Love in the Darkness, Love in the Light

BY : phoeyay
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A/N: Yay, I have created a lovely new piece of beautiful trash for us all to enjoy (I hope!) Please note that this starts out as complete and total PWP but does in fact later progress on to more interesting things. And then degenerates into PWP again... cos I gotta be me.

Please note that I included the WS (watersports) tag because of the very first scene in this chapter. It is not as explicit as my previous WS chapter, so I am not putting the same big warning. It does contain a long, loving description of a boy peeing, and just the tiniest hint of ingestion.

I have included playlists with each chapter which should run for approximately the time it takes to read it (I think). If you have the same odd and in some cases truly awful taste in music that I do, you might enjoy listening to them as you go. The songs can all currently be found on Grooveshark.

Titles of chapters 1-3 and 5-7 will each make up a haiku, according to my admittedly limited non-Japanese-knowing understanding thereof. Title of chapter 4 will be in iambic pentameter. Why? Why not!

As always, my deepest desire is that you love reading this as much as I loved writing it. Have fun! - phoeyay

Chapter 1: Dark dreams in daylight


Allez, Allez, Allez by Camille

Lollipop (Candyman) by Aqua

1,2,3 by Camille


Ciel's walk about the grounds had taken a lot longer than he'd expected. He was now urgently dashing back towards the mansion with an uncomfortably full bladder.

A thought occurred to him, and he stopped dead. This is my bloody manor, and my bloody grounds. I can piss where the hell I want!

Pleased by the thought, the young lord unfastened his trousers and produced his cock right on the spot, not bothering to hide himself anywhere. Why should a man be ashamed of doing his business on his own property? He pissed where he stood, letting it splatter onto the grass in front of him, careful to hold his cock out far enough so as not to get any on his shoes.

As the liquid arced out of his cock onto the ground, Ciel closed his eyes and groaned softly at the warm feeling of release. "Aaaah…"

…and it just kept coming. Apparently he'd been holding this in for longer than he realized. He watched it flattening the grass before him and creating a small puddle, which slowly soaked into the ground. Sebastian would probably disapprove, the earl mused.

Thinking of his butler while holding his cock had been a mistake. A sudden pulse of arousal went through the young lord as he imagined Sebastian catching him in the act. He felt himself grow hard, and was quite unable to relieve himself anymore.

Ciel knew how sexual congress worked, in theory. He had pleasured himself a few times, and he expected it would be normal for a boy to think of a pretty girl while he did the act… but it was always Sebastian who snuck into the young lord's mind when he became aroused. Capable, graceful, sinister, beautiful Sebastian. My perfect demon.

There was no need for Sebastian to know about his master's attraction to him, of course - but that was beside the point. Ciel felt what he felt, and no matter how many secrets he kept, Ciel was not one to lie to himself.

He looked down hopelessly at his rampant erection. There was no way that was going away on its own. He took some of the liquid that had gathered at the tip and smeared it around, shuddering with enjoyment at the sensation it brought, then began to pump rhythmically up and down the shaft.

Ciel pictured his butler as he stroked himself. I could make him suck on it for me, if he were here. The thought brought a shock of pleasure through him as he pictured Sebastian on his knees, deep throating his master's prick. Suck it… oh yes…

Would it be better to have his butler swallow it all, or to cum all over the demon's face, see him covered in the sticky white stuff, for once not perfectly groomed? Ciel chuckled at the thought and grew still closer to climax.

The young earl shut his eyes as he felt the orgasm breaking over him. He pumped faster and thrust into his hand, throwing his head back and gasping his release. "…Sebastian…" his butler's name fell from his lips as he shot his load out onto the grass in front of him.

"Yes, my lord?"

Ciel bit his lip, hard. Bloody demon, sneaking up on me!

He opened his eyes and glared at his immaculately dressed butler. Sebastian was watching him with an infuriating expression of mixed interest and disapproval.

He glared at the demon. "How dare you invade my privacy in such a way?"

Sebastian smirked sardonically. "You can hardly blame me for going about my regular duties, my lord. Is it my fault that I should come upon my master behaving like an animal in the garden?"

Ciel blushed but held his ground. "This is my manor, and I can do what I choose here," he stated loftily. He punctuated this by continuing the process of relieving himself which had been interrupted by his arousal before. Sebastian looked insolently on as Ciel finished draining his piss onto the ground, staring defiantly back at his butler, daring him to say something.

As the young lord was about to tuck his member back into his trousers, he suddenly found the demon kneeling before him.

"Wait, my lord. I wouldn't want you to dirty your underthings."

Before Ciel could say a word, he felt Sebastian's mouth on the tip of his cock. The butler sucked all the residue away and made two quick passes with his tongue to ensure the member was thoroughly clean, then pulled back, gently tucking the young earl's cock back into his trousers and fastening them for him.

He glanced up at his master's face, which was a most satisfying shade of purple.

"Something wrong, my lord? I am simply doing my duty as your butler, nothing more."

Ciel could not help but feel a twinge of disappointment at that statement. He hid it with anger. "Get out of my sight, you bloody disgusting beast!"

Sebastian bowed. "As you wish, my lord. Dinner will be in half an hour."


Sebastian puttered contentedly about the kitchen, swirling his master's most intimate fluids in his mouth, savoring the taste of them. That sort of thing gave one power over the person the fluid had come from - at least, it had in the past. It was an old magic, whose effectiveness depended in part on people's belief in it.

The demon had a feeling he wouldn't need any power in this case, though. You betray yourself too easily, my Lord. His eyes flashed red at the memory of his master wantonly gasping his name as he'd spilled his seed over the ground. Sebastian began to grow hard just thinking of it.


Sebastian eyed his young charge as he stood patiently waiting for the boy to finish his dessert. The dishes had been cleared away except for the one Ciel was currently picking at, which contained a small cluster of cherry cordials. He was fidgeting with them, biting the tops off and scooping the filling out with his tongue.

"Bocchan, your table manners are atrocious tonight."

The earl glanced up at his butler sullenly. "It's not as if there's anyone to see me but you. Are you saying I should maintain decorum in front of my servants as well?"

"Of course, my lord. Any wise nobleman would do so. The respect you show your servants is the respect they ensure you are treated with by all your guests."

"That sounds suspiciously like blackmail to me, Sebastian."

"Call it what you like, my lord…" The demon bent to wipe some syrup from the corner of his master's lips, picked up the last cherry cordial, and quite insolently popped it into the boy's mouth. Ciel glared mutely at his butler, who continued speaking as if nothing had happened. "… it is an arrangement that has served your forebears well for many generations."

Ciel was slowly turning pink as he crushed the sweet chocolate-covered cherry in his mouth and stared at his butler kneeling before him. How dare he take such a liberty

The demon crouched there, kneeling at eye level before his young lord, gazing unabashedly into his eyes… Sebastian's words had made sense and were not in any way objectionable, but his tone, his expression… they said simply I own you.

Bloody demon!

Without warning, Ciel furiously gripped his butler by the hair. Not even quite certain what he was doing or why he was doing it, he locked his mouth with Sebastian's and pushed the half-chewed cherry cordial between the demon's lips with his tongue.

Sebastian responded by clutching his master close to him, sealing his lips around the boy's, taking control of the kiss. Ciel felt his butler's tongue invade him, passing over the tip of his own tongue, plunging in deeper, leaving no surface untouched within the earl's small mouth.

Sebastian pulled back, the possessive darkness in his eyes now tempered with a glint of amusement. "You could have simply refused the sweet, my lord."


Again Sebastian found himself at liberty to savor the taste of his young lord in his mouth, coupled with the sweetness of the cherry cordial. After the washing up was finished, he made his way to the sitting room where the young earl was accustomed to reading in his easy chair before bed.

As sometimes happened, Ciel had nodded off to sleep over his book. The demon gently removed the book from his master's unresisting hands and gathered the boy up in his arms.

It was customary in these cases for Sebastian to lay his master out gently across the bed and remove his clothing slowly and carefully, so as not to wake him up.

Sebastian began the normal ritual, snaking his hands behind the young lord's head and gently slipping off the eyepatch, undoing each tiny button on the front of the master's shirt, removing small ornaments and accessories and setting them aside for safekeeping, slipping off the clogs, unfastening the garter, peeling off each layer until finally the young master was down to his smallclothes.

…which were just a bit tighter than usual.

The demon stared down greedily at the outline of his master's slightly hard cock pushing against the cloth of his briefs. So delicious… It would go against the contract for him to touch the thing deliberately while the young master was asleep, but it was his job to take the underwear off and replace them with fresh ones…

Sebastian slipped his gloved fingers under the waistband of his master's underwear, slowly sliding the tight material down over the young lord's hips, watching as it passed over the master's still-hardening cock, which strained against the fabric. He slid his hands to the back to work the underthings over the twin mounds of the earl's firm little buttocks. If his touch lingered a bit, or became too familiar… well, who was to say?

He dragged the underthings down to the master's knees, briefly glancing up to appreciatively watch the erect cock bounce up, freed from its prison, and then he removed the briefs entirely from his master's legs.

The tricky part will be putting on the fresh ones…

Having found a suitable pair, Sebastian slipped them over the earl's feet and slim lower legs with no trouble. Working them over the boy's buttocks was not too big of a problem either. The problem arose when they could not simply be slid over the master's now quite respectably sized hard-on. Instead, Sebastian would have to take hold of the thing, which was sticking straight up, and stuff it into the briefs.

Sebastian grasped his master's cock gently in his gloved hand, preparing to ease it into the underwear, when Ciel made a small noise in the back of his throat and thrust his cock against the demon's hand. And did it again. And a third time. Sebastian felt the pulse run through his master's member, and just in time, ducked his head down to take the tip of it in his mouth. The master gasped as hot seed shot down Sebastian's throat.

Ciel thrust himself further into the warm wetness and came hard, shuddering his release. What… The young lord's eyes shot open. A scarlet blush painted his face. "Sebastian, what is the meaning of this?"

"My lord?" It had been the work of imperceptible moments to remove the master's thoroughly cleaned cock from his mouth before the boy's eyes opened, and finish tucking it into the underthings.

"What did you do to me?"

"I am changing you into your night clothes, my lord."

"But I felt… something came … " Ciel grew redder still as he realized he did not want to explain the reason for his suspicion. "… you were touching me there," he finished, lamely.

"My apologies, my lord. I must touch you rather indecently, I'm afraid, in order to change your clothing while you are asleep."

As he left his master's bedroom, the demon sighed inwardly with relief. He had not broken any part of the contract. He had not answered his master's direct question, but that had not been part of the agreement - the agreement had been simply not to lie. He had been very careful not to do that.

And it was only part of a butler's duties to make sure his master did not dirty himself and his bedclothes with jism, after all.


Ciel awoke, fuming. The night before he'd been drowsy, half gone. Today he was fresh and he knew

That blasted butler did something lewd to me while I was sleeping.

He glared sullenly as Sebastian went through the normal morning routine, as if nothing were wrong. I will make you pay for teasing me so, demon.


***To be continued...***



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