It Wasn't Supposed To Be This Way

BY : SpiralBreeze
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It Wasn't Supposed To Be This Way

By Spiral Breeze



“Just one more minute...”  The red head whispered, eyes closed refusing to look at the white piece of plastic sitting on the bathroom sink.


The timer on her phone went off and she jumped, startled by it’s harsh electronic sound.  She opened her eyes and turned it off, taking a deep breath she picked up the plastic stick, a sob escaped her lips and she dropped it on the floor, the word pregnant clearly visible on the tiny screen in blue letters.


A few moments passed, as she cried freely, then she grabbed some toilet paper and dried her face, her eyes fell to the box of tampons on the floor, she had purchased them along with the pregnancy test, praying for a not pregnant, knowing that it had already been too many weeks.  Standing she took the box and placed it in the cabinet under the sink, thinking bitterly how she could have spent the same amount of money on a box of condoms nearly two months ago...


“Ladies and Gentlemen, we now present to you the worlds youngest Pokemon Master ever, Ash Ketchum!”


The night was a blur of lights, sounds, and people congratulating the young man, and Misty had been by Ash’s side the whole time, him squeezing her hand, he had actually listened to her advice to leave his fingerless gloves at home.  She could barely remember the dinner, but one part of his speech stood out...


“... and the two people, who without them I really couldn’t have done this... Misty, and Brock, they’ve both been there for me through thick and thin.  I met Ms. Waterflower on the very first day of my journey, I wrecked her bike (the audience laughed), and I have since replaced it... but if it wasn’t for that bike I never would have gotten Pikachu here (Pikachu twitched his ears enthusiastically), to the Pokemon Center in time.  I don’t like to think about what would have happened if I had never met her... Misty, I love you, and I can’t thank you enough for everything...”


He kissed her hand and hugged her tight as the people in the grand ball room made the usual noises a crowd does when confronted with an adoring couple.  Ash then went on to talk about Brock, but that part mysteriously vanished from her memory as well.


Hours later it seemed, they were upstairs in the master suite, literally, reserved for those who had made it to Master status.  She was standing on the balcony, looking out to the sea below, watching a few water Pokemon play on the sand.  The sea always calmed her and so did the man now circling his arms around her from behind.  Ash kissed her bare shoulder.


“It’s chilly out here, why don’t we go inside and have some cocoa by the fire.”


She smiled, that was Ash, ever the perpetual child, while most young men his age would be drinking champagne, he wanted a hot cocoa, most likely with mini marshmallows. 


“Ok, call room service... just give me a couple minutes, it’s so beautiful.”


“You’re so beautiful.”


“Ash, that was so... cliche.”  She turned to look up into his eyes, where once he had been shorter, he now stood only slightly taller.


“Yeah, I know, but you are.”  He kissed her lips, running his tongue over the gloss.  “Tastes like watermelon... I want to make love to you, right here on this balcony.”


“People will see.”


“I only see a couple of Slowpoke’s down there, and I doubt they’re interesting in the mating habits of humans.”


“What happened to cocoa by the fire?”  She asked with a laugh stepping inside, the sea breeze finally getting the better of her.


He followed her and closed the doors behind him.


“Nah... I know a much better way to warm you up.”


They had played this game before, teasing him until she made her move, and so she thought she should make it quickly this time.  The red head walked back to the balcony doors and opened them, stepping outside she untied her halter dress and let it fall to the tiled floor, she was completely naked, not even a skimpy pair of panties to cover the bare flesh of her mound.  As Ash walked toward her, she smirked at the tent in his tuxedo pants.  That part had always been so easy.


“What made you forgo the undies?”


“Your reaction of course.”


As he stepped closer, her hands moved down and cupped the bulge, massaging it.  Ash kissed her softly, moaning into her mouth when she unzipped and freed him.  She broke contact and bent down to kiss his cock, pulling back the foreskin to place wet kisses on the head.  He placed his hands on her head, steadying himself.  She licked from base to tip, her left hand pumping him, he sucked in a breath through his teeth as she engulfed him fully bobbing her head vigorously.


“Mist, stop... oh gods... I’m not gonna last.”


She ceased her motions, giving the glistening head one last kiss before he helped her up and into his arms.




“Very... now I have to take care of you.”  He kissed her then wiped the extra saliva from around her mouth with his thumb, bringing it down to her left nipple, tweaking it.  “These are as hard as my prick.”


It was her turn to moan, both his hands were wet with her saliva, pinching and pulling on her nipples as he kissed her, Misty managed to suck his tongue reminding him of what she had just finished moments ago.  Keeping one hand on a nipple, he reached the other down to her wetness, probing his fingers into her opening, bringing the slickness to her clit and rubbing it.  He smiled as she bucked her hips on his hand, he then moved his middle and ring finger inside her and kept his thumb on the tiny bundle of nerves.  Misty closed her eyes, and wrapped her arms around Ash fucking his fingers, she was close and he was hitting all the right spots.  


“Ash, stop, go sit down over there.”


He obeyed, sitting on a cushioned bench against the wall.  The red head was shaking with need as she walked to him and straddled his legs.  She let him rub and smack her nether lips with his cock a few times before he slid inside, and then she rode him, arms around his neck, grinding up and down, her breasts rubbing deliciously on his crisp dress shirt...


She remembered he came shortly after that, he pulled out quickly, covering her legs, his shirt, and pants with cum, a small glob hit her lips where he kissed her sharing the taste between them.  In hindsight, she knew his ejaculation had begun while he was still inside.  


She pressed the button on her phone and quickly navigated to his personal App.  The one millions of fans and young trainers had downloaded to keep tabs on the new celebrity.  Every day he updated with a new entry and map location.  Today he was all the way in Hoenn, giving a lecture at the university about the team he had used the day he won.  The first week he had called everyday, then he missed a call, then once a week, then simply a text, then he told her about the App, so she downloaded it and that was two weeks ago.  She didn’t want to tell him over the phone, “Hey Ash it’s me Misty, you’re gonna be a father.”


That certainly wasn’t a very good phone call for a man who had just accomplished his biggest dream.  Effectively Misty had made up her mind.  Ash was living his dream and this would only ruin everything he had worked so hard for.  This also meant that she was keeping the baby.  She could however go to the a clinic and then he would never know.  She quickly typed abortion clinic into the search engine on her phone.  How convenient, one was in the hospital in Cerulean, minutes from her family home.  It was the thought of a vacuum cleaner sucking out bits of embryo from her cunt that turned her off.  Was she insane?  What was she going to do with a baby at 19?  The sisters had left her the gym again, to do gods only knew what in the Orange Islands.  She couldn’t battle Pokemon while pregnant.  This was crazy!  The test could be wrong.  Misty picked it up and placed it back in the box, bringing it to the kitchen garbage to through it out, lest someone see it, who, she reasoned when she was home alone.  


She walked into the living room and clicked her phone on again, searching for an ob-gyn. The test could still be negative.  The red head knew this wasn’t true, it had been too long since her last period.  She sighed loudly and threw herself back on the couch, her legs hanging off the arm rest.  Perhaps she shouldn’t be moving so harshly with a baby growing in her belly.  No... just yesterday she was diving off the high dive in the gym with Staryu.  How careful does a pregnant woman have to be exactly?


“Uggghhhh!”  Misty screeched throwing her cell onto the other couch with a thud.  She wiped at her face angrily, the tears stinging her already sore eyes.  There she cried herself to sleep, one hand unconsciously resting on the growing life inside her.


To Be Continued...



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