Kalos Kissing

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Kalos Kissing

A/N: I was thinking a while back that Kalos is based on France so it only makes since that French kissing should have a different name.

Serena quietly took a sip of her tea before looking at her friend again. “Could you repeat that question?” she asked, her voice sounding calm on the surface, but with a distinct waver in it.

Shauna blushed fiercely. “C...Could you teach me...how to...to kiss?” The darker skinned girl sank into her chair a bit nervously, reaching out for her glass of juice.

Several long moments of silence passed. “Just...out of curiosity, why are you asking?” Serena raised an eyebrow, looking the girl over. Ever since she had met Shauna, she had thought that the girl was one of the cutest things she’d ever seen. Her lithe, tanned figure, large bright eyes, and the outgoing and boundless energy she seemed to radiate...Shauna was the picture of cuteness, both in the adorable sense and the sense of someone to crush on.

Taking her straw and stirring her drink nervously, Shauna answered, “A while back I saw a romance movie and...I thought it looked like it felt really nice! And, and I kind of want to try it, and out of all my friends, you’re the only one I’d be interested in kissing!”

Serena had to hold back a grin. “Alright. I have a room at a hotel nearby. Let’s go there for some privacy.”

With that, they paid their bill and left the café. No one paid the two girls any mind as they headed to the room. Not a single person aside from Serena knew just what was going to happen once the door was closed.

Sitting on the bed, Serena beckoned her friend closer. “So do you know anything about kissing?” she asked, gently putting her hand on Shauna’s thigh. The other girl didn’t pull away or push her off--a very good start, in her mind.

“Not really...I know that usually it's boys and girls that kiss, but I know that’s not always the case.” She looked down, blushing. Only now did she seem to realize Serena’s hand was there, and she blushed deeper.

“That’s good to know. So why don’t we?” Serena said, leaning in close enough that she could smell Shauna’s hair, a lightly sweet, floral scent.

When Shauna turned to look at her, their lips lightly brushed one another. Seizing the opportunity, Serena kissed her, tenderly and very briefly. Shauna nearly fell back in surprise.

“You made a very good choice in asking me. Before I moved to Kalos, I had plenty of experience with kissing,” Serena said in a low, breathy voice, moving in closer again. “All girls,” she murmured.

Before Shauna could utter a word, Serena kissed her again, holding it a bit longer. She slowly worked her lips, moving her hand along Shauna’s leg, down past her shorts and to the bare skin, enjoying the smoothness of it.

Pulling away Serena smiled at the slightly dazed look on the other girl’s face.

“Serena...” she mumbled, sounding a littlie breathless.

“So what did you think?” Serena asked.

“I was right...that felt really good,” Shauna said, her voice still sounding a bit dreamy.

“Well, I know something that’ll feel even better. It’s actually named for this country,” Serena said with a slight giggle.

“What’s it called?” Shauna asked, her voice just beginning to return to normal.

“Kalos kissing.”

Pulling her friend in for another kiss, Serena was not as gentle as before. Passionately she forced her tongue past Shauna’s lips and quickly caught the other girl’s organ, wrapping around it and sucking. Shauna was completely overwhelmed and lost her balance, falling backwards, but Serena went down with her, not breaking contact for a second.

Serena shifted her position so that she was on top of the other girl. Still in a daze, Shauna began to kiss back at last. Her movements were slow and nervous, but Serena’s own eagerness and skill more than made up for it.

The kiss lasted for nearly a minute before Serena finally lifted up, a thin trail of saliva still connecting their lips. “That was even better,” Shauna mumbled, her eyes a little hazy.

“It really was!” Serena agreed.

Leaning down again, she locked lips with her friend once more. This time Shauna was not so hesitant. Though she was still a bit clumsy, she did her best to match Serena, even lightly nipping at her lower lip once or twice.

As they made out, Serena began to slowly rock her hips. With her skirt splayed out, it was easy for her panties to rub against the rough fabric of Shauna’s shorts. Though most of the feeling was lost through the fabric, just knowing what she was doing, feeling that contact, was turning Serena on immensely. Moaning lightly into the kiss, Serena let her hands drift along her friend's side, making her moan a bit as well.

With a seeming instinctive understanding, Shauna’s hands went up to Serena’s waist, running up just short of her breasts.

Breaking away, Serena panted, “You’re a natural at kissing!” while still grinding her hips. “But these lips aren’t they only ones you can kiss,” she said, reaching down and tracing a finger along Shauna’s mouth.

“What do you mean?” she asked, sounding very distant again.

Deciding that actions spoke louder than words, Serena got off of her friend just long enough to slip her panties off, before straddling her so that they could sixty-nine. Serena quickly unbuttoned Shauna’s shorts and pulled them and her panties down in one motion.

Everything happened so fast that Shauna hadn’t finished processing it all before Serena’s tongue brushed against her clit. A sharp yelp of surprised pleasure tore out of her throat as Serena assaulted her sensitive nub, wrapping her lips around it and sucking, the very tip of her tongue dancing around it and dipping into her folds.

Soon enough, though, Shauna had settled into the pleasure enough that she could focus. Lifting her head up, she gave a tentative lick. Finding the taste to be surprisingly pleasant, she began to lick back. Every time Shauna stroked her clit, Serena would moan deeply into her quim, so she focused nearly all her attention on that single spot. The concentrated attention on her clit was too much, and Serena came very quickly, licking away even more fiercely as she shook in pleasure.

The powerful cries into her pussy was enough to make Shauna cum as well, but even as she came for the first time, she didn’t let up her pace of licking and sucking on the small pleasure bud, drawing out her friend's pleasure.

Finally unable to stand any more, Serena rolled off of Shauna, nearly gasping for breath. Laying parallel to her, Shauna could only lick her lips and float in the afterglow. “I’m really glad I asked you for lessons,” she said softly.

“Well we’re not done!” Serena said, sitting up. Shauna sat up as well, looking at her quizzically.

Getting off the bed, Serena fully undressed, tossing her clothes aside.

“Our lower lips haven’t kissed yet!” she said, reaching down and spreading her labia, still wet with cum and saliva. It was a very pleasant and tempting sight for Shauna.

Following the lead, she got up and quickly took her own cloths off.

Serena gently pushed her down onto the bed. “This is going to be the best kiss of all,” she said, hooking her legs with the other girl. Inching in until their pussies met, Serena began to rock her hips steadily. Reaching out with one hand, she began to massage Shauna’s pert breasts. The tanned girl moaned deeply at the dual pleasure of it, and mimicked the action.

The two girls squeezed and stroked the other's breasts as they gyrated their hips, grinding into each other, their clits bumping against each other with every movement. Leaning in, Shauna kissed Serena, slipping her tongue past her lips as she took the lead.

Neither girl was able to hold out very long, and when they came, Serena fell back with Shauna on top of her.

“I really like Kalos kissing,” she said, before dropping down, falling asleep on top of the other girl.

“So do I,” Serena said, wrapping her arms around her before drifting off herself.

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