The Crow and the Pale Boy

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The Crow and the Pale Boy

Authored by: Christy

Author's Notes: I wanted to mention this was posted a few years back on FFN, had to be taken down, and now I'm just getting around to posting it here. Also, I'm warning you, this story is unedited.


Gus had watched in amazement at his master and continued with their conversation. The man had grown, filled out, so much. His shoulders looked stronger, face even more gorgeous than before, and his eyes (now unhindered by that ridiculous mask) were even more steely and captivating. He had been apart from his master for nearly three years. Released sort of speak, and he was putting in every word in his data-bank to fill the emptiness of his separation.

The conversation didn’t last long. From one topic to the next, Spectra only gave nods and short commentary. Gus finally realized something was bothering his former master and had subsequently doomed himself.

His concern was all the motivation Spectra needed to quite literally pounce upon him. There was a struggle against the floor, which Spectra won by pinning Gus’s wrist above his head. He then proceeded, without explanation, to strip Gus of his clothing almost ripping the fabric apart. Naked against the cold surface of the floor and with Spectra staring calmly at him, Gus flushed and braced for anything.

“Spectra…” All his frustration from years of yearning for his masters touch croaked out a trembling moan which caused him to ball his fist up.

“Tell me, Gus,” Spectra leaned down to purr against the younger boys neck. “What did you expect?” His hands, far removed from playing with Gus’s nipples, pumped the boys length slowly – tortuously slow. “You know I always get what I want, when I want it.”

Normally, any young man in love with his master for so long, wouldn’t see his current situation as a problem. But for Gus, it was. A rather large one. He wasn’t the type to have affairs with married men. And Spectra was married to the (in his opinion) trashy Prince Hydron of New Vestoria, and that created the problem. The brat could be back at any moment. Screaming his complaints and more than likely challenging Gus to any type of duel to possibly humiliate him in front of Spectra, and regain his place at the mans side.

“S-Spectra … what of Prince Hydron?” He barely got that out. His mind was in disarray; his body riding along. “I-I’m not resisting because of what’s happening … I’m just concerned …”

Spectra didn’t answer and continued pumping Gus’s arousal, licking and nipping on his nipples, and when Gus finally began to thrust up into his ministrations, Spectra smirked triumphantly.

“Don’t worry, he’s on vacation.” he smirks, looking up from the boys chest. “Just relax and enjoy what you’ve wanted for so long.”

Gus does just that. Worrying won’t solve the problem of him loving a married man. And it wasn’t like Gus was some sort of saint, right?

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