Fire and Ice

BY : Imasuky
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Fire and Ice

This place better be as good as you claim,” Flannery said, leaning back against a tree as she exhaled. She watched the mist of her breath dissipate. She was wearing a heavy jacket and gloves, rather than her usual somewhat revealing outfit.

“It’s even better than that. Now stop lagging behind! It’ll be dark soon, and the path is harder to follow then,” Candice said, not stopping to look back at her girlfriend.

Sighing heavily, Flannery resumed her pace, quickly catching up to Candice. “So how did you find this hot spring, anyway?" she asked, wanting something to take her mind of the cold. Her town was always nice and warm, not like this at all. How Candice managed to stay comfortable in her skimpy outfit still baffled her.

“It’s been a secret in my family for generations. Normally outsiders aren’t allowed to visit, but an exception is made for lovers. The idea is that they'll hopefully be family some day anyway,” she said with a small giggle. Just hearing that made Flannery feel a bit warmer.

The walk wasn’t much longer, and soon they came upon a rather crudely-made wooden wall with a sign that read, "Private Property, Keep out!" There was a small gate closing it off.

“Well, we’re here!” Candice declared, opening the gate.

Stepping in, Flannery was greeted by the familiar smell of a hot spring, but there was something else in the air, an odd sweetness rather than the usual hint of sulfur. Looking around, she saw that the spring itself looked lovely, and there was a ring of polished stone surrounding the spring that had steam wafting off of it. Nearby, there was a small cabin that looked like it would be fairly nice to spend the night in. Of course, out in the cold like this, practically any shelter would look appealing for the night.

“I come up here at least once a month to make sure everything is stocked nicely,” Candice explained as she went into the cabin, coming out a few moments later holding a floating tray and candles.

“You’ve been planning this for a while, I take it,” Flannery teased, earning a faint blush from the other girl.

“Not really. Besides, why would I plan for you to visit? I always have to come visit you when I want to spend time with you,” Candice said, huffing a little.

“Sorry about that, but you know I can’t stand the cold,” Flannery whispered as she hugged her lover from behind. Candice took a moment to just enjoy the closeness, before she slipped out of the embrace.

“Alright, then...we should just get in!” she said mischievously.

Not wasting any time, Flannery stripped out of her multiple layers of clothing, shivering a bit before diving into the water as quickly as she could. She let out a groan of relief as the chill melted out of her body.

Candice chuckled. “Oh, come on! It’s not that cold, it’s the middle of summer!” she said as she peeled off what scant amount of clothes she had.

“Remind me to never come here during the winter,” Flannery murmured, barely letting her head peek out of the water, her eyes tracking every tiny movement Candice made. Now fully nude, Candice lowered herself into the spring, as well, sighing softly in contentment.

Laying back against the rocks, she stretched her arms out. “Come over to me!” she invited, licking her lips. For just a moment, Flannery, comfortable as she was nearly completely submerged, debated doing so. But soon enough, her lust overwhelmed her hatred of the cold. Lifting herself up a little and wincing as the cold air hit her face and neck, she moved next to her lover, resting her head on the girl’s shoulder.

“It really is too bad we can’t see each other more often,” Flannery complained as she nuzzled with Candice, kissing her neck. Candice brought her hand up and cupped one of the redhead’s breasts.

“I know. That’s why we have to make the most of it while we can,” she said, leaning down and kissing Flannery’s forehead.

The two of them sat there for several long moments, simply enjoying being close to each other. After a while, though, Candice’s hand began to trail down Flannery’s side, earning a soft coo as her fingers danced along her girlfriend’s skin. It didn’t take long before she reached her pussy. Slipping a finger in, she teased the redhead lightly as she guided her head from her shoulder to her chest. Right away, Flannery took one of Candice’s nipples into her mouth, softly nipping and licking at the hard nub. A shuddering moan slipped out of Candice.

“The best thing about being out here is that neither of us has to hold back on the noise,” she commented, encouraging Flannery, who began to suckle even more.

Candice sped up her fingers, and added her thumb, softly stroking Flannery’s clit, making her moan around her breast even more. It didn’t take Candice long to bring Flannery over the edge, the redhead shuddering against her hand as she suckled at Candice’s nipple.

Not letting up for a moment, Candice guided Flannery over to her other breast, which she took to instantly. Candice tilted her head back, moaning deeply as she added her other hand, teasing Flannery’s clit even more, making her cum so hard that she had to break away to cry out in pleasure.

Flannery slumped against Candice, breathing heavily. “You really need to work on your stamina,” Candice teased, stroking Flannery’s hair. "You should spend some time around here...the cold'll toughen you up in no time."

Before Flannery could say anything, Candice pulled her into a kiss. Slipping her tongue in, she quickly dominated her lover. The first time they had gotten together, Candice had been surprised that, despite her fiery personality in most things, Flannery was actually pretty tame during sex, letting herself easily be overtaken.

Shifting in the water, Candice straddled Flarnny and began to grind against her taut stomach. Flannery reached around and grabbed Candice’s ass, squeezing hard, pulling her against herself tighter. Breaking the kiss, Candice grinned down at her. “Getting a little feisty for once?” she asked, lacing her hands in the girl’s hair.

“I figured I should try it once in a while,” Flarnny replied coyly.

Candice rolled her hips, moaning appreciatively. “Well, once in a while is fine, but I prefer being in charge,” she said, pulling Flarnny’s head back as she kissed her again, even more forcefully than before. Dominating the kiss, Candice ground with all her strength. Moving her hands up to Flannery’s breasts, she pinched her girl’s nipples, twisting them lightly. Breaking away, she gave them a tug, making Flannery gasp. She tilted her head forward and kissed one of Candice’s nipples, before moving over to the other. She gave one of Candice’s nipples a gentle bite. That was the last push that Candice needed to cum. Enwrapping her arms around her lover, she held her against her breasts as she rode out the waves of pleasure.

Once she was calmed down, Candice shifted her position once more so that she was laying in Flannery’s arms, with the redhead's breasts pressing against her back. She smiled. "The sun’s going to set soon. How about you finger me while we watch it?” she suggested, pointing to the open side of the spring facing out over a cliff, which was giving a perfect view of the sun dipping over the horizon.

“I couldn’t think of anything better,” Flannery replied. Dipping both hands down to Candice’s quim, she used one to stroke her clit, while the other dipped into her folds. As Flannery played with her pussy, Candice rocked her hips, rubbing her rear against Flannery’s cunny.

The two of them pleasured each other slowly as they watched the sunset, both cumming right as the last rays of light faded. “Well, as fun as this is, we don’t want to stay in the water too long, so let’s get in the cabin. I’ll be sure to keep you nice and warm,”Candice said, standing up and offering her hand.

Flannery sank under the water a little before accepting it, and rushing into the small building as quickly as she could.

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