Ash\'s Perfect Slut

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Our last encounter remains vivid in my mind. The work day had been long and grueling. Time seemed to pass so slowly. My only thoughts were of preparing to see Ash that night. It was only when I returned home that my day really began.

I stood under the shower’s hot spray for the longest time and allowed the water to run its course over my body. The soapy cloth on my breasts brought the first tingling of the evening to come. My body always responded when I thought of him. Even my pussy began to throb as I imagined what tortures he would inflict on me that night.

I took special care with my make-up. My creamy complexion was softened by the delicate rose blush applied high to my cheekbones. Charcoal powder outlined my eyes, bringing out their dark color. Full lips, rose-colored and glossed, completed the look. I brushed my  hair until it shone before pinning it elegantly atop my head. Only my attire was left. Ash preferred me in black and I honored thatr wish. Standing at the closet in a lace bra and panties, I selected the black jersey dress. It slipped easily over my frame and molded to every curve. I was ready.

 I entered Ash's home and made my way into the living room. There he sat. So handsome. His face never gave anything away. It was what had drawn me to him. How he approached me in the restaurant to start our relatioship.There had been no choice. It was in the way he spoke. Or perhaps, it was the words. Whatever it had been, it had reached the very core of me.

Ash still holds that control over me. In our time together, I have lost many of my independent ways. I have also gained a greater sense of freedom than I have ever known. My daily routine is the same except for a few restrictions. I still make decisions necessary to oversee my life, but it is Ash who controls my privileges. He has taken control of my heart and the desires of my body. Even my orgasms are claimed by him. Any gratification I receive comes from his hands. And now, I must earn that pleasure. No longer can I use my charms to further my own desires.

He's slowly remolding me. Not changing the essence of who I am, but allowing me to grow into what I crave to become. What he's desired me to grow to be. I belong to him, as a woman and so much more. Ash's lover, sex toy, slut and obedient slave. My greatest desire is to please him. To fulfill his secret wishes,his fantasies are my reality and I accept them with wanton need. It is Ash who fills me, drives me forward and makes my life rewarding. Never have I felt so free or safe as I do under his dominance.

In a show of my obedience, I knelt at his feet. My eyes took in his strength and my desire climbed. My need for his touch was great. He bent and brushed my lips with the softest of kisses. The effect of the light touch caused my head to spin.

“Stand, slut. Undress for me. Remove everything but the heels.”

I stood immediately, and gracefully slipped the black dress from my body. My nimble fingers reached and opened the clasp of the black lace bra before allowing it to slip from my breasts. Nipples, hard and erect, reached out for your tohimuch. In slow movements, my fingers slid under the band of my panties and drew them down my legs. The moistness of my desire left the soft material damp.

“Release your hair from it’s pins, girl. I like it when it falls freely down your back. Spread your legs wide, bitch. Always have them spread fully in the presence of your master.”

Ash slid forward in his chair while I exposed myself to him. Strong hands gripped my breasts. I gasped at the touch on my needy flesh. “Oh, Master, I love it when you touch me like that. I need your touch. Mmmm.” The rough twisting on my nipples furthered my lust. “Oh, Master, yes. Please squeeze my nipples harder. Please!”

He laughed and released my aching buds. “Such a slut.” Powerful hands slid down my stomach and over my hips while he spoke. I tried to stand still. The urge to thrust my pelvis forward was hard to control. He was right. I am a slut. Loud groans escaped my throat when his hand found the wetness of my pussy. The lightness of the fingers over my swollen lips were matched only by the force in which he drove them inside me. My head reeled back from the sensations it caused.

“Tell me slut, what do you need?”

“Oh, Master. I need you to fuck me. I want your cock in my pussy. I need it, Master. Please!”

Grinning Ash undid his pants. His hard cock sprang forward into view. My eyes were transfixed on it. On his cock. On what I needed to quench the fire I felt inside.

“Is this what you want, slave?”

“Yes, Master, so very much.”

“Beg for it.”

“Ohh, Master. Your slut needs your cock. I need it so badly. Please, Master, may your slut fuck your cock? Please, Master, pleasssse! I beg you!” I fell to my knees to continue my pleading. “Master, your slut can take it no more. I need you to fill me. Please, Master! Please fill my cunt with your wonderful cock. Pleassssse!”

Swiftly, his hand tangled in my hair and pulled me to my feet. Trapped in the hold, his fingers trailed down my body. Goosebumps followed the path of his touch. Reaching my spread legs, expert fingers fondled and probed my soaked slit. In my wetness, he found my clit and squeezed it roughly. I cried out in my need. “Ooohh, I’m going to come.”

“No, slut! I thought you were begging for my cock. Now you want to cum?”  In one quick yank, Ash had pulled me onto his lap. The grip of strong hands on my hips lifted me onto his stiff dick. Moans escaped me as his cock stretched me wide. There is nothing like the feeling of fullness that that cock brings me. I pressed my body into his, craving the touch of skin. My breasts flattened against the hardness of his chest. My fully erect and engorged nipples rubbed against him while I rode his hard cock. The fucking was so intense and my body craved to explode in orgasm.

Ash in a low voice growled in my ear. “Don’t you dare cum you little fuck toy. Not until I say.” A groan escaped me at those words. He knew I was at my peak and, wanting to torment me further, pulled me harder onto his throbbing member before speaking again. “If you cum, slut, you will owe me your ass.”

Those last words sent me over the edge. Hard as I tried, I could not stop my climax. My orgasm took me to the place where there is only pleasure and delirious ecstasy.

It did not last long. Fingers pinched my nipples roughly. Awakened from bliss, I was pushed to the floor. Painfully aware of Ash's displeasure, I pled for mercy.

“No, slut. You heard what I said about cuming before given permission. Get up and lean over my chair. You owe me your ass.”

I rose obediently and went to the side of your chair. Reluctantly, I bent over and exposed my backside to him. Tears formed in my eyes. His cock, so big, that it's always painful when it fuck my ass. That is the part he enjoys the most. The control and power to take what he wants from me.

My grip tightened on the arms of the chair as Ash approached. The head of his cock touching my delicate ass opening made me tremble. The moment had come. Swollen manmeat pushed into my ass without mercy. I cried out. There was no mercy. The stroke of his cock was fast paced and my eyes watered with each thrust. I could only shed my tears and wait for Ash to finish with my ass.

Hot spurts of cum shot into my ass. The weight of Ash's body laid against me before he slid out of my hole and sat back in his chair. Gripping my hair, he pulled me in front of him. Without a word, my mouth was guided to clean his spent cock.

The softest touch then wiped my tears away. I looked at him and smiled. Even though my ass ached from the invasion, his gentle touch soothed me. The smile on that face melted my heart. I couldn't have loved him more than at that moment.

“No tears slave, your fine.”

I nodded solemnly. Ash then leaned in and kissed me. Hislips on mine were forceful but it was his tongue that conquered my mouth. My own tongue danced as the kiss continued. He overtakes me in that way. “Love you, Master,” I whispered, when our lips parted.

“I love you, my little cum slut. And such a naughty little cum slut you are.” His hands found my breasts again. A firm squeeze delivered before fingers twisted on my nipples. Pleasurable pain followed. “Yes, slave. I love the way you respond to my touch. You like that, don’t you? Look how you press into my grasp. That’s it, bitch, pull back. Give those nipples a good hard tug.”

“Please, Master, don’t stop. I need more.” Sweat beaded on my lust-crazed body. There was pain, but I needed it. I become an animal when in his hands. I would have done anything to keep him from stopping at that moment.

“Bring me the clamps.”

Released from the grip, I rose and, on shaky legs, retrieved the nipple clamps from the bedroom. My blood raced at the thought of those awful things. I have a true hate-love affair with them. Back at Ash's feet, I presented the heavy silver clamps. Fingers manipulated my needy buds. My moans encouraged those devilish desires. I gasped as the sting of metal teeth bit into my right nipple. Then the other. Heat radiated through my nipples. It intensified when he pulled on the chain that connected them.

The next tug brought me to my feet. This time I remembered to spread my legs wide. Ash lifted the chain to my lips. “Open.” The cold metal was placed in my mouth to be held by my teeth. The added pull stretched my imprisoned buds. Quick slaps to my tits served to heighten the sensation. I wanted him to stop, but, I also knew I couldn’t have handled it if he had. I needed the cruelness. I craved it.

Hands slid down my belly until they reached the place between my legs. My glistening pussy showed its need. The slow circling of his finger to my clit caused me to groan between clenched teeth. Flicking my protruding button before his fingers entered me roughly. I strained at the touch, searching for the release I so badly needed. My head rolled back. I cried out from the sudden pull on my bound nipples. It was that sensation, the sharp and delicious pain, that sent me crashing over the edge into ecstasy.

I fell back to earth, landing safely in his loving hands. The feel of their gentle strength on my skin warmed me. Ash pulled me to his lap where I nestled against him.

 Gently he removed the chain from my lips and replaced it with a kiss of passion. Then, I was rewarded with the words I longed to hear. “Good girl. My perfect little cum slut.”

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