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Hi everyone! New story, completely customized region by me, and an original team. Don't want to say too much. Also, summary is under work. One more important thing to note is that all pokemon can talk. Warning though: death in this chapter!

Enjoy! :3

*Even as you're gone, I miss you more and more.*

*Even as you're gone, I'll never forget you.*

*You were the one I could always go to.*

"Alright Digger! You've almost got it!" Ness yelled excitedly. "Finish it off with Fury Swipes!" He commanded. At the command of his trainer, the Sandshrew rushed forward towards the wild Purrloin, claws drawn and ready to strike. The Purrloin saw him coming and with little time to prepare, it tried to avoid it but ultimately didn't.

With arms flailing, the Sandshrew raked it's claws all over the helpless Purrloin's skin, causing it to cry out. Scratch after scratch, Digger's attack finally let up just as it finally fainted. Breathing heavily, it stayed in a battle stance, ready to strike again if it was faking.

A few moments passed by where neither trainer nor Pokémon moved an inch, wanting to be sure they had been victorious. But soon, one spoke up, "I think it's done. You did it Ness!" Winter, Ness's friend, spoke up. Instantly, the trainer and Pokémon ran towards each other and jumped into their arms, hugging happily.

"We did it! We won our first battle!" Ness exclaimed happily.

"For your first battle, you did pretty good. I'm impressed," Winter spoke. Breaking the hug with Digger, Ness turned towards her,

"I did? You really think so?" He asked, a small smile on his face. Winter nodded,

"I do. Of course, like most beginners, there's things you can improve on but I will leave those things to you to figure out." She said as she the bag off her back and sat it on the ground where she than began riffling through it.

"I'm glad you think that!" Ness smiled. "It means a lot a trainer like yourself thinks so!" He said. As Winter continued looking for who knows what, Ness couldn't help but feel lucky he had a friend like her. He couldn't help but blush to himself as he recalled having the absolute biggest crush on her growing up, even though he's older.

He wasn't too surprised about it either. Ness couldn't really ever figure out why he liked her, but he knew he did. The two did almost everything they could together growing up. Both their parents were surprised the two never became an actual couple, but to them both, that was fine so long as they had their friendship.

Ness watched as Winter groaned and mumbled to herself, becoming frustrated with whatever she couldn't find, "I swear to Arceus, I should really stop and organize this bag one day.. Ah! There it is!" She said, before pulling out a spray bottle.

"What's that?" Ness asked.

"This spray right here," She said, tapping the bottle, "is called a Revive. It'll.. well.. revive a fainted Pokémon. It's pretty evident by the name of it." Winter explained.

"I see. Why do you have it out? Digger here is fine. He barely took a scratch!" He said happily, hugging his Sandshrew tightly.

"Oh, you know, because I like holding it." She joked. "With every winner, there must be a loser, in this case that would be that Purrloin. Since it has no trainer, you can either capture it or you may revive it to remain free." She explained. "Since you're just starting out," She said, reaching into her pocket, "I'll give you the choice. You may try to capture this one or revive it to remain free. Again, since you're starting out, I'll provide the revive or PokéBall." She said, pulling out an empty PokéBall from her pocket, offering both to him.

Without a second thought, Ness took the revive from his friend. "How do I use this?" He asked.

"Just spray it over it's body. It'll do all the hard for you." Winter said.

Nodding to her, Ness sat Digger down on the ground next to him and walked over to the fainted Pokémon. Sitting down next to it, Ness gently scooped the Purrloin up and sat it gently onto his lap. Removing the lid from the bottle, Ness began spraying the Revive all over the Pokémon's body. As he did, he found himself petting over it's soft fur, enjoying it on his fingers. "Like this?" He asked.

"Yep. That's all you do. And when you're done, you just let the medicine do it's work!" She smiled.

"How much do I use?" He asked again.

"The whole bottle. It's really not as much as it seems," She explained, "Just make sure to spray where possible to make the process quicker. Also, a Revive won't fully heal your Pokémon, unless you use a Max Revive. Even then, it won't fully heal them, just make it so they're able to battle again. Their ability to use moves aren't restored. It's hard to explain, really." She said.

"Don't worry, I think I understand." He said, turning his attention back to the Pokémon. He then noticed his Sandshrew friend had a curious look on it's face before speaking up,

"Does having one of those things used on us Pokémon hurt?" It asked.

"I really wouldn't know. I would assume there'd be a tiny bit of stinging as it's healing you but nothing a strong Pokémon like you can't handle." She smiled and winked to Digger. The small sand-mouse smiled back to her,

"You're right! I don't need to worry about it. I'll never get hurt!" It said. Ness couldn't help but laugh at his little friend. Like him and Winter, Ness had known Digger for most of his life. His mom had gotten Ness the Sandshrew as a little present one day and the two have been friends ever since.

A few moments later, after listening to Winter and Digger talk, he felt the Purrloin in his lap begin to stir. Blinking it's easy slowly, the Purrloin took a moment to try and figure out where it was. As it locked eyes with the human and Pokémon who hurt it, it instantly began trying to stand to defend itself, only to collapse back onto the ground. Looking up, Ness heard Winter laugh at it,

"Don't worry little guy. We're not here to hurt you. It was my friends first battle, nothing more. He won't capture you." She told it with a smile. Looking between them all, the Purrloin got up slowly before proceeding to turn around and escape as quickly as it could.

Sighing to herself, Winter looked to her watch and her expression instantly changed, becoming deftly serious, "Oh crud! I'm gonna be late!" She said. Reaching onto her belt, she removed a PokéBall from it then tossed it into the air, "Torva! Go!" She yelled.

Instantly, the area around the group grew a bright white as a giant canine appeared, ready to listen to her trainer. Ness couldn't help be feel jealous about her and her Pokémon. "Hey Torva," Ness waved. Turning it's attention to the one who called it's name, the Arcanine nodded to him,

"Hello again, Ness." It said. "Start your journey I see?" Instantly, Ness smiled.

"You bet! I even won my first battle against a wild Pokémon! You should have seen!" He exclaimed.

"Good job! I'm sure one day you'll have a bunch of other Pokémon and we'll be able to battle." Torva smiled to him. Ness was about to reply before Winter cut in,

"Sorry to cut your chat short but, Torva, I just realized we're going to be late to our meeting. We need to hurry to Kensett town." She said to her Arcanine.

"You kidding me Winter? Again?" It said in disbelief. Ness couldn't help but laugh,

"Oh, Torva, if only you knew the beginning of it with her and being on time to things." Ness joked. Winter looked at him with a glare,

"Watch yourself." She said. Ness chuckled and Winter spoke up again, "Either way, we need to hurry. Mind if I ride on your back so we can actually make it on time?" She asked. Sighing and nodding, Winter nimbly jumped onto it's back then looked to Ness, "Sorry to cut our time short. Call me when you get to Aldora!" She said. "I want to hear about your trip there!"

"Don't worry, I will!" He said with a smile. Smiling back, she nodded to Torva and, like a bolt of lightning, the duo took off, too fast for Ness to see. Sighing to himself, Ness stood up then grabbed Digger and held him tightly, "Man, she's so lucky. Just wait Digger.. one day.. we'll take her on ourselves!" He smiled.

"Yeah! Then we will defeat the Champion and become Champions ourselves!" Digger replied happily. Ness smiled and began walking down Path 1, eager to see what awaited him. As he did, he couldn't help but think about how quickly Winter had gone through the Gym Circuit and gotten to where she was.

It was a little over a year ago when she had left to begin her journey. She wanted to be this ordinary trainer going around trying to beat each gym but, without really trying, she had achieved just that. She beat each gym with almost no effort and, along the way, had made many new Pokémon companions, ones that he later met and also considered his friends.

Winter and Ness planned on leaving together but, sadly, they didn't. They had a set date when they would leave but things had come up, preventing Ness from leaving. He didn't want to set Winter behind and begged her to start, where he would soon catch up to her or use her as a way of learning, to which she agreed with in the end.

Now, a year later, she still tells him about stories she had on her own journey, fueling his own passion and desire to go on his. And now, thanks to her, he finally is on that journey! And it's all thanks to her.

For the rest of the day, Digger and Ness continued on battling random wild Pokémon they saw. Most were wins, but there were a few losses along the way, which was to be expected from a beginning trainer. At first, the losses brought his mood down but he remembered what Winter had told him, "You won't always win. You will lose from time to time. But learn from the losses and use the losses to aim towards victory."

As Ness reflected upon the day so far, he didn't notice a small group of trainer approach him. "Hey! Kid! Wait up!" One of them called out. Snapping him out of his daze, he looked off to the side of the path and watched the group approach him.


"You look like you're just starting out. You also don't look like you know too much about battling. Is that true?" The one in front asked. He was substantially bigger than the other two, with more muscle on him and a scruffy looking beard on his face. Ness looked at them all and noticed they all had something similar about them. Each of them had on a bright blue jacket and, on the left side of it, had a logo that said 'FrostBite' on it.

Maybe it's just a new clothing brand and they all liked it?

"Yeah, I suppose so. It's my first day and I'm still learning. Why?" He asked.

"Well, we could teach you if you'd like." The big guy offered. Ness smiled to him,

"No thank you," Ness responded kindly, "I appreciate the offer but I'd rather learn on my own or from a close friend of mine. Thanks though!" He said, then began walking down the path to Aldora again. As he did, the big guy stepped in front of him, cutting him off,

"Nonsense. I insist you let us help you!" He said, a small smile on his face. Ness instantly got a nervous feeling deep down and began backing up slowly, trying to avoid him.

"Again, no thanks." Ness responded.

"Why not? Do you doubt me?" He asked, a fake hurt look on his face.

"No, as I said, I prefer learning on my own. Thanks." Ness said, continuing to back up away from him. As he did, he soon felt himself collide with something and, turning to see what it was, he saw it was the other people that big guy was with, both wearing grins on their face.

"Look man," Digger spoke up, "we just started today and want to figure things out on our own. Leave us alone!" He spoke, jumping down from his trainer's shoulder. Digger then extended his claws threateningly, ready to defend him if necessary.

The big guy laughed at Digger's attempt at being scary and, reaching onto his own belt, he withdrew a PokéBall and, after expanding it, he tossed it into the air. In one bright flash, a new canine appeared in front of him. It had bright blue fur on it, matching the color of its trainers coat, with two long tendrils hanging off the side of it's head. Ness instantly recognized it as a Glaceon.

"How about this kid. I'll give you a new offer since your little friend is trying to act tough. You join up with us in FrostBite and we'll spare you both the pain and suffering. Deny and.. well.. it won't be too good for you." He said, a new grin showing on his face, one that showed he wasn't one to mess with.

"I'd listen to the boss, kid." One of the other people spoke up. "You don't want to mess with his Glaceon. Even looking at it sends chills down my spine." He spoke.

"If you know what's good for you, you'll just join up with us." The other said.

Ness looked around confusedly, "I have no idea what you're talking about but I want no part of it. Just leave us alone!" Ness yelled. The big guy laughed again,

"Don't think so kid. This is your last chance, squirt. Join our cause or it won't be pretty for you." He spoke.

"I don't want a part of SnowBlind or whatever you're called. I just want to take my journey as any other trainer would." Ness spoke.

"First off," The big guy began as he picked up Ness by his shirt collar,

"Hey! Put me down!" He yelled. Instantly, in an effort to protect his trainer, Digger launched himself at the attacker, trying his best to get him to put his friend down. As his claws raked across his skin, barely even scratching him, the guy looked towards his Glaceon,

"Do you mind getting this rat off me? It's pretty annoying." He said.

"With pleasure, master," It spoke, a wicked smile on it's face. Quickly, the Glaceon jumped at the Sandshrew and, with powerful jaws, clamped down onto the back of it's neck and flung him off. Digger rolled several times before coming to a stop. Dazed, Digger slowly got up and turned his attention to the Glaceon.

"Do whatever you want to it, I don't care." He said.

"Can I kill it?" It asked, the same evil smile on it's face. Instantly, Ness felt his stomach drop, fearing the worse.

"Come on! This isn't funny! Leave us alone!" He begged.

"Not yet, but make sure it won't bother me again." He instructed. Nodding to him, the Glaceon charged at Digger again. This time, it's fangs were showing and they were covered in pure ice.

"Digger! Watch out! It's using Ice Fang!" Ness yelled. Jumping to the side, Digger avoided the attack and, with little time to recover, Digger turned around to only see the Glaceons head collide with his in a powerful Headbutt. "Stop! Leave him alone!" Ness begged, fearing for his friend's life.

"You know," The big guy spoke up, "forget my offer of you joining FrostBite, you're super annoying." He spoke.

"I don't care! Just let us go! Please!" Ness begged.

"Would you just shut the fuck up already?" The man groaned. With a powerful shove, he threw Ness across the road where he tumbled multiple times. As Digger watched this, he tried his best to get up and run to his aid. However, just as he stood up, he was pushed back down by the paws of the Glaceon.

As Ness tried to figure out what was going on through his daze, he heard a pained scream and looked to see Digger was in the grasp of the Glaceon, with what looked to be ice forming all around his body.

"What are you doing? Leave him alone!" Ness yelled. He tried to get up but, just as he did, he was pushed back down by the boot of the big guy.

"You should have taken the offer to join us kid. We don't like being turned down. Too bad you have to learn the hard way at your friend's expense. Luckily for you though, I'll spare you." He said. "Just remember, the next time you see me, you won't be so lucky." He said. He then turned his attention to the Glaceon and shrieking Sandshrew flailing around wildly, trying to break free of the pain being caused. With a single nod from the man, the Glaceon smiled the best it could.

In an instant, Ness knew what was coming. "Digger! No!" He cried out. In a desperate attempt, Ness sprang to his feet and charged at the Pokémon, only to be stopped by the leader again as he gripped his shirt and threw him back to the ground.

"Make sure he doesn't get up," He said, looking to the other two with him. Getting an affirmative nod from them both, he then turned his attention back to his Glaceon. Soon after, Ness felt himself be grabbed by the two others and, no matter how much he struggled, they had him and he could do nothing.

"Winter! Please! Where are you?!" Ness cried out, hoping that, by some random chance, Winter was there waiting for him. "Somebody! Please! Help!" He cried out again. As he continued to cry out, the leader spoke up again,

"Sorry kid. Maybe next time you'll listen." He said. As he finished his statement, he turned to the Glaceon and watched as it continued freezing Digger. Digger kept screaming pain as the cold slowly enveloped his body. Ness watched on in horror as his lifelong friend was literally being frozen to death, right in front of him, and he couldn't do a thing to stop it.

"Please, stop. Don't kill him.. please!" Ness begged, tears beginning to fall from his eyes.

Why me?! What did I do to deserve this!? Why Digger? I just wanted a journey to remember, not this!

The longer the Glaceon had a deathgrip on Digger, the slower and more shallow his breaths became. Ness watched on as his friend was literally helpless and was soon to be gone. But what amazed him is that, even on the brink of death and through all the pain, Digger had a smile on his face.

"Ness.." He wheezed, "don't feel sad. It hurts so much, but I want you to ignore my pain. I want you to know I'm sorry I couldn't protect us; that I failed us." Digger said between ragged breaths, "But I want you to listen to me, and listen good. The years growing up together are ones that I want you to remember. Cherish them." He said.

"No, Digger, it's not too late! I can save us!" Ness yelled. He watched as Digger chuckled lightly,

"No, you can save yourself. When you get out of here, I want you to do one thing for me. And continue your journey. Don't you dare stop because I'm not here. Never forget the moments we had. Got it?" Digger smiled lightly.

"Don't talk like that. I won't let you die. You can't die! This isn't how it was supposed to go…"

"Ugh, that's enough of that. Glaceon, do you mind? I've had enough of the sappy. Just finish him off, already." The big guy instructed.

"Never forget what I said Ness. Good bye." Digger said, a lone tear streaming down his face.

"No! Digger!" Ness yelled, tears continuing to flow. In one fluid instant, Ness watched as the Glaceon swiftly slammed its paws onto the back of Digger then quickly jerked its head to the side, snapping Digger's neck. "DIGGER!" Ness cried out, unable to believe he just saw what he did. "I swear to Arceus, I'll fucking kill you!" Ness yelled out, shaking violently, trying to break free from his captors. The people simply laughed at him,

"Good luck kid." He spoke. Continuing to watch the Glaceon, it then threw the body over to Ness where it landed right in front of him. Ness looked in horror as the expression on his friends face was dull and lifeless, confirming he was dead. The Glaceon then walked over to them both and sat in front of the corpse of Digger and spoke up,

"Want me to cut his neck as well to make sure?" It asked. The leader shook his head,

"No need. He was weak, even if he survived the initial break, there's no way he will be the time anyone finds them." He said. With a nod from the Glaceon, it stood back up and, quite literally, walked over Diggers corpse and, jumping up and resting its paws on his shoulders, it looked into Ness's eyes,

"You hear me, and hear me well kid, if I ever see you again, I will personally make your death much worse. Not only will I kill you, but I will personally make sure your bones are broken and that you will know who is truly dominant." It said, an evil smile on it's face.

"You may as well just kill me now, because you've taken all I have left in this world." Ness said, a new tear running down his cheek. The Glaceon seemed to notice it and, as if to add insult to injury, it proceeded to lick the tear clean off his cheek. It then laughed at him,

"Tears of children never get old!" It exclaimed before jumping off his shoulders.

"You're one fucked up Pokémon, you know that?" The big guy laughed at the Glaceon. The Glaceon nodded and laughed back. "Anyways, we've done our business." The guy walked up to Ness and squatted down in front of him, becoming eye level with him. "Like my Glaceon friend said kid, do not let me see you again. Your life will be much worse if you do." He said, before standing up, "And to anyone who may be out there! Do not stand in the way of FrostBite, for we will achieve our goal and eliminate anybody, man, woman, or child, who opposes us!" He yelled.

As he yelled his small speech, a little ringtone was heard and one of the grunts behind him let go of Ness's wrists, where he then answered one of his phones. Another moment later, the grunt turned his attention to their leader, "Drist, sir, they're ready for you now." He said.

"Alright, thank you." He then turned his attention to his Glaceon, "Glaceon, knock the kid out." He said. With a nod from it, the Glaceon looked to him. And just before it charged, the guy spoke up once more,

"Never forget FrostBite."

Well, there it is! Chapter 1! I'm not the best at beginning chapters but I feel this was alright. I promise they'll get better as the story progresses.

Credits to my friend Winter for the name of the story and credits to my friend Lost Song for the name of the "team"!

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