Sweet as Sugar

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A/N: All the dialogue being used should be understood as the English equivalent to what is said in Japanese. As such, I will dispense with the honorific subtitles in the case of the less formal ones while the formal ones will be translated to Miss, Mrs, Mister, Sir, etc. All phone conversations will (hopefully) be underlined if the site supports underlines.


Sweet as Sugar

Chapter One

You pushed a strand of your hair out of your eyes as the sun continued to shine overhead. Of all the things to go wrong that day the sun seemed so small in comparison. Still it was annoying that it still had to be so bright. Especially since the smoke of your burnt down house clogged the air like no one's business.

Yes, your house had burnt down. That was why you were stuck in the place known as a hotel. And while the hotel was extraordinary it didn't replace a home.

Stupid arsonist.

So now you were completely stranded in Japan until the deal with your passport was straightened out. Apparently it had been burnt too. Although you were absolutely <i>positive</i> you had placed it in your "Emergency" bag just in case you needed an ID. But apparently, even though you had every other basic thing you needed still in there, you'd dropped it when you had run out of your house in the middle of the dark, cool night.

Did you ever mention how much you hated the sun?

You tucked your hands inside of your pockets and headed back into the actual hotel. You had your own room, all to yourself, and you were quite lonely there but you couldn't do anything about that. Your grandparents had wanted something more traditional and you hadn't. Sleeping on beds that were on the ground and sitting on a chair to wash down on before you entered a bath hadn't appealed to you. You'd been told by your grandparents that you were influenced too much by your "western" side and to be truthful you probably were. After all you had spent most of your life over in America or England, sometimes France, because you were three-quarters "Western".

So you were all by yourself most of the time and while you did like your privacy there was just something about the absolute silence of your room that creeped you out. So before you sat down on your bed in the bedroom you flipped on a stereo you had.

The song slowly came over the speakers -not a song that people probably would have thought you listened to. The song was Principles of Lust by Enigma and you would probably be the first to admit that the lyrics weren't all that clean. But someone didn't have to be taken that way if they hadn't seen the music video to it. Besides it was a pretty song; soft spoken with a lovely background going throughout the song. And if someone ignored the suggestiveness of the music video that itself was beautiful.

You jumped when you heard the clear sound of the telephone go off. A little bit surprised you couldn't help but wonder who it was that was calling you. So as quickly as you could you got up and put the phone on speaker phone.



You blinked when you heard Hani's soft, boyish voice over the speaker. "Hello, Hani."

"I heard about the fire. Are you okay?"

...how did he already hear about the - never mind. For a moment you forgot the type of ties that Hani's family possessed. It was easy to forget when you looked at him. That's why he was the Host club you visited at the Host Club. Being with him made you forget the worries of being a young adult. His childlike behavior made you, if only for a few minutes, forget about the responsibilities and pressures that were slowly leaking into your life.

"I'm okay. I'm staying at a nice hotel near school until things get sorted out."

You practically heard him fidget and readjust his favorite stuffed animal even over the phone. "Usa-chan", the name which he'd given his stuff rabbit, went everywhere he did it seemed. How he got away with it in class you weren't sure. But then again you weren't sure you wanted to know either, it might destroy the illusion. After everything that had happened recently that wasn't something you were looking forward to having happen.

"So you're not leaving then?"

You sighed heavily as you moved the phone away from your mouth. The answer was probably obvious but it had been one you weren't looking forward to. You didn't want to stay in Japan. You wanted to go back home away from your judgmental grandparents. Just like you had told Hani and Mori a few days ago during school. But after the whole arsen thing you couldn't do that. You couldn't leave without proper identification because of the whole travel laws. Not to mention you were on your last set of clothing among other worries...

Moving the phone back towards your mouth you finally answered, "No, Hani, I have to stay in Japan now."

"Well I'm glad you're staying. Usa is too."

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