The Hard Feeling

BY : Chloboshoka
Category: Pokemon > Het - Male/Female
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Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon or any of these characters. This story was written for entertainment purposes only and not made for profit.

The darkness of the streets was replaced by strong white lights shining downwards. The space was replaced by many cars and many people, upon them people where two young people, round about in their very early twenties, a black haired man and brunette woman. Haruka and Satoshi, had been dating for two months since they were reunited after the grand Tokyo festival three months ago. For the time they had been together, it was difficult to spend time alone, due to the fact that Satoshi was busy training for battles, and Haruka was training for the contests.

Haruka smiled in joy. She had finally able to spend a week with Satoshi alone. No Masato to annoy her and no Takeshi offering perverted but sometimes lame love and sex tips. Although she would miss those two, she was more ecstatic about being alone with the raven haired boy. They had both decided to spend their week in the busy active streets of Tokyo. As usual Satoshi went over board with the food and Haruka went overboard with the shopping. Haruka's arms felt as if they were about to fall off due to the huge carrier bags she was holding onto. She gave her arm just about enough room for him to slip his arm though.

"Haruka, that seems rather heavy," Satoshi stated. "Do you want me to carry some of them?"

"Sure," Haruka sighed in relief quickly passing Ash three quarters of her shopping. "Thanks Satoshi!" She then quickly kissed the raven haired boy on the cheek leaving him to slightly blush.

"Y-You're welcome," He replied still stumbling on his words. The handles on the carrier bags slipped hastily onto his head carrying causing his arms to be very difficult to lift. The fact that his stomach was full, didn't really help him either, he almost felt as if he was about to fall over.

The yellow sparking mouse Pikachu jumped off his shoulder to the floor and lifted one of the bags off, to help Satoshi. "Thanks Pikachu," he quickly relied, although it didn't really make such a difference. "We're almost here right?" He asked as he quickly faced the brunette with sapphire eyes.

"I think so," she replied carrying two very light bags. "We just have to cross the road here and then we're there! I can see our hotel room from here!" She pointed at the large white marble building ahead of them. "It looks great," She said cheerfully. "I hope our rooms are as good." Haruka felt pleased that her parents had arranged all the hotel bookings and arrangements and writing the directions for her, as she knew that Satoshi would have been hopeless and rely on Takeshi to do the directions and arrangements.

The road they were about to cross on was filled with a collection of flash cars, taxis and buses. The smell of the gas leaking from the pips at the back of the cars was appalling. Satoshi and Haruka joined the traffic to cross the road as the noise of the cars beeping gave them both a headache. Haruka sighed as she rested her shoulder onto the broad shoulders of Satoshi. He allowed her to lean on him as she slipped her arm and carrier bag full of soft clothes around his arm. She also assisted Satoshi carrying on of the heavy hand bags.

"It's very crowded round here," Haruka stated.

"I know," Satoshi replied, "It will be another three hundred years when we're finally able to cross this road."

The cars stopped their slow movement and some of the crowd crossed over and walked past the cars. "Should we cross?" the brunette asked.

"Yeah let's go!" Satoshi told her as he leaped across the road, dragging Haruka with him. The drivers in the cars, did not seem very pleased by the way Satoshi crossed the road and the cars roared at him in a very angry fashion. The raven haired boy grinned and continued to cross the road without a care in the world.

As they reached the side of the road, Haruka and Satoshi walked across the marble building and as they were about to walk up the shiny steps, Masato and Takeshi walked out of the glass doors, they stared at the couple as if they were waiting for them for quite a long time.

"Hey Takeshi!" Satoshi waved his arms as he reached the third and final step up.

"Masato," Haruka said to her nerdy brother. "What are you doing here,"

"I got all of our rooms in." Takeshi admitted. "I even got your hotel keys for you two. I'm taking Masato out for a walk," he said looking at the excited Masato. Masato pushed up his glasses as he ran next to Brock. "I'll see you guys later, and here's your key." Takeshi handed Haruka a shiny silver key with the number 69 on it. Takeshi walked up along with Masato as the young nerd deliberately went ahead and curled his hand around his mouth.

"And don't forget to wear a condom Satoshi!" Masato shouted at the pair of them as Takeshi tried to catch up with him.

"YOU'RE DEAD MASATO!" Haruka roared as Masato and Takeshi ran away rather quickly. She turned around and saw Satoshi had frozen in laughter and embarrassment. "You okay love?" asked Haruka as she leaned onto his broad shoulders again.

"Erm.. yeah..." He replied gobsmacked. "We should go to our rooms now."

"Yeah we should do," Haruka announced as she opened the plain glass door. She was impressed with the way the floral ornaments were arranged in the reception area. She stepped up to the brown plastic sign on the wall, which instructed which floor lead to which rooms. "The second floor must be ours," Haruka pointed out noticing that second floor had rooms sixty to a hundred. "Oh a shame the elevator's broke," Haruka sighed reading a sign saying the elevator is out of order. "We'll have to take the stairs."

Oh great!" Satoshi mumbled, "We have to go up the stairs." Satoshi felt as if his arms couldn't take any more and Pikachu had just about have taken enough pain. The yellow mouse dropped onto Satoshi's foot and the raven haired boy lost balance and fell over Haruka, with his face landing on her comfortable chest and sliding down to her crotch and banging onto the floor.

"Hey Satoshi," she said in concern kneeling own as she rubbed his back. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Satoshi smiled.

"Are you alright sir?" A gentlemen dressed in a smart tuxedo asked him picking up the bags of shopping. "If you like, I'll carry these to your room. These are rather heavy bags I must say. Now which room are you?"

"Room sixty nine," Haruka replied.

"Ah," the man replied. "Then your suitcases have already been brought up. The elevator's just been fixed." He announced as he removed the poster that stated the elevator is broken.

"What luck!" Haruka said in a state of joy as she followed the man to the elevator.

"Yeah," Grunted Satoshi, slowly making his way into the golden elevator. "I don't have to carry your shopping all the way up the stairs!"

The gentleman smiled as he pushed the button with number two above it. They heard a high-pitched ting as the doors slowly closed.

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