Anne in Kanto

BY : JulieStevenson
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Pallet Town, Part One:

This Journal Belongs To Anne

So. Today I begin my Pokémon journey. My mom bought me this journal at the store, all covered in flowers and hearts and pokéballs and stuff, and she wrote: "This Journal Belongs to: ANNE!" on the front. So… I decided to write in it. I'm probably going to have to get used to writing in it. I don't got anybody to talk to about this stuff, and probably won't for quite a while. I ain't going on an epic Pokémon adventure with my friends on my way to become a Pokémon master… my main motivator is really getting my Pokémon license and getting out of Pallet.

And it's not like I'm abused or angsty or anything… okay. Maybe just a little angsty. Sometimes. Everything's just annoying. The kids in school whispering about me. My parents keeping really close tabs on me to make sure I don't mess up. It's all become too much.

At first, I really didn't want to leave home. I could deal with it all. But now. I really, really do wanna leave and see the whole world. This past week I've been so excited that I couldn't really get to sleep, and I'd just get exhausted during the day and pass out. But today is the big day. It's around 4:30 or so last time I checked. My parents are still asleep, and we can't leave until the Pokémon lab opens at 7:30.

I don't want to make it seem like I don't really like Pokémon and I'm just using this as an excuse to leave. That's really just icing on the cake, because I do really like Pokémon. I haven't always, though. For a while it was just something in the background that other kids talked about and I couldn't care less about them. Around a year ago, that was essentially how I felt. I had been in my 3rd year of obsessing over various pop star girls. At first my parents thought it was cute, and would take me to Taylor TM39 concerts and stuff. Then, like, I had posters of her all over my room, a pinup over my bed, posters in my locker… and a little portrait in my wallet. I think that's it. But then my mom heard me gushing to myself with headphones on in my room, saying how: "I want to marry you Taylor." Which I don't remember saying, but whatever.

That's around when they decided to sit me down in the kitchen after school and get all somber and talk to me. Telling me I couldn't go to the concert Taylor TM39 was giving in Viridian, and that they took my posters down and stuff. I kind of had a tantrum. Not my greatest moment, but I was very upset. I probably should've waited until they were gone to start bawling. As far as they were concerned, the writing was on the wall, but I didn't care, I just wanted my posters back up.

They sent me to an overnight like… church clinic? I don't remember what it was called. It's where I started realizing there was something wrong with me. Although I'd never admit it. They talked about things I wasn't used to hearing from adults, like masturbating. How you're not supposed to, and if you do it and you're thinking about members of the same sex, it could lead you to sin.

Opposite members I guess could lead you to sin too, but if you were a girl thinking about girls that's worse. I felt my face get real hot when they said that. Deep down I knew what I thought about, and even though I wouldn't say and they might not know, but they were talking about me.

My dad told me as he was driving me there they were taking me there to help me, because they couldn't. I thought it was a massive overreaction you know? I was just being a little brat. But he told me that they were really good, the church clinic. He said that in extreme cases, like, if nothing worked and people had to keep coming back, they had a Drowzee that would hypnotize you into not having impure thoughts. That got me real scared. I didn't want anywhere near that Drowzee and its creepy, blank stare, reaching into my brain. So I listened very closely and made sure after that I did the best job at being a squeaky clean, normal daughter until I could figure something else out. I really didn't want to see that Drowzee. Especially when I started secretly thinking that I was one of those extreme cases.

I used to have dreams about them, giant Drowzees in the middle of a giant puddle of mud that I was sinking down into, laughing and getting ready to eat me. Ugggh. They just freak me out. I had some mistrust towards Pokémon after that, trying to keep my distance, especially from the psychic ones. But then I learned about how you could leave town and go on an adventure if you were older than ten and wanted to be a Pokémon trainer.

My parents went crazy happy when I started showing interest in becoming a trainer. They bought me books and toys and all sorts of stuff. My favorite thing they bought me was this book called: "Beginners Guide to Important Trainers of Pokémon!" My mom probably thought I was reading it all the time because I wanted to know how to be a great trainer. It was really because I could obsess over cute trainer girls in private. Flipping through the pages for the first time, it only took a few seconds to find a stunning, babalicious slice of babeness of some sort or another. Erica. Lorelei. Sabrina. The sensational Cerulean sisters, oh my god. Those swimsuits. Those shapely, pale legs. Covered with cascading drops of water as they pull themselves out of their pool at the Cerulean Gym and beg me to be their little sister… Yeah. I know. I'm messed up.

But that was my refuge for so long. I wasn't ready to completely cold turkey stop being so… Wrong. I'm trying now, though. I can do it on my own. Not just 'cause I'm being forced to.

It's getting around 7 now. Time flies, I guess. I'm gonna take a shower and triple check my backpack for everything I need. Then I'll pick out a cute outfit and sit on my bed for a while and stare at my Pokémon poster with all of the known Pokémon. It's way out of date, so it's only got like, 50 or so. I hear there's way more. Isn't that crazy? I can't even name the ones I know by heart really. I wonder which one I'll be getting tomorrow? Or. Like. A few hours from now.


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