Summer Rains

BY : Sparrow
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Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. I don't own these characters. I own nothing- NOTHING. If I made a profit, it would be rad. But I don't, and I never will.

AN: Can I just mention real quick that I felt EXTREMELY fucking creepy the entire time I was writing this? Like seriously. I feel really fucking weird about it. HOWEVER, about 80% of this was written when I was virtually black-out drunk, so I refuse to hold myself accountable, haha. But seriously, writing a smut fanfiction about characters that are like, way, WAY underage in the original game is WEIRD TO ME. However, for the purposes of my conscience, they're all above the legal and consenting age. Also, 'manhood' is a funny word. I'm just sayin'.

Other than that, I apologize for any... OOC that may have happened? White doesn't have a distinct personality, but in my head when I was playing the game I liked to think of her as sarcastic. I have no idea why. And N is simultaneously humble while being a totally pretentious douche-wad, so I just sort of... Wrote shit... For him... Dunno if it comes off as OOC or not. A'ight, that's all!

    "Hey," the word was spoken hurredly, yet gently, a sharp intake of breath taken afterwards and the tone as soft as silk. A tone that was familiar, and yet as strange as it had been all those years ago. "It is strange to see you here, is it not? The world continues, as ever, to work in mysterious ways. But in all honestly, I think I'm glad."

    N Harmonia had always had a strange way of speaking. Every word seemed to jumble together, a confused mash of syllables all competing to come first. Every sentence was followed by an equally rushed, and seemingly unneeded, intake of breath, as though the slender youth was a fish that had been unceremoniously thrown out of it's watery habitat. In retrospect, that's exactly what the young man was: a frightened fish, unsure of how to deal with the extremely human world around him, unused to the English that spilled awkwardly from his lips.

    As a slender, almost feminine hand gripped her shoulder, White turned around sharply to greet the unexpected visitor. Memory rendered him close- but not exactly- as she remembered him. An almost sickeningly pale face was the setting for overly large, and entirely too pale, eyes. The lashes were overly long, honestly; the eyes that peered strangely from underneath them looked much too innocent and feminine by far. No man should have eyes like that. The nose and lips that followed them held the same complaint: A slender nose, unblemished by freckles was the ambassador to a much too full and shapely mouth. White almost found herself wrinkling her own nose at the sight... There was truly nothing handsome or masculine to find in this- boy? man?- whatever the answer, it seemed more like a woman staring back at her than a male at least five years older than her. If truth be told, he was probably a more beautiful sight to behold than she was, in her mud-stained tank top and ripped denim shorts. She hated him for it.

    The only feature truly different than she remembered was his hair. He was still ridiculously tall, still embarrassingly slight of figure, but the HAIR- that long, unneeded hair- was much shorter than it should have been. Years ago it had been down at his waist, and by all rights it probably should be at his damn knees- now it hung respectably at his shoulders, bangs sweeping into those pale eyes and most of the unruly strands tucked stubbornly behind pierced ears.

    "N," she started, unsure of herself, "It's been a long time." Words trailed off, unsure and almost shy. She knew that she'd changed quite a bit herself. Rather than cutting her hair, hers fell nearly to the bottom of her hips when down, but stubbornly tied as always into a ponytail. A child's body had melted and developed into supple curves, small but apparent, her tank top filled with small breasts instead of tissue paper.

    If truth be told, it felt like fate that had led her to the inn that night. One of the torrential rains of Spring had sent her scurrying underneath the closest overhang, and had her darting from building to building until she found an inn to seek refuge at. It had been a long, tiring day, and the coming of rain had not brightened her spirits any. White HATED rain- why bother with something wet and dampening when you could have the soft, gentle fall of snow? She could no more control the weather than she could the company, however, which seemed to have led her to run into the very rival that she had never felt comfortable in her victory with.

    He had approached her at one of the tables as she morosely nibbled on the food the hotel had provided, staring gloomily out at the miserable weather. N's presence had been something of a shock, and not one that she was convinced had been pleasant. His smile was warm enough- timid, granted, but warm- but she still felt herself shift in her seat uncomfortably as eyes as green as the grass outside observed her without blinking or any hint of feeling abashed at the blatant staring. Like staring at a fish... White found herself almost unconsciously blinking more, as though silently pleading with the man in front of her to follow suit and break that unnerving gaze for at least a moment.

    Without asking or being invited, N sat down suddenly in front of her, his movements as jerky and quick as his speech.

    "I've been bored. I've traveled the world, and yet it seemed that no matter how hard I look, I never find the ideals I'm searching for. There's never an answer, there's never a dream come true... There's never a trainer with the truth that you seem to have had."

    White's eyes shot up from her bread to N's face, skimming over the lips, that tragically perfect nose, and up to those unfairly beautiful eyes. He practically made her feel like an ugly, prepubescent boy in front of him, all gangly and masculine.

    "No matter where I go, Pokemon worldwide still seem to be viciously attached to their owners," he continued with another hurried breath of air, stumbling forward in a way that made White clench her fist in irritation, "but I still haven't found the answer to WHY... Why would any creature want to serve in such a way? In a way that constantly hurts them?"

    Unsure of whether the question presented to her was rhetorical or not, White stayed silent for several moments before awkwardly offering, "I mean, I don't know... because they must feel lonely too... Just like humans. Every living creature must, in one way or another. It's the basis for survival: to find company and stay near others." She paused, before almost timidly adding, "N, what are you doing here? It's been years, I was told you were last seem hundreds of thousands miles from this place. Why are you back?"

    Shapely lips turned up into a smile; White reflected that maybe they weren't so bad after all... He HAD become beautiful, even more than when she had been a child with a crush on the teenager that had shoved her into that ferris wheel. "I've been looking for you," N murmured after an uncomfortably long pause, his voice barely above a whisper. White jerked back, her stomach pooling with a nervous, fluttery unease and her fingers tightening around the mug of tea in her hands.

    "Me? But... Why?" Without a chance for N to respond, the innkeeper swept up in a swirl of skirts, pink hair tumbling over one dainty shoulder.

    "Sorry to bother you, sir and ma'am, but it's time for the restaurant area to close. I don't suppose you'd mind if..."

    She trailed off, searching their eyes as N raised one graceful hand. A piano player's hand... White reflected absently mindedly as another gentle smile lifted his lips. "It's no problem at all. We were just leaving now, actually. I'm sorry to have bothered you," and with sudden breath he stood, gripped White's hands and pulled her up. As he led her away from the room, his head turned just enough to murmur, "I would be honored if you'd accompany me to my room. There are some things I'd like to discuss... After all, I've been looking for you, like I said," before leading her to the stairs without waiting for an answer.

    During all this time, White hadn't known what to think. The man (boy?) had appeared in front of her so suddenly that it felt like something out of a dream; but then again, strange things like this always happened suddenly and without warning. Regardless, she was almost glad to see him. After the events at his castle, she had been strangely (almost obsessively, for a time) curious as to what had happened with the sad, strange boy with the tea green hair. Practically no hints had been given as to his personality or, indeed, how it had developed that way. A train set, a skateboard... Some odd pictures and a Void Cube strapped to his belt loops... These led in no way to the person that was N. Hints, or puzzle pieces, to the greater puzzle, but certainly no answer. It was like her personal Rubix cube, one that she had been trying to connect the colors to for years now, but had never been able to find the correct order to. Maybe tonight was to be the night of realizations.

    By the time they reached what must have been his hotel room, White had been completely lost in thought. Her head jerked up slightly at the sound of his key sliding in and out of the slot, and in the next moment found herself in the sparse hotel room. A Pidove jumped lightly from one piece of furniture to the next, gentle chirruping noises coming from it from time to time.

    "Please, sit. Would you like some water?" Jumbled, gasping, awkward... White shook her head no, staring in fascination at the horrifically awkward male in front of her. N managed a strange, almost forced smile, holding her gaze for several long moments before sighing and letting the expression drop from his face, for once being the first to look away as he focused his attention on the Pidove that had landed heavily on his shoulder and was now running it's beak through his hair. Really, it was better when he didn't force a smile, White reflected absent-mindedly. It made his entire face tense in a very silly way, and it was becoming more and more clear that N hadn't learned how to convincingly force social interactions when he felt uncomfortable.

    "I-... Uhh-..." White paused, staring out the window as she mentally went through her list of 'non-committal conversation topics' before lamely ending with, "this is a nice hotel... I like this hotel." When N looked back to her, eyes staring at her blankly, she straightened up slightly and added, "I just wish it wasn't raining though. I seriously can't stand it!" When that was still met with no response (or even a blink), White slumped back into her regular state of poor posture, moving to the bed and easing down slowly. She could feel her irritation slowly bubbling in her stomach again; she HATED feeling like she was wasting even a moment of time, and sitting quietly in a room as a non-responsive male stared eerily at her was something that she would most certainly consider a giant waste of time.

    "So why did you want to find me so bad?" Finally a half-formed mutter came from across the room, before the Pidove took off from N's shoulder and beat at the window, cutting short whatever sort of answer the slender youth was about to give in response to White's inquiry. Without bothering to answer, N instead went to the window, tugging at the frame as he tried, rather unsuccessfully, to pry it open. After watching for several seconds, White finally found herself sighing and getting back to her feet, moving to the window as well and gently putting her hands over N's. His hands... They're freezing. "Let me," she stated gently, N jerking his hands away rather quickly and stepping away from the window. "You have to unlock it first, see? And now you just-... There we go." a rush of cool, humid air filled the room as the glass slid aside, the Pidove giving a delighted chirp before swooping out of the window and disappearing into some nearby trees. Blue eyes met light green as White looked up at the  male standing next to her, leaning back against the window sill and crossing her arms.

    "But seriously. You've spent a little bit looking for me-"

    "Five months, actually. You seem to... To never stay in one place for long."

    "That's weird, N. Why did you want to find me that badly?"

    The world was, for the most part, a safe place in White's mind. People were overall friendly, with only the pettiest of crimes happening in most towns. Being told that someone had been searching high and low for you for over five months was a little... Creepy though.

    A long sigh left N's lungs and suddenly his gaze tore away from hers, slender hands flying into his hair and fingers sliding restlessly through it as he began pacing. "Humans... They're simple-minded, wouldn't you agree? I tried, so many times, to give them the benefit of the doubt, and yet they continue to always show their true selves, never for the better." He talks so strangely... "Natural numbers- all humans are just natural numbers." Caught off guard and thrown into a sea of confusion with the last statement out of N's mouth, White found one eyebrow raising and a finger tapping impatiently against the window sill, but she said nothing and allowed him to continue. "A natural number is just... It's anything. It's regular. There are five windows, or there are sixteen pencils, you follow?" White began to nod her head in agreement, then thought better of it and began to jerk her head no, then stopped both and instead just continued to stare blankly at the suddenly agitated man in front of her. "They count things- everything, really. They're vitally important and thoroughly regular, but they play a part regardless. Natural, get it? Humans... They're all just natural numbers. But you're the zero. No one can agree on whether or not zero is a natural numbers. The- the exception. You have to understand."


    Fierce green eyes shot to hers once more, stayed a moment, then softened to N's regular calm, gentle (or perhaps just lazy) gaze. "The zero is the number that doesn't truly fit into any mathematical equation. It's... Special. I hate the zero, it always muddles up the perfection of the math problem, but at the same time I just want to understand it. It's a deeper concept than people seem to give it credit for. You're the zero, don't you get it? You were the only person who hasn't fit the mold of humanity. You seem to move with the natural numbers, but there's something different and strange and fascinating. You're a 15 puzzle, a three cups problem, a Rubix cube-" My personal Rubix Cube, one I've been trying to connect the colors on for years now. Who ARE you, N? "-a jumbled mess of complete irrationality and illogical conclusions. Why can't I solve you? I have to, I'm going completely insane. Do you-"

    "-Yes, I follow..."

    Shapely eyebrows, beautiful eyes, high cheekbones, full lips... Unattractive. Girly. She HATED pretty boys, they were generally whiny and sulky, and any man that looked better in her jeans than she did was absolutely unacceptable. And when her gaze fell on his mouth for longer than it should have, tracing it with her eyes for a moment, she immediately jerked her head away and found herself feeling angry again. Mostly at him, but she couldn't logically explain why. "I follow, but it's stupid. You followed me around like a fucking creep for months to tell me that? I'm sorry, but I need to go. I have things to attend to, I still need to feed and wash some of my Pokemon, and-"

    N's hands hadn't looked very strong from the casual glance, but they felt like iron as they tightened around her wrist and dragged her to a stop as she attempted to march to the door. "No, please, don't- ... Just don't."

    "I don't have answers for you. I don't know what you want from me."

    "I just want to understand. I can't figure it out."

    The hand that wasn't holding her wrist like a vice moved to the back of her head, pulling the unwilling White closer as his forehead dropped to hers in an exasperated desperation. White, in turn, had stopped breathing.

    "I figured out the equation perfectly," warm breath was ghosting over her lips, and her eyes stayed resolutely glued to the floor as N clutched her stiff body, "I thought I understood. But the zero is mucking it all up again. You're human, aren't you? So why are you so fascinating? Why won't you leave my head?" That awkward gasp for breath again... White had almost stopped noticing it. It wasn't as irritating once you got used to it... Neither was that overtly feminine face, either. Just how did a boy become so pretty? Without truly thinking, she found her warm fingers meeting the cool skin of N's jaw, fingertips running gently over the skin and bone in utter fascination.

    As if in answer to her own inquiring touch, N lifted his head from hers and brought his hand to her face, one thumb smoothing over her lower lip and his eyes gazing at where his fingers touched as though it was truly the most entrancing thing he had ever experienced- as though the simple act of actually touching another human being was something incomprehensible, and he had to see it with his eyes to believe that it was really happening. His fingers made their way up to her forehead, skimming down over the skin until they brushed over eyelids, down her nose to trail down her neck to her collarbone, then back up to her lips again, palms cradling her upturned face and thumbs tenderly caressing her lips like something delicate that had to be treated reverently lest it shatter under his fingertips.

    I can't breathe... "I... I don't have any answers for you..." What had happened wasn't entirely clear. The feeling had shifted quicker than White had really had time to notice, but years of obsessing, pondering, and 'hating' had all come to a head in a single instant. The eyes above her had turned intense, the hands holding her face had tensed, words forgotten and instead a quiet desperation rising in place of jumbled questions. 'God' was all she managed to choke out before her body was pressed firmly against the wall, face held in the hands of the man who had been her rival years ago, her own arms tangling around his neck as soft lips pressed demandingly against hers. She wasn't sure when she went onto the tips of her toes to press every inch of herself as close to him as possible, but somehow she found herself fully and completely enveloped in sweet smelling hair and disarmingly strong arms holding her up on her toes against the body in front of her.

    She didn't hate the delicate features she'd spent so much time sneering at: she had accepted her crush on N as a pre-teen as simply a passing phase, something that wouldn't- and didn't- last as she grew up. But the truth was that as those achingly beautiful eyes opened and met hers, eyes that she DESPISED for being everything that hers weren't, her heart began racing even faster and she found herself allowing the owner of those eyes to push her backwards, the backs of her knees connecting with the edge of the bed and her body falling backwards, N's not far behind. Lips disconnected, and for once it was White gasping for breath, dizzy and hot and faint all at the same time as her fingers desperately began jerking on N's shirt, clumsy hands accomplishing nothing until he rolled his shoulders forward desperately and threw it to the side himself. Too pale. Ice cold... But somehow even she could acknowledge that the chest and stomach in front of her were covered wiry muscle. Who would have thought?

    Cool fingers slid up her sides under the thin material of her tank top, leaving goosebumps and shivers behind them as she simultaneously unhooked her bra and flung it on the floor, and for a moment the frantic pace actually slowed down again. A sharp intake of breath made her open her eyes, looking up at the person hovering over her in confusion. Without saying a word, his hand found it's way back to her side again, fingertips running lightly over her ribs and softly cradling a breast. "You're..." The words came out hushed as usual, but slow, followed by a light intake of breath as opposed to the usual sharp inhale. "You're so... Beautiful." A flush spread over her cheeks as N murmured the words almost reverently, leaning down to run his lips first over her ribs, then planting a warm, slow kiss to the underside of one small, round breast. "I never thought... Never knew anyone could be so beautiful," he continued in the same awed tone, sending a shuddering gasp through White's body as ever word sent warm breath over a nipple, N's lips brushing feather-light and tickling across the sensitive skin.

    White's hands found the back of N's head, legs wrapping pleadingly around his upper back and fingers tangling in silky hair, silently begging for some- ANY- kind of sensation. A quiet, desperate moan slipped from parted lips and the warm mouth above her uncertainly opened and pressed to the soft skin of her breath again, cool air drifting over the moistened nipple as N pulled away again and causing the skin to tighten. "Please..." was all she could find to murmur as White's hands mindlessly fumbled at the top of N's pants, "Please, N..." She bit her lip as her fingertips traced the outline of his cock through the material of his pants, N's breath catching and his own hands going to his pants to unbutton and toss aside. White's followed suit, her hips arching up long enough to pull off her shorts and rock briefly against the pelvis above her, a stifled hiss escaping N's lips as the soft material of her panties rubbed briefly against his exposed manhood.

    What followed after occurred in a hazed blur to White; Hips grinding against one another, arms wrapped around the slender but muscled shoulders above her, mouths moving against one another as though they were the source of one another's oxygen. Stifled moans, hands reaching down to caress and tease, bodies rocking in one unified motion. Suddenly growing frustrated, White looped her fingers into the top of her underwear, pulling the thin material aside and causing both to gasp as the warm skin of his cock slid smoothly between her lips, the moistness lubricating as he rubbed against her.

    N's head fell forward, a deep groan rumbling from his throat and hands supporting himself on either side of White's head, the sounds punctuated by her high, breathy gasps as his slick manhood rubbed over her clit. Delicate hands grasped his hips, coaxing, asking him to slide down just a little bit further- just a tiny bit further down, until the pulsing tip of his erection pressed against her.

    Half-lidded sapphire eyes met hazy mint green, her hips rocking invitingly forward and sliding him in a few centimeters. "Oh god... Please, I need- please, please-" N groaned in response to her desperate mumbles, rocking forward and eliciting a cry from her full lips as, inch by inch, he slowly slid all the way into her until their pelvises touched.

    Fully sheathed inside the woman under him, N leaned up and hazily gazed down at the body underneath him. Slender, tan legs caressed his sides, a shocking contrast to his almost white skin as her ankles hooked behind his back and pulled forward as if pleading with him to thrust farther forward. A beautiful, shapely waist was complimented by two perfect breasts, and a long, elegant neck above that. The face that stared up at him was the loveliest of all, however. Her lower lip was held firmly between her teeth, gaze begging and eyebrows furrowed in frustration as she continued trying to pull him forward with her legs, skin flushed and breath heavy. Experimentally he pulled out an agonizingly small amount, then rocked forward again. The lip was released as a heady moan escaped that beautiful mouth, dark blue eyes shutting hard and one delicate hand reaching up to stifle the sounds coming out of her.

    "No, don't..." she heard him murmur as a hand firmly gripped her wrist and pulled her hand away from her mouth, pinning it to the bed under him. Simultaneously the hips lifted until only the very tip of his erection remained inside of her, then slid back in with a light 'slapping' noise echoing through the room as pelvises connected once more, both parties letting out sounds of pleasure. Pulling out again, the following thrust was harder, faster, eliciting a louder moan from White- the next one harder still, until nothing but half-screams and unintelligible pleading escaped her, hips rocking up hard and fast to meet the firm pistoning that shook her entire body and slammed the headboard of the bed loudly into the wall behind them.

    A true cry flew from her lips as N leaned up a little bit, small hands scrabbling for purchase on the back above her. 'Oh god's mixed with 'yes'es vaguely tumbled from open lips, her body tightening as, rock by rock, she felt herself building toward climax. With one final cry, back arched and toes curled, everything melted away and for one singular moment, the world felt as white as her name. Several thrusts later, the green-haired man followed suit with a sharply exhaled breath and shaking arms. A heavy, satisfied silence drifted over the room as the body above hers hovered for several moments, then slowly slid to the side and onto the pillows beneath them.

    She wanted to say something in that moment, to break the quiet in the humid air, but her mouth felt dry as cotton and really, words seemed a little overrated. Instead she found herself lazily rolling onto her side to face him, hands smoothing sweaty green hair away from N's face. As her fingers pulled the tangled strands away, revealing his eyes once more, she was met with the same intense look of concentration and confusion that he had been wearing only half an hour ago, teeth worrying his full lower lip.

    "The equation," he finally mumbled quietly, "It just gets longer and longer... More factors add to it."

    White couldn't stop herself from laughing, rolling onto her back and pushing her own hair out of her eyes.

    "So then let's figure it out tomorrow. I hate math, especially when I'm tired. I have my own puzzle to figure out. My personal Rubix cube, that I've been trying to connect the colors to for years now, but I've never quite gotten the order right. If you want, I'll stay for one place for a little bit. Maybe we can help each other figure out our problems."

    She looked over at him with a gentle smile, and was greeted, in turn, with a slow, warm, genuine smile. For once the face next to her seemed alive, a spark in those usually distant eyes.

    "... I'd like that."

AN2: One: I know, female orgasms seldom work like that. There's a lot more that usually goes into actually getting a girl off, but you know what? That's what fiction is for: to do the impossible.

Two: Wear a condom, kids. No one likes unexpected pregnancies. But it goes back into the whole "fiction" thing: It isn't sexy to hold up a story so as to describe the opening and wearing of a condom.

Three: I have no idea how to not ramble when I write, and how to advance stories in a fluid, believable way, so I apologize again.

That's all! :)

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