Once Unloved

BY : Umari
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Bright and sunny; that's what the weather is like in Little Root Town. People and Pokemon alike were all traversing the streets as their daily lives continued. Wild Flying types all flew through the skies as they basked in the renewed warmth, finally glad that winter was now coming to an end and springtime was finally here. All in all, it was a perfect day.. except for one.

In an alleyway sat a Mightyena who silently rummaged through various dumpsters and bins in hopes for food. Growling due to being unable to find any kind of food, even measly applecores or moldy breadcrumbs, the Mightyena walked back to her box, which she'd forged into a house of sorts, and laid down.

Even through the loud chithchat of everyone walking by, her stomach made an audible growl, begging to be fed. She looked down at her self as she could and wondered what had happened to her.. why she had been abandoned. Granted, she wasn't with her trainer, if she could even be called that, very long but that didn't matter to her. She always blamed it on her discoloration from the rest of the Mightyena species.

All her life had been filled with abandonment. Back in her pack of Mightyena, her parents were forced to leave her due to her coloration having a high chance of attracting potential threats or trainers. In the back of her mind, she tried not to let it bug her. But.. deep down.. it did bug her how she had nobody. The only time she had anyone was when she had to, quite literally, sell her body for food to other Pokemon.

She didn't hate anyone for how they treated her, she never did. She knew that she couldn't help it. Although she didn't hate those who mistreated her, that didn't mean it didn't upset her. Quite the opposite, actually. Often times, she'd find herself crying to herself, begging for someone to accept how she was.. that one day she'd find a friend who'd never even dream of letting her go. But that's all those were to her: dreams.

With a sigh, she got up from her box-home and began walking around aimlessly in hopes to find scraps of food.

On the other side of town, a man nicknamed Torr had his earbuds in as he walked through the streets to grab some lunch. He was a rather tall fellow and had jet-black hair that was dyed a bright cyan underneath it, showing off two different colors of the shoulder length hair. He was wearing a pair of jean-shorts that were ripped around the ends of them and had on a plain, black t-shirt that hugged his chest tightly. Around his neck was a bright, blue diamond that was snuggly-held on with a tiny chain.

He bobbed his head in tune with his music as he continued to walk. He was known around the small town due to his singing voice; him and his friends had formed a 'band' of sorts and, from time to time, they all played in the local bar to practice their talents, and for a free meal which the owner always gave them.

As he passed people, he greeted them with a hello and they all returned the favor; although he couldn't hear them due to the loudness of his music. He continued walking for a few minutes before he came to the local burger joint, just what he had been wanting for a while.. some nice burgers! Pulling one of the earbuds from his ear and turning the volume down on his music, he pushed the doors open went inside.

As he waited in line, he looked over the weather forecast for the next few days. All seemed perfectly normal except a storm was said to hit sometime tomorrow. That meant nothing to him as he had no plans for that day. Torr lead a pretty boring life: basically eating, sleeping, and video games except for the times he was out with his friends which was rare.

Torr never really saw the fun in being a trainer. He didn't like the idea of putting two creatures against each other and forcing them to fight. He loved Pokemon, sure, but he never wanted to take them from their habitat. The thought of people focrefully taking a Pokemon from its friends or family always sickened him, he never thought of as the right thing to do.

A few moments later, he had ordered his lunch and waited for it to be sent to him. Another few moments later, he was set to go. Stepping outside, he sat at one of the tables the restaraunt offered for people to eat outside. As he unwrapped his food and took a bite, he savored every bit of it. Although unhealthy, Torr didn't care as it made up for it in taste.

As he continued to eat, he heard people keep shooing something away from them. He paid them no mind until, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a couple ignoring, what looked to be, a Mightyena who sniffed around them. What caught his eye about it was that it was colored much differently than any Mightyena he'd ever seen. He thought it could have just been dirty so he didn't really think too much about it. Stray and wild Pokemon were a common thing in Little Root as the town was so close to a beginning route for trainers. As they shooed it away from them, it held its head low and shamefully; as if it didn't like what it was doing.

With a shrug, he put his earbud back in and continued his meal. He listened to the beats and wubs and growls of his music as one of his favorite songs, Pastanistan Express by Spag Heddy, played. Although he sang for a group of metal friends, he felt he loved anything Electronic much more. Maybe it was due to him loving video gaming music which slowly transformed into Electronic, he wasn't sure but also didn't care. To him, all that mattered right now was the beautiful day and his amazing meal.

As Torr ate, the very Mightyena that was pestering people for food was slowly giving up. She just wanted a little to eat, something to get her over until tomorrow where she'd do it all again. From table to table, she searched hard for anything someone may have dropped. Lucky for her, she did find random french fries and small pieces of nuggets that a kid may have spilled.

She ate them slowly and savoured the taste, something she'd learned to do as food can be a rare thing to find. She enjoyed the taste of them and wanted.. craved.. more. Furiously, she searched for more. Sadly, her luck ran short as she didn't come across any more food. With a slight wimper, she began to turn around and look elsewhere for food. However, just as she was about to begin walking, she saw a man get up from his seat with these... things.. hanging from his ears and walk back inside. What she saw on the table made her heart skip several beats.

On it rested a fully, uneaten burger, a half eaten one, a big thing of whatever she had just eaten, and what may have been a beverage. Maybe the man had seen her and was done eating and left it for her? No, she knew better; the humans hate littering and always cleaned up their messes, she knew he would be back.

What she thought next made her sick but she knew doing so would possibly mean life or death of her. Slowly, she crept to the table where the food was. Jumping and setting her two front paws on the top, she gently pulled it towards her. Closer and closer it crept to her.. almost in reach. All the aromas of the various things on the food only intoxicated her even more; for once in so long she was going to get a full meal.. or so she thought.

Just as it was within her paws reach, she heard the girl from the couple earlier yell at her, "Hey! Knock it off!" She yelled as she quickly got up and ran towards her. Caught, the Mightyena wanted to turn and ran but the girl was too fast. Before she knew it, the girl was practically ontop of her. The Mightyena struggled but, due to her weakend state, it was all pointless. Defeated, she sat there as she waited for her captors to punish her.

"I won't punish you for stealing," She spoke, "but I will let you into the man's custody of who you tried to steal from. What he does to you is his choice." She spoke. Whinning faintly, the Mightyena awaited her fate, whatever it may be. She knew nothing of this man, she didn't know what he'd do to her. Would he kill her? Would he turn her in to the 'Pokemon Control' as she's heard before? She had no idea.

Emerging from the bathroom and tucking his phone back into his pocket, Torr looked up to see two people and a Mightyena, or at least what he believes to be a Mightyena, sitting by his table; the Pokemon's head hanging low as if it was sad or ashamed of something. And Torr had a feeling he new what it was about.

Walking outside, Torr approached the small group, "Can I help all of you?" He asked, looking to the Pokemon from the corner of his eye. The female spoke up,

"Sorry to bug you. But while you were inside, we caught this Pokemon trying to steal your food." They said. Torr raised an eyebrow, his hunch confirmed. He looked at the Mightyena,

"Is this true?" He asked. The Mightyena simply nodded in confirmation. "You two mind waiting here with it?" Torr asked. They looked at him confusedly,

"What for?" The boy asked him.

"I'll be right back." He said. With a shrug, they both sat down on the bench together and began talking as the man went back inside. While the young couple were out talking, the Mightyena was left alone, neither of them acknlowledging her besides a few quick glances. With a sigh, she was left with nothing more than her thoughts and worries, just as always.

Would this man hate her?

Is he calling someone to come get her?

She could run away right now; get away from the two and neither of them could stop her. But strangely.. she couldn't draw herself to. As much as she hated to admit it, if death was coming for her deeds, she welcomed it. The Mightyena would happily accept that if it meant she was no longer going to suffer in the hands of loneliness and starvation.

Moments passed before the man arrived again. In his hand was another bag. Setting the bag down on the table, he looked at the two and thanked them, "Thanks for the help and telling me. Here," He said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out some bills, "take this as a thanks." He said to them. The looked at him a bit happily and astonished,

"Wow, thanks!" They both said.

"No problem. You can go if you want to." He said with a smile. Thanking him again, the duo ran off to do whatever their hearts pleased. The Mightyena continued to hold her head low, ashamed she'd actually tried to do that again. "Hey, look at me please." He said. The Mightyena continued to look down, refusing to look at him. With a sigh, he got down on his knees in front of her, "Look at me. Please." He said. Hesitantly, she did look at him.

"First off, I'm not mad at you." He said. The Mightyena looked at him confusedly, "I'm serious. Everyone gets hungry every once in a while. Plus, the honesty more than made up for it." He said with a smile. Again, the Mightyena looked down sadly.

She had tried to steal from someone who isn't even going to be mad at her? What if all those other people she's stolen from.. and began hating herself for.. what if she hadn't stolen from them? They could have taken her in. But no, she did the thing she hated most, the thing that is the stereotype for all Dark-Types.. she stole.

"Are you hungry?" He asked. That seemed to catch her attention. Looking up at him, she nodded. He chuckled, "I figured. Come with me." He said. Picking up his food and beverage and putting it into his bag, he began walking down the road. She really didn't want to follow this mystery man but felt in debt to him for not hating her.. and the possibility of food.

Trotting to catch up to him, the man couldn't help but smile at her. He didn't know why he did, but he just did. Their walk was in silence. When he got to his destination, he stopped and kneeled down to her again. "Alright, I'm trusting you. I'm going to be right back. Wait here, okay?" He said. With a nod, the Mightyena sat down as he went into the shop. A couple uneventful minutes passed by before the man was back. With a new bag in his grasp, he motioned her to follow again.

Like before, their walk was quiet. They must have walked for 10 minutes before they came to Park of Little Root. In it were multiple trainers, Pokemon, and parents with their children, all playing or lounging around. Confused, the Mightyena looked at him. Instead of saying anything, he simply walked over to a shadey spot he found and sat down then patted the grass next to him, asking her to join him.

Sitting next to him, she looked at him curiously. Why could he have wanted her to follow him all the way over here and why did he want her to trust him? "Do you have a home?" He asked. She hung her head low again and shook her head no. He nodded as he reached into one of the bags. "Mind if I ask you a few questions about yourself?" He asked. Not caring if he knew about her, she nodded.

He sat in silence for a few moments as he rifled through his bags. From one, he pulled out a plastic bowl and sat it in front of her. Reaching back into the bag, he pulled out of a bottle of water. Pouring the whole thing into it, he motioned her towards it, telling her to go ahead. She looked at him, as if asking if it was for her. "Go ahead, for you." He said with a smile. Cautiously, she lapped at the water, enjoying the drink as it was scarce for her to find clean water to drink.

As she drank, Torr reached into the bags of food and pulled out the burgers. As she finished drinking, he unwrapped one and held it out for her. She simply looked at him, confused beyond words. Was he really offering her some of his food? After she tried to steal from him? "I can tell you're hesitant. Let me ask you a question. How long has it been since you last ate? If not long, nod your head. If it's been a while, shake your head." He said. Shaking her head side to side, he nodded.

"Thought so," He said, "that's why I got you some. Here, take a bite." He said, the same smile on his face. Leaning in, inching closer and closer, she took a bite. All the tastes and flavors mixed in he mouth, her enjoying every savory flavor from the burger. Torr smiled, "I take it you like it?" He asked. Instantly, she nodded. Smiling still, he placed the burger on the ground for her where she quickly gobbled it up.

Unwrapping another for her, he again sat it on the ground. After he gave her another, Torr took out the one he was eating earlier. For a few moments, they sat in silence as they both ate. The Mightyena couldn't help but watch him out of the corner of her eye, for safety's sake, but she didn't feel the need to be too skeptical of him; only just a tiny bit. Minutes later, Torr spoke up again,

"Do you have a name?" She shook her head no again. He nodded, taking a bite of his burger again, he looked off into the sky, as if thinking. He looked back to her and smiled. To her, something about this mans smile felt nice.. comforting.. almost soothing. Looking at him, she cocked her head sideway, wondering what was up with this human.

Every human she'd ever met, they never liked her, if only temporarily. But this one? He was nice. Hell, she didn't even know his name. But, here he was, giving her food and actually communicating with her like she actually mattered. Because of it, she felt bad. She tried to steal from him, an actual good person, for herself. She hated living to the steretype that all Dark-Type Pokemon had. She wanted to be different; to show not all Dark-Types are like that. But instead, she did turn into one.

Looking down at her food, she couldn't help but choke back a sob. She hated this life she had. She hated having to live day to day, wondering if she'd be lucky enough to actually find any kind of food for herself. The scavenging part didn't bug her too much, but what did is when she was out of options and had to 'sell' her body for food. Sometimes, she wondered how she'd never become pregnant with pups but she was glad she wasn't. She didn't want to bring them into this world, into her problems, making them suffer.

The more she thought about it all, the harder it became to hold back her sobs. As Torr admired the beautiful day, he went to take a bite of his second burger but when he looked over to his Mightyena friend, he saw a lone tear streaming down her cheek. Quickly setting his food down, he grabbed her and pulled her close, "Are you okay? Is it something I said?" He asked.

Quickly, she shook herself out of her state and put on the fakest 'smile' she could. She didn't want him to see her upset. But he saw through that. "You know, nothing is wrong with being upset. If you just need a shoulder to cry on, you can do that right now. I won't stop you," He said with a smile. Instantly, her smile faded and she leaned into him, releasing her pent up emotions.

As she sat there, crying her eyes out, Torr whispered many soothing things telling her it would be alright. As much as she wanted to believe it, she couldn't. She wanted to know why she was alone in this world, why she deserved it. Was it because of her fur? Was she ugly? Was it because she was a Dark-Type? She would never know.

Torr let her have her moment, he didn't want to make her stop. He knew how much it meant to someone having another person be there and hold them when they're down. He never had anybody during those times. He always wished he did, but he didn't.

As a kid, Torr was a bit of the weird kid to most; he often preferred playing with the Pokemon rather than battling with them or playing with the other kids. Everyone told him Pokemon were just put here as tools for battling or pets, nothing more.. that they weren't sentient beings. But he always knew there was more to them than that. Often times, he was bullied for it. There were days where he was having a very rough day and had nobody to talk to about it other than random Pokemon he'd find while outside. But often times, as he'd await their return, they'd never come, most likely due to being caught. Due to the ridicule, he wanted to become the one who'd care for any kind of Pokemon that needed a hand. And that's exactly what he's doing now.

Torr and the Mightyena both sat there as the Mightyena continued to cry her eyes out, he wasn't sure why, but he let it happen. Deep down, he felt sorry for her. He didn't know what kind of life she had, but he'd seen her before, wandering the streets, so he had a hunch that she was a stray. He just wasn't sure how long.

He continued to stroke her fur as he whispered to her, telling her to let it out. After a while, she tears stopped and the constant sobs and cries were nothing more than a few coughs every now and then. Happy that she was calming down a bit, Torr moved in front of her to look her in the eyes. Gently grasping her cheeks, he wiped away any new tears that may be forming. "Feel better?" He asked with a genuine smile.

Strangely enough, she did. Nodding happily, the Mightyena leaned into him and nuzzled him happily, her tail swishing back and forth as a way of saying thank you for being there for her at the moment. She didn't know how long he'd be here, but she wanted to have the moment last and figured now would be a good time to say thank you.

Torr couldn't help but laugh as her fur tickled his chin and neck from her nuzzling. She continued to push him with her nuzzles, the only way she was able to. Wrapping his other arm around her, he hugged her gently. Soon, he was pushed onto his back as her nuzzles continued. Realizing she had him on his back, she quickly stopped and looked at him, a slight smile on his face. He looked at her confusedly, "What?" He asked. She shook her head, as if saying nothing, and moved to let him up. As he sat up, the Mightyena quickly leaned forward and gave his cheek a quick lick. He couldn't help but chuckle and put on the biggest grin she'd ever seen.

"Come on," He said, "Let's finish eating." She nodded and took her spot next to him again, albeit a bit closer than last time, and they continued to eat. They both ate in silence this time, both just enjoying eachothers company. After some time, Torr's phone had rang and an obnoxious tone came on, making the Mightyena jump back slightly. He couldn't help but chuckle, "Sorry." He said as pulled his phone out and answered it.

"Hello?" The Mightyena watched as he stood up and walked around as he talked into this mysterious device. "Oh, yeah, I can come. When?" She watched as he talked, an interested stare plastered on her face. Even though she just met him, she felt attached to him and didn't want him to leave. "Alright. I'm on my way." She heard him say.

Putting his phone away, he walked back over to the Mightyena. "Well, I have to go. It was nice meeting you, Mightyena. I know you don't have a nickname, so mind if I give you one?" He asked. More than happy she was going to get a proper name, she barked happily and stood up as her tail swished back and forth. Smiling, he thought for a moment. "What about... Ferra?" He asked.

Almost immediately, she yipped happily and jumped onto him, toppling him over. Instantly, she began licking his face, more than happy she got a name, and one she actually liked. The man below her continued to laugh and she nuzzled and licked him happily. A couple moments later, he had pushed her off and dusted himself off. "I'm glad you like it, girl." He said. "I'm sorry, but I've got to go. A couple of friends of mine want to do some practicing for our band. You can have the rest of the food as my treat." He said, gently placing a hand on her head.

Ferra whined, not wanting him to go. He looked at her sadly, "I'm sorry but I've got to. I'll see you soon, I'm sure." He said with a smile as he got up and turned around. "And I forgot to tell you," He said, stopping and looking at her, "my name is Torr." He said with a smile and he turned back around and continued walking. She sat down in her spot, instantly saddened not having him here. She continued to whine and whimper, wishing he'd come back and spend just a tiny bit more time with her. However, she knew he wouldn't. But she was beyond glad she now had a name and knew the name of the one who gave her all this today.

Sighing sadly to herself, Ferra walked over to the food and placed the uneaten burgers in one of the empty bags and rolled it closed. She knew she'd have to save a bit of it for when she was hungry again instead of eating it all in one go. As she picked up the bag in her maw, she turned one last time to see if Torr was waiting for her and, seeing that he wasn't, she whimped lightly one last time and began her walk back to her 'home'.

Alone once more.

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