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Putting on a Show

Story Summery: An enterprising fox puts on a show of a lifetime

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Standing outside Hinata Sou Keitaro and Kitsune were seeing the other girls off for their visits home. Naru and Mutsumi had already left together followed soon after by the whirlwind that was Su and Shinobu until it was finally Motoko’s turn to leave. “Are you sure you will be alright by yourself with him?” Motoko asked Kitsune as she glared at Keitaro.

“Of course I will.” Kitsune laughed “Kei-kun won’t do anything to me will ya Kei-kun?”

“Of course not.” He frowned at the accusation.

Motoko let out a sceptical grunt “For the duration of our absence perhaps it would be best to change your attire.” She suggested as she looked at Kitsune’s clothes. She was wearing a tiny pair of shorts that she had miraculously been able to squeeze into which showed off her shapely ass while the tank top she wore tightly hugged her large breasts and showed off her prominent nipples which poked through the thin material.

Looking down at herself Kitsune smiled and said “Kei-kun’s seen me wearing a lot less than this and he’s never tried anything before.”

“That’s because myself or Naru-sempai were always close by.” She frowned at Keitaro who was staring down at Kitsune’s chest. Getting his attention by hitting the top of his head with her wooden sword Motoko pointed it at him and said “If I find out you have so much as laid a finger on her...” she trailed off leaving the threat hanging in the air.

“I-I’ll be good.” He promised as he swallowed hard.

“See that you are.” She huffed dissatisfied before turning and made her way down the long staircase.

As soon she was out of sight Keitaro felt Kitsune press into his side and coo “Kei-kun.”

Shuddering as he felt his arm pressed between her large breasts Keitaro turned to her and said “Y-Yes Kitsune?”

“This will be the first time we’re alone together wont it?” she said breathily. “There’s something that I should tell you.”

“W-What’s that?” he wondered.

“Before Motoko and her disapproving looks lived here I liked to spend my time wearing sexy underwear and nothing else.” She revealed; grinning as she saw his eyes widen. “Sometimes I’d even lounge around wearing absolutely nothing.” She purred “And now that I finally have Motoko out of my hair I intend on indulging in old habits again.”

“S-So you’ll...” he started.

“I’ll be walking around wearing lingerie while Motoko’s not around to scold me.” She finished with a leer “And who knows, maybe I’ll not wear anything at all.” She said breathily. Seeing Keitaro struggle to form word Kitsune grinned and said “I also plan on watching porn in the living room too.” Seeing Keitaro’s jaw drop Kitsune couldn’t help but giggle at him “That’s another one of life’s little pleasures that Motoko put a stop to.”

“You’re going to be...” he swallowed hard.

“Watching porn in the living room.” She leered as she stroked his chest “You’re more than welcome to join me when I do.” She offered. “Just strip off, sit down and enjoy.”

“I...I’ll think about it.” He stuttered out.

“I look forward to it.” She grinned “We don’t spend nearly enough quality time together.” She said as she leaned in towards his lips. When he leaned in to meet her Keitaro suddenly pulled away with a giggle and sauntered back into the building. Hearing him follow after Kitsune smiled and pulled off her top and let it fall to the floor. Looking over her shoulder at the wide eyed man Kitsune grinned and said “Do me a favour Kei-kun.” she purred as she unbuttoned her shorts. “Put these in the laundry for me.” She requested as she pushed her panties and her shorts down her slender legs and stepped out of them leaving her completely naked. Giving him a wink and blowing him a kiss Kitsune sauntered upstairs with her hips swaying back and forth.

Entering her room Kitsune sat down at her table and opened up her laptop. Navigating to a website Kitsune grinned widely and murmured “Hello boys.” The website she had opened up was called ‘Hinata Honnies’ and smack-dab in the middle of it was a photo of Kitsune reclined on her bed without a stitch of clothing on. Clicking through the website Kitsune waited for the media player to load and smiled when it showed her sitting at her desk. Looking up towards the hidden camera Kitsune blew her viewers a kiss with a grin before turning her attention back to her computer. Checking to see what camera had the most viewers Kitsune switched to the laundry room and grinned when she saw Keitaro stroking his cock with his nose buried in her panties. “Naughty boy Kei-kun.” she purred to herself as she started to stroke her cunny.

Kitsune had been running this website for years; back when she was still in high school and the only resident of Hinata Sou she had started out by posting a photo of herself in her uniform. The comments she had received and the offers they had made, had made her realise just how lucrative the internet could be not to mention safer than the compensated dating she had been doing to make ends meet. She had started out taking requests for specific poses her clients wanted to see her in and over the years she had refined her delivery method into the website she ran today with a fanbase across the world.

When she first launched her website Kitsune had quickly generated a loyal following who were more than happy to pay to see her every image or even make requests for specific things they wanted her to do but it wasn’t until Su and her love of bananas arrived at Hinata Sou that it really took off. The first to discover the girl’s talent with machines and her weakness for bananas Kitsune had bribed the girl with a month’s supply of the yellow fruit to get her to install cameras all over Hinata Sou in every room as well as a way to broadcast all the video feeds without interruption. With that transaction every resident of Hinata Sou, including Su herself became part of Kitsune’s website.

In addition to the live streams each resident had their sections on the website filled with photos and select clips taken from the streams. Even Haruka had a small section of her own. Kitsune had only one video of the manageress and it always irked her how popular it was. She had recorded it shortly after Su had installed her spycams all over the place and Kitsune had invited Haruka to take a dip in the springs. Offering to wash her back Kitsune had used it as an opportunity to grope Haruka’s large, perky tits and strum her stiff pink nipples and even caressed her pouting pussy lips making her moan.

Sitting on the edge of the pool Haruka had allowed Kitsune to kneel in front of her and lick her cunny until she came. Drinking down Haruka’s juices Kitsune licked her way up to kiss Haruka’s lips. The elder woman had accepted her kiss and had even started to grope her in return before she suddenly overpowered her and tied Kitsune’s hands behind her back with a towel. Bent over the side of the springs Kitsune had heard Haruka tell her that no matter what she tried she would still have to pay rent every month and had proceed to spank Kitsune until her ass was bright red with handprints.

When she was satisfied that she had gotten her point across Haruka had cupped Kitsune’s mound to give it an affectionate stroke and thanked her for the bath before leaving. Kitsune had remained bound like that until Su found and untied her. Much to her annoyance the video had been insanely popular and so made it so only people with the highest tier of membership could view it as she had done so with the live streams of the bathrooms. Despite only having one video of her Haruka had developed a cult following that clamoured for any image of her regardless of how tame it was.

Along with Haruka, Shinobu was also surprisingly popular with the audience. The subscriptions generated from her content alone were enough to pay her rent and then some. Her viewers loved the sexy little teen and any camera which had her in sight was always one of the most popular. On the cusp of womanhood Shinobu’s developing body always drew viewers especially since she has started exploring her body.

Every morning she would stand naked in front of her mirror and run her hands over her slender body, cupping and gently massaging her tiny breasts in the hope that it would make them grow. After which she slide a hand down her slender stomach to run through the fine strands of blue pubic hair that topped her mound. Of course this had only started when Keitaro had moved in and wasn’t the only thing the new manager has prompted the young girl to do. Almost every night Shinobu would hitch up her nightdress as she lay atop her bed and lightly touch herself all the while softly moaning Keitaro’s name. Her viewers had watched as the young girl tentatively stroked her petals and teased herself to frustration for two nights before she had discovered her clitoris. The moment she had brushed against the sensitive nub Shinobu experienced her first orgasm with over ten thousand people watching. Her hips thrusting against wildly into the air as her juices gushed out her cunny and she moaned loud enough for Kitsune to hear her from across the hall.

After that first time Shinobu had developed a spring in her step and her slender hips gave an extra sway with every step. And with the way Keitaro had been staring at her cute little rump Kitsune would have put money on her not being the only one to notice the good mood the chef was in. After several nights of Shinobu indulging in her new past time Kitsune hand managed to manoeuvre things so that she was alone with Shinobu in the springs.

With the girl sitting on her lap Kitsune had revealed she knew exactly what she had been up too of a night which had caused the girl to turn bright red and tried to flee only for Kitsune to grab her and hold her down. When she finally stopped trying to escape Kitsune had assured her it was perfectly natural for a young woman such as herself to indulge in such things and had gone on to demonstrate how best to bring herself off. Sitting on the edge of the spring Kitsune made sure she was completely exposed to the hidden camera and had started to caress her pouting pussylips making Shinobu go wide eyed. Smiling at the girl and her viewers Kitsune had fingered and stroked herself until she came loudly. Recovering from her pleasure Kitsune looked down to see Shinobu was staring down at her gushing pussy in amazement. Grabbing hold of the girl Kitsune sat her on her lap, placed a hand over hers and guided it to the apex of her legs where she manipulated Shinobu’s fingers like a puppeteer until she had been brought to orgasm.

Grinning at the panting girl Kitsune kissed her neck and gently groped one of her tiny breasts while she recovered. When she had Kitsune congratulated the girl on becoming a woman and presented her with a vibrating egg as a gift. Shinobu had no idea what it was and was even more confused when Kitsune showed her how it shook.

Deciding a demonstration was better than an explanation Kitsune held the toy to Shinobu’s tiny clit. Almost immediately Shinobu came hard; her body convulsed and her slender hips thrust against the toy as her juices sprayed out of tiny cunny. Holding her tightly Kitsune smothered her moans of ecstasy with a kiss all the while holding the egg against her forcing her to cum over and over again.

Overcome with pleasure it wasn’t long before Shinobu fainted in Kitsune’s arms. Unable to get a response from her Kitsune grinned widely and set to work. Leaving Shinobu in full view of the hidden camera Kitsune went to fetch her own digital camera. Returning to the girl Kitsune lovingly caressed her body before snapping photo after photo of her naked, nubile form; manipulating the girl into various positions and capturing her in indecent detail until the memory card was full.

Putting aside the camera Kitsune splashed the girl with water until she came around. Kissing the semi-conscious girl Kitsune held up the wet egg and forced her to lick her juices from it. Giving her another kiss Kitsune had led her from the springs and vigorously dried her body before leading her through one of the dorms numerous secret passages to a hidden room. After a performance that had gotten quite... loud Kitsune had gotten a stern talking to from a red faced Motoko and Naru about doing those kinds of things with young impressionable girls in the dorm. Not wanting to deal with any more lectures from the duo Kitsune had bribed Su into helping her set up a place where she could perform to her heart’s content for her loyal viewers.

Having the still dazed Shinobu stand in the centre of the room with every hidden camera pointed at her Kitsune covertly made sure her site hadn’t been overwhelmed by the sudden influx of viewers before approaching the naked Shinobu. For the entire night she played with Shinobu’s nubile young body; teasing, licking, nibbling, fingering the girl over and over again forcing her to cum repeatedly. Deciding the girl wasn’t going to be having all the fun Kitsune instructed her how to lick pussy and soon the girl had Kitsune humping her face and filling her mouth with love juices.

Having spent the night pleasuring each other they had fallen asleep in each other’s arm. Waking the bluenette up with a kiss and a grope Kitsune praised her talented tongue making the girl blush fiercely. Making her admit how much she enjoyed doing those dirty things together Kitsune roughly rubbed Shinobu’s sensitive mound and promised they could do it again whenever she wanted. As Shinobu moaned at her touch Kitsune leered and told her she had a present for her. Another result of banana based bribery Kitsune held a slender dildo in front of Shinobu’s face; what made this toy unique was the tiny camera hidden in the tip. Sliding it up and down her pouting labia Kitsune demonstrated how to use this new toy, making the girl squirm and mewl as the vibrating toy slowly pumped in and out of her. Making sure the girl knew not to thrust it in deep enough to break her hymen Kitsune then introduced the girl to the pleasure playing with her asshole could produce.

Starting with her finger and her tongue Kitsune had played with Shinobu’s tiny pink anus causing the girl to shake her hips and moan loudly at the stimulation. Once she had the tight orifice nice and wet Kitsune gently inserted Shinobu’s new vibrator into her ass all the while licking and tickling her cunny until she came loudly. Leaving the dildo imbedded in her ass Kitsune pulled the panting girl into an embrace causing Shinobu to wrap her arms tightly around Kitsune’s body and gasp out thank you over and over again as she nuzzled into Kitsune’s breasts. Promising to teach her more later, Kitsune sent the naked girl off with a kiss and a grope before quickly making the videos of Shinobu’s innermost areas available to only her highest paying subscribers.

Within a day the number of subscribers tripled.

Shinobu easily proved worth the expense as she eagerly provided content for her viewers at least once a day with her new toy in addition to several more night time tutorials from Kitsune; all of which made the girl Kitsune’s most profitable performer.

Hearing a loud moan Kitsune grinned as she watched Keitaro’s body stiffen as thick ropes of sperm flew out from his cock. Keitaro had also been surprisingly popular with her viewers. At first there was a lot of hostility surrounding his arrival; many didn’t appreciate their garden of paradise being intruded upon by a man but complaints died down shortly after especially after they had gotten a look at his cock. On his first night at Hinata Sou Kitsune and her viewers had watched him strip naked with anticipation. Unimpressed with his unathletic build Kitsune’s expectations were low when he finally pulled off his underwear. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened as she saw the size of his limp cock. Staring as he grasped his thick shaft and started to pump his fist up and down his length Kitsune watched with rapt attention as his already impressive girth swelled even larger. Hearing him moan out her name Kitsune had grinned widely and started to touch herself, pleased that she had made such an impression on the new manager.

Kitsune had watched him stroke his impressive length and had matched him moan for moan as she fingered her cunny to the point where they were going to cum at the same time. Unfortunately for Keitaro, Naru had chosen that moment to stick her head though the hole in her floor. So angered by what she saw Naru stumbled down the hole in her haste to punish him and her pyjama bottoms got caught on an exposed nail, tearing them off of her so that she was naked from the waist down when she landed on top of him. Ending up in the 69 position Keitaro’s eyes went wide at the sudden appearance of a high school girls pussy and came instantly, covering Naru’s face in his thick seed. So mortified Naru had screamed and proceeded to kick and stamp on him forcing him to curl into a ball to protect himself, not that it did much good once Motoko arrived on the scene.

Kitsune had laughed so hard at their antics that she had stopped fingering herself completely. She was pleased to see that he was no worse for wear after the two temperamental tenants were through with him and resolved to take every opportunity to put him in a position to give him more fap material. She soon learned that she needn’t bother; Keitaro had a knack for getting himself in those situations. Within the first week he had seen every girl naked and had groped most of them numerous times.

Of course that didn’t stop her from rubbing against him or wearing the skimpiest clothes she could get away with in front of him. She loved the way his face lit up in a blush as her hand brushed against the bulge in his trousers and surprisingly enough she wasn’t the only one; Keitaro was appealing to just about every demographic.

The sadists loved watching him being pummelled by Motoko and Naru while the masochists enviously wished to be in his place, others simply enjoyed watching his clumsy antics to the point where Kitsune suspected some of her viewers were treating the streams as some kind of sitcom. He had even opened up the previously untapped markets of gay men and straight women for her site. Now any derogatory comments made about him were drowned out by a flood of horny men and women describing all the dirty things they’d love Keitaro’s cock to do to them or what they’d love to do to him. In fact the only people who still had a problem with him was the Shinobu fandom who were angered that their precious flower was infatuated with the man, though the fact that his clumsiness routinely provided them with panty shots and often outright stripping of the girl resulting in the highly sort after embarrassed expression on her face they were willing to tolerate his existence.

As she watched Keitaro clean up the mess he made Kitsune grinned as an idea came to her. Sitting in front of her laptop Kitsune examined her appearance before putting on a sultry smile and started to broadcast. “Hello my loyal viewers!” she waved at the camera, her large breasts jiggling as she did “As I’m sure you’ve gathered the other girls have all gone leaving me all on my lonesome with just Kei-kun to keep me company.” She leered as she watched her view counter rise. “Now, I’m sure all of you naughty boys and girls have been wondering what I have planned for him. I bet some of you have some have even come up with some... 'creative' things you’d like to see me do.” She giggled breathily as she seductively bit her bottom lip. “Well it’s your lucky day.” She purred. “Because I’m going to let you, my wonderfully perverted audience decide what I do with him.” she declared.

“Now, for those of you who are new I’ll explain how this works. You should all see a link down below which will take you to the voting page. Here you can submit your ideas or if you see one you like vote for it. How do you vote for it you ask? By bidding on it of course.” She grinned “Which ever idea has the most money is the winner. Oh and remember, even if the idea you bid on didn’t win you’ll still be charged so to make sure your money doesn’t go to waste place a huge bid so your favourite idea wins.” She said with a wink. “I want to make the most of the time I have with Kei-kun so I’ll give you all just one hour to get your votes in. And I see the current highest bid will have me wearing dog ears, tail, a collar and acting like Kei-kuns pet doing whatever he tells me to do. Mmm, I think fox ears are more my style but who am I to argue with my beloved fans.” She grinned “If that’s what you want me to do then be sure to vote with your wallet and vote big because bending Kei-kun over and fucking his asshole raw is a close second.” She purred.

“Now while I wait for you all to vote I’ll be putting on a show to encourage you all to be extra generous.” She grinned as she blew her viewers a kiss before spreading her legs and moving the camera so that it was pointed at her wet snatch. Sliding her hand down her stomach Kitsune let out a gasp as her fingers brushed against her wet and pouting labia. As a smile spread over her face Kitsune slid two fingers into her cunny making her arch her back and mewl slightly. Pumping her digits in and out of her moist love channel Kitsune bit her bottom lip as she thought of the perverse things her viewers could be coming up with.

She recalled the time they had her wear nothing but a long, form-fitting sweater which barely covered her ass and hid her cunny from view to the dinner table while a bullet vibrator shook in both her pussy and ass. Motoko and Naru had scolded her while Keitaro drooled at the sight but Kitsune, on the edge of ecstasy, had happily ignored their complaints. Another time they had her sneak into Keitaro’s room while he was in the bath and required her to masturbate onto his pillow. Wearing a sheer, black negligee Kitsune straddled his pillow and fingered herself until she came, soaking it in her juices.

Over and over she rode the pillow making sure that it was completely drenched until she heard the door open behind her. Looking over her shoulder Kitsune had seen Keitaro standing at the doorway with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. Smiling at him Kitsune had fingered herself one last time with Keitaro watching in amazement; moaning all the louder and humping her hips against the pillow until she came again. Panting heavily Kitsune then stood up and sauntered over to him. Whipping away his towel Kitsune gave his erect cock and admiring smiled before pressing herself to his chest. As she ran her hands over his chest and brushed against his nipple, Kitsune huskily whispered “You’re welcome.” into his ear before leaving him standing there naked. Quickly going to her laptop to see what Keitaro was up to she couldn’t help but laugh when she saw he had already buried his face in the damp pillow and was furiously pumping his fist up and down his length. She had taken a great amount of pleasure in seeing him spend hours at a time with his face buried in the pillow only to become despondent after Shinobu had washed and cleaned the pillow for him, though he had perked up when Kitsune pressed her breasts into his back and promised to replace it if he was good.

Moaning happily as she recalled the numerous scenarios she had played out for her paying audience Kitsune heard her computer make a Ding! which caused her to open her eyes and sit up. Looking at the result of the screen Kitsune smiled and brought her wet finger to her mouth to bite the digit as she moaned and said “mmm, you naughty boys.”


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