The Ranch Girl and the Rapidash

BY : LL12
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Tessa woke up early, before the summer sunrise. She dressed herself in a comfortable pair of cute jean shorts, a black tank-top, and a short-sleeved red plaid button-down that she left open. Her shorts were fitting, but they weren't overly short. Her top was a little less modest, showing off a fair amount of cleavage and a hint of midriff. The outfit was nice looking, but it wasn't worn for aesthetic purpose, but in anticipation of the day's heat. Tessa worked at a pokemon ranch, and Unovan summer temperatures could make the job grueling if you were inadequately prepared.

She headed down the road toward her work, not too far a walk from her apartment in Striaton. She was anticipated a long day of work, where nothing spectacular happened. Mr. and Mrs. Chester, the ranch owners and her bosses, were out of town in Nacrene city for a few days. Their ranch was small, her being their only worker, and she had been there for five years, so they were comfortable leaving her in charge. She planned to have a day where she kept busy, and everything was ordinary. But her day had taken an unexpected turn. At eleven o' clock, she would find herself swallowing a Rapidash cock, which was unordinary to say the least.

This unexpected turn in her day had happened very spontaneously. She was just making her rounds, feeding all the different pokemon. When she made it to the Rapidash, it was hard not to notice the male's very apparent heat. There were only two Rapidash on the ranch: a male and a female, who had produced two Ponyta together. The mare had been wounded in a recent battle with a Mightyena, that had gotten under the ranch's fence one evening, before the animals were all put away. While she had fended it off quite successfully, its fangs had left a nasty injury on her back left leg. She had been recovering for a week already, and was still very lethargic. Tessa assumed it was unable to mate, leaving its regular partner horny. 

She had found the stallion's erection very intriguing. She always found a nice cock captivating, and this one was, to be blunt about it, massive. Admittedly, she could be a bit of a slut. She had taken an interest in sex very early on, starting to look through "adult media" when she was 13, and losing her virginity to her first boyfriend a year later. Throughout her high school years, she had done a fair amount of sleeping around. Nothing two major, but she definitely got a bit of experience. She had very little interest in the emotional side of relationships, and didn't like the drama and inevitable break ups that came with your average high school relationship. She preferred the physical side, greatly.

In her last two years of high school, her tastes expanded to include pokemon. It was actually a total accident. One day, she had left her door unlocked while masturbating. As usual, she was content to just take care of herself on her bed. She had her eyes closed, and was quite absorbed in the act, starting to writhe as she got closer. The family Herdier, Cody, had walked in on her. She didn't noticed the animal until it was up on the bed with her, very hard and sniffing away at her sex. While she had freaked out at first, her wilder side and her curiosity together got the better of her. Before she knew it, she found herself on her hands and knees, with the dog pokemon atop her, vigorously taking her from behind, and she was biting down on her lip hard to keep herself from moaning her head off. After it was done she was left blown away by how good it was. 

That had been her gateway drug, and she became engrossed in the world of pokemon porn. Forums she found on the internet showed her that PokePorn was much more popular and prevalent than anyone cared to admit or discuss. It had plenty of closet fans. She became a major consumer, starting to fantasize about pokemon cock about as much as she did humans. She had another few goes with Cody on rare weekends when both of her parents were out of town, but for the most part she was content to watch. She loved watching pokemon on human; it looked (and in her limited encounters, felt) great. She hadn't become a total convert, though; an experienced man could definitely still satisfy her. Her preferences didn't shift, they grew. To Tessa, a dick was a dick at the end of the day; she didn't feel the need to distinguish between species when she was only talking about sex.

That's what really made her interested in the Rapidash. To her, it wasn't a Rapidash's penis, it was just a big one. She didn't care who its owner was. She only took a few moments to weigh her options before she dropped the basket of hay she was carrying, joined the Rapidash in its pen, and puts its impressive size right in her mouth. Here she was, kneeling on a bed of straw, bobbing up and down on the fire pokemon's foot-long shaft (the eight inches she could fit in her mouth, anyway).

The male's immediate response was to jolt in surprise. To be fair, she hadn't given him any warning. Warning would require more though than she was willing to give to the situation, though. She didn't want to hesitate and ponder the consequences of her actions. She knew she couldn't be seen, since she was the only person who would be on this ranch for days. She knew this pokemon had an enormous dick. In the moment, that was enough to sway her into experimenting with it. Once it adjusted to her, the stallion embraced her mouth around it. It quivered and it whinnied, driving her on. The longer she kept at blowing the pokemon, the more she liked it. In addition to its downright stunning length and girth, it was unusally warm, and had a different flavor... she couldn't quite put her finger on it. While the heat was likely due to blood of the fire type, she wasn't sure where the strange taste came from. Sucking off a pokemon was a brand new experience for her; Cody had taken her pussy, but had never gotten oral from her. The differences and newness encouraged her, and within a minute she was giving this erection her undivided attention. She kept increasing the pace of her bobbing, and running her fingers over the inches that wouldn't fit in her mouth. At the same time, she admired his big and round testicles. She put off pulling back to gasp for air as long as she could.

As she continued pleasing the fire horse while sating her own curiosity, she became aware of her sweating. The warmth in her body had built to a bothersome level. The summer was bad enough on its own, and the heat of Rapidash penis down her throat was an unwelcome addition. All of this compounded with the humidity made it so even her thin-layered, minimal clothing was too much. She took her hands and mouth off of her treat for a short moment, to discard her button-down and tank-top. She threw it behind her, out of the pen, not knowing or caring where it landed. Her bra shortly followed. Her breasts heaved as she unclasped the restrictive undergarment, and the air crawled over her rack. She returned to blowing the pokemon, now naked from the waist up. Only two tiny remaining bits of clothing, her shorts and panties, kept her from being nude as the Rapidash. Getting closer to that state only made her feel more sexual. Before she realized it she was already sucking and slurping harder and deeper, and getting louder and messier.

Clearly the pokemon's arousal and excitement were growing alongside hers. His whining was becoming more frequent. All of a sudden, he began to buck his hips into her face, making her gag on the dick that was already so deep in her throat. She stuggled to pull herself off the male as he tried to force more into her mouth. When she at last escaped him and started breathing heavily, he neighed in protest, growing more fervent. She stroked the male to ease him, and realized his need to mate was rapidly accelerating. Male Rapidash and Zebstrika could become very aggressive during sex, and this one that she was taking care of could become very violent if she tried to leave now. Fortunately, leaving was the last thing on her mind―she was eager for the pokemon to try to fuck her with his monstrous cock, now that she knew he wanted to. She finishing stripping off her clothes, as she had started earlier. She tossed the shorts and underwear behind her with the rest of her useless clothes. She turned around with a grin on her face, and went top-down, bottom-up, raising her ass high for the Rapidash. Thankfully, despite the size of the Rapidash's penis, it wasn’t too gigantic a creature as a whole, only an inch or two taller than Tessa when she stood straight up, so she was able to get in a position where he could access her without having the straighten her legs out much.

Once in position, she stretched an arm behind her the grab the horse dick, and once she had a hold of it, she guided it to her core. She would need a bucket of lube if she were to try and take him in her ass, but for her pussy alone, she was confident the spit she had coated him in and her own wetness would be enough to ease the pain. Once his head was at her throbbing lips, the Rapidash showed as little hesitation as she did. As soon as he knew he was at his mark, he took over and pushed himself inside.

Immediately, Tessa screamed louder than she ever had before, and her eyes grew comically wide. She didn't have words to explain how full she felt, all at once. He dwarfed every pokemon and person that had ever entered her before, and she could feel him in her gut right away. If today and tomorrow, when he Chesters were away, were her only chances the feel something this amazing, she would have to go home tonight and pray that he would be as horny tomorrow as he was today. Hopefully even more, so she could go a few rounds with him. 

He wasted no time in fucking her full force. His speed lived up to his species' name, even in fucking. He was there to please himself, to hammer away and to plant his seed. He was driven purely by instinct and hormones. He was rough, and wild, and harsh. Tessa abandoned anything left in her that resembled rationality. Her behavior changed completely, and she went from being happy to fellate the pokemon to being drunk on this new level of ecstasy. Her curiosity turned into a craving, and she begged for more from her violator. She was quickly knocked off of her hands down to her elbows, struggling to support herself as powerful horse hips threw the giant prick into her over and over. She thrust backwards against him, constantly on the brink of being knocked down completely. Each thrust hit bottom in her and sent a shockwave through her the shook her forward and back. In less than minute, the two went reached full on hardcore intercourse. She felt him so deep inside her, and it was wonderful. He was at least twice as good as Cody, probably more. Tessa moaned and screamed, and she didn't even think about restraining herself. She wouldn't have stopped this for anything. If the Chesters came back two days early and saw her right now, she'd keep on going. To hell with her job, she would give up anything to keep this feeling going. Each push inward felt like it was going as deep as a human arm would be able to. She was seeing stars, the bliss completely overwhelming. Penetration this powerful, deep, and hot was worth any conceivable consequence.

She was thrown into a daze of lust by this pleasure she completely unprepared for. She relished in the sounds of sex and thrust backwards against the equine, not caring how sore this made her later on. She lost total track of time, sure that her eyes had rolled back in head and that she was drooling like she never had before. Her breathing got harder and a wild orgasm built inside her as the sex somehow grew more passionate, violent, and crazy.

The equine’s front legs were planted firmly on the ground, while it’s hind ones did all the work, plowing the slutty ranch girl beneath him without restraint. The sex was as good for him as it was for her, as she was far tighter than the one female he had tasted thus far, who was of his own species. In the proper season, wild Rapidash would mate with every female of their kind they came across, and the Chester’s pokemon had only ever had one. The lack of variety had clearly caused a lot of tension in him, tension that was now being released in full. The human beneath the fire horse now was submissive, ecstatic, and brand new. Her screams only drove him on further, and he was actually growing hornier as he fucked away, more desperate to finish. When he felt the first signs of his own orgasm, he started going as hard as he could, pushing Tessa straight over the edge.

Her climax hit her like a ton of bricks. It happened all at once, and it was glorious. She convulsed dramatically, her whole body spasming as she came all over. Her pussy tightened and grew hot like the fire-type, and Rapidash was driven over the finish line, too. A loud neigh accompanied a warm gush of cum that filled Tessa way past the brim, the massive dick that delivered it staying buried inside her snatch the entire time. Gradually, as the two came down from their high, the Rapidash softened, and it’s size reduced significantly. Tessa slowly crawled off of the cock, letting it fall from her. A huge amount of semen flowed out of her- he had probably given her a few full cups of it, way more than a human male was capable of. She stood up slowly, already beginning to feel the resulting muscles cramps that wouldn’t leave her any time soon. She rubbed her head against the Rapidash’s, now more well acquainted with him than ever before, certainly more than any other creature on the farm. She dressed herself, and then grabbed the hay that had brought her to the stables in the first place. She gave each of the adults about a third of what she brought, and split what remained between the two juvenile Ponyta.

“Grow up big and strong, like your Dad” she said with a smile, patting each one on the head. The work day was young, as there was a lot to do, but she was just exhausted. The Chesters trusted her, and had left a house key with her, so she’d have to head inside and shower, and take a break. She had to finish the tasks she was paid for right now, but once that was done she had plenty of plans. Go home and look at her favorite PokePorn websites, scavenge them for Rapidash and Zebstrika porn. Figure out how to make the next day perfect. The shapely young redhead had a feeling that now that she’d gone a few steps past family pets, she was in the midst of a wonderful reintroduction to world of pokephilia. Maybe five years down the road she’d be a pornstar living in Nimbasa City. She could tell a cameraman the story of her first mind-boggling pokephile experience, when, just for the hell of it, she let a Rapidash on the ranch she worked at fuck her so hard she couldn’t walk straight for week. Wouldn’t that be something?


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