One Romantic Night

BY : Quintlint
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, or anything affiliated with the Pokemon Franchise. Pokemon is a registered trade mark of Game Freak and Nintendo. This story is not for profit of any kind, it is purely for entertainment (fapping) purposes.


"How did I get dragged into this?" Black Abernathy thought to himself.  Today was supposed to be simple, train his team, get the next badge and get out of Driftveil.  Except now he was walking through the farmer's market, with a girl he only met two weeks ago and she insisted on holding hands.


"What's wrong Blackey Poo?" White Jones asked in a tone one would address a baby.  "Why do you look so bored?" Black rolled his eyes and did his best to ignore her.  It wasn't that he didn't like her, it was the fact that every time they were together she would flirt and tease him.


"Please don't call me that," he finally answered.  "I'm not a baby, we're the same age, and I'm not bored." He turned to look at her, and he could feel his face blemish when he gazed into her blue eyes.  "I'm just...a little nervous, being here and holding hands with a cute girl."


White giggled, her reaction making the boy blush harder. "You think I'm cute? What about, attractive?" She moved in closer to him, her chest just barely coming into contact with his.  "Or...beautiful?" Her hands moved to his shoulders, Black could feel her breaths tickling his nose. 


"'re-" a soft pair of lips grazed his, and he felt time itself slow down.  The boy's mind became a mixed jumble of emotions, the only thing he could think of was to close his eyes and enjoy the moment.  He wrapped his arms around her to pull her closer, his lips pushing back against hers.


White broke the kiss, and Black could see the nervousness had finally broken through.  She smiled, and moved back into his embrace.


"Thank you," she whispered, pecking his cheek.


"For what?" He asked, staring into her sparkling eyes.


"For the best first kiss I could possibly have," she answered with a light giggle. "You're a good kisser, Blackey Poo~"


If Black could blush any harder, he would have probably exploded.  "That was your first? I thought-"


"What?" White pouted.  "That I've been with a boy before?" She giggled before kissing him on the lips again.  "I'm not that kind of girl, I waited until I found the boy I knew was the one, and that one was you." She pushed away from him, taking his hand and pulled him through the crowded market until they were alone.  "I mean it Black...when I first met you at the battle subway I-I felt something" she paused, and shook her head.  "It sounds silly but, like I found my missing half, you know?"


Black shook his head.  "I don't really, but-" he pulled her back close to him, his lips contacting hers. "You...I uh-I couldn't stop thinking about you.  Your face, your eyes and your voice...all of you." He scratched the back of his neck.  "I uh-kept dreaming about you...about us together doing silly romantic things and-and it's been the first time since I can remember that I've slept without waking up in the middle of the night." He put a hand on her cheek.  "I think...I lo-" a finger touched his lips.


"Not yet," she teased.  "You can't say it until after tonight~"


"Why not until then?" The boy asked, disappointed he couldn't say those three words.


White moved in close, and whispered into his ear.  "Tonight, the Excadrill Hotel, room 205," she placed a key in his palm.  "Be there at eleven sharp," she kissed his lips, and walked away, leaving him flustered with a key in his hand.


"...What am I supposed to do until eleven?"




Eleven P.M., Black stood outside room 205 of the Excadrill Hotel.  He held the key in his hand, and pondered what he should do.  Should he knock, or just use the key? He decided to simply knock.


"Who is it?~" A feminine voice called from inside.


"You know who it is White," Black answered.


"The doors locked, I hope you still have the key~" White spoke.  The boy grunted to himself as he unlocked the door and stepped inside to what he would later say was the most beautiful sight his eyes laid upon. 


White was lying upon the bed, her body wrapped in a bathrobe, obvious that she had just hopped out of the shower.  She stood up, she was just as nervous as he was.  After all, she was wearing nothing but a bathrobe, and she let it fall to the floor to reveal a black lacey bra with matching panties.


"I p-picked these out for y-you," she stuttered. "Th-there were others that were lacier, but I thought you'd l-like th-these..." her arms quickly covered her chest and crotch, but couldn't hide her blemished face.


Black walked over to the half naked girl, and moved her arms away, gazing over her body.  She had a decent bust, smooth, slightly tanned skin and the kind of figure that, if she were older, would make a model jealous. 


"Why are you doing this?" He asked, running a hand across her back, feeling her body shiver from his touch.  "Why-the room, the robe the don't need to seduce me-" he pressed his lips to hers.


"Because," she whispered, clinging to him.  "Because I want to show you how much I l...l-love you..."


Black stared at here wide eyed.  "You don't have to have sex with someone to prove you love them," he kissed her forehead.  "I mean...uh...I do want to-it's just..." there is the sensation of him flying, and then he finds himself laying on the bed, and a scantily-clad girl hovering above him.


"So do I," she murmured, lifting up the boy's shirt up and over his head.  She hesitated before moving her hands across his chest and stomach, smiling when she heard a whispered moan from him.


"White..." Black locked lips with her, they exchanged kisses while they explored each other's bodies.  White sighed into his mouth when his fingers grazed over belly button, and she moaned when he squeezed her thighs.  "Your skin is so soft..." the words are like music to her ears.


"Hold on," Black shifted on the bed so he could rest on the bedpost, with White in his lap.  Their make-out session resumed, sighs, moans and whimpers escaping their mouths while they caressed each other.


"Take it off," the brunette whispered into Black's ear.  "I want...I want to see all of you..."


"Only if you let me see," he whispered back, planting kisses on her neck. She let out a whimper from his touch, and gently pushed him away to make space.  Her hands went behind her back and undid her bra, which she tossed on to floor.  She then stood up on the bed, and slowly peeled her panties off, her blemishing face matching his as he took in her naked form.


"There..." she lay down beside him, stroking his chest.  "Now your turn..."


Black nodded, and undid his belt and zipper.  White stared as the boy slipped out of his jeans and boxes in one motion, and she let out a small yelp when she saw his erect member.


"Are they-" she couldn't turn her eyes away from it.  "Are they always that um...big?"


"I don't know, no one else wants to compare," Black answered with a chuckle.


"Can I t-touch it?" her hand hovered in front of it.  The boy nodded and then winced when her hand wrapped itself gently around his length.  It was warm and pulsing against her skin, and she slowly moved her hand up and down.  She looked at the boy's face, watching his reactions as she rubbed his manhood.  "Are you okay? Does it hurt?"


"Ah-no," Black answered between gasps.  "It feels amazing..." he pondered to himself if he would ever enjoy masturbation ever again. His hips bucked up to speed up the process, but White was not going to have that.


"Oh no you don't," she moved swiftly, using her hands to pin his hips to the bed, her face inches from his twitching erection.  She stared at it for a few moments, and then licked the head, causing the boy to jolt from the sensation.  "It felt that good?"


"Y-yes!" Black stammered, his breathing labored.  White took the incentive, and started licking around Black's tip, her hand working up and down his shaft. She could feel him wincing and squirming under her from the feeling of her tongue lathering him.  White then moved her hand away...and took all of him into her mouth.


"Oh ffffffffffffffuck-" Black's crotch was smothered in a wet warmth.  He ran his hands through White's hair, watching her bob up and down over his erection.  "Oh White...I can't-I'm-I'm-"


The brunette withdrew from his manhood as he came, she yelped as his seed splashed onto her face and hair. She collected some of the white liquid on her finger to get a taste, salty with a hint of sweetness. 


"S-sorry," Black apologized between tired breaths.  "Your mouth felt so good, I c-couldn't hold it in..." He sat up and looked for a tissue to wipe off White's face.  "I didn't hit your eye did I?"


White giggled.  "No Blackey Poo, it just startled me," she kissed his lips.  He could taste something else when their lips met, he figured it was himself he tasted and he found it strangely arousing. 


"Let me..." He gently moved her so she was lying under him.  "It's my turn to satisfy you." He lowered himself so his face was just above her chest.  His hands went to cup her breasts, and he gently massaged them.  The brunette let out whimpers of pleasure, gasping when his fingers passed over her nipples.


"Lick them..." she whispered, pulling his face to her left breast.  Black complied, and dragged his tongue over the small nub.  The girl shivered from the touch, and let out a moan, holding his head in place. Then he covered her nipple with his lips gently sucking on the nub, getting more moans and whimpers from his lover. After a minute he moved to the other nipple, using his fingers on the breast his tongue wasn't ravishing.  "Oh Blackey-" her voice increased in pitch, and Black sped up so he could hear more of her moans.  "Sto-stop...please," She lifted his so he could see her flustered face. "That feels so good but-" she gently pushes him down towards her womanhood.  "Down there too...please..."


"Uh-wow..." Black gazed at White's vagina, there was a small patch of pubic hair above her lower lips, and he crept closer to get a better look.  The girl squirmed from the tingle of his breath washing over her folds. "Um...White, what am I supposed to do?"


White moved her hand down and pointed to part of her mound.  "Here...touch here," she whispered.  Black moved a finger over her folds, and she let out a loud moan.  "Yes, right there..."


Black noticed a small nub just above her entrance. Curious, he gently passed his finger over it, and suddenly White let out a cry that sounded like a mix of pleasure and surprise. The boy took the hint and rubbed the spot more, watching with delight as she bit her lip and squirmed from his touches.


"mmmm Black-B-Black...I-I..." her hands grasped the back of his head, and shoved them into her crotch.  "Lick it!" She ordered.


The boy's tongue moved across the girl's folds, over her clitoris, and White screamed his name multiple times.  Then she felt his tongue enter her, and her mind went blank.  "BlackBlackBlackBlackBlackBlackBLAAAAAAAAAACK!" her body tensed and a stream of clear liquid poured from her.  Black couldn't figure out what it tasted like, but he lapped it up, getting more squeaks and whimpers from the girl as her orgasm washed over her.


"Black..." she pulled his face up to hers.  "Black...good lord Blackey, that felt wonderful," she brought him into her embrace, and felt something rub against her waist.  "Oh-looks like little Blackey is ready to go~"


"Are-" the boy swallowed.  "Are you sure? It's supposed to hurt right?" White smiled, planting another kiss on his forehead.


"I'll be fine, just be slow and gentle," she replied.  She moved her hand down to his length, and helped guide him to her entrance.  "Remember, slow and gentle..."


"Okay-" Black planted kisses along her neck to help her relax. He pressed forward, groaning at the sensation of her warmth massaging his member.  "Okay...the tip is in..." he looked at his lover's strained face.  "Are you alright?"


"Y-Yes," she lied, tears streaming down her face. "K-Keep going..."


"Wait-" Black stopped, pulling out.  "Do we have any condoms?"


The girl wrapped her legs around his waist, and locked him in.  "Don't worry, it's a safe day..." she whispered.  “Go on Black...make me a woman." The boy nodded, and pushed into her, the girl let out a cry of pain as his length stretched her insides.


"Oh's so tight," Black groaned into her ear.  He looked down, and saw he was inside her...and blood was dripping out.  "Whi-are you okay? You're bleeding!"


"I-I'm fine..." White reassured him.  "You are just popped my cherry-it's supposed to happen...and you're a bit bigger than I expected," she flashed a pained smile.  "Just wait a bit...the pain is fading a bit..." Black planted more kisses on White's neck to help her deal with the pain.  He then started sucking on a spot just above her shirt line, leaving a small red mark.


"You jerk," she giggled.  "Why did you do that?"


"You're not thinking about the pain anymore, that's why," he answered, leaving more hickeys.  "How do you feel now?"


"Much better," White replied.  "You can start moving...gently."


Black pulled out halfway, and then slowly pushed back in to the hilt.  "Oh fuck that feels so good," they both moaned in unison.  White locked lips with her lover, whimpering into his mouth as he moved in and out of her.  He sped up, and felt like a piston of warmth pounding into her, and his name was constantly escaping her lips.


"Black...Blackey it feels so gooooood!" She never thought that sex would feel this way, and she wished it would never stop.


"I'm gonna-" He felt her legs press into his back, pulling him closter to his lover.


"Touch my cli-cli-clit-" she moaned, trying to guide his hand back down to her crotch.  "I want to c-cum with y-you..." Black obeyed; clumsily rubbing her while he fucked her.  "Oh Arceus Black...I-I-I looooooove yooooooou!"


"I love you Whiteeeeeeeee!" The two teen lovers climaxed together, her body tightening as he released inside her, Black pulled her up into his lap, his lips crushing hers and his tongue darting around inside her mouth.  They both fell onto the bed, chests heaving and still kissing sloppily. 


"I love you White," Black repeated, kissing her forehead.


"And I love you Blackey," she spoke back, pecking him on the cheek.


"Um...could you...unhook your legs?" The boy asked, trying to pull out. 


"No-" White flipped them over so she could was sitting on him, his limp penis still inside her.  "I'm going to take another shower, and you're going to join me for a session of hot-" she planted kisses on his chest, " making." She rolled off him, a trickle of white fluid leaking out of her.  She walked towards the bathroom, turning to wink before she closed the door behind her, the sound of running water quickly followed.


Black quickly hopped out of bed to join her, and five minutes later cries of passion could be heard from room 205.

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