Taming the Flame

BY : Imasuky
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Taming the Flame

Flannery sighed in relief as she lowered herself into the hot spring. (I can’t believe there’s a spring this nice all the way out here!) After a set of rather bad defeats, the young Gym Leader had decided to go on a short journey to try and improve her skills, but for the moment she was simply enjoying herself.

(It’s so nice to have a spring to myself like this. The ones in town are always so crowded with old people and tourists). She looked around again to make absolutely sure she was alone. Once she was sure that there were no other humans around, a wide smile crossed her face.

(Good, it’s been way too long since I’ve been able to do this!) she thought to herself as she slid a hand between her legs. Flannery began to gently run her fingers along her slit, the heat of the water intensifying the surge of pleasure that shot through her as she brushed against her clit. The redhead let out a small moan as she reached up and cupped her breasts. She massaged the mound slowly, working her way toward her nipple. She gave the small, hard nub a tight pinch, and allowed a small yelp to escape her lips.

Suddenly there was the sound of someone entering the water, and Flannery silently cursed and pulled her hand away from her cunny. (I thought this place was too out of the way for anyone to find!) she thought to herself, moving closer to the source of the sound. She hid behind a large rock and carefully peeked around it, and was surprised to see a Blaziken sitting in the water. The large bird Pokemon let out a small cooing noise as it stretched its arms above its head.

Flannery had seen several Blaziken in battle, but this one was different, although she couldn’t figure out just what it was. But rather than trying to figure it out. the first thing that went through her mind was catching it. (Wild Blaziken are super rare. I’m sure it’d be great on my team!) she thought, smiling even more than before. Carefully she began to make her way back to where her clothes were. (I just got an Ultra Ball, so hopefully I can catch it without a battle).

Trying to make as little noise as possible so as not to alert the Pokemon to her presence, Flannery picked up her pants and quickly dug out the Pokeball. "Alright Blaziken, prepare to be captured!" she said quietly to herself, pumping her fist in the air. Again trying to be as stealthy as she could, she made her way back toward where the wild Pokemon was. But when she got there, it was gone.

The next thing she knew, a pair of powerful hands grabbed her wrist and pinned her to the stone. “Blaziken!” the Pokemon said sharply.

(Not good!) A thousand thoughts zipped through Flannery’s mind all at once, none of them positive. But the Pokemon released her arms.

“Blaziken,” the Pokemon said again, much softer this time. Now that she got a much closer look at it, Flannery realized what it was that had seemed so odd about the Pokemon: it was female. Every trainer she had ever seen had a male Blaziken, and even though most people might not be able to tell the difference easily, now that she saw it she couldn’t help but realize that the Pokemon before her had a strange kind of beauty.

Flannery’s eyes met with the Pokemon’s for a second, and she felt a twinge go through her body the moment she did, the kind that she usually got late at night when she was alone. Before she could completely process the strange feeling, she felt something rough and firm grip her breasts. She looked down and saw that one of Blaziken’s hands was on her. She tried to push the Pokemon away, but it was far stronger than her and easily resisted. Blaziken began to gently knead the soft orb, its talons sinking in a bit, not hard enough to break the skin but enough to send a sharp feeling through the girl’s body.

(N-No way, I’m getting felt up by a Pokemon!) Flannery screamed in her head, trying to think of a way to get free. But her mind was clouded with pleasure unlike any she had ever felt before. Blaziken’s hand was scaly and warm, creating a lot of friction against her already hard nipple. It was very thrilling, and the way the tips of the talons dug into the rest of the mound ever so slightly created a pain that only intensified the other feelings. Flannery was torn between wanting to try and fight back, and just sit back and give in to the pleasure, and pleasure was quickly winning out.

A small moan escaped her lips. The Blaziken seemed to understand exactly what it meant, and began to massage her breast a bit more firmly. Her other hand dropped under the water and cupped Flannery’s ass, the talons softly digging in the same as with her breast. The feeling sent another shot of pleasure through Flannery, making her yelp. The Blaziken removed her hand from Flannery’s breast and lowered it to join the other underwater, gripping the other side of Flannery’s ass. The large Pokemon easily lifted the human girl out of the water, pulling her closer to herself. Flannery could feel the intense heat of Blaziken’s body seeping through the thick, lush feathers that covered her body.

Flannery’s mind was beginning to cloud with pleasure as the Pokemon began to gently rub against her crotch, filling her with an intense warmth.

“Stop...this...now...” the Gym Leader said weakly, while softly pressing her hands against the Pokemon’s shoulders. Despite her words, she knew she didn’t truly want this to end. It felt far better than anything she had ever experienced in her life.

In response to Flannery's protests, Blaziken just began to slide Flannery faster, her juices matting the fine feathers along the bird's body. After several more seconds, Flannery gave in and wrapped her arms around the broad back of the Pokemon, bouncing her body as best she could while being fully supported Blaziken’s powerful arms.

“I’m...I’m going to cum!” she cried out, burying her face in the feathers of the Pokemon. The pleasure that shot through her completely surpassed any she had ever experienced in her life, causing her to actually sob with need into Blaziken's feathery chest. The heat of Blaziken’s body mixed with her own, making her feel as though every nerve was ablaze. She had no idea how long the orgasm lasted; it could have been days, it could have been seconds. All she knew of it was an eternity where there was nothing in her mind but pleasure, heat, and the soft down of the Pokemon she humped in rhythmic ecstasy.

When the orgasm finally died down, Flannery was panting heavily, her mind still reeling. She was so disconnected that she didn’t even realize that Blaziken was moving closer to the edge of the spring. As soon as they were close, Blaziken laid her down on the ground. Flannery at last regained her senses, just in time to see Blaziken lowering her head between her legs. The smooth hardness of the beak brushed against her cunny, nearly making her lose control again. Blaziken took a deep sniff before breathing out. The unique sensation of Blaziken's hot breath, like a wave of heat from gentle fireplace, added to the pleasure that was already racing through her body. Blaziken lifted a hand and pressed one of her large talons against the opening of Flannery’s pussy, gently stroking along it with the dull side of the talon.

As she jerked her head back and forth from the feelings invading her, Flannery happened to see that her bag was within arm’s reach. (I could probably get one of my Pokemon out pretty easily), she thought. For a moment she considered doing just that, and capturing the Pokemon that was teasing her. At that moment, Blaziken’s beak rubbed against her clit, and those thoughts vanished--in fact, ALL thoughts left her as her body exploded in pleasure. For the second time Flannery came. Though not nearly as intense as the first one, this orgasm was still far more powerful than any that she was used to, so mind-blowing that she actually saw stars.

Flannery recovered much quicker this time around, and she watched as Blaziken rose up, positioning herself over the Gym Leader. “Ken,” she said softly, reaching down and parting some feathers so that her quim was exposed. Flannery was surprised to see just how similar it was to a human’s. The skin was a deep red, same as the feathers surrounding it, but other than that, it was no different from what she could tell.

“Ziken, ken,” the Pokemon repeated. Even though Flannery couldn’t fully understand Pokemon speech, it was pretty obvious what this one wanted. Raising her head up from the ground, she gave the delicate folds a single, tentative lick. The moment she did, she was addicted. Blaziken's fluids were hot, and strangely sweet, unique and delicious. It was truthfully one of the best things Flannery had ever tasted. She began to lick furiously, trying to lap up every last drop of the wonderfully delicious cum that was leaking out of Blaziken’s cunny, loving both the taste, and the warmth it gave her as it trickled down her throat.

Blaziken let out a soft growl of pleasure when Flannery hit a particularly sensitive spot. Flannery reached down and began fingering herself, moaning into Blaziken as she did so. It wasn’t long before the Blaze Pokemon let out a loud, trilling cry as she came. The orgasmic cry was like a deep birdsong, and the lusty, wild call combined with the flood of hot, sweet cum that filled Flannery’s mouth was enough to make her cum herself. She moaned loudly, which only added to Blaziken’s pleasure.

Blaziken moved away. Flannery made a small noise of disappointment at the loss of the heated, wonderful juices that were still dribbling out of her mouth, warming her lips and chin.

“Blaziken,” the Pokemon said, lying down and pulling Flannery close. She rubbed her beak against Flannery's lips.

(I...I think she’s trying to kiss me!) As odd as it seemed, Flannery couldn’t help but feel a strange kind of happiness at the gesture. Wrapping her arms around the Pokemon she kissed the side of her beak, earning a small chirp.

Blaziken turned Flannery around and wrapped her arms around her, spooning her, and Flannery closed her eyes in delight as she once again was pushed into the strong, soft, feathered body of the Pokemon. She felt warm, safe, content, and, when one of Blaziken's talons reached down to begin gently teasing her slick pussy lips again, horny. Blaziken slowly ran the side of her tough, scaly finger up and down and around Flannery's pussy lips, pleasuring her a little but teasing her a lot. Flannery moaned and arched her back in delight against her warm, downy lover. She pushed her hips forward a bit, trying to get the Blaziken to give her more, but Blaziken's finger's slow, circling pace didn't change. All that happened was that Blaziken gave her a small, sharp little nipping peck against her throat.

They stayed that way for what felt like, what might actually have been, hours. Flannery was held against the strong, heated body of Blaziken, Blaziken's finger circled her cunny, teasing her into a state of molten pleasure and need, never once entering her or touching her clit. Flannery's body quaked from an inferno of desire, her mind was nothing but hot, hot desire, she burned with want as she lay with sweat and arousal juices making her skin slick. But any time she made any indication of wanting more, of expecting more, all she got was an admonishing nibble from Blaziken. So she stayed that way, lost in a boiling sea of desire, unable to think of anything but pleasure and need.

Finally, Blaziken's finger stopped, and poised itself above Flannery's entrance. Flannery quivered with want, and whispered, "Please, please...let me, cum, please..."

Blaziken's free arm unwrapped itself from her body, and held something in front of her. It took Flannery's desire-filled head a moment to focus on what it was. In Blaziken's hand was one of Flannery's Pokeballs. "Blaziken?" the Pokemon whispered, as she gently tapped Flannery's forehead with the ball.

It was obvious what she was asking. That morning, it would have been unthinkable...now it was the most desirable thing Flannery could imagine. "Yes. Yes, please, yes, just, please, just please let me..."

Blaziken's finger dived into her, and everything in the world disappeared in a bright, orgasmic explosion.

When Flannery finally woke up from her pleasure-induced sleep, Blaziken was sitting by her side, running its talons gently through her hair. When she saw Flannery was awake, Blaziken rubbed her beak against her cheek again, and Flannery kissed her back.

Then Blaziken stood, and pointed at Flannery's clothes and belongings. The girl nodded her understanding, got dressed, and then began to dutifully follow her new lover and owner. It was what she'd agreed to, and what she now wanted.

Blaziken the Pokemon had caught and tamed her first human.

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