Process of Delirium

BY : bamboo_marbles
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Process of Delirium

Authored by: Christy


Her fingers find rhythm against her clitoris and shame clouds her eyes because of her actions. “M-Masquerade,” she whispers in the dark room of her home. Her other self does not all back – his side of their link seems to have been sealed by none other than himself. Alice doesn’t appreciate being left to her own devices, so she grounds harder between her legs.

Through the heat a voice calls back, “No need to get so upset, Alice. I’m here, as I always will be.”

Alice can just feel the smirk on his face. His arrogance has doubled (tripled) since he retreated back into her mind. So cocky to all her truths and lies, feelings and disappointments, dreams and desires. But in reality he really doesn’t know much about her – and that’s the way she intends to keep it.

She’s in charge, not him.

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