Vampire Princess Miyu - Cock whipped

BY : Daughter_of_Satan
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Miyu was bit frustrated. She’s been at this school since a two weeks and she found no demon in this area. She could feel it’s presence, but it was eerie and hard to localize. She spent a long time trying to find the demon’s hideout, but it was pretty useless. She’d leave this area, but in her long career of the demon hunter, she never let any of her victims escape. So she was still hunting, disguised as a transfer student.

She was certain the the school was a key place. Three students committed suicides in the short time, two others disappeared without trace, while next two were found mentally ill. It was demon’s work, she had no doubts about it. But where this demon was? It was a riddle. She sat in the classroom, looking at the window and thinking, what she should do.

When the lunch bell rang, Miyu followed the rest of her class out into the crowded hallway. She never liked the crowds, so she made her way through the shoving crowd of teens to the closest girls’ bathroom. Miyu pushed open the door, then walked past the line of stalls till she came to the very last empty one. It was the place where she could think clearly. She needed a plan, a way to lure this demon out.

Miyu stepped into the toilet stall, then closed the door behind her. Lowering the lid of the toilet, she perched on the edge of the seat. This place was a bit odd, she had to admit. Since she transferred to this school, she noticed that some students are acting strange. Yes, it’s nothing strange that some teenage boys are perverts, but she found that even some girls are doing things that aren’t very ladylike. Actually, Miyu found herself getting bit horny just from staying at this school. It was strange as well. She knew she has to catch and take care of this demon as soon as possible.

Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice a strange, almost invisible vapor filling the stall. She coughed, feeling that her nipples are getting bit hard, while her pussy is getting moist. She made a soft, silent groan, feeling the wave of unwanted hornyness is coming back. She wanted to stand and leave the stall, but her hand move under her skirt, brushing against her panties. Miyu made another groan. It felt nice. She moved her other hand to her left beast, massaging her round boob through the white material of her blouse.

“Need… to fight it…” she murmured, but it was getting harder to struggle with her body burning from the sudden desire. The strange, musky aroma made Miyu’s nostrils twitch, she began to salivate a little, her rock hard nipples tingling, her inflamed pussy blossoming with warm moisture.

“Gaaah… cough…” Vampire princess tried her best to not touch herself, but she was loosing this battle. Her hands massaged her sensitive spots, she fingers pressed the places that were increasing her lust. She almost managed to rise, but she fell on the seat again, her knees trembled from the growing arousal.

Then she noticed something odd. There was a big, black hole in the wall on the left. It looked like a black spot of energy rather then the ordinary, human made hole. Then the penis started to emerge from the swirling black hole. Miyu jerked her head back, she looked wordlessly with her golden eyes at the massive, black knob pointed at her, a long, thick, black shaft extending farther and farther from the pitch black hole, until almost twelve inches of cock quivered in front of her. It wasn’t human cock, she could guess quite easily. No human could have such big piece of meat. Not to mention that it was black as obsidian.

Something in her head was telling her to escape, but from the other hand, she finally found the trace of the demonic presence in the area. She was sure that the demon was close. It was perfect opportunity to catch the beast. All she needed was to rise and find it. She was about to go, but…

Miyu’s golden blue eyes were locked upon the demonic dick. She wanted to move back, but she found that this huge shaft is mesmerizing her. She licked her wet, red lips, feeling an irresistible desire to wrap her salivating mouth around the large, ebony knob.

“No, this is all wrong…” she said, inhaling another part of the musky vapor. Trying to resist her urges, she moved back again, almost pressing her body to the other side of the stall. But here eyes were still locked on the dick. It was targeting her, trembling slowly, making her wet and horny just because of it’s look.

“Nice… big cock… touch it… kiss it… suck it…” something inside her head was repeating these words “Crave for it… so close… so big… makes you wet and horny… open your mouth…”

“Stop, I need to think clearly… need to leave…” she said and instantly inhaled another dose of the musky aroma. Suddenly Miyu found her knees getting soft. Vampire princess had a problems to stand, she fell down on her knees, touching the cold floor of the stall.  The intensive smell of male musk washed over Miyu again. Despite her will, she lowered her practically drooling mouth to the fat black knob, she moaned softly when her open lips enfolded the warm tip of the ebony cock. She had to escape, to leave this place, but…

She could swear she almost heard a silent giggle, but she couldn’t do much. The touch of the cock was overwhelming, it sent electric shock down her spine. Miyu closed her golden eyes as she started to suck slowly on the enormous cock. The guardian of the demons lapped at the puckered urethra with her pink tongue, she suckled on the throbbing prick tip, then she began to swallow more and more of the demonic shaft.

“Slurrrrp…. gulllp….” while strings of saliva spilled from her slurping lips, helpless vampire princess loosened the collar of her uniform shirt, then she unbuttoned her white blouse, freeing her swelling breasts. Miyu unhooked her bra, then she brought up her round, perky breasts to rub them along the long length of the pulsating black prick, the touch of the demonic dick over her engorged nipples sending electric thrills through Miyu’s milky, young mammaries. She couldn’t focus on anything else than on the black piece of meat filling her mouth. Mist covered her glossy, golden eyes.

Miyu sucked the drool drenched prick down her tight esophagus. Pillowing the black prick in between her shapely breasts, she slurped on the sopping wet cock, she gulped down the long rod until the dribbling dick reached the bottom of her throat. She couldn’t think clearly anymore, focused on the sucking cock only. The vapor around her moved a bit, forming two, shadow hands and placing them on her head, pushing it back and forward, the the steady rhytm.

“Suck my cock, you whore” she heard the monotonous voice in her head “Show me your respect and obey to me, vampire slut. You’re nothing but a cumdump for the demons. A bunch of holes to be nailed and filled… Piece of trash… Worthless slave… Cock sucking slut…”

The intensive taste of demon’s precum drove Miyu wild. She devoured the thick black prick, sucking deeper, tossing her long, single brown braid as she gobbled the delicious dick to the very edge of the swirling glory hole. Miyu forgot of where she was and what she was thinking about. Kneeling on stall’s floor, she served orally to the one she wanted to destroy.

One of the shady, vapor formed hands, moved down, playing with her full cheeks and caressing her neck, ticking her sensitive skin. Droll dripped on the floor from Miyu’s chin. Vampire Princess moaned around the big cock, glistening with her saliva. Miyu deepthroated the black, shiny dick as she sandwiched her soft tits around the veined ebony shaft. Her head bobbed over the dripping wet dick until the demon cock exploded inside the slurping guardian’s mouth, filling her with a rich load of the warm semen.

“Drink my cum, slave… drink it till the last drop… you want it… you love it… you crave for it… Worthless cunt… Demons cocksucker… Sperm drinker… Cum smeared whore… Ass licker… dog fucker… horny bitch…”

A shady hands moved down, playing with Miyu’s round breasts, giving them a hard squeeze as the helpless vampire princess gulped the warm semen that filled her mouth, turning her cheeks into balloons. She was absolutely powerless. Somehow she was aware that it’s all wrong, but she couldn’t fight it. With rivulets of jizz coming out of the corners of her cock stuffed mouth, Miyu drank the demon’s seed, gulping one big mouthful after another, swallowing the disgusting, ugly tasting stuff. Cum dripped from the corners of her mouth and even from her nose holes, but she didn’t care. She was obsessed with a burning urge to suck as much sperm as possible. Just like the… sperm drinker should. Was she a cock sucker? Horny bitch? She couldn’t tell. It was too complicated for her now. All she knew was that she has to swallow everything, till the last drop. To be a good, sperm smeared whore…

As she gobbled the almost never ending wad of spunk from the fat black cock plugging her O shaped, jizz covered lips, Miyu reached between her ivory thighs to slip both hands inside her damp panties, she rubbed her wet pussy, scratching her itchy, drooling vulva to relieve the awful need for the something inside. Something big and warm…
“Give yourself to me… obey your master, slut… accept your new goal… be obedient slave… horny bitch… lustful whore… a mere cumdump…” deep voice echoed on her head. Shady hands caressed her stomach, sending jolts of pleasure into her head. She never felt so good in her life. So good, so horny, so obedient…
When the black cock finally finished ejaculating between Miyu’s yawning wide lips, horny vampire princess licked the sticky obsidian prick clean with her semen smeared tongue, making it clean and shiny again. She looked at with adoration. Giving the fat black cock an adoring kiss on the gleaming knob, Miyu stood up from the floor, peeling down her panties before offering the demon’s dick her swollen, wet pussy.

She was still confused, her golden eyes were covered with a mist. Invisible hands caressed her body, touching her everywhere and keeping vampire princess horny and hot. Miyu trembled with lust and excitement as the tip of the big cock touched her pussy lips. This touch almost made her return to her senses. But then…

“Offer yourself to me, you worthless whore… give me your pussy… piece of trash… cocksucker… cum drinker… demonic slut… vampire piece of shit… ” each word was more and more humiliating for Miyu. But from the other hand, it was strangely arousing for her.

Burning from desire, Miyu wrapped her moist labia lips around the large black dick, then she leaned back on her boots, taking the huge horse-sized cock into her stretching wide pussy. Miyu half closed her golden eyes, she leaned further up against the toilet stall wall, until the whole erect demon dick was stuffed inside her tight vagina.

The demon’s cock was so large that Miyu’s tight cunt was barely able to take it all in. Invisible hands held her hips, pushing her back and forward. Clutching her quivering knees, Miyu began to fuck the big black dick stuffed inside her moist pussy, she sobbed as she rocked back and forth on her legs, riding the throbbing demon penis punching in and out of her tight, slurping slit.

“Very good… slut… very good… your master is happy… ride this cock… worthless cunt… Pathetic fucktoy… Disgusting whore…”

Miyu panted as she humped the fat cock pistoning through her black wide hole, guardian’s sweaty breasts swung back and forth underneath her as vampire princess took the demonic dick repeatedly through her vagina. Her mouth was open wide, saliva, mixed with semen, dripped on the floor. Her single braid danced in the air as Miyu was riding the big cock. Her eyes were cloudy, filled with desire.

Vampire Princess arched her shivering spine when the huge demon cock engorged even more inside her. She screamed, throwing back her head, as the fat prick shoving inside her exploded and flooded her small, shuddering stomach with hot cum. Load was so big that she couldn’t keep it inside her, sperm mixed with her juices, poured down her thighs. Miyu groaned as the waves of thick semen filled her, almost to the point of breaking.

“Who are you?” asked the voice.
“I’m… worthless slut… cocksucker… demon’s cumdump…” answered Miyu with a monotonous voice.
“What is your purpose?”
“To be… a slave… horny bitch… piece of trash” she was saying the words that still echoed in her mind.
“That’s right… you are horny piece of shit, lowest being, fucktoy for demons… Now, on your knees and serve your master!”

Miyu slipped off the wet, sticky, dangling dick. She slowly turned around to face the swirling glory hole. Obediently falling on her knees, she brought her mouth to the cum covered black cock, she moaned as she sucked the sweet spunk off the dripping wet prick, savoring demon’s semen, mixed with her own juices, on her tongue.

Right beside her, covered with a vapor, stood shady, almost invisible silhouette of the demon. He looked down at Miyu with contempt. How easily he tamed this so called guardian. She was responsible for killing dozens of his kind. It will be a pleasure to make her pay. He thought of ordering her to commit suicide, just like some of his other victims. But as he looked down at the cock sucking Miyu, he guessed that there will be lot of ways to humiliate the vampire princess. He will break her mentally, crush her pride and spirit, turn this girl into a empty, broken shell, making sure she won’t be able to kill any other demon.

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