Heat of the Moment

BY : Imasuky
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Heat of the Moment
Lara Laramie shares a very special moment with her prized mare.
Lara stepped into the barn, inhaling its interior's scent deeply. She enjoyed the smell of the fresh hay, but it was the comforting, heady musk in the air that she dearly loved and couldn't get enough of. Having taken her deep breath, she approached the stall that housed her favorite Pokemon, the one who had contributed to the barn's strong aroma.

Opening the stall door, she was greeted by her Rapidash leaning out and gently nuzzling her. “It’s good to see you again sweety, sorry I was gone for a few days," she whispered softly as she wrapped her arms around the Pokemon’s powerful neck, its flames growing more intense at the contact. Of course they didn’t burn her, they only felt pleasantly warm. Rapidash would never do anything to hurt her.

"And I'm sorry you had to stay cooped up in here the whole time," she added. It had been a long time since the days when Rapidash had just been another Pokemon to keep secluded away in a stall, but when Lara was away, she felt it better if Rapidash at least pretended to just be a regular ranch Pokemon. The people who watched the ranch in Lara's absence would question a Pokemon having full access to the place and the right to sleep wherever she wanted.

Lara continued to stroke Rapidash’s neck for several moments, loving the soft feel of her hair covering her firm, powerful muscles. After several moments, she finally pulled away. Though she didn’t entirely want to, she knew that far better things could only come if she did.

“Alright, Rapidash, let’s go somewhere a bit nicer,” she said, and started out of the building. Without a lead, the horse followed her eagerly. Though it would have been faster to simply ride, Lara knew the effect it would have. She didn't want to rush things just yet, and aside from that, she liked being able to look at her partner as they talked. Well, as she talked, anyways.

“The race went really well. Our ranch made a lot of money,” Lara said as her Pokemon trotted alongside her. Rapidash let out a small noise. “I’m sure you’d have done great, too, but...it's different now. I’d...hate to have to put reins on you, and, expose you like that to all those people, like you were just...only...” She broke off, and they walked in silence for a moment.

"I just need more time to get used to the idea," Lara said, reaching back and patting the unicorn’s flank. "I'm still a little new to this...this whole thing. It just seems...degrading to someone I..." She broke off again, and then sighed and said, "I'll get used to the idea eventually. I know you like the racing; I know it's just me being strange. Just give me a little more time, alright? There's still a lot of things about this...us...that I'm working on accepting. Be patient with me." Rapidash snorted and gently nuzzled the side of Lara's face in a patient and accepting way.

Continuing along a well-trodden path, Lara talked about all the sights and events she had enjoyed at the festival, in particular the Pokemon race, which, as usual, the Laramie family won. During the entire conversation Rapidash would make small noises and nod. Like any Pokemon, she was fully capable of understanding human speech, but lacked the ability to answer in the same language. Unfortunately, unlike most Pokemon, Rapidash and Ponyta lacked the vocal chords to even say their own name, so even the possibility of learning how to make human speech, as a very few Pokemon had managed to accomplish, was barred from her. It was too bad, really, but Rapidash had never really needed words before to communicate her thoughts and feelings to Lara. Lara was more than capable of understanding all the small gestures that her Pokemon made.

After walking for a while longer, they walked off the path and into the woods, walking through a rather hidden trail known only to the two of them. They soon entered a small clearing. Aside from the single opening they had used, the rest of the area was obscured by dense overgrowth. Only a small amount of light filtered through the branches overhead, but Rapidash’s flames illuminated things well enough for them to comfortably see.

Finally far away from any potential prying eyes, Lara began to undress. Rapidash watched her intently as she did so, and as each article of clothing fell away, Rapidash’s flames would momentarily grow more intense, and the powerful equine would paw at the ground with one of her front hooves. As Lara pulled off her panties, she could feel the slightly cool breeze blow against her dampness, making her shiver slightly.

Rapidash approached, leaning in close. The Pokemon’s presence warmed the girl considerably, in more than one way. “I know it's been too long, but I'd still like to start off nice and slow today, if that's alright,” Lara said, gently kissing her Pokemon’s neck as she caressed the warm white hair, her fingers lightly dipping into the flames and scratching firmly. Rapidash nuzzled closer appreciatively.

Lara continued to scratch here and there for several moments, making sure to give all of the best spots extra attention. As her fingers firmly pushed and prodded against the powerful furred muscle of her equine lover's body, Rapidash gave occasional whinnies of encouragement, closing her eyes in delight on occasion. After a short while, Rapidash gently pushed her back, the Pokemon’s eyes meeting hers. Lara knew the look, knew full well what the mare wanted, and was more than happy to oblige.

Lying down, the farm girl ran her hands along her bare chest, gently squeezing her breasts, before running them down her tone belly and just barely stroking along her cunny. She looked up at Rapidash longingly. “Don’t keep me waiting, darling," she murmured.

Not hesitating for a second, Rapidash leaned down and gently took one of Lara’s breasts into her mouth, the Pokemon’s wide lips completely covering the mound. As her broad tongue stroked against the entirety of it, Lara tilted her head back, moaning softly.

Bringing one hand to her chest, she began to massage the other breast, lightly pinching her nipple. Her other hand slipped between her legs and began stroking her outer lips teasingly. Rapidash very lightly nipped at Lara’s breasts, her broad teeth scraping against the tender flesh in a way that no human could in a way that made Lara's breath hitch and her toes curl. After a few minutes, Rapidash moved across Lara’s chest, leaving a trail of thick saliva across the valley of her cleavage. When Rapidash reached the other breast, she repeated her actions, suckling and licking, Lara squirming and moaning beneath her. The girl reached up with one hand and pulled her muzzle in closer, the other still between her legs, busily playing with herself, any thoughts of teasing long gone.

Finally Rapidash lifted her head and looked down at Lara. Her chest was completely covered with saliva, faintly glistening in the flickering light of Rapidash’s mane and what little sunlight reached this small clearing. Lara brought her hand up from between her legs, coated with her arousal, and began to rub it along her chest and stomach, coating herself in the mixture of her excitement and Rapidash's saliva, moaning as she did. Her second hand darted down as well, stroking more intensely than before.

Lara spread her legs widely, and with both hands parted her lower lips. “I-I know you probably need it just as much, darling, but, please?” she moaned, lifting her hips a bit.

To answer, Rapidash tilted her head down once more and began to lick, her broad tongue completely coating Lara’s quim. Its width even spread her a bit more, dipping in slightly. Lara’s back arched high and she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out too loudly as she came. Even as her body convulsed in pleasure, Rapidash’s tongue lashed out again, intentionally dipping inside a bit more. Lara tried to issue a command to stop through her orgasmic throes, but the words died away as Rapidash acted yet again, rubbing her snout against Lara’s clit, sending a jolt of pleasure through her so intense that she not only hit a new, stronger orgasm before her first was even finished, but also nearly blacked out for a second. And Rapidash just kept going, intensifying her actions even more.

It wasn’t until Lara had been brought to orgasm three more times that Rapidash finally relented her pleasurable assault. Lara lay, panting heavily and trembling as the aftershocks of their mind-blowing passion began to fade. Rapidash lowered herself next to the girl’s prone figure and gently, lovingly nuzzled against Lara's chest. “I...I guess you missed me more than I realized,” Lara said once she had caught her breath. She sat up and placed a gentle kiss on the Pokemon’s neck. “Now it’s my turn to show you how much I missed you.”

With that she crawled around behind Rapidash. The Pokemon lifted its burning tail up and away, giving Lara a perfect view of her lover's engorged equine sex. The musky scent of Rapidash’s arousal was nearly enough to make Lara dizzy, as it had the very first time they had made love, but she was used to it enough by now that she could keep a clear head despite its overwhelming power over her.

Inhaling deeply, she leaned forward and gently place her lips against the tender, hot flesh and kissed it. Rapidash let out a sharp cry and gave a slight start before getting a hold of herself. Despite the natural desire to stand, she knew that this position was easier for both her and her human lover.

Lara slowly and lovingly licked her way up and back down both sides of Rapidash’s large quim, loving the unique taste of it. It was so very unlike her own, or any other human’s, for that matter. She was completely addicted to it, and doubted that any other lover's flavor could ever come close.

Once Lara had made a complete path around, leaving the hot horsecunt shining with both saliva and a growing amount of arousal, she decided to get serious. Taking one last, deep breath of air, she plunged her face into Rapidash’s cunny. Though most of her head remained outside, enough was submerged to pleasantly stretch and fill the mare, causing a passionate whinny to erupt from Rapidash as she craned her head and neck skyward and closed her eyes. Lara likewise was in a paradise, the scent and taste of it filling her thoughts and sensations completely.

As best as she could, Lara twisted her face's angle this way and that, and licked away at the pink inner walls, moaning in intoxicated pleasure as she did. The feeling of it was nearly more than Rapidash could stand, but she remained still lest she hurt the girl.

After almost two minutes, Lara pulled out, took a great gulp of air, then returned with vigor. This time, though, she squeezed her hand, then her wrist, and finally much of her arm in, as well, her arm pushing against her cheek and Rapidash's walls unrelentingly. She plunged it in deeper than any other part of her could reach, and began to open and close her fist, pushing against the strong inner muscles that gripped her. At this, Rapidash let out a scream, and came. A large gush of feminine juices flooded out, forcing Lara out and bathing her front in Rapidash’s cum. As Rapidash twitched and roared in delight as her insides heaved in an orgasmic frenzy, pawing the ground in helpless happy agony, her musky cum spurted out over and over, pumped violently from her by her clenching insides and onto her delighted lover's face and into her mouth.

By the end of Rapidash's climax, Lara sat in a virtual puddle of horse cum. She shivered in pleasure and began rubbing herself with both arms, moaning with wanton abandon. A small knicker brought her back to the real world. Rapidash was still lying in front of her, head turned at a slight angle to look at the girl.

“Uh...sorry. I just forgot how good this feels, and...got carried away,” she commented a bit sheepishly, even as her body continued to shiver in delight at the cool, slick coating of cum covering her.

“Now for the part we both love the best,” Lara said, lifting a leg and wiggling her toes a bit. Scooting forward, she ran her foot along the length of Rapidash’s slit, teasingly dipping her toes in, the warm and wet opening pulling her in a bit. After a few more moments of teasing, she pushed forward. With no effort at all her foot sank in up to the ankle. A little more and she was in up to the calf. She moved her leg gently, twisting her foot carefully and moving each toe a bit. Rapidash made a very approving sound, and her muscles tightened around Lara's foot.

Once Rapidash had gotten used to this situation, Lara then added her other foot, repeating the same teasing acts before pushing her foot in. Rapidash gasped and seemed to be having trouble breathing as the sensation of being so tightly and fully filled overcame her. Lara slowly worked both her legs, beginning to push each one further in and then back a bit, but in succession, as though she were using a bicycle. Rapidash let out a high-pitched whinny that almost sounded like a sob, as her walls began to clench so hard that Lara had to double her efforts to keep her legs and feet moving. Lara began to finger herself, the still warm juices from Rapidash mixing with her own and entering her. The knowledge that her pussy, the core of her being, was filled with the love of both herself and Rapidash, was turning her on more than the actual act of pleasuring herself, even as her thumb sent lightning bolts through her body as she used it to tap her clit.

Soon both woman and mare were panting heavily as they neared climax. Rivulets of Rapidash's desire were streaming down Lara's legs, adding to the pool of cum she sat in as her pussy dribbled their combined passion. "I love you, oh darling I love you so much, just a little more, just a little more baby stay with me!" gasped Lara as she felt it coming, pistoning her legs all the harder. Finally, it hit her unicorn lover, and with a mighty squeeze of her inner walls, Rapidash came once more, letting out a cry even louder than the last climax's. Lara pulled her legs out as the mare's insides seemed to begin to cave in on them, and as she did so she quickly leaned forward, forming her free hand into a fist. Not a tenth of a second after her feet exited Rapidash's gaping cunny, Lara was pushing her fist into it, steady but with all her strength. She hard barely gotten in to the wrist when the first gush of the Pokemon's cum came splurting out, hitting Lara fully in the face. It was too much for her to stand, and as she continued plunging her fingers into herself and tapping her pleasure button, she came as well, moaning loudly and in complete abandon as sexual fluids began dripping from her all over.

Somehow, she managed to keep her wits even as her world erupted into pure pleasure, and turned and swung herself up upon Rapidash's back, mounting her backwards, all without removing her arm, now up to her elbow, from Rapidash's quaking snatch. As Lara came, she began to furiously hump herself against the Pokemon's powerful back, and ramming her fist in and out as she did so. As her cunt ground against the Pokemon's soft fur and steely muscles, the warm, fiery mane tickled Lara's clit, and set her into orgasm again even as she was at her climax's height. The pleasure for Rapidash was too much, as well, and her orgasm only grew as she clenched down on Lara's arm and hand, so hard Lara was sure she'd be bruised later. No longer able to fully control herself, Rapidash began to rise up off the ground; at this point, it was all she could do not to buck wildly. As Lara's howls of pleasure mixed with Rapidash's and her juices matted Rapidash's fur, she reached the hand she'd been fingering herself with before down below her unicorn lover. Her hand found one of Rapidash's teats, and began to grope and lightly pinch them, adding to the already overwhelming orgasm her feet and now fist were causing. Even while she did this, Rapidash craned her neck down and around, just far enough that she could reach Lara's feet as they dangled, and began to lick, suck, and very gently nip at them. They stayed that way, screaming and humping and clenching and grasping and pumping and licking and sucking and cumming over and over again, each climax building on the last and never seeming to end, until finally Rapidash could take no more, and fell back to her knees, all but unconscious as her body heaved in the last throes of a series of orgasms almost beyond its ability to handle. Lara limply let herself fall from her lover's back, causing a small splash as she hit the tiny lake of passion that Rapidash had created.

Lara was the first to recover, many minutes, perhaps even more than an hour, later. She managed to get on her hands and knees, and crawled along the side of Rapidash’s body. The sight of the powerful muscles and soft, glowing hair of flame actually managed to spark desire anew in her, even after all that.

“I promise I’ll try not to be gone for so long again, darling. Okay?” she asked, wrapping her arms around the Pokemon’s neck. Rapidash nodded, and tilted back as best she could to nuzzle her lover.

"I love you," Lara whispered to Rapidash. Rapidash looked into her eyes deeply, and returned the feeling.

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