A New Affair

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A twenty-four year old Sora Takenouchi tossed and turned on the bed, groaning with unsatisfied lust.

She and her fiancée Matt Ishida had just gotten finished with yet another round of unsatisfying sex, and he’d fallen asleep not long after blowing his load inside her.  She rolled over and sighed, looking at her soiled pussy in disappointment.

“It’s like this again…ugh…”

She padded into the bathroom, and set about cleaning herself out…but first, she rubbed herself with her fingers, hurriedly and quietly trying to finish herself off.

This was awful; Matt may have been a somewhat devoted boyfriend but his skills in the bedroom were somewhat lacking.  To say nothing of his size…or, again the lack thereof.

But she had chosen him, and she would stick with him, no matter that he’d barely touched her in all the years they’d been together...

She groaned and bit her lip as she finished fingering herself to another lonely,  joyless orgasm.

She’d stick with Matt no matter what but damn, this sucked---and not in the fun way either.


Sora sighed.  “Are you sure you have to go?”

Matt nodded and said, “I’m sorry, but I have to.  This may be our big break, Sora…I can’t take the chance it’s not.”

Matt finished stacking the rest of his bags by the door.  Turning about, he kissed her on the cheek once.  “Love you.  See you soon, dear.”

And with that, he was gone.

Sora pouted and sat down on the couch, sighing with disappointment.

“…Well….I guess I’ll go shopping, then.”

Scene Break

Sora came back from the mall, trying to shake off the crushing lonliness building in her heart.  She hadn’t really found anything worth buying, and Mimi was busy helping a sick Izzy.

She kept trudging up the stairs to her apartment…and blinked as someone pushed past her.



A man carrying a bunch of boxes bumped into her.  With a scream, she tripped, her ankle twisting the wrong way as her legs gave out.


Immediately one of the movers was at her side, his strong hands helping her to her feet.

“Omigosh, Sora, are you alright?!”

Sora blinked.  She knew that voice…


She looked into a sweetly handsome face, big brown eyes clouded with worry, a familiar wild mane of hair sticking up in every direction.  Full lips twisted into a concerned frown as he leaned in…

---leaned in to kiss her, his big strong hands tearing at her clothes as his lips met hers---

Sora blinked.  Where the hell had that mental image come from?

Her eyes widened as she was easily lifted off the ground by a pair of muscular arms.  Tai held her as gently as a baby, smiling at her.

She thought to herself, “When had he gotten so strong!?”

She could feel herself cradled against his chest, feeling the muscles underneath his thin t-shirt, lifted as easily

Tai turned to the other movers.  “Sorry about this, um…can you guys carry on without me? I’ll sort the rest of the stuff out myself.  She’s a friend.”

The guys waved him off.  “Sure thing, Tai!  Go help out your girlfriend!”

“She’s not my girlfriend! She’s my best friend!”

One of the other movers snorted. “That’s what they all say…”


“Are you sure you’re okay?”

Sora let him finish tying the bandage on her foot, gently replying, “For the hundredth time, Tai, I’m okay.  I’m not made of glass!”

She said that last bit a little more forcefully than she meant, making him flinch.  She was immediately apologetic.  “Sorry…I’ve just been on edge recently.  Um…would you like to stay for a bit, Tai?”

Her oldest friend’s smile was like the sun coming up.  “I’d like that.”

Sora blushed deeper and casually removed her foot from his hand.

“Well, I’ll go get some drinks…”


“…so then I says, ‘Rectum? Damn near killed ‘em!”

Sora and Tai broke into loud guffaws, trying not to spill their sake.  She knew it was probably unwise---she didn’t handle her booze well---but she wanted to relax and Matt was gone and she was so very lonely…

And Tai was such a lovely guest.  Charming, kind, always so generous…a bit of a knucklehead but she could deal with that.

She kept her eyes on his slightly flushed face, trying and failing to ignore the way his lips moved when he talked---

---imagining kissing those full, pouty lips, her tongue snaking out to meet his as she ground herself against his body, his big, beautiful cock rubbing against her crotch---

She hiccupped.   That one was so vivid…

Tai chuckled.  “You okay over there?”

Sora blushed a little deeper.  “Yes, I’m fine…just a little too much too fast, you know?”

Tai took a swallow himself.  “I can imagine…so how have you been, beautiful?”

Sora felt a rush of heat that had nothing to do with the alcohol.  When was the last time someone called her beautiful? Matt certainly hadn’t…

“I’ve been good…just a little stressed out.  Matt’s been so busy all the time and everyone else has their own lives now…it’s odd feeling kind of, what’s the word…lonely?”

Tai’s eyes softened.  “Oh, Sora…”

“It’s okay, though…I can deal with it.”  She coughed slightly as she took another sip.  “So, why did you leave town, anyway?”

Tai scratched the back of his head.  “Well, after that mess in Tokyo Bay with Armageddemon, I had to sort out my head.  I had to deal with a lot of personal crap…and a stalker.”

Sora gasped, her hand over her heart. “Oh my…”

“Yeah, it was someone I knew back in 1998, who wanted payback for something he claimed I did to him. We ended up fighting twice before the police finally caught him…but he kicked my ass both times.  After that…I kind of got obsessed with exercising regularly again.  I never really wanted to feel that helpless or weak ever again, so I started to really work on that.”

The awkwardness faded as he struck a goofy bodybuilder’s pose, snickering.  Sora giggled, even as she felt her lower lips drooling as she saw his muscles flex under that tight, tight shirt.

“Let’s see somebody try that again now…but yeah, after that, I decided to come back to Odaiba.  I kind of missed it here.”

Sora swallowed thickly, still imagining Tai without his shirt on. “Erm, excuse me, Tai…I’ll go get us some more.”

Without waiting for his response, she all but fled into the kitchen.


There’s something wrong with me…

Sora stood in the kitchen, her face flushed, her fingers tracing a small angular bulge under her blouse.

I brought a man, even if it was Tai, inside the apartment while my fiancée wasn’t home…

He called me beautiful, she thought, and I was so stupidly happy with something that minor.  I shouldn’t be, but…

Finally, her hand slowly snaked into her skirt, seeking something.

His hands were so strong…his fingers so thick…they were so much bigger than Matt’s…

Slowly she started to rub her pussy like a sweet pet, thoughts of Tai’s lips and Tai’s fingers and Tai’s body racing around inside her head…

She shouldn’t be thinking this, this was betraying Matt, but all she could think to do right now was jill off to her childhood friend…

This was so sick!

She bit her lip, her fingers toying with the little love button, so into her masturbatory fantasy she almost didn’t hear the noise behind her.


Tai was staring at her, his face curiously unreadable.

Sora went redder than her hair.  “T-T-Tai, I can explain! This isn’t..um….”

Tai came closer.  Sora backed into the wall…realizing in this position he towered over her.

“That is..um…we’re not…um…”

She squeaked as Tai’s right hand came up to gently caress her face.  She didn’t pull away, however, not even when his thumb slipped into her mouth.  Automatically, she sucked on it as if it were a cock.

His finger…this is just his finger…

As her hand came up to tug at his arm, he pulled his thumb out of her mouth, his hand still cupping her cheek.  His bangs shadowed his eyes as he leaned in closer….and their lips met.

Sora felt an electric shock run down her spine as she kissed her best friend, her fiancée’s best friend, on the lips, and he kissed her back with equal fervor.

His hand released hers, slipping into her panties, toying with her clit with great glee, making her knees buckle as two of his thick fingers thrust into her cunt.  Her mind was racing, trying to come up with some kind of justification for what she was doing, but found nothing.  Tai’s wet lips and swirling tongue kept derailing her trains of thought!

Tai cupped her chin as he kissed her again and again, and his fingers swiftly brought her to climax right in her panties, soaking them with her own juices.  Her knees weakened and she sagged against him, panting for air.  Her eyes slid shut as she breathed in Tai’s own scent…so good, so manly…

Just…just his fingers made me cum, that hard…I’ve never, ever come that fast before…god, it takes me fifteen minutes and Matt almost twice that long…

Tai held her as she caught her breath…and she felt him starting to tug her panties down.  Her eyes shot open in surprise, but she didn’t ask him to stop.

She stayed silent even as he tugged the rest of her clothes off, not even protesting when he all but tossed her onto the floor of her own kitchen.  She felt him tear her shirt apart, and covered her face with her hands as he ripped apart her bra too.

So rough…so forceful…

She didn’t dare look as he spread her legs open, one hand exposing her pink, still gushing wet pussy.  He pinched her clit between his thumb and forefinger, rubbing it gently, her back arching as she felt him tug on it.

Sora bit her lip as he spread her flower wide…and uncovered her face.  Her expression turned fearful as she saw what he was up to now.

Tai had kicked off his pants, still giving her that smoldering, predatory look, and exposed what looked like at least eight or nine inches of cock, possibly even ten.  The thing jutted forth proudly from his crotch, veins standing out on the immense, fat shaft and weighty underbelly.

She croaked.  “Oh my god, that thing’s enormous…”

Tai actually smirked…but that just made his expression even more intimidating.  He grabbed her legs with both hands, spreading them wide as he lined up with her pussy…and slowly, torturously pushed himself inside her.

Sora struggled to contain her moans, her eyes wide, her jaws agape.

His thick cock…so…so big, bigger than Matt’s…

She thrust her hips up slightly, letting the big man shove more into her, penetrating her so deeply she feared he would hit her womb.  Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes, saliva slowly rolling out of her lips as he kissed her again.  She couldn’t help herself as her old friend bottomed out inside her belly.

I…I can’t…

Sora’s hands came up to play with her breasts, tweaking her erect nipples as Tai grabbed her legs and started to thrust inside her, his hips meet into her thighs with lewd, wet smacking noises, his cock plunging in and out of her with relentless viciousness.

Tai had a leg in each hand, his eyes never leaving hers as he fucked her.  Sweat poured off their frames from their relentless motion, Sora feeling her own juices gushing out of her body again in a puddle on the floor. This wasn’t lovemaking, this wasn’t someone awkwardly pawing at her for a few minutes and then going to sleep…this was fucking. Rough, passionate, animalistic fucking. She was being used like a shameless, wanton ten-yen whore.

And she loved every minute of it.

Tai’s mouth found one of her breasts, his tongue toying and teasing the nipple as he sheathed himself inside her again, making her moan at last.  She knew this was wrong, she knew she should tell him to stop, but she felt her lover filling her in places she’d never knew she had…

All too soon, it ended, and Sora climaxed with another squeal, Tai’s cock not even slowing down until she felt his enormous cockhead smash into her cervix and he climaxed with a grunt, his teeth bared, his stallion’s buttocks flexing as he shoved himself into her core and ejaculated.

Panting, he fell atop her, their limbs bonelessly splayed out around them, their lips meeting one more time.

Finally, Sora spoke.

“I don’t mind…if you use the shower around the corner…but we can’t do this again.  Go back…I won’t tell anyone about this…”

Tai pulled out of her pussy with a wet, gooey pop.  The noise made him chuckle.  “That’s okay…I’ve wanted to do that for so long I don’t really mind.”

He stood up after kissing her on the forehead, and padded off into the bathroom.


What have I done!?

Sora stood in the kitchen, having cleaned everything up until it gleamed, not daring to leave even a tiny bit of evidence left of her infidelity.

Her mind was racing, trying to forget how good what she had just done felt and more on what her friends would say---what Matt would say--- if they found out about this.

She’d committed one of the worst betrayals imaginable with her closest friend…well, closer than friends now, she mused, guiltily.

But she was so lonely, so untouched…thoughts of having to go back to Matt and being ignored came back to her and she shivered involuntarily.  She felt dirty.

And then a thought occurred to her.  What does one do when one is dirty?

Why, they clean up.

She padded towards the still running shower, ignoring the phone ringing behind her.


Tai was finishing up in the shower when he heard a noise.  He looked up to see a beautiful, naked redhead step into the shower with him and lean against his broad chest, sobbing quietly.

Tai was confused, but did what came naturally---he held her.

“What’s wrong, Sora?”

“Everything.  We shouldn’t have done that, I know we shouldn’t, but I don’t want it to stop…”

She grasped his cock with one delicate hand, stroking it as she whispered, “Am I a bad girl, Tai?  Is it wrong that I want you to fuck me all night long?”

Gathering her into his arms, Tai kissed the top of her head.  He held her, very gently, one of his hands rubbing her back in soothing circles, the water running down both of their naked bodies.  Despite the way her breasts pressed against his broad chest, his arousal came secondary to her needs.  “Do you want me to, Sora?”


Tai just grinned.  “Okay then.  Turn around for me, and lean against the wall there.”

Sora pressed her hands up against the wall, bent over in the shower as Tai fucked her from behind.  Tears leaked from her eyes, mingling with the warm water running down her cheeks as he pounded her.  His hands roughly squeezed and kneaded her buttocks like dough, one of his thick fingers sneaking inside her asshole, teasing it as he fucked her.

The noise of their joined sexes and hips smacking together in the wet warmth was music to his ears.

“You have a very sexy ass, Sora…”


It was true---Tai loved the heart-shape of it, the soft plushness of it.  It was the one thing Sora’s exercise regimen couldn’t get rid of, and arguably she didn’t want to lose it anyway.  His hands left her hips as he repositioned himself, bending over further to grasp Sora’s soft, large breasts.

Outside, where the two lovers couldn’t hear, the voicemail picked up a message.

“Sorry, Sora…but it doesn’t seem like I can come home any time soon.  Make sure to lock the door as usual!”

It hung up, the voice’s owner blissfully ignorant of what was going on in the shower.

Sora gasped and moaned, whimpering as Tai’s stiff, thick meat slowly slid inside her neglected, tight snatch.  Tai continued to knead and massage her soft, ample bosom, thumbs circling the nipples as he wiggled his hips, stretching her out but good.

Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes, mingling with the water running down her body---it just felt so good.  She’d never known it could feel so good!

Tai let his hands leave her breasts, coming down to grip her hips, holding them steady so he could plow her.  A shit-eating grin stole across his features as he started to fuck the beautiful redhead at last, trying not to laugh out loud.

Sora didn’t know it yet, but this was only the beginning.

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