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Snatch [Rewrite]


Makoto Kino stifled a yawn while stretching her gloved hands above her head. Closing her eyes to upturn to the afternoon sun, she let out a long, pleased sigh before gazing at her work. Neatly kept rows of roses surrounded her, their fragrance dancing in the breeze and soft petals reaching towards the blue sky. Trying a new fertilizer this year, Makoto was glad to see how fast her plants grew and bloomed, ready for the new season. The end of her season would be the Rose Festival, a yearly tradition since Crystal Tokyo was complete to celebrate the new age of peace. Every year, Makoto carefully tended and put so much love into the multicolored rose crop, hoping to make her harvest bigger than the previous year.

Design teams from all over the city bid for her roses to use on their parade floats. There was nothing more joyous than watching how her flowers were artfully used. This year, the artists would be in for a surprise; she’d tried her hand at splicing and was pleased with the result. Rising to her feet, Makoto brushed the moist soil from her jeans and tossed her gloves into a wicker basket. Walking through the bushels, she decided to check on her new roses planted away from her main crop. Crossing a dirt road, Makoto happily slipped into the dense forest on the cusp of her property.

Being a friend to the palace rulers had its advantages; she’d been awarded a ten acre parcel for her years of service and title as Princess of the Emerald Tower. Within two years of hard work, sweat, and tears, it finally yielded its first crop of flowers. At first, she sold her plants in the local farmer’s market every Friday and Saturday afternoon. It was a success, and brought in enough revenue to save up for opening her flower shop. Makoto began to reap the success of her labors, hiring two store clerks and four laborers for the fields to keep up with demands. She’d alternate days in the field and shop, feeling her bosom swell with pride at the happy faces ordering her flowers.

Jumping over a fallen log, Makoto entered a small meadow nestled in the forest where she kept her secret project. The earth was very fertile here, giving her the perfect sanctuary. The sun kissed the blooming buds starting to open. They were larger than the average rose and the colored turned out marvelous. Her hand gently touched an opening blossom, looking at the ebony petals lined with an emerald green. She couldn’t wait to debut her new creation at the Rose Festival ball next month.

One of her friends, Rei Hino, was already working on her gown. Like the other senshi, Rei was rewarded for her years protecting Serenity and the Earth. Her gift was a fully paid scholarship to a fashion institute and a sum of money to help her begin. It was a wise investment; Rei had climbed the ladders of success quickly becoming a well-known name in their city and took a limited number of gown orders for the ball each year. Makoto felt blessed, seeing how successful her friends were becoming at following their dreams. Ami Muzino did become a doctor, hired on at the Crystal Palace and assisted in the birth of Chibi-usa. Minako Aino went on to become a singing sensation, coming back from tour each year to attend the ball or write a new album in her private residence.

Trekking back through the woods, Makoto perked when she heard some voices close to her location; they were tense and aggravated.

“Tell me where she is boy,” a raspy, arrogant voice demanded.

“I-I-I don’t know, she was just here a few minutes a-g-g-o,” stuttered one of her new hires. Starting to jog, Makoto exited the forest to see a muscular man holding her worker in the air by the scruff of his shirt.

“Put him down,” Makoto ordered, dropping her basket. The spikey haired man turned to her with a smirk and dropped his victim.

“You’re better looking in person,” he complimented, starting to walk in her direction. Makoto moved into the defense, feeling her muscles itching for a fight. It’d been a while since she’d been in a match but still trained in the evenings to keep her skills up. “You’re coming with me.”

Makoto dodged his grip, her auburn brow furrowing. “No, I’m not.”

This seemed to strangely please the man whose chuckle sent a feeling a dread down her spine before charcoal orbs looked her over once more. He pushed up the pale blue sleeves of his button up, muscles flexing with every movement. Who was this guy?

“Alright, I’ll play.” Vegeta enjoyed the challenge, although it wouldn’t be much of a fight against a woman who thought she had skill against him. Keeping his movements slow, he was impressed how she countered and blocked his hands. Her body moved gracefully like a dancer and recoiled, waiting for an opening. His ego puffed, knowing he was right to want this woman as a daughter-in-law; the documentary he’d watched didn’t do her justice.

Makoto knew she had the upper hand, feeling her powers coarse through her veins as she began powering up a small shock that could leave him winded. At times, her friends joked she was taser with unlimited voltage. Seeing an opening, Makoto wasn’t sure if he did it on purpose or not; the stranger was skilled and looked like he was holding back. Going in for the strike, her fingers jabbed right into his ribs where she released the shock. Vegeta grimaced slightly, muscles spasmed but did not fall; instead, he looked very much amused.

She didn’t expect his movements to speed up a bit while she continued to wait for another opening and push to a higher voltage. Taking another strike, Makoto let the electricity pour out of her fingertips. The man grimaced and slowed for a moment as his muscles twitched uncontrollably. Wanting to end this fast and get back to work, Makoto attacked but he was moving even faster…how was that possible? He ducked under her kick, blocked her knee thrust, elbow jab, throat chop, and punch. Flipping backwards to get away, Makoto gasped when she saw him disappear and felt her arms pulled behind.

“What do you want?” asked Makoto, her chest rising and falling as adrenaline.

“To marry my son,” Vegeta responded before knocking her over the head. The female wilted as he hoisted her limp body over a shoulder and looked at the workers staring in shock. Smirking, Vegeta floated into the air and flew off.


AN: It’s been a long time since I’ve revisited my stories that I said I would finish before moving onto originals. I was reading over Snatched and feel so embarrassed by how AW Makoto is and feel the need to fix it. This is going to be a bit of a slow progress so please bear with me for slow updates. I have a 5 month daughter that needs my attention first. The older version of Snatched will be discounted and the last chapter I’ve written posted with an AN at the bottom.

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