Slave To The Magic

BY : Alyndrya
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Title: Slave To The Magic

Author: Alyndrya (Princess Destiny)


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Rating:  NC 17+

Couple:  Usagi And Mamoru

Summary: 'One Hour Challenge' #594' : Response Fanfic. The Sequel to Under Your Spell.  It's Valentine's Day and someone keeps kissing Usagi in dark places!  She begins to suspect that Rei has cast another spell, but who has fallen under it this time?

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Year Completed: 2012

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'One Hour Challenges' #594 Scene - One of your 'Couple' keeps kissing the other of the 'Couple' in dark places and it's driving the poor kissee insane, since they have no idea who keeps ambushing them!

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Comments:  Hi everyone!  This is my Week Four Fanfiction response to the Seven Week One Hour Challenge competition. :)  It is the Sequel to Under Your Spell and this Fanfic refers to incidents that happened in that one, so you'll definitely want to check it out first.  I mentioned that if I ever wrote a Sequel, it would be based around Valentine's Day and I finally gave into all your requests.  LOL.  It couldn't all be fit into a Oneshot, so there will be about three parts.

Reviews would be wonderful!  It means so much to an Author to hear how you liked their Fanfic, and what parts of the Chapter drew your attention. :)  Also, if you spot discrepancies, or think that we can improve somewhere, that feedback is very welcome also.


By Alyndrya

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Chapter One

Rei flicked her long dark hair from her face, grimacing at the wet strands.  She had been washing her hair and thinking about Usagi, deciding that the heat from the Great Fire would be enough to dry it.  She hadn't counted on being so hot from the shower, and then the fire, that she would start sweating too!  "Damn it."  The Priestess-In-Training muttered under her breath, hoping that her God Mars wasn't listening to the swearing.  Her best friend had been depressed a lot lately and it seemed to have stemmed from last Christmas at the gift-giving.  The blonde wanted to have a boyfriend after experiencing such passion with Chiba Mamoru.  Who could blame her?  That guy was seriously hot!

Unfortunately going out with him wasn't an option. 

The Senshi of the Moon had been very forthcoming with her friends and told them all about what had happened over the few days leading up to the Secret Santa that their class had been holding.  Usagi had landed Mamoru and he had gotten her.  Due to a spell that Rei had cast, the blonde was literally thrown at the handsome guy at every opportunity. It had finished with a spectacular finale, involving the girl skidding into a closet and taking out her nemesis with her flailing limbs.  Apparently he had a real yen for long blonde hair and skirts that had flipped up about waists to show panties, because a rather heated encounter had come next.

Though all the girls had expected something to happen afterwards between the two enemies, absolutely nothing had.  A few secretive, lustful glances at first had turned into occasional acknowledgements in the hall weeks later, and then finally they were totally back to normal.  Loathing each other as enemies.  It had been as if the touching and kissing had never happened.  Slowly, Rei and Usagi had realized with disappointment that the desire on their part must have been from the spell.  And once it had worn off, so did the feelings between the blonde and Mr. Popular.

At least that was what happened in theory, but Usagi had steadily began to harbour feelings for the jerk, who now wouldn't give her the time of day.  It had made the blonde very unhappy and she sometimes walked around in a daze, or stared longingly at the guy who appeared to hate her guts again.  Mamoru went back to cold looks, glaring and taunts and it was like the incident that week had never happened.

"I won't let you ruin my best friend's life, Chiba."  Rei said dangerously, purple eyes flashing with anger.  Usagi really wanted to have him, but they all knew that she could do much better.  The Priestess-In-Training couldn't believe that she used to have a crush on the guy!  She had thought over it carefully, and even though she had faithfully promised her best friend to never cast a spell aimed at her again, she really thought that it could work this time.  It was only a matter of being careful with the wording and the Great Fire would come through for her.

"Great Fire!"  The Senshi of Mars held out her hands to the flames, lashes falling down over her eyes.  "Please help Usagi get a boyfriend?  Someone that will like her a lot and-yeah, desire her too!  Make him tall dark and handsome.  Someone unknown."  Because all the guys in School were either taken, gay or complete jerks!  She opened her mouth to add something else, like kindness and love, but figured maybe it would be asking way too much of her sacred flame.  Rei's eyes peeked open and she saw the Great Fire flare up in response to her words, the orange and yellow reaching towards the ceiling, and then it went back to normal and she slumped.

"Okay, that's it for tonight."  She preyed a little to the guardian of the Temple, sent a thank you to her God Mars and then rose to her feet, brushing down her robes.  Hopefully this wish wouldn't go wrong and her friend could be happy.  Because if something stuffed up like the last time...  Usagi was going to murder her!

Despite the fact that it was Valentine's Day and the room was decorated in shades of red and white, with love hearts and glitter everywhere, the room was in a sombre mood.  To the student's exasperation, a School-wide English test was being held.  The main gift-giving would occur around lunchtime as was customary, but a lot of love letters and cards would be snuck into the lockers already.

"Alright, pens down everyone!"  Mr Sasaki called out after checking the clock on the wall.  There were groans from all over the room and everyone stopped what they were doing and put their pens down on their desks.  The dark-haired man scanned the students and then nodded at Usagi.  "Usagi, collect the tests from the front of the classroom back to where you're sitting and-"  His eyes went to someone at the back.  "Mamoru, you bring me from the rest of the rows."  He instructed, looking down at the paperwork on his table.

Usagi cast a look over her shoulder and met Mamoru's blue eyes.  He was already looking at her, gaze mocking.  She stuck out her tongue and turned back to the front, hands tightening on her desk.  She just knew that he would be staring at her!  The blonde gritted her teeth and then rose and began to gather the tests from the students around her.  "Why do they always pick us for these things?"  Their teacher was completely aware that the most handsome popular student in his class and she were bitter enemies.  Sort of...

Actually, if anyone knew what had gone on last Christmas with the Secret Santa's, they would have all die of shock.

Mamoru collected the last test and strode down the isle towards the teacher's table.  He looked briefly at Usagi's back and saw her stiffen.  It amused him no end that the blonde had been chosen to collect the papers with him and made sure to keep close to her heels as she walked towards the front of the classroom and handed the tests to Mr Sasaki.  "How did you do on the test, Odango Atama?"  He murmured into her ear as he gave his handful too and turned to follow his nemesis back to their desks.

She threw a baleful stare over her shoulder as she reached her desk and slid into the seat, trying to ignore the man that stopped right beside her.  When there was a silence, she glanced up and saw Mamoru smirking down at her.  To the blonde's horror, he casually sat down on her desk, right on top of her books, and crossed his arms.  "I'm not telling you how I did!"  She hissed at him, grabbing a textbook and trying to slide it out from under his ass.  Usagi also tried desperately not to think about how tight and mouth-watering his backside was, clad in tight black pants.  Yes, she had noticed!  Her hands went to his leg and shoved, not noticing that her fingers were on his thigh until he grinned at her lasciviously.

"How daring of you."  The dark-haired man drawled, watching as she jerked her hands away as if burnt.  What a pity, he had quite enjoyed it.  He reached down idly to brush a lock of hair from her blue eyes and saw them go wide and startled under his intimate touch. 

Usagi quickly threw an uncertain look around, but the other students were talking and weren't paying attention.  He was touching her like he was her boyfriend!  Her cheeks went pink with embarrassment and she couldn't help but peek down at his thigh and wish she had snuck in a grope while her hands had been there. Oh well.  The blonde focused on his hand on her face as it caressed her under her fringe and she was stunned at what was happening.

Mamoru's fingers lingered on her forehead for a moment and then he drew back, a little stunned that a rush of desire had risen as he caressed her soft skin.  They hadn't really discussed what had happened in December of last year, but he still wore her present.  The lust that had burned so brightly between them that week of the Secret Santa had seemed to just die off after a while and the two had gone back to normal.  In other words, arguing over everything and enemies.

Usagi heard the slight chink of metal and looked down to the see the glint of gold about his wrist. It was the chain that she had given him at Christmas.  That the guy who was considered her worst enemy was even wearing it was a source of confusion and hope for the Senshi of the Moon.  She had some feelings for Mamoru.  It was shocking, but that passion between them last year had somehow morphed into a sort of affection.  As if they were rival siblings, but she sure as heck had never thought about her Brother like that!  She had noted it in the handsome man too, though the two had never acknowledged it.  They had also never spoken about the Secret Santa fiasco.

Mamoru followed her gaze and lifted up his arm so that he too could look at her present.  And then his eyes rose to lock with hers for a long moment, the tension between them very apparent.  It was attraction and they hadn't really felt it recently, but it did seem to still be there.  He saw the blonde swallow hard and look away and restrained the urge to take her chin in his fingers and turn her face back so that he could see what she was feeling.  Did Odango still occasionally lust after him as he did her?  Sometimes when the dark-haired man dreamed, it was about her.  His hands on her soft skin, her silky golden hair pooling about them and his hand in her underwear.  She had been so beautiful when she orgasmed. 

"Do you have a present for me, Usagi?"  He asked her softly, blue eyes rather calculating as he wondered if she had brought or made him some chocolates.  It was customary on Valentine's Day for a girl to give chocolates as a present to the guy that she liked.  Mamoru had watched Usagi carefully since the School day began to see if the girl had given some to another guy.  She had not, but it bothered him that he was angry over the thought of her giving someone a present.

Usagi's blue eyes went wide and her fingers tightened over her desk.  As a matter of fact, even though she usually ignored the Valentine's Day custom at School because she didn't have a guy, she had bought something for her worst enemy.  It was a small cute box off chocolates with a red bow.  Unfortunately, the blonde was a dreadful cook or she would have made it herself.  Chiba Mamoru was the only guy that she had gotten them for.  Pathetic huh?  But she wasn't even certain that she was going to give it to him and sure as hell wasn't going to attempt it in front of the whole class!  "Hell no."  Usagi said, lips twisting.  She saw a flash of something in her enemy's gaze that made her falter uncertainly and then it was gone.

"Well, thank god for that."  He retorted just as scornfully, an arrogant tilt to his chin.  "You have no idea how many girls have thrown themselves at me already today and it will take me weeks to eat all the chocolates stuffed into my locker."

What a jerk!  Usagi found herself glaring at him again, trying to ignore the warm moment they'd had together.  She should have known that he would act that way and it was really disappointing that Mamoru had already been given so much chocolate.  Hers would never even be noticed.  The blonde sighed deeply and saw his stare become rather intent, sliding down to her small pink lips.

"But if you did get me something, I wouldn't mind."  Mamoru purred at her, unable to help the note of seduction in his tone.  Her eyes flew wide and startled and there was an echo of his desire in the blue depths.  His breath sucked in sharply as he saw it and then they were being interrupted.

"Usagi, would you mind running to the storeroom for another whiteboard marker?"  The teacher's voice broke over the two sitting in their own little world like a bucket of cold water.  Mr Sasaki had been very surprised to see Chiba sitting right on the blonde's desk as if he had every right to.  "There's a couple of minutes before we start Math."  He added, sitting back comfortably in his chair and his eyes going from one student to the other, trying to figure out what was going on between those two.

The Senshi of the Moon blinked, coming out of the sensual haze that had fallen over herself and Mamoru and she practically bolted to her feet, hand brushing his thigh.  "Yes!"  She said rather eagerly, not looking at the dark-haired man sitting so silently on her desk.  Usagi swiftly edged out of her chair and moved past her enemy.  As she did so, his hand brushed hers, fingers moving over her wrist gently.

Mamoru saw her stiffen as he stroked her fingers and then grasped her inner wrist lightly, moving over her soft skin.  She paused for a second as if seeking his touch and then the blonde was moving down the isle as if nothing had ever happened.  He turned on the desk to watch with pensive eyes as she escaped from the room as if the devil were after her, and then he stood up too.  He wasn't sure why, but he had a sudden urge to follow Usagi. 

The dark-haired man strode with studied laziness towards the door and then slipped out after her.  He spotted his quarry rushing down the hallway, small feet moving fast, and he couldn't help but smile.  When Odango Atama wanted to get somewhere fast, she could really move! 

Grinning in amusement, the dark-haired man followed her.  He watched as she went to the storeroom on the second floor where they were and disappear inside, but before he could reach her, Usagi came out again looking rather annoyed and headed for the stairs.  They both ignored the other students milling around the hall in a festive mood, girls giggling behind their hands as they watched the guys who they wanted to go out with.  The halls were decorated in the most revolting manner in pink, white and red streamers and if he hadn't have known it was Valentine's Day, the huge glittery posters about would have given him a clue.  Oh and all the damn chocolate clogging his locker!

There hadn't been any whiteboard markers in the storeroom, only an empty box.  Sighing in exasperation, Usagi skipped down the stairs to the first level room and opened the door.  As she looked at the shelves, the light overhead suddenly went out.  She sensed someone behind her and then the door slammed shut, leaving the two of them in complete darkness.  Her blue eyes went huge in her face as she heard breathing and spun around, then something brushed her chest and she shrieked as fingers grabbed onto her shirt and tugged her.

Mamoru had felt the urge to go into the storeroom and talk with Usagi and walked towards it quietly, seeing her facing the other way as she searched for a marker.  Well okay, not talk.  They had quite a history with enclosed spaces and had something much more pleasant in mind.  The dark-haired man really couldn't wait to taste her lips again.  As he had came up behind the blonde, the lights abruptly died.  He froze for a moment and then realized that it was utterly perfect.  Reaching behind him, he quickly grabbed the door and slammed it shut behind him, leaving the two of them in darkness.  The small girl made a sound of protest as she was trapped in the room with someone unknown and then he moved closer to where he could hear the blonde breathing. 

Call it a sudden rush of shit to the head, but he suddenly wanted every inch of Tsukino Usagi pressed against his body, even if she had no idea who was touching her.  Even if the blonde didn't desire him anymore.  Mamoru' fingers grabbed at her clothing and yanking the girl towards him. 

The Senshi of the Moon gasped in shock as she was hauled into someone's arms and they closed about her tightly, pressing her against a man's body.  "Who are you?"  She demanded, shoving her hands against his shirt and feeling the muscled chest beneath.  Who the hell had grabbed her and why?  It was clearly a guy, but what did he want and had it been him that turned off the lights?  She was a little uneasy considering that it was Valentine's Day and some random guy who might have had a crush on her had suddenly become rather amorous.

Mamoru's hand pressed into the base of her back and they were glued together from chest to groin intimately.  He heard Usagi gasp in shock and his senses were overcome with desire as he remembered what had happened last Christmas and how good they had been together.  He swept her into his embrace, arms possessive about the girl's waist and back, and opened his mouth to respond to her questions, then stopped dead.  Wouldn't it be better this way?  The dark-haired man could kiss her and she wouldn't know who it was.  Quite frankly, he wasn't certain about how his worst enemy felt about him.  They had responded so heatedly to each other last December and he thought that the lust was still between them, but what if he was wrong?  Shaking his head, he inclined his face down towards where he thought hers was and his lips brushed her soft cheek.

Usagi stiffened in shock as lips were pressed to her cheek, unnerved that the man with his arms so possessively about her hadn't said a thing and then his soft touch moved inwards towards her mouth.  A shriek of protest escaped her lips only moments before his claimed hers and she was suddenly kissed with a startling passion.  The unknown guy's fingers caressed over her hip gently, as apposed to his mouth, which kissed her thoroughly as if he couldn't get enough of her.  The blonde's heart thundered in her chest as his lips slanted over hers and she slowly melted into the embrace, lashes falling down over her eyes. Whoever it was, they were making her toes curl and he knew exactly what to do with a kiss!  She felt a rush of excitement and pleasure as he touched her, arms holding her locked to his body and mouth searching and hot.

Before he knew what was happening, his lips were glued to hers.  How he had even found her lips in the pitch black of the closet was an absolute mystery, but all thoughts went out of Mamoru's head as he started to kiss her.  The blonde was stiff as a board at first, but as his head turned and he deepened the kiss, she relaxed into him.  Usagi didn't respond, but she had given up fighting.  His slacks became a little tight then as his mouth moved over hers and the lust grew.  Before the Odango could feel his growing erection, his lips ripped away from hers and he practically tossed her away.  She gave a squeak and there was a crashing noise, but he ignored it as he spun towards the door and fumbled for the knob.  In seconds flat, the dark-haired man had it shoved it open and fleeing from the scene of the crime. 

The small girl screeched as the guy who had been kissing her lights out suddenly yanked his lips from hers and tossed her into the shelf.  As the frame rocked and things started to pelt down onto her, she heard the door open with disbelief.  Light flooded the storeroom, but a cloth fell onto her head and obscured her view of the man.  Usagi heard thundering footsteps leading away from her and slowly reached up to grab the material over her eyes, noting that it appeared to be a cleaning rag.  She made a face and shoved it into the corner of a shelf, blue eyes still wide and stunned as she looked towards the doorway as if expecting him to come back.  She had just had her lights kissed out and the jerk fled the scene like Cinderella from the ball?!

Usagi's hand flew to her head to rub where she had knocked it on the shelf and then the lights were coming back on.  She winced at the brightness of the florescent bulb, and then glanced down to the floor, seeing various items laying about her feet.  The guy who had accosted her had left quite a mess in his effort to bolt from her arms and she was quite offended that he had locked lips and then fairly threw her away like she was last week's dirty washing.  Had he known that the lights were about to come back on, or left for some other reason?  The girl glared towards the open doorway.  "What the hell?!"  She shouted, shaking a fist.  A kiss and run?

"You idiot."  Mamoru groaned at himself as he bolted back up the stairs, his dark blue eyes incredulous.  It had been a surprisingly passionate encounter that blew his mind as he tasted Usagi's soft sweet lips, but reality had crashed down onto him, and he had decided that a strategic retreat was needed. There had been crashing noises and he winced and hoped his victim wasn't buried under a pile of text books and pens.  Odango was going to murder him if she ever found out who had ambushed her!

The dark-haired man had swore like a pirate as he fled down the hall the way he had come.  It had been a surge of panic that had made him leave so abruptly and an undignified bolt across the length of the building had ensued, leaving the girl he had kissed senseless behind him.  After so many months of exchanging uncertain, vaguely passionate gazes and recalling what had happened between them, Mamoru had finally found the opportunity to kiss the Odango again.  And quite frankly, it had been totally worth it!  It had been hotter and far more passionate than his dreams and he regretted not touching more than just her waist, but had thought that his nemesis was freaked out enough by being kissed by someone she thought was a complete stranger.

She did think it was a stranger, didn't she?  He skidded to a stop, eyes aghast for a moment.  Was it worse that Usagi thought some guy who had his senses inflamed by the Valentine's Day spirit suddenly decided to take advantage of the dark storeroom, or the fact that she didn't even know that it was Mamoru?  His hands went up to his dark hair and smoothed down, then he tidied his rumpled clothes, expression rather dark.  It stunned the handsome man that he really did want the blonde to know it had been himself to lock lips.  Had she even remembered what it felt like from last Christmas?  More than anything, he suddenly wanted to kiss her again.  And again.

Good god, was he falling for Odango Atama or something?  His blue eyes went wide in horror and then he shook his head.  "No.  Can't be.  It's just lust."  But there was a niggling doubt over his feelings for the girl he had known since Elementary School.  They had been legendary enemies since they were six when the new girl Usagi had klutzed out right in front of him, flailing hands grabbing onto his shorts as she fell on her face.  Unfortunately for Mamoru, her hands had dragged them to his ankles in front of the entire class.  Being a boy, he had completely lost face, and retaliated by tripping her into a pile of mud he had lovingly created in the sandpit, and accidently-on-purpose mashing her face into the mess.  It had all gone downhill from there, but over the years the pranks had deteriorated into more civilized taunting and mockery and now...good god, what had happened between them?  How had a Secret Santa turned their relationship into something so lustful?  And why after months of things going back to normal, had their desire risen up again?

Oh sure, Mamoru still wanted to mock and taunt the blonde, as it was the highlight of his life, but now he also wanted desperately to get into her panties!

As the dark-haired man reached his class and went inside, panting so much that his friends asked what was wrong, he realized that the girl was most likely still in the closet, trying to figure out who the hell had smooched her in the dark.  All he had to do now was wait for her to come back to class and hope to hell that Usagi hadn't figured out he was the culprit. 

As Mamoru approached his desk, he stopped dead and gawked at the pile of presents and cards on top.  A quick look at the girls in the class betrayed that they were all staring at him intently with rather scary expressions of glee and delight and he felt suddenly like he was being hunted by the female population.

"Open mine first."  Naru said eagerly from his right, craning her neck around Hideki to see the handsome dark-haired man.

Sarah glared at her and crossed her eyes.  "No, he's opening mine first."  She said angrily, turning her blue eyes appealingly towards Mamoru.

"No one is opening any chocolates until lunchtime!"  Mr. Sasaki shouted at them, looking extremely harassed to have his lesson interrupted by the hordes of Chiba Mamoru's little fan club.  He was quite the Casanova and girls practically threw themselves at his feet.  The teacher opened and draw and took out a plastic bag, then strode down the isle to the dark-haired man's desk and calmly swept the lot of colourful presents and card into it, then went back to the front of the classroom.  There were shouts of protest and he held up a hand.  "Lunch time."  He emphasised.

"That suits me fine."  He remarked dryly, eyes cool as they met the teacher's gaze.  Mamoru struggled to hide his relief as the multitudes of Valentine's Day presents were held ransom until the lunch break.  The teacher had meant it to be a punishment, but it had the opposite effect.  It wasn't that he didn't appreciate the girls buying and cooking chocolates for him, but this incident happened every single year and literally dozens of them vied for his attention.  Presents and card always appeared on and in his desk, his locker and the bolder of his groupies even managed to sneak them into his bag and his mailbox at home.  It was frankly scary to see the lengths the female population went to in order to get his attention for one day of the year.  It was almost as bad as Christmas.

Reminded of that season, he glanced towards the door and frowned.  Where on earth was Usagi?

Usagi absently tidied up the storeroom, putting things back into place on the shelf and then she grabbed the marker and slowly walked out the door.  She stopped for a long moment, lost in thought and fingers pressed to her lips.  That kiss had been hot.  Even though she had no idea who had done it and she had been shocked at first, she had soon accepted it.  It was Valentine's Day and although it was supposed to be a day of gift-giving to guys, she felt sort of like she had been given a present.  Before Mamoru, no one had ever kissed her, so now she had been kissed twice.  It was sort of flattering, but the blonde was still in a daze over the incident.

She frowned a little and went towards the stairs, mounting them with a dreamy expression on her face.  Who had kissed her?  Could it have been Mamoru?  She really wished that she remembered what it felt to have his lips on hers, but the memory was elusive.  It seemed sort of weird that they had been having a moment just before her teacher had asked her to fetch the marker and then she was waylaid in the small room.  Could the jerk really have followed her down to the first floor and swept her into his arms so romantically?  "It would be wonderful if he was the one."  Usagi whispered, a secret longing in her heart.  Although she had told her friends that she had moved on after the encounters at Christmas caused by Rei's wish on the Great Fire, she had joined the ranks of the girls who longed for just one seductive look from Chiba Mamoru's eyes.  Pathetic, but true.

As soon as the man's lips touched hers, her panic and instinctive fear had faded away and the girl had found herself enjoying what was happening.  One thing was for certain, he was a fantastic kisser.  Good lord, was he! 

The small girl sighed and picked up the pace as she got to the second floor and started to run towards her classroom.  Mr Sasaki had sent her during the break between lessons and was probably wondering where the heck she had gotten to!  Usagi quickly slid open the classroom door and halted, seeing every eye in the room turn towards her.  "Umm..."  She said uncertainly, blushing.  It was as if they all knew what had happened to her and she felt very guilty to have been making out in a storeroom.

"There you are, Usagi,"  The teacher said, frowning at the girl.  "I asked you to fetch a whiteboard marker from the storeroom, not go and buy one."

The Senshi of the Moon's jaw dropped at the unflattering tone and she bit back a retort.  "The box was empty in the storeroom, so I had to go to another level."  She explained in embarrassment as she walked over to his desk and hand the marker to him.  He stared at her suspiciously for a moment, then nodded and turned to the board.  The blonde headed down the isle to her desk, blue eyes going automatically to Mamoru's seat.  He was gazing at her with an cool expression and as she stared his eyebrows rose tauntingly.  She glowered and deliberately turned her back to him, then sank into her chair.  Damn that jerk, if it had been him that kissed her, he wasn't giving anything away and looked as cool and collected as usual.

"What really happened?"  Makoto whispered to her, not believing that it had taken that long to get a pen.  To her surprise, her blonde friend looked rather flustered and mumbled something under her breath that the brunette didn't catch.  "Huh?"  She asked.

"Kino Makoto, would you like detention for talking during class?"  Mr Sasaki called out from the front of the class.

The Senshi of Jupiter grinned at him and shook her head.  "Later."  She whispered to her friend, seeing a nod in confirmation.

Rei was watching Usagi with a curious expression, sensing that something had happened.  Could it be that the wish had kicked in already?  It was Valentine's Day, so it was entirely possible.  As she stared at her best friend, she saw a flush spreading over her cheeks and she threw a suspicious look over her shoulder towards Mamoru.  He had left the class shortly after the blonde when Mr Sasaki had asked her to get a new marker, so had something occurred between them?

Usagi's blue eyes traced over the handsome features intently, wondering if it had been him that kissed her.  Her gaze fell to his mouth and hers parted, tongue thoughtfully licking over her bottom lip as she remembered how he tasted.  The girl sensed his regard and swiftly looked back to his eyes to see that they were staring right at her.  The naked lust in his stare shocked her and she gasped.  What the hell?  Since when did he feel that way about her again?  It was a look that she hadn't seen on Mamoru's face since Christmas and made her heart leap into her throat and arousal curl through her body.

Mamoru was aware that he was giving the blonde a rather scorching hungry look, but couldn't help it right then.  He had tried to ignore his enemy as she watched him, but then had seen her licking over her lip in the most distracting sexy way and promptly lost it.  Under the desk, his pants tented out as he got an instant erection and imagined just where those pink lips could go.  He groaned and looked away, covering his eyes with one hand.  Good lord, what the hell was going on here?  Why was the lust he had felt for Odango last year suddenly resurfacing?  She appeared to be responding in a similar way and he suddenly wanted to be anywhere but there.

She was disappointed when he covered his eyes as if to block out what he was feeling from her, and she turned slowly back around to face the board.  Had it been Mamoru that was in the storeroom with her?  She wanted so badly to know!  It was obvious that they had an attraction and knew that it was ridiculous for two enemies to be hot for each other!  And now she had the phantom kisser to worry about.  It if wasn't the dark-haired man, then she had another problem to solve.  Who else could it have been?  Usagi scanned the room swiftly, looking for likely candidates, but no one was even looking at her.  There had also been other students wandering the halls when she had gone to the storeroom, so it could have been anyone of them.

The problem was...did Usagi really want the guy who had kissed her to be Mamoru?  Was she really going to give into the attraction between them and the lust and let him touch her again?  "Maybe."  She whispered under her breath, a slight smile about her lips.  Even if they were enemies, the feelings between them were undeniable.




To Be Continued...

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