Twins Forever

BY : KarmaKazami
Category: +. to F > Bakugan: Battle Brawlers
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Disclaimer: I don't own Bakugan BBB NV GI or MS nor am i making money but i do Own Karma

Karma's POV

I looked at my twin Shun and i began to hum a song Strong from 1D we were in my house and Shun was asleep on the couch sitting up so i sat near him and hugged him.after i hugged him i got up and he fell on his back on the couch and i giggled some grabbing an blanket and pillow i tossed the blanket on him then put the pillow under his head

"Hey guys" i said as Dan,Ace and Baron came in my house

"Is Master Shun okay" Baron asked nearly knocking me off my feet

"Yes,Baron just let him sleep he needs it" I said to Baron 

"Okay" Baron said looking at him i then noticed his hands and were drenched in blood 

"Baron Are you hurt or is Ace hurt" I asked the pink haired vestal he nodded yes i then pointed to the sink meaning wash your hands

I then walked into the room Ace was staying in at my house i walked over to his bed 

"Ace are you okay' I asked seeing a bad wound 

"No" he said unable to speak that clearly

I moved his hand from his chest wound so i could look at it then placed my left hand on the wound the other hand on Ace's hands.He winced some and looked at me i closed my eyes feeling my hand glow purple to heal the wound.I looked at ace his Grey eyes closed so i left his room and checked up on Shun

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