Special Delivery

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Disclaimer: I dont own evangelion or its characters, neither do i own the doujin this is based on. Neither am i making any money out of this.

Special Delivery for Asuka: part 1 


Author's note: First of all a warning, this story will contains rape and abuse. If it offend you then get out, you are not welcomed here.

Secondly: this lemon is inspired by a very old doujinshi called Takuhai Goukanma Made by Kappadou

Thirdly: I want to dedicate this fic to the recently defunct website for eva lemons called lemontastica and its members. Especially to Darknemo and SW who helped me years ago with their comments and criticisms. 


And without further ado the first part:


At times, when tragedy strikes, a person tends to ask themselves the “what ifs.” The seemingly small inconsequential decisions that had led to that event, what if things would have been different? What if they had gone right instead of left?


In that scorching day at Tokyo3 Asuka had the whole apartment for herself,

Not only was Misato busy at NERV but she had also forced Shinji to get her more groceries. Little did she know that her incessant nagging had annoyed him so much that he had decided to go to Touji’s house to clear his mind.     


Back then, Asuka simply relaxed and enjoyed all the space she had. Her only companion was Pen-Pen who was in the floor watching TV next to her. The teen was lying face down in a big comfortable cushion, reading a magazine.


One of her hands would occasionally leave the publication and slip into a bag of chips to take some to eat, the eva pilot’s long perfect legs rising and falling on the floor on a playful manner as she read the articles.    


 The redhead wore small blue shorts that left little to the imagination and a loose, yellow, tank top that if the girl wasn’t careful could reveal a pink surprise. Asuka’s lack of modesty was in large part due to the heat wave that filled the city. Even with a fan next to her, her body was filled with sweat.


“We interrupt the scheduled program to bring you this news.” She heard on the TV, the show that Penpen had been seeing suddenly interjected with a woman speaking. “We have a report of a unknown rapist in the vicinity of Tokyo 3, the victim-”


Asuka quickly turned off the tv. “Bah how ridiculous! I would never allow some faggot to do that to me!” said the redhead in disgust. She didn’t want her evening to be spoiled. In hindsight if Asuka had listened to that report she would have known that the rapist’s usual MO was to pretend to be a deliver guy to catch the victim off guard.    


For a few minutes she laid on the cushion motionlessly hoping that the fan would ease some of her heat. When suddenly the doorbell began to ring, the redhead simply ignored it, the room to hot for her to get up and check who it was.


“Hello, is anyone there!?” the person called out from the door. The girl however couldn’t care less. “I have a special delivery, is there anyone there!? Please answer the door…”.


When she heard those words, Asuka got up excitedly and went running for the door, almost like a child would run to the living room to see what Santa brought them on Christmas. “A delivery, Is it for me!?” the teenage girl said giddily as she pressed the open button.


“I got a delivery for someone called Misato Katsuragi.” the smirking delivery guy said as he got a good leer at the petite redhead. With his eyes hidden behind sunglasses he was able to scan her nubile body, looking at every curve and exposed flesh. The loose, yellow shirt that barely covered her firm chest, her shorts that left her full long creamy legs seeming more like underwear more than anything else.


Asuka however was too disappointed to notice how he looked at her. Instead she began closing the door as she said in a dismissive tone, “Bah, she’s not here right now, just leave the package outside and leave!” pressing the button to close the door.


However as the door was closing the man placed his leg in the opening, triggering the safety mechanism. “I’m sorry miss but I can’t leave here without getting paid.”


Asuka was angry now at the sudden intrusion. “What, What the hell do you mean!!?” the fiery redhead’s face twisting into an angry scowl. “Why the hell should I pay for something that isn’t mine!?”   


The man continued calmly. “Its company policy miss, you’ll have to pay me or I’ll have just to wait here until that person arrives.”


Not wanting to be even at the vicinity of that annoying man Asuka resigned herself:  “Godammit!!! Wait right here while I get the money!” the girl said angrily at being forced to pay and left for her room, giving the man a chance to look at her tight ass.


The moment he was left alone the so called delivery guy entered the apartment, closed the door shut behind him; and followed the path the teen took. With slow and deliberate steps, his hands opened the box and took the contents inside.


As he entered the room he saw the schoolgirl standing next to her bed, angrily cursing as she searched for her wallet in her school briefcase: “Schiesse, why the hell do I have pay for the things of that bitch!?”


Just then she heard the door of her room close and as she turned her head back, she saw the man approach her, the box gone, and his right hand hidden behind his back with part of the contents of the box. “What the hell are you doing here!? Are you stupid, I told you to wai-!!


Asuka was interrupted in mid sentence as the man smacked her hard in the face. So fierce was the blow that the girl was sent flying straight to her bed; her breasts jiggling as she fell on her back.


“Ow! That hurt you asshole!!! What the fuck is your problem!?”

Shouted the redhead as her hand nursed her stricken cheek.

Even at that moment the young woman was clueless as to his intentions…


The man made them clearer when he pulled up her light blue shirt revealing the petite’s round breasts. With a yelp Asuka quickly tried to cover them. However the attacker in response grabbed both of the girl’s skinny wrists with his big hand and with superior strength pinned them above her head.



“KIAA!!! No stop what the hell are you doing!!!!????” Asuka squealed in a very high pitch tone, her arms struggling and her legs kicking as the man took a moment to ogle her perky tits. Her developed C cups were truly flawless orbs. Perfectly round and incredibly firm, creamy mountains that ended in big pink nipples; it was almost as if a great artist had sculpted them into his masterpiece.


Continuing with his undressing the man took his free hand and grabbed her shorts and panties from her little waist and began to pull them down her wide and curvy hips: “Stop you pervert!!! Don’t touch me!!!!!!!” The redhead shouted as she fought back, one of her legs succeeding in hitting his abdomen with the soles of her feet.


To the teenager the impact felt more like hitting a wall more than a human being, it however stunned him long enough for her to cover her breasts and pull up her shorts. The blow combined with her loud screeches made the man really mad: “Shut up you stupid bitch!!!!!” he growled as he slapped her again on the face.


The girl was in shock; who the fuck does he think he’s messing with!? Asuka though in disbelief, I’m a VIP, an Eva pilot, a defender of mankind, how dare this piece of shit hit me!!!???        


Pen-pen meanwhile heard the screams and struggles from the living room, confused as to what was happening. While inside the room The fight seemed to resemble one between a wild, fierce kitten and a big, bad pit-bull; Asuka was kicking, scratching, and shouting for all she was worth as she tried to stop him from undressing her and have his way with her; While the brute, who was surprised at the spunk of his opponent, used his full strength to subdue her.


The room inside was much hotter than the living room, that and the fact that both attacker and victim where pushing their muscles to the limit made them sweat profusely, and while both of them were becoming tired from the struggle, the stalker who was bigger and heavier, was getting far more tired than the girl.


Needing to tame the red wildcat now, the man grabbed her wrists and shoved her back down to the bed, keeping her there by lying on top of her and pinning her with his weight. “GET OFF ME, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!! The fiery redhead screeched her voice full of hatred and fury.


The attacker however kept her spread eagled, her back tightly sticking to the bed, as one of his legs managed to slip between her thighs.  He took a moment to catch his breath, his mouth widening into a sick smirk, ooooh she’s a fighter! He though.  


Asuka in turn had to feel that disgusting pig’s breath in her face. His arms were so strong; his body so big and hard.  I can’t let that asshole do this to me! The redhead though as she kept cursing, shouting and struggling for all she was worth.


The minutes passed in the hot room, their sweat intertwined as they wrestled. A muffled squeak coming from the bed when the teen made the hardest of struggles, thanks mostly to her continuous screaming. The delivery guy in turn simply enjoyed the lithe body beneath him; he savored the smell of the shampoo she used that morning. He felt the warmth of her petite body as it writhed and shook in an effort to escape.

His penis grew hard as he rubbed his big sweaty body to her curvy, wet one. Something that Asuka was quite aware as it poked at her stomach. It felt so big and so hard. To her dismay a part of her couldn’t help but get aroused.  


It was then that he saw that thanks to the petite’s struggles her left nipple had slipped out from her tank-top. That revelation was too tempting for him too pass as he lowered his head to lick it.


The moment that pervert began to lower himself, the redhead instantly knew what his intentions where. Like hell if I’m going to allow that disgusting tongue to touch me! Asuka thought as she struggled with a new sense of urgency.


She tried to break her hands free, but his grip was like steel. She tried to shove him off, but he wouldn’t budge. She tried to pull her body back, but she couldn’t press deeper into the mattress of her bed, she tried to kick him, but didn’t have the leverage and all the while his mouth slowly continued to close down on her pink nub.


NOOoOo stop; you disgusting pervert!” Asuka screeched as that wet tongue made contact with her aureole, giving her nipple one long deep lap. The teen’s anger and frustration continued to increase but mostly at herself. That insidious, slimy thing was massaging her slowly but eagerly, his warm tongue circling around her nipple until it hardened.


To Asuka’s disbelief her body was reacting to his ministrations, her breast was getting hotter and hotter with every passing second and even worst the heat seemed to go down her groin. In desperation she used the only weapon left to her…her teeth.


Her mouth quickly lurched towards the closest part of his body, in this case his left shoulder. And like a wild tigress she bared down her jaw around his buttoned shirt, her fangs dug deeply against it, her teeth meeting hard muscle as she used every ounce of strength to tear some meat out of his wide shoulder.


The man didn’t budge; the attack instead of making him relent had the opposite effect as he gave an excited grunt. Two can play that game the man mused sadistically; after all he could bite her back on a much more special and tender place.


The man’s mouth pressed down on the exposed upper part of the breast as his teeth dug deeply and caught the erect nipple, biting hard with sadomasochistic eagerness.  


“GrrrrreeeeeEEEEEEMMMMKK!!!!!!!!!”  Asuka’s growl turned into a squeal as a horrible shock of pain went straight to her brain. Even so the pilots’ determination was so strong that she managed to keep her teeth clenched on his shoulder. However that dogged resolve did nothing but stir him further, his teeth pressing even tighter as he began to pull roughly at her teat.


The agony was just too much. Asuka was forced to take her mouth out of his shoulder so she could scream in defeat, her mind going cloudy, nearly passing out from the pain.


“tsk, tsk, tsk, see what happens when you start acting out?” said the rapist as he released her abused breast. Instead he pulled Asuka’s arms above her head knowing that the teen was in too much pain to put any effective resistance.


“Now just settle down and enjoy yourself.”  The delivery guy mocked, using the weight and strength of his left arm to pin her right arm and then with that same hand taking a tight hold of the Asuka’s left wrist, effectively holding down both of her arms with one of his.


 Just as Asuka was about to curse and scream at him to release her, the delivery guy grabbed her shirt with his free hand and pulled it up to cover The teen’s face completely. Now she couldn’t bite him since her shirt was in the way, nor could she even protest as the fabric muffled her words. She couldn’t even see what he was going to do to her. And all the while her breasts were completely exposed.     


Having asuka where he wanted her, the rapist took a moment to ogle her perky tits once more. “God they are amazing…” he said under his breath in an almost reverent manner. He especially focused on her abused nipple, hoping there was no permanent damage.



Luckily, while the nipple’s color had turned an angry red and had very deep bite marks on it, it wasn’t torn or anything. The rapist then lowered his head to the wounded nipple and began to kiss it gently, almost like he was nursing the tender areola.    


With a gasp asuka began to struggle helplessly against his grip, numerous curses and insult coming out of her muffled mouth. The delivery guy however just ignored her protests, his free hand massaging her other breast while his mouth began to suck and lick her left breast.     


It was then that something happened that would haunt Asuka for the rest of her life; for years to come she would ask herself why?

Why did she felt those things!? Was it her body merely reacting to the assault and trying to ease the pain by preparing itself for the incoming rape? Was it that bastard’s fault? Did he have so much experience that he knew just how to touch her!? Or was it something even worst, something inside of her, something deep in her psyche that wanted to feel those things. Whatever it was the man succeeded at his intent. The redhead’s body began to react; her nipples grew as hard as pebbles, her breasts ached and burned under his ministration, and worst still she could feel as that fire on her chest travel all the way down to her groin


 Asuka’s room was filled with the sounds of eager sucking and desperate grunts. The man seemed all but content with manhandling the teens’ chest. At first he was being gentle with his ministrations as he lovingly kissed, licked and rubbed her breasts, but as time went by he grew increasingly rough.       


His mouth would suction on the breast harder and harder, distending the round mammary as if it wanted to draw a milk that would never come. His tongue would eagerly bat her hard nipple, pushing and shoving it restlessly. And worst, to the pilot’s horror, he began to use his teeth again; and while he wasn’t being as sadistic as before, every once in a while his teeth would press her nipple, or bite the side of her breast or grab at the base of the nipple and twist it.         


 His other hand meanwhile, was also getting more forceful with every second. His fingers began to twist and pinch her nipple. Or take the erect nub and pull, distending Asuka’s teat to its limit. At other times his hand would press hard on her breast; crushing the globe in his palm.

And while the rapist’s treatment grew increasingly harder, Asuka’s resistance in turn grew ever softer.


It wasn’t like she didn’t try either. While the man was having his way with her chest, she tried her best to resist. Her legs kicking desperately in an attempt to get him off her, her arms wrenching and pulling against his heavy hold, her body pushing from side to side as it tried to shove him out of her breasts.                       


But Asuka was growing ever more tired. Since her shirt was covering her face, the teens’ muscles couldn’t get enough oxygen which meant her resistance was running out of fuel. This, combined with the constant stimulation on her chest, sapped her strength.


And so as his assault continued, her kicks became tired writhes, the wrenching into weak tugs; her bodies’ pushing turning into excited jolts, Asuka’s angry curses and grunts become desperate gasps and moans.


Asuka then felt the man shift his body, his mouth switching to her other breast and giving it the same treatment. Meanwhile his free hand went down through the plains of her stomach towards the most sacred of places.


When she realized where his hand was going, Asuka tried to resist. But it was just too little too late, her weak attempt to close her legs was easily overcome when the rapist had slipped one leg between hers and wrenched open her left knee.


She felt that invasive hand slip past her shorts. She could almost sense his smile when he found out how wet and sticky her panties had become. So much so that his middle finger had no problem tracing her gushing opening as the index and ring finger pressed and teased her nether lips.


Asuka gave a long frustrated squeal when his middle finger pushed at the soppy fabric and slightly entered inside her. She used the last of her strength to flay around; only managing to kick at the air with her only free limb as the deliver guy easily held her down and continued to devour her tits.


The teen collapsed in exhaustion, to her relief his hand left and began to probe her hips and inner thigh instead. But that was short lived when it went back up to her panties and slipped inside. “Oh, you’re a big girl already.”   The man mocked as his fingers felt the sparse forest of her pubes. Asuka could do nothing but give an angry groan in response as she tried to catch her breath.


She was about to renew her thrashing when his finger touched her clit, a jolt of electricity ripped through her body, her muscles going stiff before losing all their strength. The rapist had found her weakest point. The teen was completely helpless. She could do nothing but whine and moan as he kept thumbing her erect nub.     


Asuka tried her best to endure his assault. By then her shirt was so damp with her tears and sweat that she could barely even breath. Furthermore with her shirt over her eyes she was completely blind.


She was becoming ever more disoriented, the only thing that Asuka’s mind managed to be aware of was a light that grew ever brighter whenever his tongue made a pass at her breasts or when his fingers rubbed at her erect clit.   


 Then suddenly, to both her surprise and relief, her face was freed from her cover, the man pulling her shirt up just above her. Asuka only managed to catch one big mouthful of air before his mouth enveloped hers.    


After long drawn out minute of making out, the teenager’s higher brain functions began to return. It told her more primal side how this was so wrong, how the man who was kissing her was a beast who had hurt and humiliated her, how she shouldn’t let herself be defeated and conquered by this monster no matter how good it felt.


With one final push of willpower and anger, Asuka once again lunged at her attacker, biting at his lower lip with all her hate. But to her shocked terror the rapist didn’t cowered or cried in pain, instead he gave out guttural grunt that reminded her of the last time she bit him. 


 The moment Asuka remembered that his hand was still inside her panties, her eyes widened in terror. She tried to pull away from him and release her jaw when he made a grab for her clit.


“NOOOOO STOOOOP!!!!” The teen cried out in utter agony as the man’s Thumb and index finger pinched her with all his might. “…EEEEEK, IM SORRY!!!!!!” She begged at the top of her lungs as he twisted violently her most sensitive part.


“FUCK YEAH BITCH, You want it rough!?” The delivery guy growled excitedly as he released her arms. “Then I’ll make it real rough!”  

He bellowed with bloodshot, sadistic eyes before smacking her face brutally.


The combination of the blow along with the intense pain on her clit knocked Asuka unconscious, her whole body going completely limp and unresponsive.   


Seeing that he had beaten the girl unconscious, the man calmed himself quickly. “Fuck, I went too far there...” the delivery guy reprimanded himself. As he took a closer look at the unconscious girl he found that he had broken her lip with that blow. Shit! The man shouted inside his head, he didn’t want to break his precious little toy. At least not until he had his fun with it…


He remembered when he first saw her. She was walking to NERV from school with that little runt and that exotic albino. He knew right then and there that she had to be his next prey, the fact that she was an Eva pilot made it all the better.


Seeing a trickle of blood coming out of her mouth the delivery guy began to lick it with his tongue, starting from her delicate jaw up her wounded lip the man lapped her face. His tongue then began to lick her lips, especially her broken part, almost as if he was nursing her wound.


After a few more moments of kissing her lips the delivery guy began to undress her quickly. “Damn, no time for foreplay, I need to get her prepared.” the man thought, not wanting to lose the opportunity to incapacitate her easily before she woke up.


First he pulled off her tank top completely. “The really are quite a sight.” the man said almost in a reverent manner as he ogled them once more. His mouth took the opportunity to once again taste them, His lips eagerly wrapping around her nub and lustfully suckling on it for a few seconds.


After a few more moments of sucking, the man regretfully left her chest and began to kiss and lick her neck, his tongue savoring her sweaty skin. His mouth then went lower towards her skinny shoulder as he kissed and bit lustfully.


He continued lower, as his tongue lapped deeply at her left armpit. The man did not care about her body odor, to him it was just the smell of his little rose, neither did he cared about the salty taste of her sweat; it was merely the sweet nectar within her.


As his tongue continued the journey downwards through the valley of her breasts, his hands rested deeply at the top her mountains, his palms enjoying the feeling of her nipples below them. Finally as his tongue ran through the plains of her stomach, he ended his journey at her tiny bellybutton; his tongue circling the little hole.


As he continued with his tonguing, the molester’s hands left the teen’s breasts and went instead to her hips, his fingers dug deep inside her shorts before pulling them down her legs. With her shorts out of the way the pervert stopped licking her stomach and instead stared intently at her soppy panties, they were silky and white and had a tiny red ribbon adorning the middle.


After the man finished freeing her shorts from the teen, he began to spread her thighs gently. His hands caressed the unconscious teen’s long legs, his fingers tracing her skin from her delicate toes all the way up to her wide hips. Finally his right index turned to the wet stain in the middle of her panties and pressed it once again against Asuka’s most sacred place, feeling her delicate petals.


Now one of the main reasons that the stalker had chosen her specifically, was that he had never had a real redhead, he always imagined what a red pussy looked liked. So imagine the delight he got when he pulled down her panties to find a nice little red bush crowning her tight pussy.


Her cunny was that of an untouched maiden. Small and immature with no sign of her inner lips, it could have been confused for that of an innocent little girl if she had been bald.


His fingers caressed instinctively at her lips, a small batch of fuck juice drooling out from her cunt. She’s definitely not some innocent little girl.

He mused as his eager eyes found her abused red clit protruding angrily from her hood.        


He took an excited deep breath, the gods (or better said demons) of rape had listened to his prayers. But just as the delivery guy’s lust took over and his tongue began to lick eagerly at her crimson fur, the redhead began to squirm.             


The man realized that soon the sleeping beauty would awaken. So he had to forget about her pussy and act quickly. He turned the girl gently but hastily on her chest as he took the discarded, rough rope and efficiently tied her wrists behind her back.


Now that Asuka was tied up, the man wanted the opposite. The rapist wanted the girl to wake up already and make her an active participant of her violation. He grabbed one of her legs and roughly flipped her over her back, her body lying on the right edge of her bed, her legs spread to the sides, her panties bunched up on her left ankle.


The first thing the redhead felt was something wet pressing at her groin, almost as if a dog was lapping at her. The second thing was her arms being pulled back and something wrap it self tightly around her wrists. The last thing she felt, the one that finally woke her up, was her petite body being flipped and then being pulled roughly by her legs.


As the Eva pilot’s consciousness returned, the first thing her mind was aware of was a slight stinging pain in her lower lip, her head telling her hands to go the lips, yet her hand being unable to. After a few moments of her arms tugging at her bindings, the girl’s eyes opened in an effort to get her bearings.      


 What the teen saw was a naked man just in front of her, right between her legs, his chest was lean and muscular, his shoulders wide and powerful, his large 9 inch penis was brushing against her tender vulva.


Asuka couldn’t help but blush as she saw a naked man for the first time. “Wha-…who-” The girl started to stutter obviously bewildered at seeing him almost on top of her.


“How nice of you to wake up, I’m just about to start the main event…” The man said in a cold sarcastic tone, his mouth twisting into a sadistic smile, his dark eyes looking deeply into her innocent blue ones.


Asuka was confused: main event? What was he talking about? Who was he? Obviously the girl was still quite disoriented. She had just woken up to see a nude man right next to her. Her brain hadn’t had the chance to remember what happened just a short while ago, nor was her brain allowed to comprehend just how bad her predicament was.              


While the teen was busy trying to regroup her thoughts, the man took his hard prick in his hand and began his approach to her virgin pussy, placing his long shaft right next to her tender vulva and with a hard, cruel, thrust, stealing her virginity. His cock savagely invaded her, ripping her hymen apart, stretching her inner-walls to the sides and brutally filling the once pure hole.


“AAAAAEEEEIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Asuka screamed at the top of her lungs, blood gushing out from her once virgin vagina. Her whole body jumping from the sudden invasion as her tits jiggled beautifully from the hard thrust.


The pain was unbelievable, her mind was only aware of the large meat that was tearing her apart, she was too overwhelmed to do anything but squeal. Meanwhile the rapist kept violating her, his penis entering her with shallow thrusts. Her body swaying from the invasion as her round tits shook like jello. His cock stretched her pussy with every thrust, as it tried to ease through her narrow passage and go deeper. “Aaaahhhh!!! It hurts!” The Asuka cried with closed eyes, that monstrosity was just too big for the poor teen.


With her eyes closed and knowing that the redhead’s mind was only focused on the large invader, the man began to trap the girl completely. First he grabbed the teen’s slender legs and placed them on his shoulders. “Ugh no..!” Asuka groaned as he then leaned down on her, his weight pinning her down and pushing her legs upwards. Now his dick had a better position to enter, which meant even more pain for her.


The man had the girl where he wanted her, the teen’s long legs were trapped on top of his shoulders, her firm body was pinned underneath his large one and her hands tied down behind her back. Asuka was at the mercy of her rapist, and worst, she didn’t even noticed, her mind only aware of his member while the rapist methodically closed any chance of escape.


With Asuka completely helpless, the delivery guy took the opportunity to grope her breasts. His hands pressing eagerly on her globes and making her pink tips point outwards. Asuka in turn gasped in surprise as she opened her tear-filled eyes and saw his fingers wrapped intimately around her bosom.  


It was at this moment that it all came back to her. How he pretended to be a delivery guy, how he slapped her, how he molested her, how she fought and bit him. Yet in the end it was for nothing, she was being raped! How could this be happening to her!? She was the great Asuka Langley Sorhyu! She was one of the chosen few! How could she end up in a situation like this!?? Why did god allow this to happen!!?? All those thoughts raced through her mind as the man played with her tits to his hearts content.    


The redhead renewed her struggles, her hands trying to break free from the tight rope, her body struggling desperately to slip away, her pussy trying to avoid his dick. But the delivery guy knew it was too little, too late. He just kept working on the teen’s tits, his hands massaging and pressing her breasts as if they were dough, his thumbs occasionally rubbing her pink nipples; meanwhile his member entered her with very slow but deep thrusts, almost as if the violator wanted to ease some of the girl’s pain and get her used to the cruel rape.


After minutes of struggling the Asuka’s body grew exhausted, her screams and grunts changing into gasps and moans as the teen, trapped under the weight of the heavier man, was forced to endure his ministrations.  His hands began focusing on her nipples, his fingers takings turns flicking her hardening nubs before taking them between his fingers and tugging them.



By then the man’s cock now had stretched her enough that he could enter her with ease. His meat would fill her completely as his head poked at her cervix. Even worst every time he shoved his meat inside, her juices would be pumped out of her cunt. 


 It was just unbearable for Asuka. His thing was rubbing against her clit. The teen couldn’t help but moan with each thrust, her sex-juices spill down her cunt more and more every time he fucked her.


This in turn didn’t go unnoticed by the rapist; it was his intention after all.

Asuka’s nipples had gotten so hard that they felt like pebbles.  

 Her pussy had become so warm and pliant that it seemed almost to invite him in. The delivery guy seeing that the redhead didn’t struggle, didn’t scream or fought, and instead just moaned as she took it, decided to torment her. He wanted to let her know that he knew just how she felt, his cruel sadistic side taking over.  


“You little slut, your cunt is dripping like crazy!” The Rapist mocked with a smirk in his face, as his hands pinched and pulled at her pink nipples. Asuka was humiliated, he knew how good his hands on her tits made her feel and he knew his thing no longer hurt her when it invaded her.


However Asuka was too proud to ever admit that to the man that was raping her. “It’s not true! You are not making me feel good!”

She said almost to herself as she renewed her struggles. Her hands pulled and struggled against the cruel rope to no avail, only succeeding in hurting her wrists as the binds bit into her skin. Thankfully the man was too focused on groping and fucking her that she managed to get one of her legs out of his shoulders and get enough leverage to try to kick him off her.


That opportunity was sadly crushed when the man released her breasts and instead grabbed her legs. Holding her struggling legs tightly, he pushed them as far as possible, her knees right next to her head, her body twisted painfully. In this position the rapist began pinioning the teen as hard as he could, his cock pounding her as fast and as deep as it was humanly possible, his balls slapping violently at her ass;  In this opposition his dick would press at the upper walls of her cunt, giving his dick the optimal position to push at her Gspot.


“AAAHHH!!!!!” Asuka squealed at the top of her lungs in a mix of pleasure and pain. Never in her life had she ever felt something so painfully intense. With every thrust came a fresh squeal out of her mouth, with every thrust her body came closer to exploding, with every thrust her mind was closer to shutting down.


After one minute of savage fucking the delivery guy realized

That the teenager was on the verge of passing out again, her eyes were unfocused and almost hidden above her eyelids. While her mouth was open, her tongue out and drool coming out of her as if she were a bitch in heat.


Not wanting to rape an unconscious victim the man relented,

He released the girl’s legs and slowed down his fucking. Instead he held Asuka’s head on either side and kissed her deeply again only this time his tongue assaulted hers, exploring every inch of her mouth.


Meanwhile his dick continued to invade her with deep rhythmic thrusts, a muffled moan coming out of the teenager every time he surged inside her. As the rapist fingers dug deeply into Asuka’s bright red hair, he enjoyed the soft feeling of her long red strands; his rough hard lips pressing deeply at her tender pink ones, as his tongue began to assault her own.


By now the redhead’s long legs had lowered to a more comfortable position yet they didn’t struggle, instead her thigh squirmed slowly up and down, almost as if she was blissfully dancing in the air.


When her mind finally began to return she found her traitorous tongue wrapped around his lips as he sucked it hungrily. Asuka tried to resist but it didn’t matter, his hands kept her mouth from escaping, his lips and eager suckling kept her tongue from slipping away. All the teen could manage was for her head to shift slightly under his tight grip as she gave long, high pitch, desperate grunts.


Even after she managed to slip out her tongue from him, the man wasn’t finished. With his left hand he gripped her jaw and forced it open, with his right he grabbed at the back of her head and kept it in place. That way he could imprison her lips with his mouth while his tongue had his way with hers.


And all the while he just kept fucking her. His cock thrusting deep inside her as her legs kept kicking helplessly in the air. Asuka was forced to arch her back so she could accommodate him as he thoroughly violated both of her mouths.


After what felt like an eternity for Asuka, the delivery guy released the teen from his rough embrace, his mouth lowering down to her neck as she was allowed to vent out her pleasure through moans.


“Oohh  gott! …nein…nein!” Asuka pleaded in desperation, her mind still too blurry to use the right language. The pleasure was unbearable for the German girl. If he didn’t stop now she wouldn’t be able to control her body for much longer.


Everything just felt so good! His mouth on her neck and shoulder, each time it met her skin, jolts of pleasure would run down her spine. His big hands on her breasts, each time those fingers would tease her nipples, her chest would feel like it was on fire. And then there was that THING! Each time his cock would thrust inside, it would completely fill her; its head hitting her cervix and sparks would run throughout her entire body. Her pussy felt like a volcano on the verge of exploding, Asuka’s willpower the only thing holding it back.


It was also too much for the rapist to take. Her sex had become so warm and wet, yet so tight that it felt like a vice around his shaft. Her pleasured cries and moans were music to his ears, a beautiful melody that told him how much she loved it.


The man had to slow down his fucking so that he didn’t blow his load. He wanted to prolong this moment just a bit longer and savor her tits once more before coming.


When his dick slowed down a bit, Asuka was relieved, the weight of holding back the climax easing a little bit. But then his mouth caught her by surprise. His hot tongue massaged her left aureole, his wet mouth taking half her breast and sucking eagerly. Now the fire in the teen’s chest focused on her left breast making it feel like it was an inferno of pleasure.    


The remnant of the redheads’ conscious mind dismayed. Asuka knew she was going to cum from her rape. With his mouth on her chest combining with everything else made holding back the pleasure impossible, it was like trying to hold up a ton of bricks in your arms. It was simply too much.


It was at that moment that she felt his large prick thrust deeply and stay there, as something warm shot at her cervix from his throbbing cock. The sensation of his warm milk dousing her insides was the final trigger for Asuka. The heat in her groin exploded into a wildfire of spasms, wave after wave of pure pleasure ripping throughout her vagina.


The girl had masturbated before, in the shower rubbing her clit with thoughts of Kaji, but never had she felt an orgasm so hot and intense in her entire life. Her vagina convulsed powerfully as it held tightly the man’s organ and welcomed his seed. And all the while the redhead just kept moaning deeply as the ecstasy overwhelmed her, Asuka’s mind too far gone in its own bliss to try to hide her shame.


This was pure heaven for the rapist also. It had been years since he had cum so hard. His dick felt like it would never stop ejaculating.

That was greatly in part to the teen’s response. The way that her cunt would milk his prick for every last drop of semen, the way that she would sing for him the pleasure she felt, the way her hot tight body would shake uncontrollably as he rested on top her, the way her tits tasted as he switched to her tender right nipple and suckled it.


That’s why he did this in the first place. He loved taking women against their will. He loved conquering them, to force them to enjoy it and then have his way with them in every possible way. In the end it was all just a sick ego trip for him.


After what seemed like an eternity the delivery guy finished coming, his penis slowly slipping out of the redhead’s pussy. For a couple minutes his body rested on top of the petite as he took a moment to catch his breath, his head resting on her breasts as if they were pillows. Below him, the teen was completely limp. The only movement was her heaving chest and the tremors that still shook throughout her body.


Seeing that Asuka’s orgasm hadn’t ended, gasps and sighs the only sounds coming out of her, the man decided to leave the room and freshen up. Going to the bathroom to take a piss and looking for something to drink before he resumed his little party.


To be continued.


Anyway, comment and criticisms are welcomed but please spare me any moralfaggotry       

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