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A/N: First off I just wanted to say that anything sexual will take a while to get into. I will not depict anything with anyone under the general accepted age of concent - which is sixteen. I could have jumped right into the whole mess of it, I know, but I feel that the set up chapters (which will be quite a few) are fun to read as well as informational for the type of relationships. I hope that you enjoy them as well. 



Heartfelt Interference

Chapter One





Age 10




The morning wasn't anything special as far as the weather was concerned. The temperature was mild and it wasn't raining; even the clouds seemed unremarkable. The only special thing was that it was your birthday - not just any birthday either. Today you turned ten years old. Which meant that for a lot of other children it was time to go on their first pokemon journey. That wasn't your path, in fact you had finally made up your choice last night.

Even with your choice made you couldn't help but feel nervous and excited. Your stomach was knotted up and even as you finished getting dressed you felt sick. Grabbing your school bag tightly you headed out to the main room. Your parents were already sitting there eating breakfast. In the middle of a table was a pillow with a tan and cream egg sitting in the middle of it.

With wide eyes you stopped. ""

Your mom smiled at you as she took a sip of her coffee. Your dad, however, stood up. He grabbed the egg from the table and handed it to you. Your hands held the egg with awe as you stared down at it. You knew what pokemon egg it was just from the coloration and that sent a wave of excitement through you. Especially as you could feel the pokemon wiggle from within. It was due to hatch any day now.

"It's mine?"

"All yours," your mother said as she sat her coffee down.

Your smile took over your face as you held the egg to your chest. This was going to be your very first pokemon! You didn't even mind when your dad started to laugh as you swirled around with the egg.

"It's an eevee, it's an eeeeeevee," you said in a happy, singsong voice.

"Figured you'd like that," your dad laughed.

After about a minute of prancing around the house with the egg, holding onto it as tightly as you dared without hurting it, you finally realized something. Your backpack slipped from your shoulder and you stared down at it. School. You'd forgotten about school. A look of concentration overcame  your young face. And within a minute you were racing back to your room. you made a nest out of your pillows and blankets. Your bed was built into your wooden walls so that only one of the long sides were exposed. So making a nest in the back corner was easy.As soon as you were sure that it would be warm and protected you burried the egg in the middle of the next and smiled at your handy work happily.

Then you picked your backpack back up and started out of the door. Before you left, you called back into the house with the largest smile, "Thanks!"

You practically skipped to the coral holding the ponyta and other grazing pokemon. The eldest ponyta there looked up and gave a sound in greeting. You waved and moved over to the gate as Dash, the ponyta your mother had been raising for the better part of a year, trotted out. He was going to go back to his trainer soon no doubt. Just as soon as he evolved into a Rapidash. But for today he was still on the ranch.

"Ready for the run?" You asked him as you pet the buttercream colored coat around his neck.

His nose judged you when he bent his neck down. You weren't a small child, not really, but you were still just ten years old which meant that he was still a lot taller than you were. It only made it easier to ride, really, because you didn't have to worry about being too big and putting too much of a burden on him.

"Hmm, hold on," you teased as you reached into a side zipper.

You pulled out the berry and held your hand out nice and flat. In almost no time flat, Dash had finished the berry off. As soon as he was done munching on the small berry, he knelt down so you didn't have to do very much work. You swung your leg up over him and held on carefully as Dash rose up. You had a lot of practice so by this point you didn't even need a saddle to ride the Ponyta.

Dash took off slowly at first but soon the speed picked up. Your braided hair whipped out behind you as you smiled into the fiery hair of the pokemon. The sound of the hooves on the ground was a familiar rhythm as you moved with the natural sway. Dust clouded the area behind you as Dash sped down from the ranch and through the forest, dodging in and out between trees with practiced ease. You kept your eyes closed but somehow you still knew exactly where you were, like the forest was imprinted on your mind in a vague awareness.

Getting to school this way made the trip incredibly quick, which was why you didn't have to wake up as early as other students. As you got the to edge of the city limit, you signaled Dash the Ponyta to pull to a trot, and then to a slower walk so he could cool down. Of course you kept to the grass areas because of his hooves. Soon the actual school building came into view and you pulled Dash to a stop.

Patting his neck, you moved off of his back. As soon as you were inside of the School gates, Dash took off back home. Or your home really. You waved goodbye as he left before hurrying into your class.

You couldn't wait to get home to the eevee egg waiting for you on your bed.


You'd gotten home earlier than normal considering that you'd ran the whole way. So by the time you got to your door, your body was lined with sweat and it was harder to breath but nothing was going to remove the smile from your face. You kicked off your shoes and started pulling off your overshirt even before you got to your bedroom.

As soon as you got to your bed, you dove straight into it to grab up the egg. For a second you'd almost believed that what happened this morning was a dream. Your very own pokemon egg! You smiled as you held the egg up above your head while you laid on your back. Your body practically wiggled i happiness as you brought the egg down for a hug.

It was definitely going to hatch soon. You could hear the quick snuffling sounds as the baby pokemon inside started to get too big for the egg.

Holding the egg securely to your chest you kicked off your bed. The idea of a bath, even though you had taken one before going to school, made perfect sense to you and you were going to indulge in it. On your way out of your bedroom door, you saw your father coming in.

He looked at you questioningly. "You got here early."

"I ran," you said as you held your egg to your chest.

"All the way from school?" your father asked in surprise.

You nodded and he shook his head with a bit of a laugh. It was no wonder - you really did get home a lot earlier than normal. Normally you ran but today there was no way. You didn't want to spend a moment away from your beautiful egg.

"So did you want to register with Professor Birch today?"

You shook your head. "Nope. I decided to stay."

Your father nodded with a relieved smile on his face. You weren't sure why; after today you were probably going to get under his hair all the time as you tried to learn about all the different pokemon. And once you learned all you could about the different types then you'd set out. Not to be a trainer of course but to be a world famous breeder!  

"You sure about this? Going on your own pokemon adventure might be easier."

You nodded resolutely. You didn't want to be a trainer - you didn't want to have to fight pokemon. How would people feel if other people made them fight and get hurt? A Coordinator was better but they still battled Pokemon and you didn't want to do that. Besides, if you became a breeder then you'd get to know about all types of pokemon and play with them.

"Alright. Well you know how this goes. Six months apprenticeship for each type and then a year going back and forth until you pick your specialty. Are you ready?"

"I think so," you said.

He shook his head. "No. You have to know so.  This is a ten year commitment. You can't just think you're ready - you have to know so. Otherwise the pokemon will know that your heart isn't in it. And if that's the case then hand the pokemon egg back over right now because raising a pokemon half-heartedly won't do."

You turned your body away from your dad as you held the egg. "No! He's mine!"

It never crossed your mind that your eevee might be female. It didn't feel female to you. And that little kernal of insight seemed to go right over your father's head.

"Then you're ready to commit?"

You nodded with a serious expression on your face.

You father's expression didn't change. "So where do you want to start?"

You'd already thought about this last night. And the whole week before that. It was a lot to think about - there were so many different types of pokemon. All of them had their own quirks and you didn't want to mess up too badly too early on.

"Normal types," you said calmly as you turned back to face your father.

"Alright. You start today. Go see your Aunt Anna," you dad instructed.

You started out but then looked down at your arms. The egg was still cradled and you knew you couldn't take it with you like that. You were going to need your arms to do whatever your aunt Anna wanted you to do.

"Do you have something I can put him in? I don't want to leave him alone," you said as you bit the corner of your bottom lip.

Your dad nodded and pulled a sling out of a cabinet beside him. He had that there all along! Carefully you slipped your egg into the sling and had your dad help you with strapping it to your body. Now the egg was strapped down to the front of your body in the harness. Without your overshirt on the egg would be able to absorb your body heat that much better.

"Now go get a jacket that will fit over the two of you and go find your aunt. She'll probably be out in the Tauros pasture."

You nodded and hurried off, cradling your eevee egg even though the harness would have held him securely.


After seven days of working under your aunt you had more bruises than you ever wanted to know about. Just because Normal pokemon didn't have elemental attacks didn't mean that they weren't a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention there was also the cleaning that had to be done. All the different stalls and fields. The manure was even recycled and shipped out to processing plants to make fertilizer. Thankfully you didn't have to do the shoveling in the midday sun or you'd have been burnt to a crisp. Unfortunately that meant that you were carrying the food and learning about what nutrition to feed all the different breeds under the normal type in the day. And it was only a week in!

You slid into the bath after your shower. Your body hurt all over. You closed your eyes as you leaned your head onto the ceramic lip, kicking your legs in the water. But something told you to open your eyes like it was tickling at the green of your eyes. Exhaustedly you did.

Nestled in the divider, which was attached to both sides of the tub, was your eevee egg. On the egg was a crack. You nearly didn't see it until you saw that the crack was spreading. You sat up completely and stared at the egg intently, your breath caught in your throat.

It was happening! It was happening!

The tan and cream egg shell gave way rather quickly. The glow settled around in, in and out over and over again. You held your breath as you watched it slowly form into the shape of a baby eevee. The pokemon looked at you with his head tilted and already your young heart latched on to the pokemon. He was so cute!

"Ee...eevee," his voice was quiet.

"You're so cute," you gushed in a whisper.

You leaned in and rested your arm on the divider, water dripping around the plastic. Your smile was so wide you felt it was going to split your face but you didn't care. Your very own pokemon! And an Eevee to boot!

"Hi," You said quietly, not wanting to scare the baby.

"Eevee," the sentiment was returned.

When he leaned in closer to lick at your nose you saw something that made him even better. You weren't sure if it was a shadow but on his forehead his fur had a slightly different coloration. It looked like a butterfree...or maybe four connected balls. Or a weird shaped cloud! Or even a small group of clefairy dancing!

It was like that one test your teacher did a few days ago. The ink blot thing. Now what was it called?

Your eyebrows drew together as you tried to remember. It was something about ink. Something with an R…

You couldn't remember the whole word but what you did remember sounded cool enough.

"Rorsh," you said with a smile. "Would you like to be called Rorsh?"

You received another lick, this time to your cheek. That settled it; his name was going to be Rorsh. Rorsh the Eevee. You sat back with a happy smile on your face. And then the Eevee jumped at you to cuddle into your neck. His legs were dipped into the warm water but you didn't care. He was so cute! And so tiny! And all yours.

"We're going to be good friends, Rorsh. I know we will."

"Ee-eevee ee," the tiny pokemon sad as his ears tickled your cheek.


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