Kari\'s Gift

BY : Talonias
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T.K. was someone who liked to think that he was of a meticulous nature. Perhaps not In the same way, as, for example, Joe, and definitely not like Izzy, but he was someone who liked to keep his thoughts in order, and his mind focused on the job. Whatever that job might be. Currently, he was standing by the door of his new apartment, a present from the others. It was sparse, and not very well furnished, but it was his. A space that belonged to him, in which he could do what he wanted. It had been a small gesture, funded by Matt's band after they had finally managed to hit it big. (Though he still couldn't recall what they called themselves right now. The Lone Sharks? Or was that last year?) He shook his head, a faint smile plastered across his face.

T.K. had long since come to the conclusion that he would never tire of the exploits of his older brother, and the band that he had helped to form. He followed their long career of breaking up, reforming, changing their name and repeating the cycle as other people might have followed a soap opera. It was good fun, so long as you weren't involved yourself.

Talking about fun...

He swept his eyes over the table, noting the half-drunk bottles of cola, the pizza boxes stacked upon each other, and various other miscellaneous detritus of the party. Stalking towards them with a sigh, T.K. paused to pick up a ''Happy 19th Birthday'' flyer which had somehow become submerged in someone's drink. It was good to have the old gang back together, he thought to himself. They were so scattered nowadays, so far apart. With Mimi in America, Joe constantly on his studies, Matt sometimes touring, and well, everyone else had their own little things to take care of as well. It was rare that all of them managed to be in the same place. Even the new generation, Davis, Ken and the like seemed to be drifting apart. It was natural, he supposed, but it still left him feeling somewhat empty. That they had shared this great adventure, and then it had ended. What was left for them? To go back to normal life? It certainly seemed so.

But, he supposed, it wasn't all bad. He had enough money to get by, he had a house of his own even if it was a small one. He had the friendship of Patamon, even if he was in the Digital World currently along with all the others. His life was good.

There came a soft knocking at the door, which stirred him out of his morose thoughts. Maybe one of the others had forgotten their things? He shrugged; it was always possible.

“Probably Davis.” He said to himself, walking to the door. “I swear, he'd forget his own head if he didn't have it attached.” He reached out, and unbolted the lock, running his hands across to the knob which he twisted to lever the door apart. It swung clear, but it wasn't Davis he found waiting for him in the portal beyond.

“Kari?” He asked with a confused voice. “Didn't you say that you were going to stay with one of your friends?”

He stood back, and let her into the house. She was dressed as she had been before, in her uniform. A green blouse and skirt, which left her legs bare. T.K. resisted the urge to stare at them, as he often did. Knowing that she'd probably pick up on it. He always felt guilty when Kari was around, it was hard to compare this beautiful woman to the kid he'd first met so long ago. It was made all the worse since he enjoyed her company so much. A constant fight between their friendship, and the urges he felt when she came close. He tried not to imagine her without her clothes on, even as she walked past him. The sway of her body making it all the harder. Her uniform was not in the least attractive, but Kari could have been wearing nothing but a potato sack and he would have thought she looked good. Especially if she were wearing nothing but a sack.

He shook his head quickly, cleansing the image before it could become fully formed. Even so, he felt an uncomfortable stirring between his legs, and forced himself to move forwards.

“So what brings you back here?” He said, the door closing with a solid sound behind him. “Did your taxi not arrive on time or something?”

“Something like that.” She said. She was standing with her back to him; looking at the table where they had sat not hours ago. “I actually had to cancel it, since my friend is out of town for a few days. I thought I'd come back here for a while, if that's okay with you T.K.?”

“That's absolutely fine.” He said quickly. “You know that you can always come here if you need to. Do you want me to phone your brother? He'd probably want to know.”

“Maybe later.” She said, turning around to face him with a smile on her face. It was beautifully framed by her close cut brown hair; her wide eyes sparkling with merriment. “I thought I'd just hang out here for a while! You don't have a problem with that, do you?”

“O-of course not.” T.K. laughed. “It's just a bit surprising, that's all. We hung out all day, and now you want to do it during the night as well? Won't it get a bit old?”

“Maybe it will. But I've been thinking.” Kari took a step forward, he realised that she looked flushed. The blood of her face rushing to her cheeks. He wondered for a moment if she was too hot, but it was friezing outside. Her eyes were different to, they had a set of determination about them. Like she had looked so long ago when she set out to do something that no one else had thought to do, or even considered. It was enough to make the air catch in the back of his throat, and he tried to ignore the hope that it ignited in his desires.

“I didn't get you much of a birthday present.” She said, the sudden change in conversation threw him for a moment. It was true enough; Kari had just gotten him some clothes, citing that she had been really busy lately, and hadn't had time to shop. T.K. had been fine with it, just having everyone under the same roof again was more than enough of a gift for him.

“That's perfectly fine. Just seeing everyone again was more than good enough. I mean, Mimi, your brother, my brother, Joe and Izzy, Davis, you. We don't get together so often. I was just thinking that. It's like we're drifting apart now.”

“Yeah.” She nodded sadly. “It's kind of like last time, isn't it? Everyone has their own thing to do, their own life to follow. It's easy not to realise how separate we've gotten until something like this happens, and we all come together again. Then, it just hits you.”

“I don't want us to drift apart again.” T.K. turned away from her, walking to the mirror which had been erected on the wall at the far side of the table. Reflected in it, he could see the whole room. He gazed at it for a moment. “But I'm afraid there isn't much we can do to prevent it. It's just life. Like you said. We drift apart. Everything drifts apart.”

In the mirror, he saw Kari coming up behind him. She was walking slowly, almost hesitantly. Like she was afraid. Her face was set into a thoughtful look, but this only enhanced her attractiveness. He wanted her. He wanted to feel her pushing up against him, her naked skin against his. He wanted...he wanted...

No! He thought. That's not the way you treat a friend, especially not her. She's not interested, and I...I'm not sure. It wouldn't be fair.

She touched his shoulder, the feel of her fingers through his shirt sending shivers down his spine. Her skin was soft; and her touch gentle. He looked at her face in the mirror, comparing the confident woman she was now to the girl he had first known. Such a change, and yet, could he really say that it was surprising? The signs had all been there, she'd just grown into them was all.

“I made myself a promise when I went searching for your gift.” Kari said softly. The blush about her cheeks was back again, all the more evident in the mirror. “If I couldn't find anything nice, I'd give...something else...”

“What you gave me was fine.” He assured her. I I just-”

“T.K. do you like girls?”

He did his best impression of a deer caught in a headlight, boggling at the unexpected question. He found himself turning towards her; she looked almost as bad as he did. The blush across her cheeks had deepened to a crimson colour, and she almost seemed to be doing her best not to look at his face.

“Of course I do.” He said, not knowing what else to say. That she might think he was gay was confusing, and a little startling since it seemed to have come from absolutely nowhere.

“Then...” She faltered, her voice fading for a moment before she caught herself. “D-do you like me?”

“Like you? Kari you're one of my best friends. We've been through so many things together, the Dark Masters, the Digimon Emperor, the-”

“No, not like that.” Kari frowned, or pouted might be more apt. Her lips curling slightly at the edges. She took a deep breath. “Do you like me in the same way you like girls?”

That one floored him. For a moment, he was utterly speechless, absolutely incapable of anything as he processed the question. It had to be a mistake, she had to have meant something else. No way was Kari asking if he...

“I...” He swallowed, wondering what he should say. After a brief, panic-filled moment he elected to go with the truth. “I think you're beautiful.”

“That's good.” Her blush was turning an even deeper crimson now, if such a thing were possible. She still refused to look him in the eye. He wondered what was happening, what was going on. She spoke again.

“I...I promised myself that if I didn't get you a gift I was happy with, I'd let you do what you wanted with me.”

“Kari, you can't mean what I think you mean?”

“I do.” The colour of her blush left little doubt about it, the deep crimson hue of embarrassment and awkwardness. “I like you too, T.K. And I’ll do whatever you want until the end of the week. That's two days, counting today. I..I wasn't sure he to say it, so I just came out and did it.”

“Kari, you can't mean-”

She stepped closer to him, wrapping her arm around his shoulder, and pulling him close. He felt her body against his own, even through their clothes. The slight push of her breasts on his chest, her long legs; his breath caught in his throat, and he was sure that he had to be dreaming.

“Anything.” She whispered to him.

She kissed him, driving her tongue deep into his mouth, and it was the only cue his own body needed. He found himself responding in equal measure, holding her tightly against him. He felt her, her body close to his. As they kissed, he felt something else. Her free hand, tracing its way down his shoulder. Sliding across his chest, he felt her fingers at he waistband of his trousers. His heart was racing, and he'd never expected this, but somehow, he didn't find himself quite able to tell her to stop.

Her hand dipped below the line of his pants; it felt cold against his skin. Then, it was at the barrier of his underwear, she paused there. Unsure, then she plunged in. He felt her wrap uncertain fingers around his penis. The sensation enough to make him hard, The shifting of her hand upon his lower self was better than he could have imagined. The two continued to kiss, T.K. felt himself kissing with more passion now, as she stroked his lower self. Her fingers bringing it back and forth; touching him and making him hard. He groaned; it was hard to believe that this was really happening. That it wasn't just one of his fantasies, and that it was Kari of all people.

“Do you like this?” She whispered between kisses. “I-in the videos I watched, the guys seemed to like this.”

Wait, videos?

He decided to ignore that thought as her fingers played over his lower self again. He didn't feel like he could get much harder, and each touch of her fingers sent fire coursing through him. He wanted her so much right now!

“T-that's enough.” He said, stepping away from her. He felt her hand withdraw from his penis with reluctant, his member staying firmly erect through his pants. Kari was looking at him, confusion on her face.

“Do you not like that?”

“No, it's not that. It felt very...” He searched for an appropriate word before giving up. “Nice. But I need to know what you're doing here, how far are you going to take this?”

She flushed again, but met his gaze. “As far as you want. L-like I said. You're the one in charge. I'll do whatever you want for the two days.”

“Anything I say? Even if I told you to get on your hands and knees, and put it in your mouth?”

“Do you want me to do that?”

“No! That was just a test! You'll really do anything I ask?”


“And no one's forcing you?”

She frowned at him, anger flashing in her eyes. “Of course not, T.K. I just like you, and I wanted to give you something nice for your birthday.”

“O-okay. Just give me a minute, this is sort of sudden.” He shook his head. Hardly daring to believe his luck. Hardly daring to believe that this was really happening. He had an idea, it almost brought his heart to a stop now that he realised it might actually happen, but it had been something he'd dreamed of for some weeks now.

“Kari. Can you stand up, and go to the centre of the room? Just beside the table.”

She nodded, and did what he was asking, though her face was a mask of confusion. He wondered if he would even be brave enough to say the next words; the words seemed stuck in his throat. She stood, with her hands by her side. Waiting for the next instruction.

“Kari, can you please start to...to dance? And take your clothes off while you do?” He could hardly believed he had dared to voice the words. Never mind that she slowly nodded, face still flushing crimson.

Kari started to dance. It wasn't much of one at first; a sort of soft hop that barely reached beyond her legs; but as she danced, she built on it. Letting the motion rise up her body, her eyes were pressed tightly closed; lost in a world of her own as she danced. The first to go were the shoes; she kicked them off as she danced, turning and twisting in a way that sent her skirt fluttering about her legs. Showing off her long limbs; the soft tone of her skin. T.K. gulped, it seemed impossible that she was willingly doing what he wanted. It had to be a game, she'd pull back. She'd pull back before she got into any of the really serious stuff.

Her blouse came off next, shrugged off as she danced, T.K. watched as the bare skin of her abdomen was visible for a second, and then obscured by the under-shirt. Under the green blouse, she wore a standard white shirt. But it was thin, and T.K. could see her cream skin beneath, the colour of her bra, and the sweat shining from her dance. His eyes roamed across her, and he moved to the chair next to where she was dancing.

She was turning and swaying now; not the most energetic of dances, but enough to show off her body. To show the curves she'd developed now that she was mature. Then, she started to unbutton the shirt. Hands moving slowly, sensuously as they undid one button after the next. To both of their surprise, Kari actually seemed to be getting into it now, stroking her breasts on the way down to the final button. The shirt flapped open, and she shrugged it off as well. Now, only a bra protected the modesty of her upper chest. T.K. couldn't believe it.

To his disappointment, her hands moved away from the bra now. Swaying to her side, lost in a music only she could hear. She loosened the skirt, during a particularly energetic movement, and then began to move slowly. Letting it slide down of its own accord. He watched with rapt gaze, and she kicked it away.

Kari stood, dancing for him in only her bra, socks and panties now. They were black panties, and hugged her body tightly. He couldn't help but look, feasting his eyes on her lower body. The sway of her naked hips, the shape of her lower self under those panties. His erection was almost painful now, and absently, he began to stroke it. Touching himself while he watched his oldest friend dance for his amusement.

She opened her eyes, looking at him gazing at her. She was still dancing, swaying as her hands moved behind her back, and he heard a clasp undone. The bra slid forward, and Kari let it fall. Her breasts stood revealed to himself, for the first time not in his fantasy but for real. They were slim breasts, lithe as the rest of her body. But beautiful for it, the nipples were erect, and Kari cupped them for a moment. Letting her hand drift over her own breasts.

Now, her hands went lower. Sliding down over her chest and legs, slowly, oh so slowly, moving for the band of her panties. T.K. could only watch; she couldn't do it, could she? But she did. Slowly, she began to pull them down. He strained to see every inch of flesh revealed in this way, until at last they slid down her legs and she was naked before him.

Her lower self... how often had he dreamed of seeing it? Of touching it? And now...not it was before him. Her pussy was cream-coloured, the skin smooth. She'd shaved it bare, and he wondered how long she had been planning this. But her lower self was not as pure as he might have thought, for he detected that it was glistening with wetness, arousal marking her as clearly as he.

She began to move over to him; rubbing her breasts between her hands. Touching her nipples, tweaking and playing with them. Her face was still set crimson, but she was gasping for air. Drawing in great breaths of arousal. She was enjoying this as much as him.

She reached where he sat, and leaned down over him. Her breasts hung for a moment, suspended in the air. He felt her reach for his cock again, pulling down his trousers. He didn't stop her, the erection was near painful now anyway. Her hand closed around him again, stroking him. He moaned, her touch was so gentle. She began to move her hand up and down, stimulating his penis in the way she had seen online. Her dance had already pushed him to the edge, and he could feel the pressure building within him.

He reached out, and touched her breasts with his free hands. They were more than he had ever expected, the skin was soft to the touch. She paused for a moment as he made contact, shock on her face, but then she went back to stroking him. He played with her, pinching one of her nipples, rubbing it between his fingers, he tweaked it, and she gasped. That soft sound was enough to set him off, and he moaned as he felt the pressure in his lower self release. He came, sticky white liquid glistening as it was expelled from his penis. But Kari didn't stop, she stroked him until he had finally finished; and then drew her hands back.

T.K. felt the blood rising to his own cheeks as he saw Kari look at the sticky white liquid that now coated her hand. At least part of him felt embarrassed about it; but most of him was too concerned with the fact that he had just gotten a hand job from Kari.

“There's a bit more of it than I expected.” She said, after a moment. “Um, do you have anywhere I can wash this off?”

“S-sure!” T.K. stammered. “There's a bathroom just down the hall. You can wash your hands there.”

She smiled at him, a bit awkwardly, and then turned. T.K. was happy to note that she didn't put her clothes on either, walking straight down the corridor as though unaware of this oversight. He watched her go; seeing the lithe movements of her naked body. Once she was away, he relaxed into the chair. Went over the last few minutes in his mind. She'd done what she said she would all right. He'd asked her to do something and she had done it.

And she said that he still had today and tomorrow to think of something else...

All the fantasies he'd ever had now played in the theatre of his mind's eye. Everything he'd ever wanted to do to her, but felt guilty for imagining doing with his friend. He wanted to kiss her, her wanted to touch her, not merely the small touch he'd had before, but truly let his hands roam across her body. He wanted to feel her; her the soft curve of her skin; the gentle protuberance of her nipples, and even down there... How far would she let him go? Would she let him go all the way?

He felt a blush spread across his face again as he imagined the feel of sliding into her, the soft wetness of her pussy closing around his shaft. The feel of the gentle pull, the movement of their two bodies.

He shook his head. It probably wasn't going to happen. But, whispered a treacherous voice from within, up until a few minutes ago you'd have said the same about this.

The sound of rushing water stirred him from his carnal thoughts. T.K. got up, and adjusted his trousers, moving at a leaser-like pace towards the bathroom. It wasn't that big of a room; the walls were painted a light shade of blue which he always found vaguely soothing when he went to wash himself in the shower/bath combination which it housed. A tub large enough that it took nearly half of the room over which there hung the nozzle of a shower head; the underside ring of the head rotated so that you could select the type of shower you wanted. There was also a rack from which to hang shower curtains, but since T.K. lived alone, he'd never actually bothered to get any.

Kari was standing by the sink with her back to him. Her dark hair was a stark counterbalance to the whiteness of her skin as she stood looking into the mirror. The water was running, of course, and after a moment, she withdrew her hand and examined it. Nodding in satisfaction, she dried it off on a towel and turned around.

It was at this point she realised two things. One, that he was there, and two, that she wasn't wearing any clothes. In a moment of shock more than anything else, her hand flew to her pussy, while the other arm hugged her breasts. After a moment, she flushed and slowly lowered her arm.

“You surprised me.” She mumbled.

He wondered what to say. Seeing her like this made his penis hard again; and thoughts of apologies fled his mind. The slight hint of embarrassment which coloured her face made her all the more appealing for him, and he felt the fires of lust burn just that bit hotter. He looked down at her pussy; seeing it properly up close for the first time. It was a small mound, with just a tiny hint colour about it. She had shaved it well; and T.K. could see absolutely everything. Her lips were just slightly parted, still wet with the arousal of the dance she'd performed for him. Looking up, he realised that her nipples were still hard as well.

“Are...you are turned on, Kari?” He asked, managing very almost to make his voice sound calm and in control.

“Yes.” She said, looking away. “I can feel you looking at me.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No.” She mumbled softly.

“And you'll still do anything I say?”


“All right. I want to do something else. Kari, I want you to get into the bathtub, facing towards the outside. Kneel down, but not too low. So your...you know what...is above the lip of the bath.”


T.K. watched breathless as she turned towards the bath. Stepping slowly into it, for a moment as her legs were spread, he got a good view of her down there, and shivered. Then, she was kneeling. The bath was raised slightly, but not enough that she was level with his face. He told her to brace herself with her legs, and to stay where she was until told otherwise. Then, he told her to close her eyes.

“T.K. what are you going to do to me? Can't I see it?”

“No.” He said. “I want it to be a surprise. You made me feel good, so I want to do the same to you. But we can stop if you like.”

“N-no.” She shook her head. “I trust you.”


With Kari's eyes closed, he reached up past her and quietly unhooked the shower head, His hands were trembling at the thought of what he was going to do with it, his lust battling with his nerves. Lust won, and he withdrew the shower head, stretching the pipe carefully so she had no idea what was happening.

He aimed the shower at the point just below her neck, and turned it on. A light spray of warm water was expelled from the head, she jumped when it her collar.

“T.K., are you...?”

“It's just the shower.” He assured her. “Now, I want you to relax as much as possible and enjoy this.”

He turned the spray, letting it wash across her chest, the warm water raising goose pimples across she skin. She shuddered, but didn't ask him to stop so he continued. Directing the water towards her right breast. She gasped softly as she felt the touch of the shower, it kneaded the flesh of her breast in a dozen ways at once; each drop of water expelled with enough force that she couldn't help but experience it. As though a dozen hands were touching her.

He flicked the shower, sending a gentle whip of water across her chest, landing a soft touch on her left breast. The nipples of both were engorged, and her skin was gleaming as the water cascaded down her naked body.

He began to tease her. Keeping the stream of water on one breast or the other for a short time, and then flicking it. Sending an unexpected stream against her body. Since her eyes were still pressed tightly closed, she didn't know when or where he would do this next. She could only wait, and each he did it, she gave a short little start of surprise. A soft squeak which made his heart race.

Her face was flushed, her eyes closed. But he couldn't help but notice that she was moving of her own volition now. Trying to grind her body against the water. Pushing her breasts into it; it was obvious that she was trying not to. Her teeth were nibbling on her lower lip, a sight which once more made his arousal soar.

He turned the nozzle, changing the gentle stream into a more persistent, powerful force. Kari felt the change instantly, her body moving away for a moment with shock. Still, she didn't tell him to stop, so he went on. Catching her in the centre of her chest, between her breasts. The warm water was flowing down her abdomen; he could see the shimmering waves against her skin as he moved the hose back and forth.

Then, he started to move it down. He teased her at first, flicking it up and down and to the side, but then she had to realise that the centre of gravity was getting lower. Below her chest, towards her legs.

“T.K. I-”

“We can stop if you like.”

She bit her lip again, and went silent. After a moment, he moved on. The spray reached her lower self, and she couldn't bite back the resulting moan. It was a low sound that made his blood run faster. Her whole body twitched as she first felt that water playing at her pussy. The gentle stream was back again, and it pattered against the side of her lower lips. Not insistent or strong enough to penetrate them, but she obviously felt it. Again, Kari couldn't help but grind against it. Moving her mound into position so that the water struck it dead on.

T.K. moved closer; bringing the shower right up to her. The warmth of her body radiated out to him, his penis becoming as hard as it had before. Then he turned the shower pressure up.

She hissed, the gentle drum suddenly becoming a more intensive force. Shivers raced over her body, and he could see the effort it was taking for her not to cry out again. The water was entering her, only slightly, but now it stimulated the inside of her mound as well as the outside. He directed a particularly strong burst of water towards what he thought might be her clitoris. It must have been, because that invoked the most drawn-out moan yet.

“T.K.! Oh, T.K.” It seemed like such a cliché, he thought to himself for a moment. But the way she said it, the breathlessness in her voice, the need. It spoke to him. But not yet. He realised he was having fun here. It was supposed to be a gift, wasn't it? Why not enjoy it a bit more?

“So, Kari, are you enjoying this?”

“Y-yes!” She managed to moan. “D-definitely.”

“Tell me, did you ever fantasize about something like this?”

She was silent for a moment, and he directed another blast of water at her clit, the shuddering which resulted was more than enough to speak for the result.

“Oh!” She cried out. “Y-y-yes!”

“With a shower head?”

“Y-yes!” She managed after a moment, her eyes were pressed together so tightly now. Her lower lip so white. She looked beautiful.
“Was it your favourite fantasy?”


Now, that was a bit disappointing. But he did have to admit a certain curiosity as to what was her top fantasy. He decided to ask her.

“I-I wanted-ah!-I-Oh!-I wanted to do it with Sora while you were w-watching!”

The sentence was spat out as quickly as it could be, mostly to avoid being interrupted by a moan. But T.K. saw her whole body go rigid with shock as she realised what she had just said. As for him, he definitely felt a stirring in the region wihin his pants. Kari was absolutely beautiful, but he couldn't help but notice Sora's own charms as the years went on.

Kari didn't have time to regret, though. Almost as soon as the words were out of her mouth, T.K. turned up the power again, and a whole new wave of sensation washed over her body. Her hands moved of their own accord, creeping to the spot between her legs, and holding open her lower lips to let more of the water in. She shuddered; moaning as T.K. watched her get herself off.

T.K. saw Kari shudder one last time, gasping for air as she gave the longest moan yet. Thrusting her lower self forward to feel the touch of the water within her. Then, it was over, and she slumped down into the tub. Gasping for air, the rise and fall of her breasts drawing his eye for a moment before he caught himself and turned off the water.

“I hope that felt as good for you as it did for me.”

“I...T.K. it felt amazing.”

“That's good.” He smiled.

“There's just one problem.” Kari said, after finally getting her breath back. “I forgot to take off my soaks. They're soaked.”

He laughed, but only for a moment. Kari looked exhausted, but his own desires had now recovered and he wanted to do more. The night had only just begun.

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