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It was a chilly winter day, and I had just gotten back from an egg delivery. I slumped down onto the couch and propped up my legs, as they were tired from biking in the snow.

It was hard work being a Pokemon breeder. There were the hours of work figuring out what Pokemon to match up with who, the traveling between houses, and the annoying, clueless people I had to deal with, It was exhausting. But the one thing that was lonely nights that I spent alone, having to pleasure myself.

I ordered my trusty companion, my Flareon Leo, to guard the house while I went up stairs to attend to "personal matters"

I stripped down to my underwear and laid down on the bed. I slid one hand under my bra to cup my breast, and sent the other down south.

As I teased and pinched my sensitive nipples, I began rubbing my clit through my panties. The familiar friction on my pleasure button sent shivers up my spine.

I slid off my panties as they would only be confining, and plunged a finger inside me. A sharp gasp escaped past my lips at the sudden fullness.

After taking a few seconds to adjust, I closed my eyes and began pumping my finger in and out of me.

I had just inserted a second finger when i was startled by fur brushing against my hand. I quickly glanced down, only to see Leo who was sniffing curiously at my womanhood.

The thought had honestly crossed my mind before and with an opportunity like this right in front of me, there was no way I could pass this up.

I removed my hand a gave a nod toward Leo. Although I expected it, I still gasped at the feel of his velvety tongue between my folds. With each lap at my womanhood the heat from Leo's tongue became stronger and stronger until I could no longer stand it.

To escape from the heat, I lifted Leo up and maneuvered him  so that his paws were on each side of my stomach. Getting the hint, he began jabbing his now erect member around, tying to find his mark. i was just about to reach down to help him when a sudden shoved slammed him into me.

I gripped at the fur around his neck as he began hammering into me at breakneck speeds.

I could feel his every move, every thrust, every twitch, as he slammed into me determined to make me his bitch.

I soon felt the top of his knot slam into my lips, tying to force entry. After a few more trys my womanhood gave way and allowed the intruder to pass.

I gasped as his hot seed quickly filled my womb. After what seemed like and eternity Leo pulled out of me with an audible pop, allowing his seed to spill onto my covers.

I decided that that was a mess best left for some other time. I wrapped my arms around Leo and covered him in hugs and kisses and smiled.

I wasn't lonely anymore.

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