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I have always known Eren since the day we were born. Our family's were very close and had known each other since long... I remembered how we used to play and joke around and I was madly in love with her but i couldn't muster the courage to confess to her... It was an unexpected turn of events though when the wall collapsed. It first was the best day of my life but then it just kept turning more and more sour. It began as a pretty normal day. I woke up at 4:50 am because as Eren told me she had something special planned so I grabbed some food and headed towards Eren's house to meet Eren. She stood half the distance between our houses. Maybe she was heading to my house to get me?

Eren:Ehm... Hi... 

Me: So what did you plan for today?

Eren: I... I just wanted to go to the forest... with you.

Me: Alone?

Eren: Yeah. 

Me: But why not bring along Armin and Mikasa?

Eren: Mikasa always tries to act like a mother to me.

Me: But what about Armin?

Eren: Eh... I... Forgot to ask him.

Me: Okay. I guess we can't wake him up. Wouldn't want to wake up his family and all that.

Eren: Yeah...

Me: Eren?

Eren: What?

Me: Why are you being so shy today? You're so quiet...

Eren: ... I eeehm... 

Me: Do you dislike me?

Eren: No! Otherwise i wouldn't invite you to hang out. 

Me: Okay but what is it?

Eren: ...

Me: It's okay if you don't want to tell me. 

Eren: I want to but... I don't have the courage...

What? Is she... No... Can't be. Maybe she wants me to beat up some bullies? Though i have struggled with courage too... Nah... I it must be something else.

Me: Just don't force yourself Eren. It's okay really.

I smile at her.

Eren: Okay...

Me: What about we go to the forest?

Eren: Okay. Want to play hide and seek?

Me: Okay.

We begin to walk towards the forest.

Eren: So how it's going with your brother?

Me: He is... Pretty mean. He recently got a girlfriend and he always brags about it. 

Eren: Oh... Hope he's not to harsh.

Me: Eh i manage. But eh. How's it going with Mikasa?

Eren: She has recently began talking about you a lot. She always asks what we are doing togheter when we are alone.

Me: Ehm has she a crush on me or something?

Eren: I'm not allowed to tell that!

Me: I take that as a yes.

I remember that i had a crush on Mikasa too but she was so cold... Emotionless almost... I think she got that way after she got kidnapped. My mom and Eren's dad were working together and me and Eren got to go with them pretty often. One day when we were visiting the Ackermans there was blood everywhere and Mikasa's mother and dad were dead and she was missing. As soon as my mother saw that she vomited.

Mr Jaeger: Kids have you seen a girl nearby? Did you see Mikasa?

Me and Eren: No.

Mr Jaeger: I see... I will report this to the Military Police and request a investigation. You three will wait at the base of the mountain. Understand?

Eren just stands there.

Me: Yes Mr Jaeger. I will keep Eren safe for you.

Mr Jaeger: Thank you Ralp.

We walk a long enough distance so Mr Jaeger can't hear or see us. 

Eren: Kill...

Me: Eren?

Eren: We need to save her!

She runs ahead of me. And taking out a knife she was hiding.

We eventually reach a cabin and we can definitely see Mikasa laying unconscious through the window. Eren and I knock on the door. A kidnapper opens up.

Kidnapper 1: We were... Lost in the forest and we saw this cabin...

The other kidnapper ways at him. 

Kidnapper 1: Kids like you shouldn't walk alone in a forest like this...

He bows down and pets Eren on the head.

Kidnapper 1: There are scary wolfs roaming around here but you won't have anything to worry about if you come with-

Eren stabs him in the chest.

Eren: Thank you mister...I get it now... So die you bastard!

We run and hide in a room. The man comes in with a axe and is about to hit Eren but i stab him in the back and I keep stabbing him. I cut parts of him of and keep cutting even after he dies.

Me: Never walk again! Never dare do something like this again!

When i finish i see Eren staring at me and Mikasa staring blankly.

Me: It's okay now. You are safe. Don't worry i will free you.

I and Eren cut off her ropes.

Eren: You are Mikasa right? I'm Eren. Doctor Jaeger's daughter. 

Mikasa: Yeah...

Me: I'm Ralp. I'm the son of Nurse Eberhardt. You have probably meet them before. We tagged along with them when they were going to your house to do a medical examination 

Mikasa: There was another...

Eren: Wha-

The kidnapper kick her into a wall so she faint.

Kidnapper 3: You bastards! You did it didn't you? You killed them!

Me: Bastard! You kidnapped her! It's your own fault they died!

Kidnapper 3: What did you say to me? Your dead!

He kicks me to the wall and starts strangling me.

Kidnapper 3: So you did do it! I'm going to choke you to death!

Eren wakes up but the kidnapper stands on her. She is being crushed to death!

Me: Fight.

Eren: You have to fight! If you want to live!

Me: If you gaah! If you win you live and if you gaaaaah grrrr if you lose you die!

Kidnapper 3: What do you think you are doing!? Shut up brats!

He stomps on Eren and gets a tighter grip on my neck.

Eren: So fight!

Me: Gaaah if  you don't fight guuuh we all will-

Eren: Die!

Mikasa takes up our knives.

Mikasa: I can't!

Me: Just do it!

She freezes still for a few seconds... Then changes stand and partly breaks the knife and breaks the floor. She charges at the killing and stabs him endlessly.

Me: You win... You will live...

We just breath out and wait and eventually the garrison arrives. I snap back from my memories.

Eren: Heeeello? What happened?

Me: Oh just remembered something bad...

Eren: What?

Me: You know... What happened to Mikasa...

Eren: Oh...

Me: Wait... Someone is following us!

I turn around.

Me: Oh. Mikasa.

Eren: Mikasa...

Mikasa: Hi.

Me: So you came along after all.

I smile at her and she blushes.

Eren: Stop stalking us!

Mikasa: But i just want to join.

Eren: But I want to be with him... Alone.

Mikasa: Can't we ask him?

Me: I think it would be way more fun if Mikasa went along.

Eren: But! She tries to act like she's our mom.

Me: I'm actually okay with her following us around everywhere.

Eren: But-

Me: That's also pretty hypocritical of you.

Eren: What's that supposed to mean!?

She puffs her cheeks... It's pretty cute...

Me: You always with me.

Eren: But that is entirely different!

Me: How?

Eren: ...

Me: Hehehe.

She blushes.

Eren: Okay guess you can tag along Mikasa...

Mikasa smiles in victory.

Me: Do you guys wanna play tag?

Eren: Sure!

Mikasa: Who chases?

Me: Can I?

Eren: Sure.

Mikasa: Sure.

They run and i chase them. I quickly catch Eren.

Eren: Damn. Your to fast!

Me: Hehehe!

I then chase Mikasa but can't catch up with her so i come up with a plan. I trip on purpose and break my nose.

Eren and Mikasa: Ralp!

Mikasa and Eren run towards me they reach out their hands to me.

Eren: Are you okay?

Mikasa: Are you hurt?

I smack her hand.

Me: Gotcha!

Mikasa: Tsk dirty trick.

Me: Hehehe.

I take their hand and we continue to walk to the forest. Eventually we reach a river. Theres several big trees and several are hollow. Theres also many big rocks and holes.

Me: This seems like the perfect place.

Then suddenly someone comes out from behind a tree. It's Armin! 

Armin: Hi guys!

Me: Oh hi Armin.

Eren: Hows it going?

Armin: Oh good. 

Me: Wanna play hide and seek?

Armin: Ok. Who searches?

Eren: Oh can I?

Me: Okay.

Armin: Sure.

Mikasa: Okey...

Me: Count to... 50

Eren: Ok.

I hide in a hollow tree and cover myself with leafs. I see a peep hole.

I look at Eren. She has closed her eyes. I usually don't analyze thing that much but i look her up and down. She is wearing a white skirt and stockings. A gray tanktop and white shoes. I notice that she actually has grown more... Developed... And her hair is a littler longer i think. Then she opens her eyes. They are so beautiful... They are a deep green...

Eren: 50!

She almost immediately finds Armin. 

Armin: Oh man...

She continues searching for a while until she looks a bit above me then she looks straight at me... Stares for what almost feels like several minutes... Then she suddenly runs towards me! When she is just in front of me. She jumps and climbs the tree. I can see her panties... It makes me cum for the first time and i nearly panic but quickly tries to calm down. Then i hear her say...

Eren: I found ya Mikasa!

Then she looks straight down at me and jumps down but her skirt gets in my face.

Me: Umpf. 

Then i fall. The tree was weak so it gives way and i fall down on the ground and she lays on top of me.

We breathe heavily...

Eren: Ralp...

Me: What?

Eren notices something. Eren puts some of the cum on my pants on her finger.

Eren: What is this?

Me: Eeeh it's the sauce from my lunch. 

Eren: Oh okay.

She puts her finger in her mouth and licks it!

Eren: It tastes really good!

Me: Eeeeh...

I start to panic.

Me: Eeeeh aaah!

Eren: Ralp? What are you doing?

Me: Eh nothing...

She starts to blush and hides her face with her hair.

Eren: I... I... I love you Ralp!

I just stare at her for a while.

Eren: Sorry... You don't have the same feeling as me right?...

Me: Ok... I... I... I'm speechless...

Eren: ?

Me: I actually love you too! I just thought that you would have the same feelings as me!

Eren: Whaaat? I thought the same at first but... I just wanted to be honest with you atleast... I... 

She kisses me she catches me of guard at first but then i kiss her back when we are done I say...

Me: Actually what i had on my pants was... I... Jizzed myself...

Eren: .... *Gulp

Me: Ehm... Sorry?

Eren: Can I taste some more?

Me: Whaat?

Eren: Please?

Me: I don't think anyone would approve of this!

Eren: Ehm... Sorry?

Me: I will get in trouble though if i return home like this... So... What about a second serving?

After a while my pants are clean enough that i can probably pass my parents and Claus without getting in trouble. Then I notice... Mikasa is standing behind us... She is completely frozen.

Me: Eh.... Have you seen it all?

Mikasa just nods.

Eren just shrugs.

Mikasa: I think I'm traumatized...

Me: Sorry...

Mikasa: Because i didn't get any.

Me: Not you too!

Mikasa: Can I help too?

After a while my pants are cleaner than before... Then Armin appears... In the exact same way as Mikasa...

Me: What? Do you wanna join in? 

Armin: I... I need a adult.

Me: Can you just forget everything you saw?

Armin: If I can...

Mikasa is now also laying on top on me.

Mikasa: Ralp... I... I love you.

Me: You too?

Mikasa: Has she... Already said it...

She looks sad...

Me: Mikasa... Don't cry! Eh... 

Me: I like Eren...

Eren: Yes! See that Mikasa?

Mikasa: I will try to prove myself worthy!

They try to stare down each other.Then suddenly Claus appears.

Claus: Having fun?

Me: Bro I need your help.

Claus: What?

Me: They love me. 

Claus: What is the problem?

Me: They both love me.

Claus: What is the problem?

Me: Help me. What should i do?

Claus: Why not just choose both?

Me: But it doesn't work like that!

Claus: Who said that?

Me: God damn it Claus just help me!

Claus: Ok what's the problem?

Me: I hate you.

Claus: Yeah I love you too.

Me: Fuck you.

Claus: Good day to you too.

Me: God damn it Claus.

Claus: Yeah the weather is nice today.

Me: I hate you so much.

Claus: But hey didn't you like them both?

Me: Ehm... I don't want to hurt Mikasa.

Claus: Ok well fix it yourself. Anyway. You gotta get some fire wood. You too Eren and Mikasa. 

Me: Okay but can't you help us?

Claus: No I just got a little break. I have to go back to the wall... I have a bad feeling...

He flies away with his 3D gear...

We gather stick from the ground. Me and Mikasa help Eren gathering sticks because she feel asleep leaning against a tree. After about 30 minutes we have gathered enough and go back to the town but stop to see the Survey Corp return. One woman was searching for her son and approached two soldiers.

Woman: Please I'm searching for my son Moses. I can't see him anywhere.

Soldier 1: Show her it.

The other soldier pulled out something wrapped in bandages. It was an arm and when the woman saw it she cried out and asked.

Woman: Did he atleast help humanity's fight?

Soldier 1: Yes... No... We haven't achieved anything on this mission! No actually we haven't archived anything since we started our missions!

Then two men said.

Man 1: Man haven't they achieved anything?

Man 2: Seriously...

Man 1: So all they have done is offering the titans free food...

I saw Eren grabbing a large stick and hitting the man and i quickly tried to search for a escape route but was pulled away along with Eren.

Eren: Hey what are you doing!?

Me: Eren you are to reckless!

Eren: I'm not!

Me: I just don't want to see you get hurt.

She blushed and just kept quiet until we stopped. Mikasa threw her into a wall and the stick scattered everywhere. 

Eren: What the heck?

Mikasa: Are you still thinking about joining the Survey Corps?

Eren didn't answer but just asked us to help her out we then returned to our homes and i said goodbye.

I leave the stick and was just about to go out of the door but was stopped by my Dad.

Dad: Claus told us about what you did.

Me: What? Sorry...

Mom: What are you saying sorry for? Claus told us that you confessed to Eren. We are proud!

Me: Oh really?

Dad: Yeah, I was almost starting to think you swung the other way!

Me: Dad!

Dad: Hohohohoho!

Mom: Lets stop teasing him. I think he wants to go back to his Girlfriend.

Me: Yyyeah...

Dad: See you son!

Mom: Come back for dinner!

Me: Okay see you!

I ran away and see Armin getting chased and run after the bullies. I notice Eren and Mikasa behind me and the bullies quickly run away.

Eren: Are you okay Armin?

She reaches out her arm to him.

Armin: I can stand up my self.

Me: But aren't you hurt?

Armin: No...

He rises.

Later Armin talks about what happened and Eren is throwing into the water.

Me: Man... We just want to go outside. Why would everyone hate us just because of that?

Armin: Well it has been peace for over a 100 years now thanks to the wall and leaving may cause the titans to swarm in. So the king banned everyone from going outside.

Eren: He's a coward. No one should be able to force us to live inside. We are risking our lives no one can stop us.

Mikasa: No you can't. No way.

Everyone looks at her.

Eren: ... How dare you tell our parents?

I and Armin look at her.

Mikasa: I don't remember that we agreed on helping you.

Me and Armin: So how did it go?

Eren: They sure weren't happy about it.

Armin: I figured.

Me: ...

Armin: People are crazy for beliving that these walls will hold forever. Even though these walls has remained intact for over 100 years theres no telling when they could break. Theres nothing that can guarantee that they won't be broken down today.

Suddenly the wind stops... A bolt of lightning strikes outside and everything shakes and we fly up in the air for a moment. 

Me: What?

Armin: A earthquake?

Then it happened... It appeared... The colossal titan it was over 50 meters. I would say 60-70 meters high. It kicked the wall and let 100s of titans in and i could just stand in disbelif. I saw that parts of the walls had destroyed our homes and then the armored titan broke through the wall.

Me: We have to get our families!

We run towards our homes and see Eren's and Mikasa's mom. 

Eren: We have to save her!

We tried and tried again but to no avail. 

Eren's Mom: Please leave. Save yourselves.

Eren: No never!

Then my dad appears!

Me: Dad?

Dad: Run.

He then gets crushed by a titan. 

Me: No!

Claus appears from the right.

Claus: Ralf? Mikasa? Eren? So Armin was right... We have to get out of here!

Eren: No we have to save mom!

Claus: Don't be stupid! 

Eren's Mom: If you don't run the titan will eat you... Claus please... Take them and run!

Claus looks down but then gives her a confident look.

Claus: I promise Mrs Jaeger! I will see through that you children will survive! 

Eren: We have to save her!

Claus: We can try.

We try to pull out their mom but she doesn't budge.

Claus: It doesn't work... I will get rid of the titan instead.

He runs towards the titan but freezes and then turns back.

Claus: I'm sorry!

He picks us up and runs away.

Eren: No you coward!

Me: We could have saved Mrs Jaeger!

Claus: Theres nothing i could do! It was to darn big!

Eren: Noooo!

Eren keeps hiting Claus. After we reache a safe distance away from the titan he throws Eren on the ground.

Claus: Cut it out!

Eren: *Cough* *Cough* You could have saved her!

Me and Mikasa: Eren!

We run to her.

Claus: I'm sorry... But you were to weak to save her!

Eren tries to hit him several times but Claus dodges and eventually catches her fists.

Claus: I'm sorry... I'm a coward. I'm to weak... I swear that i will avenge both of our familys.

Eren: I will avenge her myself!

Claus: No! You can't!

Me: But You are to big of a coward to do it Claus!

Claus: Well find. But you will die. The very first day. If i didn't run i would have been dead right now!

Me: It would have been better that way.

I punch him.

Claus: ...

He just pick us back up again and runs until we reach the evacuation boat.

We meet just sit there... Then both I and Eren stand up. We say just the same thing... Completely independently. 

Me and Eren: *Whisper(Kill)*

Claus: What?

Me and Eren: I will kill every last one of them! I will drive them to extinction!

We wait till we get to the other side and to wall rose. We moved to Wall rose but Claus couldn't find a house for us so we had to live in a abandoned warehouse.

I have a dream...

Claus woke me up at night.

Claus: We need to go to the forest.

Me: Why?

Claus: We need firewood.

Me: Ok..

We walked through the district until we reached The Shigashina District and then went to the forest.

I noticed that Claus held a box and a syringe and approached me. 

Claus: Please stand still.

Then he pointed the syringe towards me. He tackled me to the ground and injected whatever was in the syringe.

Then I woke up.

Me: I will kill everyone of them! Every single one!

I wake everyone up with my screams... We are in a abandoned warehouse.

Claus: Oh so you have woken up. 

I just stare at him.

Claus: What's wrong?

Me: Nothing...

Me: What do we do now though...

Claus: We just have to keep living. I was recently promoted to Lieutenant. 

Me: Really?

Claus: Yeah.

Me: Can I join the army too?

Claus: ... I don't want to loose you too.

Me: Don't worry I will join but i won't die.

Claus: Hahaha... So young and naive...

And that was how everything went down... A few days later i remember that I and Eren... Got a lot closer.

We were just sitting down...

Eren: Ralp promise me that you won't die.

Me: I won't.

Eren: ... Ralp... We could die anyday now... What if the colosal comes back?

Me: I will protect you with my life. I will make sure that you don't die no matter what.

She blushes.

Eren: But I want to protect you too.

Me: Then we can protect each other. Make sure no one of us ever dies. 

Eren: Can you promise that we will always be together?

We kiss... After we break of the kiss i say.

Me: Yes. One day we will buy a big house outside the walls. I promise.

She looks happy...

Then we sleep next to each other. 

The End For Now. Cya in the next chapter!

Added a lot more comedy and generally more content.



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