Kenichi: Not Just Her Disciple - Lemon Scenes

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Disclaimer: I neither own Kenichi, nor its characters. I am not making any profit off this story. I am doing this for entertainment only. The story is fiction, and the characters are not real.

Kenichi: Not just her disciple - Lemon Scenes

I neither own Kenichi, nor its characters. I am not making any profit off this story. I am doing this for entertainment only. The story is fiction, and the characters are not real.


AN: Hello readers. Thank you for reading. This is the first lemon scene I am writing. This scene is in addition to my fanfiction story on another site. The story has the same name as this one (just minus the lemon scenes part). I hope you enjoy.


This particular chapter takes place at a hot springs resort. After a plot to get them together by Saori, Kenichi and Shigure realize and confess their love to each other. This is the end result of their first time together.


Chapter 1

First Time


After rinsing himself off, Kenichi lies on the bed in just his boxers as he waits for Shigure to also finish washing up.

She eventually comes out and she slowly approaches the bed while holding her robe closed.


“Yes Shigure?”

“Do you want dinner . . . a bath . . . or  . . . me?”

He blushes furiously at the thought.

“Where on earth did you get that from?”

“From one of your books.”

He smacks his head.

“Oh my god!” He says while shaking his head.

She lets go of her robe and her naked body gets revealed as it drops open.

“Isn’t this what couples do?”

She climbs on the bed and walks over top of him on all fours like a cat.

“So which is it Kenichi?”

“You’re very serious about this, aren’t you?”

He gets his response with a nod as she straddles him.

“I’m just hungry.” He says to her.

She looks puzzled for a moment, but then she starts to move to get up.

He quickly grabs her hand and pulls her close.

“For you.”

She smiles.

“I have never felt like this before. Everything about me wants you Kenichi. My mind wants you. My heart wants you. And my body wants you.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

He pulls her in for a kiss.

At first, just their lips meet, but then their mouths start hungering for more and they begin to open up more and more.

Their tongues dance with each other as they take turns going into each other’s mouths.

Their saliva glistens in the light each time they pull away and go back for more.

He eventually pulls away and gives her a very serious look.

“We have a problem though.”

She looks at him, waiting for his answer.

I didn’t bring any protection.

“I did.”

“Huh? You did?”

She reaches into one of the pockets of her robe and pulls out the little pouch. She opens it up and pulls out the condom.

“Where on earth did you get that?”

He thinks for a moment as the possibilities run through his head.

She starts to open her mouth to answer.

“Wait . . . . .Nevermind. . . . . . I don’t think that I want to know the answer.” He says frantically as he interrupts her from saying anything.

She shrugs and then sets it to the side.

As she sits up, she slowly begins taking off the robe. This causes her chest to thrust out and give her mate an excellent view.

His hands slide from the side of her hips, up her stomach and up to the under part of her breast.

This action sends electrical impulses throughout her body as she gasps from the sensation.

‘Her body is firm, but her skin is so soft and smooth.’

Her mouth stays slightly open as he slides his hands up even further to cup her large breasts.

‘I cannot believe I am doing this.’ They both think.

The robe dangles only partly off of her as she stops taking it off to enjoy the sensations she is feeling from his touch.

 He starts kneading, massaging, and gently tugging them, which elicits a soft moan from her.

After surrendering to his touch for a little longer, she finishes taking off the robe.

He starts to gently tug on her hard nipples between his index fingers and his thumbs.

The sensation instantly causes her to grind against his boxers.

He pulls one of his arms away so that he can lean himself up and start licking the nipple of the breast he removed his hand from. Then he starts circling her nipple with his tongue.

She lets out an even louder moan.

‘Hearing her moan in pleasure like this is just making me want to satisfy her even more.’

He starts sucking on her nipple, and she runs a hand in the back of his hair and pulls his head closer. Giving him the cue to suck even more.

His shorts get wet as she grinds against him more and more. And she gently slides her nails down his back with her other hand.

Sliding down her side, he moves his hand from her breast to her butt and makes her grind against him harder. Her vaginal lips spread along either side the hard bulge that was in his boxers.

She rubs against him so hard that she even starts feeling clitoral stimulation.

Her breathing gets heavier and heavier from all of the sensations that she was feeling.

 She tightens her grip and her body starts stiffening.

“Oh my god. . . . Kenichi.”

They grip each other tightly as she completely freezes with her orgasm.

His shorts get soaked and she lightly convulses from the after effects.

After her convulsing slows down and stops, she looks at him.

Her cheeks are fully flushed.

“That . . . was . . . wonderful . . . Kenichi.” She says to him between heavy breaths.

He smiles at her.

“It really made me feel wonderful that I could do that to you.”

She gives him a tight hug and then pushes him back.


She gets a lecherous grin on her face.

“Now it’s your turn.”

She gets off of him and kneels at his side.

She furiously French kisses him again while they run their hands up and down each other’s bodies.

She begrudgingly pulls away from their kiss to take off his boxers, reveling his very hard manhood.

She gets a smile on her face while she looks at it.

‘He is nicely well endowed, just as I thought.’

Slowly, she kisses down his neck, and then down his chest.

Her long hair grazes over his body as she makes her way down.

As she makes her trek down his body, she sees the head of his penis bob up and down lightly in anticipation.

She looks back up at him and he is covering his face in embarrassment.

“Don’t be ashamed Kenichi. You’re just turned on.”

She slowly wraps her hand around his shaft and she kisses the tip.

The warmth of her hand and the kiss that she just gave heightens his arousal.

He responds in kind by running his hand up her back.

She starts to pump up and down on his shaft.

She twists her hands a couple of times, and each time she got greeted with a moan of pleasure. So she starts to twist more often while she pumps him.

Pressure is building up inside of him as she keeps going.

She slides her hand all the way down to the bottom of his shaft and stops. She holds it steady at the base of it while it stands straight up in front of her.

‘Aww. Why did she stop?’

She could feel him relax and she could tell he was slighted from her stopping.

‘I think that he will find that he is okay with me stopping when I do this.’

She sticks out her tongue and rubs his head all around it. Her saliva starts to run down it as she licks up, down, and all over it.

Unable to contain herself any longer, she hungrily positions her mouth over it and slowly goes down on him. Her hot and wet mouth slowly accepting him inside.

“Your mouth feels so good.”

She tries to go all the way down on him, but inwardly frowns when she realizes that she can’t.

‘I am going to have to work on this.’ She mentally takes note for future reference.

He puts his hand gently on the back of her head as she starts to bob up and down on him, carefully trying to make sure that her teeth don’t harm him.

Taking his lead, she positions herself over him in a 69 position.

‘Shaved it is.’ He muses while he looks at her.

She is also dripping wet with excitement.

He starts to lick her lips, and the sensation causes her to suck him harder and slightly faster.

Pressure starts to build up again down there for him.

Taking advantage of her position, he squeezes her but cheeks in rhythm with her sucking.

He also begins gyrating his pelvis with her movements as well.

He loses focus on what he was doing as it keeps shifting to how good her mouth feels.

The edges of her mouth curl up with a smile.

‘He must be getting ready to cum.’

She takes her other hand and begins cupping and tugging his sac.

The stiffening of his body gives her a warning sign.

His pelvis and her mouth moving faster.

“Shigure . . “

She leaves the tip in her mouth as it starts pulsing and twitching inside of her mouth. She switches back to stroking him again

He lets out a groan and he starts to fill her mouth with his cum.

She swallows it down until he is finished and then she looks up at him.

”Enjoy?” She asks.

He vigorously nods up and down in agreement.

She wipes some saliva from the sides of her mouth.

“Can you go again?”

“If you give me a minute or two.”


She lays beside him, and he curls over her and starts kissing one side of her neck.

The other hands slides down the other side of her neck, and then slides between her breast.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” She says in desire.

His hand keeps trailing down past her abs and down between her legs to her shaved crotch.

She grabs him and starts kissing him.

He easily slips a couple fingers inside of her from how wet she is.

She moans in his mouth while they’re kissing.

She places one of her hands on his chest.

He slides his fingers in and out of her.

This fuels her desire to have him inside of her and she starts stroking him to get him hard again.

It doesn’t take long for that to happen.

“Please make love to me Kenichi.”

He nods and then she repositions herself in the middle of the bed while he puts on the condom.

Then he positions himself over her in missionary style and slowly enters her. She puts a hand on his chest as she tries to control how quickly he goes in.

“This is my first time.” She admits to him.

“This is my first too.” He adds.

She feels every inch of him entering inside of her, and they both feel the warmth from one another.

She hardly even flinches as he goes all the way in.

‘She took that well. It must be because of all of her training.’

He lays against her. Her breasts press against his chest. She wraps an arm around his neck and the other one along his back as they intertwine their bodies. He uses one arm to support himself and the other grasps her shoulder.

They start to rock in unison.

She wraps her legs around him, making him thrust deeper and deeper into her.

‘There is no way I am going to be able to last much longer like this.’ They both think.

The sounds of their pelvic regions meeting and their heavy breathing fill the room

They not only feel each other’s hearts beating, but they also feel their kii meshing together.

The bed creaks from their passion.

“Shigure. I’m going to . .”

She happily nods in agreement as she grasps him harder.

Each of them start to tense up.

Shigure yelps with an explosive orgasm while he lets out another groan with a final thrust.

They hold each other tightly even after their bodies calm down.

He shakily moves away from her as his legs can hardly move.

He pulls off the condom and tosses it into a garbage can.

She snuggles up to him as he collapses back down into the bed with her head on his chest.

They look at each other at the same time.

“That was wonderful Kenichi. I am glad that you got to be my first.”

“I am too. I really love you Shigure.”

“And I love you too.”

She pulls a blanket over them while he turns off the lamp next to the bed.

They share one more gentle kiss.

Sleep slowly comes over them as they lay there in each other’s arms.


A/N: Thank you for reading.

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