Through The Eyes Of Children

BY : Jeichan
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Through The Eyes Of Children

Chapter One:

Two pairs of wide, dark hazel eyes stared up at Light unblinking while the sound of traffic droned on a few blocks behind him. Classes having just ended for the day, he’d been walking toward the station in order to catch a train home when the pull of two tiny hands stopped him. He’d looked down to see two black haired children, who appeared to be twins, holding onto his uniform jacket with one hand each.

“Um, excuse us, but...we’re hungry so...”

“...could you come with us to....”

“...order food at the restaurant over there?” The one on his left pointed toward a brown brick building across the street, while the one on his right stared up with lips drawn into a pout.

Light raised an eyebrow and then glanced around; he expected to see a parent or guardian who could take charge of the children since they appeared to be no older than six or seven. His brown eyes narrowed slightly when he saw no one who seemed connected to the two around, and he grumbled internally at this unexpected, unwanted hindrance. It was bad enough that he had had to endure another day of Ryuzaki’s suspicious gaze and accusations, he did not feel like acting the composed college student for a second longer than he had to today.

“Where are your parents? I’d expect they’re worried about you two.” Light inquired, bending down slightly and forcing himself to wear a patient expression. It flickered briefly as the twins shook their heads and held each other’s hand tightly; their united action was cute in their matching black shorts and white t-shirts though Light only felt annoyed. “Are you lost? What’s your address? Phone number?”

The twins simply shook their heads at each question and continued to look up at the brown-haired college student with their round eyes. It took Light all his willpower to keep his irritation in check and to continue speaking in a calm tone.

“I’m sure the officers at the police station can help find your parents, let’s go....”

“No! We’re not lost...Just hungry, but that restaurant....”

“...doesn’t accept children without an adult accompanying them.”

“We’re hungry....”

“...we have money...”

“Please?” Both twins suddenly grabbed onto his uniform jacket and gazed up at him with pleading eyes, refusing to loosen their grips.

Light sighed and closed his eyes for a few seconds, his irritation worsened by Ryuk, prompted by the twins hunger pleads, beginning to pester him for apples. He tuned out the Shinigami and returned to the children.

“Why didn’t your parents come with you?”

“They can’’s always working and mom...”

“...passed away when we were babies...”

“...we came to visit dad at work but...we got hungry...”

“...and we can’t think too well when we’re hungry.”

“Why don’t you get something at a convenience store? It’s safer than talking to and going places with strangers.” Light pointed toward the mini store that was just a few buildings away. One of the twins glanced at it quickly before turning back to the college student.

“But we’re hungry and we...have never used yen before...”

“...and that convenience store didn’t have a good selection of spicy...”

“...or sour foods that weren’t candy.”

Light raised an eyebrow and glanced over the twins again. The two appeared to be school age, about seven or eight based on their language skills and politeness, but Light wondered if he’d overestimated their age.

“’ve never used money before? Not even to buy snacks? How old are you?”

“We’ve used British currency...”

“...and American currency before...”

“...But this is our first time in Japan...”

“...and we’re too hungry to figure it out on our own.” The first of the twins scratched his calf with his foot while the second gazed up at Light with head titled to the side. Light nearly sighed again as he stood up straight and Ryuk’s pestering turned into chuckling; he turned his head to glare at the Shinigami discretely, but instead blinked as he noticed the black hair and eyes of the reclusive detective.

“Yagami...” Ryuzaki froze, his words suddenly dying in his throat as his suspect turned around and his coal eyes spotted the children. The older of the two was pulling at the college student’s jacket while the younger pouted and reached at Light to turn the 18-year-old’s attention back to them. Neither twin noticed Ryuzaki shifting his widened eyes from them to Light, his skin a shade paler than usual.

“Ryuzaki?” Light’s eyebrows rose as he noticed what seemed to be fear on the detective’s face, and he quickly finished turning toward his rival; the abrupt action caused the younger twin to tumble forward as the tiny hands missed their reach.

“Yahh...Oh!...Ahh...ow.” The younger twin noticed the detective midway through the fall, face brightening with delight before the hard ground brought pain to his forearms and chin. He ignored Light’s asking if he was all right as well as his brother’s, instead he swiftly returned to his feet and ran toward Ryuzaki. “Papa!”

“Papa?” The older released his grip on Light’s jacket as he peeked around the college student’s legs, his own hazel eyes widening as the detective’s form came into view. He quickly followed his brother, who now held tightly to Ryuzaki’s long-sleeved shirt, but hesitated as he noticed the expression on the detective’s face. “...papa?”

“ two...” Ryuzaki grabbed the older twin - Jykki’s - arm and pulled him close, before glaring coldly at Light. The college student’s face showed shock and intrigue as brown eyes studied the detective’s movements.

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