Infinite Stratos: Skies Aglow with Moonlight

BY : Darkwolves
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This was far harder than she had ever anticipated. Ichiko Orimura sat in front row of the opening class of the prestigious Infinite Stratos (IS) academy, the international educational institution dedicated to the training of IS pilots.
Ichiko’s acceptance into the IS academy, in spite of the rigorous training and interviews expected of prospective candidates, had been something of a fluke. Already this established her as someone unique before the course had even begun. She consciously felt the bead of sweat sneaking down her brow, the fel of the piercing gaze of every other student at her back. She had been on campus at the academy less than a few hours but already she felt as though everyone in the room was aware of her secret.
Throughout her life Ichiko had been wrestling endlessly with her demons, it seems fate had a twisted sense of humour to place her in an academy attended exclusively by girls.
I mean, I’m a girl but-
The final straw came when Ichiko glanced over to her side. Sitting by the window, shimmering in the glow of the tropical sunlight, was her childhood friend Houki Shinonono. They had been friends since they were children, training at the same Kendo Dojo for as long as Ichiko could recall. After being apart for over six years, and upon hearing that they would be attending the IS academy together, Ichiko had thought to seek her friend out at the first opportunity. In six short years it seemed little Houki had emerged from the dorky tomboy she had known in her youth to become a fine young woman in her own right.
That was when she felt the onset. The pressure building in the base of her stomach, the tightness of her clothes constricting her. The change was now irreversible, any efforts to supress it only further exasperated the condition. Her only saving grace was that it had occurred while her lower half was concealed beneath her desk, guarding her from the gaze of those around her. Glancing down she felt the red flush erupting across her cheeks as she finally realised the true extent of the tenting emerging at the front of her skirt.
I just have to sit still and wait it out-
“We’ll start with self-introductions” Miss Maya Yamada, their substitute homeroom teacher announced.
Ichiko felt her heart sink in her chest. Her thoughts cycled in her head for ways she could escape this, each more unfeasible or morally dubious than the last. Miss Yamada was standing straight ahead of her, there was no way she wouldn’t notice if she were to stand up now- 
Miss Orimura?
Miss Yamada’s voice drew Ichiko back to reality. Ichiko turned her gaze forward to be met by Miss Yamada smiling at her. “I apologise for being so loud but we started at the A’s and we’ve made it all the way to the O’s”
Ichiko imagined she felt her teacher’s phantom breath across her cheek. Once again it seemed fate conspired against her at every opportunity. Even sitting in the front row if she stood now there was no way the people around her would not take notice. She realised that any further attempts at stalling would only illicit greater attention. In the end, she could not delay any longer.
Ichiko braced her hands on her desk as she drew herself to her feet, leaning far as much as she could without being incredibly obvious she was attempting a concealment. Despite her efforts the bulge in the front of her skirt was inescapable. She swallowed hard and steadied herself to speak.
“My name is Ichiko Orimura” even as she spoke Ichiko could feel the combined gazes of those around her intensifying with every passing moment. “It’s very nice to meet you all-”
A sharp strike against the top of her head sent Ichiko sprawling onto the floor in a flurry of flailing limbs. A sharp inhale of breath erupted across the room in her wake. As the pain began to dull Ichiko finally dared to glance up to be met by the stern gaze of a familiar face, her elder sister Chifuyu Orimura.
Ichiko had known her sister was a champion IS pilot but for the last year she had been working away from home on some unknown assignment. “Sis?” the only word which could pass Ichikos lips.
“That’s Miss Orimura” Another bash to the top of her head silenced any further attempts at insubordination.

I finally got around to watching Infinite Stratos and I have to say I rather liked its combination of anime antics intercut with high octane Mech combat (Which is why I’m writing this now).
Entering into the second season I was intrigued to see the antics side of things taking a more central position to the story and where they intended to go with it. It was only upon reaching the half way point of the second season (SPOILER ALERT) with Ichikas birthday party and having each female lead (Including his sister?) attempting to seduce him with appropriately themed outfits that I began to jokingly question the necessity of fiction writers if the developers of the original series are just going to go straight there on our behalf.
The idea have for the forthcoming story is a retelling of the existing story (As portrayed by the Anime as I haven’t read the manga) with the added inclusion of more explicit sexy times and a futa-female lead with each new chapter focussing on one individual event/pairing as they emerge. If that sounds like a good idea to you then welcome to the party.
As a side note writing this opening prologue got me thinking about something that I’ve been unable to shake off, primarily that of gender politics.
(Just to be clear this doesn’t have anything to do with the content of the upcoming story, it’s just a thought I had while writing)
Throughout the entire course of the series (And pretty much every other Harem based Anime out there) the male protagonist is constantly pursued by a succession of eager women bent on his affections. However, what intrigues me is that throughout the whole thing the protagonist finds himself stumbling upon inappropriate situations through no ill intent or simply chooses to tactfully decline the female leads advances and is routinely met with disproportionate, often violent, retribution which is consistently played for laughs. And throughout the whole series I had, and continue to have, no issue with the idea of a fictional protagonist being regularly beaten up for our amusement.
But then I began to think about what would happen if the roles were reversed and it was a female protagonist being outright attacked (Even if non-lethally) by an entourage of male romantic interests jockeying for her attentions in situations routinely established as comedic. I’m pretty sure that would have a far tougher time getting past the censors and being accepted the average viewer. 
As I said, this holds no bearing on the upcoming story it’s simply a thought I felt like venting to the outside world.

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