A Journey Begins.

BY : Sestren
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A Journey's Beginning

The Unova region: a lush, green paradise, filled with many new Pokémon, and many new friends as well. In fact, on his very first day there, Ash had caught not only a brand new kind of Pokémon, but a new friend, too. Quite literally since, on their very first meeting, Ash had hit her right on the head thinking she was his very first catch in the region.

It turned out she wasn’t a Pokémon, and right away they started getting to know each other. She took a liking to his Pikachu right away, but since everyone in Unova thought he was so rare it was no surprise. She always called Ash a little kid too, even though she didn’t look much older than he was.

She called him a kid, that is, until he saved her Axew and his Pikachu from Team Rocket. After the fierce battle with the villains, they’d rushed Axew and Pikachu to the Pokémon Center and had them tended to right away. Afterwards, Iris thanked him, and remarked that “he wasn’t so bad for a kid”. That wasn’t the last he’d see of her that day, though.

That evening, after he and Iris had parted ways, Ash lay outside in the soft grass, under a nearby tree. It was dusk, and it seemed like nobody was around. Pikachu was curled up next to him, asleep. He’d had a good day; caught his first Pokémon, a Pidove, and even met a new friend. A really cute one, too. He wished she would stop calling him a kid though, because if that’s the way she thought of him, he’d surely be stuck in the “friend zone” forever. He’d been paying more attention to her ass than what she’d been saying to him that whole time; he sort of regretted that now, since he still hadn’t the faintest idea why she found him childish. He wasn’t THAT young!

He decided to try and keep his eyes and ears attentive next time. How hopeless was that, though? He couldn’t keep his eyes, or his mind, off her! Her looks were just as stunning as Dawn’s, and since he’d made it with her, he had to have Iris too. It just wouldn’t be fair if he didn’t! He thought about all the times he’d pounded Dawn’s tight little cunt; often right behind all his other friends’ backs. She’d always loved gettting her cute face plastered once they were done, too...

“Oh, jeez.” Ash winced, and sat up. He’d noticed his pants were getting a little too tight. Pikachu perked his ears, and yawned, widely. It was still barely light out, with just a small sliver of sun left over the horizon. He took a long look around, and noticed a few rustling bushes by the woods. It was probably just more Pidoves. He lay back down, but right away his head came in contact with something hard, and he shot back up and nearly fell over in surprise.

“Hey, Ash!”

It was Iris, standing where his head had been moments ago. She must have been sitting in the tree above him...

“Iris! Um, hey!” He replied, nervously crossing his legs to cover up his erection...

“Hey!” She said again, smiling, “Still awake? It’s almost bedtime for kids!”

“Well, I’m not a kid, you know.”

“Well, I don’t think you can prove it!”

She smirked, and sat down next to him. They exchanged looks, and Ash blushed a bit.

“What’s that supposed to mean..?” He thought...

“So, Ash.”


“Well, I was just wondering...” She said, just above a whisper, “do you have any other girl friends?”


“Er, no, I mean... Friends that are girls. I guess.”

“You guess?”

Iris looked around quietly, blushing. Her Axew and Pikachu were both chasing each other, playing in some nearby brush. They were, for all they knew, alone.

“Well...” Ash said again, “There’s Dawn, and...”

“Dawn?” Iris interrupted him, “She sounds nice.”

“She is nice. You’re nice too, Iris...”

They exchanged looks again. This time, their gaze did not break so quickly. She looked down, and Ash blinked, confused, until he realized she’d noticed the now obvious bulge in his trousers he’d been hiding so desperately. She giggled.

“So, what kind of stuff did you and Dawn do together?”


“Because...” She interrupted him again, “if you’re really such a big man like you said...”

She stood up. He still wasn’t sure, but he felt like she was giving him signs. If he acted, he might pay for it, but if he didn’t, he’d never get what he wanted...

“I’ll show you what Dawn and I did.” He said, as he stood up.

Iris turned to him, and blushed again. They stepped toward each other, and as they got closer, neither of them faltered, or stopped. They connected at the lips; a quick kiss, a brief exploration of each other’s mouthes, that broke off as quickly and suddenly as it began. Ash grabbed her shoulders, and moved the girl down to her knees. She adjusted herself on the grass, and stayed where she was, while Ash unzipped his pants...

“What do I do, Ash?” She whimpered shyly; she looked taken aback, staring wide eyed at his cock...

“I’ve never done this thing before...”

“Just try your best.” He said, “you’ve got to get it real wet, or it might hurt going in.”


Iris stuck out her tongue, prodding the tip, and gently recoiling as she touched his manhood. She soon got over her shyness, wrapped a hand around the base, and started sucking his length as deep and fast as she could. She got more and more excited as she went, slurping on his cock like it was candy. Ash clenched his fists together, and stared down at her head, bobbing back and forth, taking him in and out, over and over again. She pulled away, and thrust her head forward one more time; she managed to fit his whole length into her throat, without even coughing as she quickly pulled away, and moved her head to the base, running her tongue all the way back up to the tip. He grabbed her hair and groaned, gritting his teeth. He was throbbing and hard as a rock, and having trouble holding back...

“Okay, let’s go...” He grunted, and Iris looked up at him, wiping her mouth with her wrist. She smiled, and stood up, before lifting her shirt and showing her round, supple breasts. Ash reached forward and squeezed them; they were the perfect size to fit in the palms of his hands. She blushed, and let out a quiet moan. Ash turned her around, and stuck his cock between her thighs, rubbing it up against her panties. She turned her head and looked back at him, before bending over and sliding them down to let him in. He grabbed her wrists and stuck in just the tip, just enough to make her freeze up and let out a little whimper...

“You’re even tighter than she was...” He groaned.

“Just be gentle, Ash!”

Ash slowly pushed his length into Iris’s tight pussy. Her moans of pleasure got louder and louder the deeper he went. When he was all the way in, he pulled back, and thrust in again. And again. And again.

Pulling back on her wrists, he thrust his cock inside her. Her big, round ass smacked against his groin; it felt perfect, even bigger than Dawn’s.

“Ahn! You’re so big, for a kid!” Iris said, giggling in between moans of pleasure, “Ah, Ah! I can’t believe I’m getting fucked by a stupid kid!”

He didn’t pay attention to her little remark. Instead, he decided to fuck her even harder. Pulling back hard on her wrists, he forced his dick as far in as it could go. He saw her head turn and her mouth open wide in a silent gasp of air, and her eyes start to drift up into her head in a show of complete ecstasy.

“Ash! I’m- Ahh!”

Iris stopped mid sentence as her body twitched; she let out a long sigh, and slowly relaxed herself. Ash pulled out, gripping his soaking wet cock in one hand. He was getting to his limit, and could feel the pressure inside him rising; he was lucky he’d made Iris cum first, and had the chance to pull out. The last thing he wanted was a pregnant girl chasing him all over Unova; almost as bad as a red-head gym leader chasing him around Kanto for a bike.

Iris slumped to the floor, pressing her thighs together and spreading out her legs at the knees. Most of her legs were sopping wet. Ash grunted at her, and grabbed her hair to jerk her head over to him. She didn’t resist, and opened up wide to greet him, just in time; he couldn’t hold in another second. With another muffled grunt, he gave her what she wanted.

His hot, thick cum covered her tongue, and the back of her throat. She closed her eyes, and took another load in the face, catching the sperm in her hands as it dripped off her chin. She let out a gurgled moan, and opened up wider, showing him what he’d done. Then, she swallowed it down, and gave Ash a big smile.

“That was so fun, Ash!” She beamed at him.

“So, am I still a kid?” He said, smirking down at her cum-plastered visage. She didn’t look like she’d be in any position to look down on him from down there.

“Hmm! I don’t know. You might have to prove it a few more times... You’re still a kid, you know.”

Ash grinned.

“You know it. I’ll prove it as many times as it takes...”

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