be left vulnerable.

Farfarello had no idea the thoughts going through the leader of Schwartz's head. He was watching a bloody scene on the news and that was his heaven. It was a church massacre and that made it all the better. The reporter was crying out about the injustice and Farfarello imagined the man covered in the blood of some poor preacher. He laughed.

The scene changed to a group of men in funny cloaks beating up a pair of college boys. The reporter now challenged the rights of certain people taking the law into their own hand in the name of God. Farfarello was confused. He turned to Crawford.

"What are they doing?" He pointed at the screen. Crawford looked up. He hadn't been paying attention to the news, and it took him a minute to ascertain the actions.

"Oh, it's a hate group. Probably Gay bashers."

"Gay bashers?" Farfarello didn't know that term. Crawford rose and sat on the couch next to the berserker. He listened to the reporter for a few more minutes.

"Yes. That is it. Churches have some fanatics that actually believe they can beat up gay men and get away with it."

"Why?" Farfarello was all for beating up people, but he wanted to understand this. How did it hurt god?

"Because the church believes that homosexuality is a sin." The pale man remembered something about that.

"Homosexuals are not bad people. God hates homosexuals?" Brad turned to the man beside him. His head still hurt, and explaining this to the berserker wasn't helping. Why couldn't Shuldig be here to help him? He was out shopping for something as usual. And Nagi was at school. So, Crawford was on his own. Well, then he took the easy way out.

"Yes, Farfarello, God hates homosexuals. And his churches torment them." He rose to go get some aspirin from the bathroom, and went to the kitchen for some water. Farfarello contemplated this new information. He had to make use of it somehow. He had to hurt God with it. The thought was on him so suddenly he barely had time to accept it before he put it to practice, as was his way.

Brad Crawford was not a homosexual. Though he barely gave much thought to the other extreme either. If asked he would probably admit to being A-sexual. He just didn't give a damn one way or the other. But, when he had drank the water to wash down the aspirin, and turned around, the look in the eyes before him had him wishing he had thought about what his preferences were more deeply.

As Farfarello took him into his arms and pressed his lips to him, Brad was so shocked that he found his mouth was open and the scarred man pressed his tongue into the available cavity.

"What?" that was all that the tall dark haired man got out before his mouth was plundered again. Farfarello was a man determined. This would hurt God, and he was going to hurt God. And Brad too, if something wasn't done soon. Brad was having trouble thinking with the berserker kissing him and undressing him at the same time.

His head still hurt, but he had enough sense to know that if Farfarello was determined there would be no talking him out of this. Brad had to come up with something fast. He was wishing he had simply locked the crazy man into his padded cell before attempting anything today. The counter was hurting his back as the other was pressing him into it. Crawford was mostly shocked that his own body had begun responding to the attention he was receiving. Damn messed up short-term sight.

"Farf/mmmpf/wait . . . .not here." Farfarello pulled back and looked at the man before him. He had managed to get them both into just their pants and he was starting to strain against his. Brad had to talk fast. "Bedroom, the counter is painful. God doesn't want it to feel good." That struck a nerve. Farfarello lifted Brad by his underarms and made the way to Brad's room. After depositing his leader on the bed, he climbed up over him and began undoing Crawford’s pants.

Brad was now able to breathe enough to get the required oxygen to his brain for normal thought. By the time the berserker had them both naked he was ready. Farfarello climbed on top of Brad and the kisses resumed. His hands traveled over Brad's body and touched the most sensitive spots. Brad cried out as his body responded. He had decided to let the berserker get to a certain point before putting his plan in to effect. Farfarello continued until Brad could feel the man's erection rubbing forcefully against his thigh. "Farfarello. God would hate it the most if I was the one on top. He would hate it if you were the Uke." Farfarello lifted up. He looked at his leader.

He didn't care who was on top. The issue was to hurt god. It wouldn't hurt him, anyway.

"Does God hate bottoms?"

"Yes, submissive and passive bottoms. Hates them." Brad could see it was working. If he had to have sex with the berserker it wasn't going to be him on the receiving end. Farfarello grabbed the man and rolled himself over taking Brad with him. Brad smiled and moved his knee between the berserker’s legs. Farfarello spread his thighs in submission, and Brad moved a hand down to take hold of the man's erection. Farfarello reacted with a moan and gave only a passing thought that God would hate that sound. Brad, however, found it most enticing.

"Do that again, Farf." and he sent his hand farther back. He had to go through with this or the pale killer would return to plan A. He pushed a finger into the tight circle of muscle as Farfarello let out another delicious moan. Brad gave a passing thought to thanking Nagi for insisting that the berserker bath this morning as he sent a second digit along with the first and began stretching the muscle for his own ease of entry. His erection was becoming painful with inattention and he pulled his fingers out and prepared to enter when Farfarello looked at him with a new odd stare. He felt led to lean down and kiss the man as he entered. And the moist flesh pulled him in as his tongue was also pulled into the wet cavity of Farfarello’s mouth. The double sensory overload sent him spiraling. Suddenly he had a flash of long term vision that was farther than he had ever seen. The images shocked him; he blinked furiously and shook his head to clear it. The heat and pulse of his body again took over and he began to assault the body below him. Farfarello responded and soon they were moving together in a heated race to orgasm. It took very little time, in fact they both wished it had lasted longer and when done Brad collapsed on top of his sudden lover and Farfarello slid his hands into the man's hair in a caress that was pleasant.


A sleepy Crawford heard his name and his eyes blinked open. He suddenly remembered what had happened. He felt the sleeping body below him and the hands in his hair. He carefully extracted himself and hunted for his pants. Then he went to his closet and found a shirt. Remembering that half of his clothes were on the kitchen floor, he quickly gathered up more of the stuff and a basket in the back of his room.

Shuldig was standing in the kitchen looking at the aspirin on the counter and the clothes on the floor. Brad grabbed a shirt out of the German’s hand and hauled all of the things to the laundry.

"Did I miss something?" Crawford turned from the machine and glared at the redhead. His headache was gone and he knew Farfarello would sleep another 43 minutes.

"Nothing, but getting your clothes in the wash. You'll have to do your own."

"Ahh, I'll just get Nagi to do it." He looked around the living room. "Where is Farfie?"

"He's sleeping. Leave him be. I don't want him going nuts around here."

"How did you manage that. The news is on. He never misses the news." Brad winced at the memory. He crossed to the counter picked up the aspirin and glared at the psychic.

"What did you buy, now? And take it back. We can't afford it."

"As a matter of fact, I was returning something. I had an outfit that I found out looked hideous on me, and none of you had the decency to tell me." Shuldig pouted.

"That green and orange thing? Everyone tells you all the time, you never listen. I'm going to drop off a report, and then I will pick up Nagi. Do not disturb Farfarello. I need him rested before that mission tonight." And Brad left. Shuldig went to his room to try on the new clothes he had purchased with the money from returning the other clothes. He had no intention of bothering Farfie. Let him sleep, and then no one had to baby-sit him.


Brad was getting frustrated. He knew that the traffic would be heavy and he had been late picking up Nagi, but he was trying to get back to the house before Shuldig and Farfarello got any talking done. For some reason he didn't want him to hurt God with Shuldig. Nagi was giving him the oddest looks as he fidgeted behind the wheel. Finally they pulled up in front of the house and he waited as Nagi got his books out of the back seat. They entered the house and a strange sound filled their ears. Some one was singing. They followed the sound of the voice and it led them to the kitchen. There was Farfarello, dressed in one of Brad's dress shirts and a pair of nice slacks with a belt. He was drinking coffee and folding the laundry. He looked up at the two as they walked through the door and smiled.

"Welcome home, how was school today Nagi-kun? I hope you don't mind.  I borrowed your shirt, Brad. Mine were all ripped. I think I can fix a few, but I may need some new clothes." They just stood there with mouths wide open. Shuldig was coming out of the bedroom wearing a new shirt and pants. He stopped before the two and turned around.

"How do I look?" He asked. Farfarello spoke up before anyone else had a chance.

"I don't know what look your going for, but do you really think that bright green is a good color to wear with your skin tone and hair color?" Shuldig looked at him, and then turned to Brad and in a voice that was almost a hiss he asked.

"What did you do to him?"

Brad stared back and moved his mouth a few times in an imitation of a carp, before blushing and covering his mouth with his hand.

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