Digimon: Heroines to Vilenesses

BY : LiquidPhazon
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It was late afternoon in the city of Odaiba when explosions could be seen in the downtown streets.


Citizens were running in the streets as large bipedal robots, which resembled mechanical dragons were breaking cars and destroying property.


As one turned to attack a civilian cowering by the side of a building, a slender figure jumped down from a rooftop and hit the robot in the head, causing a surge of electricity to flow through the robot, causing it to explode.


When the smoke cleared, the figure was revealed to be a young girl around the age of nineteen.


She had brown hair and was wearing a one piece suit that was white, but showed off her arms and legs, as well as her C sized breasts.


A tai similar to a cat’s poked out from the back of the costume, cat ears with a mask covered her face, hiding her identity, but allowing her mouth, nose and brown eyes to be seen.


White high heel boots that go up to her thighs adorned her legs, while long, white gloves reached up to her upper arms.


To the public, this girl was known as Electric Cat, a young heroine that had saved many lives, but to her friends, she was known as Kari Kamiya, a young nineteen year old high school girl that cared for everyone around her.


Continuing to fight, two robots turned to face the new arrival, before two large fireballs consumed them in flames, causing them to melt instantly.


Above the scene was a women slightly covered in flames as she hovered over the battlefield.


She had shoulder length orange hair and was wearing a one piece suit that was red with orange flames, showing off her D sized breasts and showed off her arms, legs, which were covered by red high heel boots that went up to her thighs and red gloves, who was none other than the twenty three year old, Sora Takenouchi, who was viewed as an older sister figure for Kari, so it was no surprise to her that Sora took leadership of their little group as the heroine known as Firebird.


As the last of the robots, realizing it was outmatched, turned to run, the ground beneath it shook before two large vines shot out of the ground and wrapped themselves around the machine, crushing it as they pulled it down.


Behind the now destroyed robot stood another young woman, who too was twenty three years of age, who then lowered her arms, causing the vines to retreat back underground and reveal her form.


She had strawberry pink hair and wore a one piece suit that was green with leaf designs, showing off her arms and legs, as well showing off her D sized breasts, with green high heel boots that went up to her thighs, while matching green gloves went up to her upper arms.


And while the general public knows this nature heroine as Lilly, her friends knew her as Mimi Tachikawa.


“Is it me, or did this seem easier than usual?” Mimi had to ask as she surveyed the destroyed robots.


“It’s not just you, Lilly.I don’t know what Painz is up to but we have to find out.” Sora said with a frown.


Paniz was one of the most wanted villains in the city, having held the whole city hostage several times before the various heroes would drive him out, where he would mysteriously vanish, turning up later with another evil plan.


“Maybe he’s losing his edge?” Kari suggested with a smile, trying to lighten the mood.


However, at the sound of approaching sirens, the girls quickly left the scene before regrouping on a nearby roof.


“Regardless.” Sora said as they met up. “We should stay on alert anyways. Let’s head home and get some sleep; we can pick this up again tomorrow.”


Kari and Mimi nodded before the three went in separate direction as the sun went down and they headed home.


----With Kari----


With the flexibility of a cat, Kari gracefully jumped from rooftop to rooftop, but couldn’t stop thinking about their nemesis, lost in her thoughts as to what Painz was planning, which was suddenly broken when she heard someone yell for help.


“Get away you creeps!” A male voice called.


Quickly following the sound, Kari looked down a nearby alley from the rooftops, before gasping loudly to see a young man, who was surrounded by several smaller versions of Paniz’s dragonic robots.


But what shocked Kari further was the boy in question.


He had a muscular, athletic build, tanned skin, maroon coloured hair and dark brown eyes, which Kari immediately recognized as her friend and classmate, Davis Motomiya, who was the same age as Kari and who she secretly has had a crush on for years.


As the robots encircled Davis, Kari quickly reacted and jumped in between Davis and his attackers, causing Davis to say in a surprised voice. “Electric Cat!?”


“Stay back, let me deal with them!” Kari said in reply, determined to keep Davis safe, before she turned to the robots and said. “Come on you tin cans, show me what...”


However, Kari did not get to finish her sentence as she felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck and fell to the ground, unconscious.


----A while later----


Slowly, Kari came too, before she realized she was slightly off the ground in a dark room, with both her arms and legs stretched out with restraints holding her in place.


As she tried to get herself out of her restraints, her mind only wondering if Davis was ok, she heard a cold, metallic voice tell her. “Don’t even bother, I built those restraints specifically for you, Electric Cat.”


Turning her head to the side, Kari saw a figure standing there that caused her to sneer.


He was wearing a black and grey jumpsuit with a black trench coat, a dark gray belt with a belt buckle on it kept his pants up, while black shoes and cuffs on his wrists and ankles and a control pad was attached to his right arm.


Lastly, there was a hood over his head that just barely covered a metallic mask with yellow eye slits on it.


“Painz!” Kari yelled, before she demanded. “Where’s Davis? What have you done with him!?”


A small chuckle could be heard from Painz, causing Kari to struggle with her restraints once more.


“I assure you, I have no interest in the boy.” Painz told Kari, before saying in a confident tone. “Besides, you won’t have to worry about him or anything else for that matter in a moment. The only thing you’ll care about is obeying me.”


“Like Hell I’ll do what you say!” Kari shouted angrily.


“I’m sure you’ll chance that feisty attitude after this.” Painz then said before hitting a button on his control pad, causing two mechanical arms reached down and grabbed Kari’s head, forcing her to face forward toward a screen that was right in front of her, before two smaller mechanical arms reached around Kari’s head and held her eye lids open.


A second later the screen turned on, revealing a spiral effect that had bright purple and green colours.


With her head held in place and her eyes forced open, Kari found herself getting lost in the image before she soon stopped struggling as her mind and thoughts were being rewritten, causing a faint/vacant smile to appear on her face, while Paniz smiled too, seeing Kari was slowly falling under the power of his mind control.


After a few minutes the screen turned off, the mechanical arms released Kari’s head and her restraints unlocked, allowing Kari freedom to move.


But instead of fighting or trying to run, Kari stood at attention, her eyes glazed over, as the distant smile remained on her face, while she just stared blankly in front of her.


Approaching Kari, Painz asked, already knowing the answer. “Now my little pet, who do you serve?”


“I serve you, Master... Command me and I will obey...” Kari said in a distant tone.


“Let see if that is true.” Painz said, before he commanded. “Hop up and down like a rabbit.”


Without thought or hesitation, her blank smile still on her face, Kari did as commanded and hopped in place, amusing Paniz, who, after a light laugh, then ordered her to stop.


“Now, be a good girl and tell me your real name, Electric Cat.” He commanded.


Once more, without thought or hesitation, Kari obeyed.


“Kari Kamiya...” She replied.


At that, Painz flinched, before he reached up and removed his hood, removing his mask and revealing the man behind the mask, Davis Motomiya.


Davis could not believe his luck as he walked up to the entranced heroine, who continued to stare ahead of her with a blank smile, before he gently removed her mask and cat ears, confirming that it was indeed Kari.


He could not help but laugh; the heroine that had caught his eye and the girl he was in love with were one in the same.


Now knowing Kari was Electric Cat, it did not take Davis long to realize who her teammates were, and slightly cursed himself for not realizing it sooner.


He would deal with them soon, but he had other plans before he would face Sora and Mimi, to which Davis then gently put his hand under Kari’s chin and lifted her head, so her eyes met his.


“You are mine Kari, you exist only to serve and please me.” He told Kari, causing her to nod in response.


“Yes Master, I am yours’...” Kari said with a smile, her body becoming aroused at the prospect of serving him.


Taking his new slave’s hand, Davis led her out of the room and into a bedroom adjacent to it, to which he then removed his outfit, revealing his muscular chest and his hard erection, before sitting on the bed and looking at Kari, who awaited her next commands.


“Strip out of your costume, slowly and seductively.” Davis commanded.


“As you command, Master...” Kari replied in an obedient tone, her smile grew in a flirtatious manner before she reached up and grabbed the top of her one-piece suit, which she unclipped and relieved herself of her costume, revealing the white bra she wore underneath, which showed off her cleavage, before lowering it down past her tone stomach.


Continuing to strip herself, Kari then turned around and bent over, showing her Master her tight ass, before removing the one piece suit entirely and revealing her white panties.


With most of her outfit now gone, Kari then stood back up before walking over to her Master as she removed her gloves from her arms. Once in front of Davis, Kari lifted her left leg and placed her high heeled boot on the bed, giving her Master a great view of her leg as she slowly unzipped her boot and removed it, before doing the same with the other, before the entranced heroine swayed her hips slightly, reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the floor and letting her Master see her bare breasts and nipples, which caused Davis to smirk.


And his smirk just increased as Kari then reached down and slowly removed her panties, revealing her wet, shaven pussy, before finally standing back at attention, smiling seductively at her Master.


----Upcoming Lemon----


Aroused by the display, Davis moved himself further back onto the bed, his head against the headboard as he then told Kari. “Come and pleasure me, my pet.”


“Yes Master...” Kari said with a lustful tone, gazing at her Master with her entranced eyes, before she slowly crawled onto the bed like a cat, moving herself until she was eye level with her Master, leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss, which he gladly returned as she let his tongue enter her mouth and dominate her, causing her to moan into the kiss.


After a little bit, Kari then broke the kiss before she began to kiss down her Master’s body, paying close attention as she kissed his muscular chest, before she then sat up and positioned her wet pussy over his harden cock, lowing herself onto it, which caught Davis by surprise and caused him to then groan at the tightness of her pussy and the pleasure, while Kari moaned loudly at being filled by her Master and his huge cock.


After a few moments, Kari began to move up and down on his cock, causing both to moan and sigh in pleasure.


“So good Master... Ah... it feels so good...!” Kari moaned loudly as she continued to ride her Master.


After nearly two hours, letting Davis’ member slide in and out of her, Kari began to move frantically, as did Davis, who then groaned loudly as he then came inside of her, causing the brunette to scream in pleasure as she came all over Davis’ manhood.


After catching his breath, Davis, wanting more then commanded. “Get on all fours and present your ass to me.”


“Yes Master...” Kari said obediently as her Master got off of the bed and she got into position, wiggling her ass, enticing him, to which Davis then got behind Kari, grabbed both her ass cheeks, causing Kari to moan in pleasure, before he rammed his cock into his pet’s tight ass, making her moan and cry out loudly in pure pleasure.


The pleasure was so much that Kari let her arms rest, making it easier for her Master to fuck her, to which after another thirty minutes, Davis let out another loud groan as he came inside Kari’s ass, causing the entranced heroine to cry in pleasure, releasing her sexual fluids onto the bed sheets beneath her legs.


After catching his breath, Davis pulled out of Kari, who looked at him with love, devotion and worship in her glazed over eyes.


“Clean my cock, my pet.” Davis commanded.


Kari quickly turned around and obeyed as she wrapped her mouth around her Master’s cock, causing Davis to groan from the sensation of Kari’s wet mouth and tongue clean his member.


After a few minutes, Davis gently put his hand on her head and removed it from his cock, causing Kari to look up at her Master with a smile on her face at having pleased him.


Davis then sat on the bed and positioned Kari so that she was sitting on his lap, while his hands moved up her body, groping and massaging her breasts, which caused Kari to moan and sigh in pleasure.


But as much as Davis wanted to keep playing with his new pet, the night was still young and he still had plans.


As he continued to grope Kari, he leaned down and whispered into his pet’s ear. “Now my little pet, I have a task for you...”


----Half an hour later----


Kari stood on top of a building, back in her costume as she waited for her allies to show up.


Soon, both Sora and Mimi arrived, both in their costumes, but curious, Sora spoke up.


“Kari, we got your message, what did you find?” Sora asked.


“I saw one of Painz’s robots enter a building over there, I think it’s his hideout.” Kari said in reply, which stunned Sora and Mimi, for if this was indeed Paniz’s hideout, they could have a chance to take the villain down once and for all.


But before either of them could say anything, Kari quickly made her move.


“Come one, let’s go!” She called, before jumping down to the warehouse.

Sora and Mimi quickly followed as Kari led them to an open door to the building; however, all the while Sora was staring at Kari.


She could not figure out what it was but something about her young friend seemed off.


Both Mimi and her went in ahead of Kari and looked around, only to find the warehouse completely empty, confusing the pair.


But before either had a chance to voice their confusion, they felt an electric surge hit them in the back, making Sora and Mimi cry out suddenly as they were both knocked unconscious.


----Sometime later----


Both Sora and Mimi let out groans as they regained consciousness, only to gasp as they found their arms and legs restrained.


Acting quickly, Sora tried to use her powers to melt the restraints but found the restraints too strong to melt, while Mimi found she could not use her vines due to the restraints binding her.


“Having fun?” A voice both girls knew quite well then mocked, to which both then turned their heads to the side to give angry glares at their capture, only to gasp in shock at the sight in front of them.


Not only was Painz by their side, sitting in a chair and dressed in his evil alter ego, but also by his side was Kari, who was kneeling on the ground, completely naked with a blank smile on her face.


Feeling her anger rise at seeing the girl she views as a little sister in this state, Sora began to struggle against her restraints and yelled. “What did you do to her!?”


“You’ll see soon enough Firebird, or should I say Sora Takenouchi.” Davis said as he smiled behind his mask, which caused Sora’s face to turn from anger to shock horror.


He wanted to keep appearances up in case

  1. They somehow escaped right now.
  2. They somehow in the future they broke free from his control.


Either way they would still not know who Painz’s identity was, allowing him to continue his plans.


He then reached down with his left hand and caressed Kari’s face, who almost purred as she nuzzled against his hand.


“This little kitty has been most informative.” He said, his hand moving from Kari’s face to her head, which he rubbed affectionately.


“Besides.” Davis then added as he held up his right hand, showing the Sora and Mimi their masks in his hand, making them realize they were not wearing them.


Scared by their current predicament, Mimi tried to sound brave as she then said. “Whatever it is you’re planning, you won’t get away with it!”


Davis chuckled upon Mimi’s statement.


“We’ll see about that.” He said, before he snapped his fingers, causing the mechanical arms to come down and grab both girls’ heads to face them forward, while the smaller arms held their eyes open, just as the screen turned on in front of them, showing the same mesmerizing patterns that had been used to brainwash Kari.


And it wasn’t long before both girls stopped struggling against their restraints, as they got lost in the spiral effect in front of them, both slightly moaning as their minds were soon reprogrammed.


And after the screen turned off and the restraints released the girls, both just stood at attention, their eyes glazed over and blank smiles on their faces.


Seeing Sora and Mimi now under his command, Davis removed his hood and mask as he smirked wickedly at his newest slaves, before asking the pair. “Who do you girls serve?”


“We serve you Master...” Sora and Mimi said in unison, which made Davis smirk victoriously.


But wanting to test the loyalty of his new slaves, Davis got up and walked over to his new pets, while Kari waited patiently at her spot. As Sora and Mimi stood still, Davis walked around them, examining their bodies, before he got behind them, grabbed both of their ass cheeks and gently massaged them, though both girls remained still and stared blankly ahead, continuing not to respond as Davis then reached up and began to massage Sora’s left breast through her costume with his left hand, while doing the same to Mimi’s right breast.


Smirking, Davis commanded. “Now girls, I want you two to each tell me a personal secret about yourselves.”


Sora started first.


“I always feel aroused when I wear my costume, and get excited when I see people checking me out in it...” She admitted.


“I always feel excited and aroused when my vines wrap around me, especially around my arms and legs...” Mimi then said.


----Upcoming Lemons----


Davis grinned at their confessions, before he said in an enticing tone. “All right my pets, let’s go have some fun.”


“Yes Master, we obey,” Sora, Mimi, and Kari said as they followed their Master into his bedroom.


Once inside, Davis removed his outfit before he turned to his pets, deciding quickly who would go first, Davis then said. “Sora, do a striptease for me.”


“Anything for you Master...” Sora said in reply with a seductive smile before she began to sway her hips, like she was dancing to unheard music, as her hands caressed her body and she moved them up and undid the back of her one piece suit.


She then slowly slid the suit off of her, revealing a red silk bra and a matching thong as well as her tone stomach, before she removed her gloves from her arms, before removing her bra, revealing her D sized breasts, followed by her thong, revealing her tight ass and wet, shaven pussy.


Sora then walked seductively to her sitting Master, before she got into his lap with both her legs over his and then wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing Davis passionately on the lips.


Davis smirked into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around Sora’s waist and deepened the kiss, to which Sora opened her mouth to allow her Master’s tongue to dominate her mouth.


As he continued to make out with her, Davis noticed her body giving off a light heat that made him feel more aroused, making him guess it was likely a side effect of her powers when she was aroused, before he then remembered a party they were at and after she got drunk, Sora was getting hit on by both guys and girls.


Davis then broke the kiss and began to kiss Sora’s neck, who threw her head back as she moaned loudly, which just increased as Davis kissed down her body, to her breasts, which he began to suck on the left and massage the right.


“So good Master... so good...!” Sora moaned loudly, her mind clouded by her programming and pleasure, until she was unable to help herself and desired to give her Master the same pleasure he was giving her.


Sora then gently pushed Davis so he was lying on the bed, confusing him for a second before she began to kiss and lick his chest and then positioned herself so her pussy was hovering over his erection.


And with a playful wink; Sora lowered herself onto his cock, moaning in pleasure as she felt her Master’s cock deep inside of her.


“Master, oh, Master... Ah... you are so big... so good...!” Sora moaned out erotically, her hands going up to massage her breasts, while her Master’s hands grabbed her hips as she began to move up and down on his cock.


The two continued in their position for nearly two hours before Davis let out a loud groan as he came inside of Sora, who screamed loudly as she came all over his cock.


After catching their breaths, Sora crawled off of her Master and got on all fours, wiggling her ass to her Master as she then begged. “Please Master, fuck my ass, ravage me!”


Davis smirked before he got into position and rammed his cock into her ass, causing him to groan at her tightness, while Sora moaned wildly, filling the bedroom with their moans, groans and cries of pleasure.


But after another thirty minutes of fucking, Davis let out another groan as he came into Sora’s ass, causing Sora to moan excitedly at the feeling, glad to have received such pleasure from her Master and to know her body had pleased him.


After catching his breath, he pulled his cock out of her ass, which just made Sora beg. “Please Master... more... I need your cock...!”


Davis laughed internally as he realized another side effect of her powers was probably a higher sex drive.


‘Now I know why Tai looks like a zombie half the time.’ He thought, before he took command and told her. “Later, my little fuck toy, I have another pet that need my attention.”


With that said, Davis then looked over and smirked to see that Kari had followed his orders, to which Mimi, who stood at attention and had been stripped naked, while Kari was standing behind her, gently rubbing her breasts and pussy.


Davis then smirked as an idea came to him, making him call to Kari. “Kari, be a good pet and fuck Sora while I have some fun with Mimi.”


“Yes Master, as you command.” Kari said as she stared lustfully at Sora, who gave her the same look as she got up from the floor, and walked seductively to Kari before the pair embraced each other and began to make out passionately.


Davis tore his eyes from the scene as he walked over to Mimi, who’s smile grew knowing her turn had come, before she moaned softly as Davis began to massage her breasts, only to then stop as he whispered a set of commands into her ear.


“Yes Master.” Mimi said with a slight blush before she outstretched her arms over her head, causing a few vines to come out of the ceiling, which wrapped around her wrists and then gently lifting her so that only her toes were touching the ground.


With Mimi bound once again, Davis moved his hand around her firm body as he circled around her, before he gently massage her ass cheeks, causing Mimi to moan loudly.


“Master...” Mimi moaned, enjoying the feel of her Master’s hands on her body, which increased when Davis then spread her ass cheeks before plunging his cock into her, causing Mimi to cry out in pleasure at being filled by her Master.


Her cries got louder as Davis reached around and began to massage her breasts in the process as he continued to thrust into her ass.


However, after nearly an hour of fucking, Davis let out a loud groan before he came in Mimi’s ass, causing the girl to scream in pleasure as she came too, causing her love juices to flow from her pussy and down her thighs.


----End Lemons----


After catching his breath, Davis turned her head and gave Mimi a passionate kiss, which she happily returned, before they broke from their lips when they heard loud moaning near them.


They turned to see that Kari had pinned Sora to the floor and was licking her nipples and rubbing her head against Sora’s breasts.


With a smirk, Davis whispered a new set of commands into Mimi’s ear, who nodded in reply, before the vines removed themselves from Mimi’s arms, grabbed Kari’s arms and put her in the same position Mimi was just in.


With a lustful look, Sora quickly got up, positioned herself behind Kari and began to kiss her neck, while fondling her breasts, while Mimi got on her knees and began to lick Kari’s pussy, causing the brunette to moan loudly in pleasure.


As Davis got ready to join in on the fun, he got an alert on his armband from one of his sentry drones.


As he saw the info he smirked, for it seemed the night was far from over.


Standing on the same roof the other girls met before were two nineteen year old super heroines.


The first one was wearing a black spandex style suit that clung to her body like a second skin, showing off her tight ass and tone stomach. She had gold coloured boots on her feet, as well as gold coloured gloves over her arms.


A golden chest piece covered her C sized breasts, while a golden belt was around her waist, containing the many gadgets and tricks she used in her fight against the forces of evil.


She wore a fox mask over her face that covered her eyes and forehead, but revealed her mouth and her red hair that went down her upper back.


But most noticeable was, n her right hand was a golden staff that had a circle on the top, with several rings around it.


To the public, this mysterious mystic was known as the Vixen, but to her friends she was Rika Nonaka, the rebellious daughter of Odaiba’s top model, as well as a top model herself.


The girl by Rika’s side had long, blonde hair that went down her back and had beautiful, green coloured eyes, while a facial mask covered her mouth and nose.


She also wore a black spandex style suit that clung to her body as well, showing off her own tight ass, C-Cup breasts and tone body, just like Rika’s outfit, except hers’ was pink and each finger of her gloves were razor sharp talons.


But the most distinguishing feature about her was the two large white/brown feathered wings that came out of her back.


Known to the public as the Wind Angel, Zoe Orimoto inherited an ancient amulet belonging to an ancient warrior of wind, which allowed her to transform into her heroic appearance whenever it was necessary.


“You sure this is where the signal was sent from?” Zoe asked as she continued to look around.


“Yeah, this is where Firebird sent the signal from.” Rika said in reply, wondering where their teammates were.


“Can I help you ladies find anything?” A cold, metallic voice then asked, which both girls recognized, causing both to quickly turn to the source to see Davis, in his full outfit, standing before them.


“Painz? What have you done with our friends!?” Rika demanded, guessing he had something to do with the loss of their allies as she and Zoe got into a fighting stance.


“You’ll know soon enough, Vixen, or should I say, Rika Nonaka?” Davis asked as he smirked behind his mask, while Rika stiffened, as did Zoe, shocked that their nemesis knew Vixen’s secret identity.


Quickly getting a hold of herself, Rika moved her staff, forming some signs in the air, before a large array of flames, which took shape of a fox appeared and began to charge at Davis.


Davis just rolled his eyes behind his mask before he raised his right arm, which caused his gauntlet to generate an electric blast that hit the flames, causing it to convulse before it disappeared.


Coming down from above him quickly, Zoe had her right claw hand out, reach to take a hit at the masked villain, before Davis, quicker than she thought he could move, stepped to the side, grabbed her and threw her at Rika, causing her to fall over as Zoe crashed into her.


As the two got back up and into fighting positions, they heard a voice behind them say. “Girls I’m here.”


The duo turned to see Kari, back in her costume then land near them, causing them to smile at seeing their friend, before Rika and Zoe turned to Davis.


“Looks like your outnumbered Painz, now why don’t you just...” Rika began to say, but did not get a chance to finish, for she and Zoe received sharp blows to the necks, rendering them unconscious as they then fell to the floor, causing Davis to smirk behind his mask.


“Good work, my pet.” He said, walking up to Kari, who knelt before her Master, looking up at him with love and worship in her eyes.


“Thank you, Master. I am glad to be at your command.” She replied, before she looked down at Rika and Zoe’s unconscious forms and smiled, knowing they too would soon join her Sora and Mimi into serving their new Master.


----A little bit later----


Rika and Zoe groaned as consciousness slowly returned to them. However, they barely had time to realize that they were restrained, or that Rika’s mask had been removed, for two pairs metal hands had firm holds over their heads, positioned them so both were facing forward, while two pairs of smaller hands held their eyes open.


Both had no time to struggle before a screen turned on in front of them, revealing a swirling pattern that captivated both girls, causing their eyes to dull and their minds to go blank, before their minds were slowly reprogrammed.


From his seat in the room, Davis smirked as he saw his newest pets changing from heroines to slaves, before he turned to a monitor next to him, seeing how his other slaves were doing.


In another room in his hideout, Sora was lying on a couch, still naked, while Kari, also naked, was sitting on her chest, to which Sora licked Kari’s pussy, while Kari massaged her own breasts and moaned from the pleasure she was receiving and the pleasure she was giving herself.


Further down, Mimi’s face was in between Sora’s legs, licking her pussy, while Mimi’s right hand was massaging and fingering her own pussy, filling the three with pleasure.


Davis continued to watch the monitor before he heard the screen turn off in the room, causing him to look over with a smile as the restraints on Rika and Zoe then let go of the girls and they stood at attention with glazed eyes and blank smiles on their faces, showing they too were now under the control of Davis Motomiya.


With Rika and Zoe under the same mind control as Kari, Sora and Mimi, Davis removed his hood and mask, before he approached his new pets.


“You are both my slaves, you exist to serve me.” He told them, causing Rika and Zoe to nod in reply.


“Yes Master, we are yours’... Do with us as you please...” Rika and Zoe replied, which made Davis smirk before he commanded his new slaves, wanting to break them in. “Now my pets, remove your costumes.”


Davis then backed up when a bright light appeared around the girls, confusing him for a moment, before the light faded revealing the girls still standing at attention in their trances.


Only now they were back in their clothing as Rika Nonaka and Zoe Orimoto.


Zoe had on a pink shirt over her matching bra and panties, while a necklace adorned around her neck that looked like a winged bird. Davis had seen Zoe wearing it before and based on her attire, he assumed she had gotten out of bed to find her friends.


But what really surprised him was Rika.


Except for a gold ring around her fingers, which had a fox design on it, Rika stood completely naked, revealing her shaven pussy.


After blinking a few times, Davis gained a smirk as he then asked. “Rika, you sleep in the nude?”


“Yes Master...” Rika replied with a blank smile on her face.


Davis smiled upon hearing Rika’s confession, before he walked between the girls, wrapped his arms around their waists before saying. “Now my little slaves, it’s time for you to pleasure your Master.”


“Yes Master... We obey...” The girls said, to which Davis then lead them into his bedroom.


----Upcoming Lemons----


Once inside, Davis removed his clothing before he removed the rest of Zoe’s clothing, revealing her wet, shaven pussy to her Master, before he then got onto the bed and used his index finger to motion the girls to join him.


Both girls obeyed, joining their Master on the bed, sitting in kneeling positions, with their legs slightly spread to show him their dripping wet pussies, which made him smile slyly, before he moved closer to his slaves and slid his index and middle fingers of his left hand into Zoe’s pussy, while his right index and middle fingers entered Rika’s snatch, causing both girls to moan in pleasure as their Master began to slowly and delicately move his fingers in and out of their pussies.


“Oh Master, your fingers feel so good...!” Zoe moaned out, causing Rika to moan and nod in agreement as they felt their Master’s fingers continue to provide them both with pleasure.


As Davis continued to finger his slaves, both girls arched their backs, putting their hands on the bed behind them for support as they moved their hips and began to match their Master’s thrusts with his fingers.


However, after several minutes, Davis pulled his fingers out of their pussies, causing the girls to whimper at the loss of the feeling.


But their mood brightened when Davis then lay back on the bed, causing his erect cock to point into the air, arousing both the entranced heroines.


“Rika, mount me and ride my cock. Zoe, sit on my chest facing me so I can eat that wonderful pussy of yours’.” Davis said in a sly and commanding tone.


“Yes Master.” The girls replied in tones full of excitement, to which the blond haired girl quickly straddled Davis’ chest with her pussy facing his face.


Putting his hands on her hips, Davis plunged his tongue into Zoe’s pussy and began to lick, causing Zoe to throw her head back in pleasure.


“So good... Ah... Oh, Master, it’s so good...!” Zoe moaned out, loving the feel of her Master’s tongue on her folds.


While Davis pleasured Zoe, Rika positioned herself over her Master’s member, before impaling herself on it, causing her to cry out in pleasure. “Master, you are so deep... Ah... so good...!”


Slowly at first, Rika raised and lowered herself repeatedly on Davis’ cock before she gained momentum, moaning and gasping with pleasure as she rode her Master, loving the feel of Davis’ cock sliding in and out of her womanhood.


After almost half an hour, Rika and Zoe began to move frantically before they cried out their Master’s name in pure pleasure as their orgasms hit them, to which Rika released her sexual fluids all over Davis’ cock, while Zoe climaxed, cumming in her Master’s mouth, which he swallowed, before he licked Zoe’s pussy clean.


And while the girls were almost out of breath, Davis was far from satisfied, making him then say in a commanding tone. “Girls, switch positions.”


Obeying their Master, Zoe positioned herself so she was riding her Master’s cock, screaming in pleasure at feeling her Master’s cock inside of her, while Rika moaned out, feeling great surges of pleasure as she felt her Master’s tongue lash at her pussy.


After a little while, not only were the girls moving frantically, but also was Davis, as he felt his climax coming.


Then, with a loud groan, Davis came inside of Zoe, filling her pussy with his cum and causing the girl to scream in pleasure as she came with him, followed by Rika, who came too, releasing her sexual fluids into Davis’ mouth and around his face, which he then licked clean.


After catching his breath and wanting more, Davis then instructed. “Rika lay on your back on the bed. Zoe get on top of her.”


“As you command, Master.” Rika and Zoe replied in obedient tones as both then got off their Master and allowed him to stand, before they got into position.


Rika lay flat on her back, allowing Zoe to lie down on top of her, causing both girls to moan as they felt their breasts and pussies pressing and rubbing against each other.


Davis then increased Rika’s pleasure as he spread her legs and pushed his cock into Rika’s pussy, causing her to moan in pleasure.


“Ah... Oh, Master... Master...!” Rika moaned out erotically.


After a few minutes of fucking her, he pulled out of her only to insert himself into Zoe, causing her to scream in pure pleasure.


“Yes, Master... yes... Oh, how I love having your cock inside me...!” Zoe cried out.


Davis continued to rotate between the girls for over an hour, before Zoe eventually cried out in pleasure as her orgasm hit her, followed by Rika’s, while Davis had his orgasm too, releasing his cum into Zoe’s pussy.


As Davis caught his breath, he lay down on the bed as both girls snuggled into his sides, before his mind wandered to his next and main plan.


----A few days later----


Davis sat on his throne in his control room as he watched the monitors in front of him.


On the screen his robotic dragons were once more terrorizing the city.


This time, however, they had back up.


One screen showed Zoe flying over the robotic troopers; her pink armour was now black, her spandex suit was open, along her stomach to be seen, while her wings had become a pure black.


She let out a fierce cry as she flew down and knocked down a few officers that were trying to make a run for it.

No longer was she known as Zoe Orimoto or Wind Guardian, but was now called Shadow Wing.


On another screen Davis could see Rika sitting in a meditative position on a roof. Like Zoe, Her armour had also turned black and her stomach was exposed.


She then summoned a massive array of fox spirits to aid her Master’s robots.


And just like Zoe, she too now had a dark persona, the Vengeful Vixen.


Finally, on another screen Mimi, who was standing on a rooftop, commanding large vines to wreak havoc among the city.


Her once piece suit had now changed to a corset that showed off her ample breasts and had black leaf designs on it, along with a matching pair of panties.


And as her physical appearance had changed, her identity changed too.


Now she called herself Rotten Lilly.


“Things are progressing well.” Davis commented as he looked at his company, to which Kari was on the ground leaning against his leg, rubbing her head against it. Like Mimi, her white one-piece suit was now a black corset, with a matching set of black cat ears and a tail.


And just like Mimi, her super heroine name changed, to which she went by Katastrophe.


By Davis’ other side was Sora, who stood next to her Master, wearing a similar outfit to Mimi, with black flame designs, going by the new name, Dark Phoenix.


“Soon the whole city will be yours’.” Katastrophe said as she continued to happily rub her body against her Master’s leg, showing her loyalty and affection to him.


“Maybe we can help you ‘celebrate’?” Dark Phoenix then asked with a seductive smile as she bent down, giving her Master a clear view of her cleavage.


Davis laughed as he lightly massages Sora’s breasts, causing her to moan lightly. Since becoming his pet her personality had become that of a nymphomaniac, not that he minded.


“We’ll see my pets, this is only the beginning.” Davis said with a grin as he continued to watch the screens, particularly one showing a young male around his age, who had dark blue hair and was completely naked, fucking a young woman that had lavender hair, was naked too and was beneath the male, moaning loudly.


“Yes, oh, Ken... Yes...!” She cried out, causing the male, Ken, to groan out as he continued, making Davis smirk.


While Davis knew he was the villain, Ken was his best friend and didn’t want any harm to befall him during his conquest of Odaiba, so he spared attacking the street that Ken lived on, as well as Yolei Inoue, his girlfriend.


But not before making several ‘adjustments’ to the way she thought and acted, evident from the blank look in her eyes.


The End.

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