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 Alucard  Prologue

The dark stone walls seemed to moan quietly as footsteps rang throughout the large room. It had been too long since he'd set foot in his sanctuary, the walls inviting to him, but eery to others. His long red trench coat billowed as he flicked it out of the way and gracefully sat upon his chair, lined with red velvet, he slowly sank back into his favoured resting spot, beginning to think that he had become soft. He chuckled at the very thought, 'Me? The great No Life King, Alucard? Soft?'. His chuckling had quickly turned into a maniacal laughter, but just as quickly as it had arrived, it faded. He knew that he had changed once his subordinate, Seras Victoria, had finally drank his blood and become a No Life King herself. Though he always made it out to seem he only made her a Dracurina by her choice, he saw something in her. His thoughts seemed to resonate throughout the cavernous sanctuary, as he couldn't help but miss her company. After she had become No Life King, she had left, not from the Hellsing Organization, but on her own mission. He took his glass of wine in his long, thin fingers and grinned from ear to ear, his fangs baring completely as he felt Seras' presence.

He coldly greeted her as she merged in through the walls, "Greetings, Seras Victoria."

Seras stood still, not being able to get used to her former Master using her name, she bowed slightly and returned the greeting, "Greetings, Alucard.".. She quickly clasped her hands over her mouth as she realized how casually she had just spoken to her former Master, but looking at Alucard she saw no hint that he noticed.

Alucard chuckled to himself, clearly amused by his former subordinate, "Seras Victoria, you are a No Life King now, you bow to no one."

His words caused Seras to stumble, she had never expected Alucard to know such words, let alone say them. She straightened up and spoke in a cool tone, "My former Master, Alucard. You must realize that I didn't come here for a simple hello."

Alucard slowly sipped his wine, he didn't know her true purpose here, but agreed with her, giving a nod for her to continue.

"I can't exactly explain why I'm here, so instead I will show you." she muttered quietly as her hands took the shape she had seen Alucard's hands take so many times before, she grinned wide as a black shadow enveloped her, and felt absolutely giddy when she noticed the surprised expression that lay upon Alucard's face.

"W-What?", Alucard was shocked, to say the least. She hadn't been a No Life King for long, and already she was at this level. He smiled softly, making no attempt to hide his feelings toward Seras. He was proud to say the least, but as he was about to bring his glass to his lips, his body froze and his eyes widened.

"My former Master Alucard, I have wanted to do this longer than you can imagine." she cackled maniacally as the shadow that had formed around her began to whisper strange chants.

Alucard couldn't understand them, but he quickly learned what they did as he stared at his body in shock. It was changing, and not in a good way either. Right away he had noticed the change in his normally towering height as his elbows, resting on the arms of his chair, were brought up to shoulder level. He glared towards Seras with killer intent before he realized that wasn't the only thing happening.

Seras had stopped her mad cackling, she was calm again, and in a dry, cold voice she spoke, "Alucard, you no doubt know what this ability has done to you thus far, but there is much, much more..", the grin on her face had become serious, as the shadows enveloping her rushed at Alucard.

Instinctively Alucard attempted to dodge out of the way, but found that even with his supernatural strength he was unable to move. Seras had been carefully planning this, he was sure of that. He chuckled loudly as he waited for the shadow to, 'kill', him, then he would have his chance.

Seras noted the chuckling and started chuckling herself, "Oh my former Master Alucard.. I don't intend to kill you."

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