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Chapter 1


It’s been 2 years since he left japan, he still think about her, miaka, he was her seishi tamahome in the universe of the four god’s and then he has been reborn in this lifetime as taka sukunami. their relationship has been through a lot but their greatest obstacle seems to be her mother, he still feels hurt when he remember what she said to him.


“I wont allow you to marry my daughter until you have saved up enough money to give her a decent life, until then you can leave, come back when you have proven yourself


He can still remember that day like it was only yesterday, miaka is probably on her last year in high school now and going to college, ‘don’t worry miaka only one more year, and then I’ll come back, I’m successful now, we can have a life together’, he thought as he walk the streets of l.a


Taka’s pov


Yes I’ve become successful in just two years, I got a job easily and then got promoted and now, I’m a v.p of a tea company, and in a year I will come back to japan to handle business there, and to fulfill my promise, I even bought a mansion back home so I have somewhere to return to and to show her mom that I’m capable to marry her daughter.


I smiled at the thought and looked up, when I did I saw a blonde girl walk out of a coffee shop with a coffee at hand, she seems familiar, so I walked fast and caught up to her, and called out a name, “yui” she stopped and looked back at me, she smiled and ran to me excitedly, she took off her shades and hugged me, I hugged her back.


“taka, you’re here? Oh yeah miaka did mention the um, well… you know, how are you?” she greeted me excitedly, Yui hongo miaka’s bestfriend and once enemy, when she got manipulated by her sort of ex boyfriend into becoming seiryuu no miko, and fell in love with me, but they rekindled their relationship and is happy now,


“I’m fine, I didn’t know you left japan?” I answered her back, “yes well my mom and dad wanted me to be with them and study in an exclusive school here, I got a scholarship so I didn’t refuse. It was sad to leave everyone behind but I can’t pass up this great opportunity,”


I nodded in understanding, “so let’s catch up later, right now I have classes, bye” she said as she gave me her number and ran away, I smiled and felt less homesick now that I have someone I know here, and my girlfriend’s bestfriend, maybe we can talk about miaka. I walked back and started to walk to the office.




Later that night, yui invited me to dinner, I agreed and now was waiting for her in a casual restaurant, “taka” she called and I look around my shoulders, I blushed at what she was wearing, it was a blue denim shorts and a midnight blue midriff hoodie, that almost showed her under boobs if she raises her hand, and high cut brown boots her long blonde hair was tied in a messy ponytail, she actually looks beautiful and sexy, seems I’m not the only one who noticed because some of the males, openly ogled her, and she seems oblivious, I felt a sudden irritation that I don’t know where it came from.


“hey, what’s wrong with you?” she said confused as she sat opposite me, “what?” I asked or rather snapped at her, “um you were scowling, you seem irritated,” I shook my head and smiled realizing what she said, and suddenly felt worried at this sudden emotion, ‘its just because she’s miaka’s bestfriend that’s why I reacted like that’ I told myself. And relaxed


“don’t worry I’m just hungry,” I said casually, “oh ok, sorry to keep you waiting but sai…..” she said as she was scanning the menu, “sai?” I arched an eyebrow teasing her, “uh yes my boyfriend” I smiled at her, “where is he?” I asked “he’s here now,” yui said she raised her hands and sure enough I saw her under boobs and I choked on my drink and blushed.


She looked at me concerned. “Are you ok?” I waved my hand and told her I’m fine, I look up at the man with long brown hair came towards us, yui moves so he can sit beside her, me on the other side of them, the man has hazel brown eyes and somehow looked familiar, then my eyes widened, “hotohori?” I blurted out, he looked up at me and blinked, “tamahome?”


“um you know each other?” yui asked amused and curious, “yui this is your boyfriend?” taka asked incredulously, “yes this is saihetei shunshaku, why?” sai looked up at her and smiled, “honey I’m hotohori miaka’s seishi and former emperor of konan” yui’s eyes widened, and then she smiled.


“we’ll who would have thought, my boyfriend is a former enemy,” hotohori laughed, “so how did you two meet?”  I asked them curiously, “we’ll we met when yui, accidentally ran me over with her car,” yui looked away embarrass, a blush on her cheeks, “its not my fault you weren’t looking.” Yui said with a small smile, “yes, well after that she brought me to her house since its only a minor injury and tended to me,” hotohori ate a slice of pizza, when he swallowed he continued, “yes well, then after that incident we just kept bumping into each other often, and then one time, I asked her out, and we’ll we’ve been together since.” Hotohori finished.


“so what exactly do you do hotohori?” yui answered for him, “he’s the president of phoenix cars inc.” yui said proudly looking at him with a smile her hands wrapped around his arms, “that’s right and would you believe the car yui has hitted me with was actually one of my own,” he teased and yui just grinned sheepishly, he bent down and captured her lips for a chaste kiss, I smiled at them but inside I felt inexplicably jealous and wanted to be in hotohor’s place, whoa where the hell did that come from, I just miss miaka, I chanted again.


“so what about you and miaka taka? Of course she told me about, what her mom’s decision was,” I smiled bitterly, “yes well one more year and then, I’ll come back to japan, and fulfill that promise,” yui smiled knowingly, “don’t worry aunt is protective of miaka, she just wants to make sure she will have a good future and from what I heard mr v.p you can make sure of that now.” She said happily and I felt warm.


The rest of the night continued in laughter and telling stories, the restaurant was about to close when we decided to leave, yui and sai bade me goodbye and went home, I went home to my penthouse and slept.

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