Lost In The Woods

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Forwards: This is the first story I'm uploading to this site and its a bit old so its not very well written or detailed... but I have a soft spot for it as one of the first stories I wrote


Lost In The Woods 


“Ash ” Misty called. “Brock, Ash, Pikachu  Dam it, I stop to go to the bathroom and they take off on me.” She had been wondering around for an hour at the least. She looked up and saw the sun sinking below the trees, “Oh man, it’s getting late. At least I still have my tent.” She sighed.


She walked for a little longer then heard someone yelling, “Help me  Help me ” Misty ran towards the voice and found a large hole in the ground with someone inside it. She looked into it and saw Jesse from team rocket stuck at the bottom. “Oh Misty is that you? Please help I’m stuck ” Misty, having been prepared for traps like these, took a rope out of her backpack and lowered it down to Jesse who climbed out.


“Thanks so much for helping me out. James and Meowth went to get help hours ago and haven’t come back yet, I thought I’d be down there all night.” Little did Jesse know that only moments after going to find help James and Meowth had run into a wild machoke and where currently running for there lives. “How can I repay you for saving me?”


“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” Misty smiled but then, “Oh wait have you seen Ash or Brock I can’t find them?”


Jesse shook her head, “No I’ve been in that hole for at least three hours, I haven’t seen anyone.”


Misty sighed, “Oh well, I guess I’ll be going. I should probably keep looking for my friends before it gets to dark. Well see you around Jesse.” Misty said starting to walk away.


“Wait Misty... um, can I come with you.” Misty looked at Jesse questioningly and she added, “I don’t like to be alone when it’s dark, so can I please come with you?” Misty smiled and nodded.


After about two more hours they still hadn’t found Ash and Brock, although they had seen a large machoke standing in front of a large tree yelling, “Machoke, machoke, machoke ” they decided to set up Misty’s tent and go to sleep. Neither had any food on them so they decided to go straight to sleep. Misty dreamt of all the things she would normally be doing with Ash and Brock and occasionally Pikachu, her pussy growing steadily wetter and wetter through out the night.


Misty was awakened by a soft muffled moaning and the smell of a lot of pussy juice. She realized that Jesse was quietly pleasuring herself while laying next to Misty. Misty’s hand slowly moved toward her own pussy but was stopped when Jesse’s juice soaked hand grabbed her by her wrist. Misty turned to see Jesse staring at her with lust filled eyes, she was completely naked. “Naughty little girl, were you watching me masturbate? Bad girl, now I have to punish you.” Jesse stood up and put her pussy right in Misty’s face. “Eat it.” She ordered.


Misty happily buried her mouth in Jesse’s completely shaved and dripping cunt lopping with her tongue getting every drop of juice she could. Jesse moaned in pleasure as Misty swirled her tongue around her stiff clit. “Oh Misty ” Jesse screamed in pleasure, “Your so good. Yes, yes I’m gonna... gonna.. Oh, I’m coming ” Hot cum pored out of Jesse’s pussy and Misty continued licking until the juice stopped flooding out and Jesse collapsed onto the ground. “Ooh, that’s the best I’ve gotten eaten in years.” She moaned fondling her large breasts. “I’m still shaking from that orgasm.” And she was still quivering slightly.


Misty smiled and laid down on top of Jesse pressing her knee lightly against her pussy, Jesse moaned slightly. “Get undressed.” She ordered and Misty gladly obeyed. Stripping naked Jesse ordered her to lay on her back and spread her legs. Jesse got on her knees and looked at Misty’s slightly hairy pussy. She slid a finger over Misty’s pussy lips gently causing Misty to moan. Jesse slid a finger in and out getting Misty wet, then she lowered her head. The pleasure that ran through Misty as Jesse ate her pussy with perfected skill. Massaging her clit with two fingers and eating out Misty’s pussy Jesse used her free hand to finger fuck herself. Misty felt her orgasm coming and grabbed her small tits and began fondling her left breast and playing with her right nipple it took less than two minutes of this to bring her to the most intense orgasm she’d ever had. Jesse turned around and wrapping her long legs around Misty’s and began rubbing their hot wet orgasm ridden pussies together, within a minute of this they were both brought to screaming orgasms.


They laid down Misty buried her head between Jesse’s large round plump breasts and moaned, “Oh, I love you Jesse.”


“I love you too Misty.” Misty looked up right into Jesse’s eyes. “I want to stay with you forever.” Jesse said kissing Misty deeply, driving their tongues into each others mouths.


“I’ll never leave you Jesse.” Misty said burying her head back into Jesse’s breasts. Theyfell asleep in each others arms.


The next day Ash and Brock were walking through the woods looking for misty when they came across James and Meowth hiding in a tree with machoke standing under them, Ash caught it and James and Meowth got down. After a few minutes of talking they heard from behind them two female voices, “Prepare for trouble... And make it double ” All four turned to see Misty, dress in a team rocket uniform, and Jesse....

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