Seal of Darkness

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Seal of Darkness

CHP1: Succubus's Allure




Already two weeks into his tenure as the new headmaster replacing Tenmei Mikogami, things had gone relatively smoothly. It made things so much simpler and a lot less difficult with the addition of his staff, helping make things run in an organized fashion. He stood in front of a mirror, washing his face. He no longer needed the holy lock and was able to control his abilities at will. He looked forward to seeing how his first year on the job would turn out.

From time to time thoughts of that day came back to him. The day of their final battle against Alucard, the king of all vampires and was also the last he saw Omote. In some ways he was surprised the outer side had been nothing more than a clone of her mother, minus memories. Any mother would have done the same to protect their daughter, if put in the same situation. With all that in mind, he still considered both outer and inner, Moka.

He exited from the bathroom and slipped into a black vest, stepping out into the hall. He pushed through the nearest door, enjoying the light breeze as he walked over the grass. As with any new year, there were lots of new faces and he had only got around to meeting some of the new students and wanted to get acquainted with more, as time went by.

"Tsukune!" someone yelled wrapping their arms around him from behind.

"You seem extra cheerful today Kurumu-chan."

He turned around, looking her in the face. They backed away, staring at each other.

"You doing ok this morning?" he asked, running a hand through his hair.

"Oh Tsukune, I'm doing just fine," she replied, with a sparkle in her eyes. He perceived a blush, from the beautiful succubus.

"By the way, have you seen Moka-san, been looking for her all morning?"

"Can't say that I have, but she'll turn up eventually."

"Yeah, I'm sure you're right. On another note, how're you enjoying your position as a library assistant?" Tsukune asked.

"Other than it getting really quiet at times, hasn't been all bad."

Both laughed, Kurumu taking Tsukune's left arm into her own as they strolled across the lawn together.

"Tsukune over here!"

"Oh hey Yukari-chan, I will be right over," Tsukune and Kurumu walked together, greeting Yukari. They exchanged a couple words before entering the main gate.

Little did they know, someone watched from faraway. Within a dark room, the individual observed their every move, carefully. A knock at the door, broke the person's concentration.

"Come in," the individual said.

"Sorry to disturb you master, but one of our recruits traveled over to the human world. I can't say for how long she's been gone, but it's likely somewhere in the range of three days. Would you suggest I send someone after her?"

The person within the chair sat silent for a couple moments, thinking. Without asking, he knew precisely which of the recruits it was.

"Let Aensland do whatever she wants, for now. I never figured her to be the type to sit around here in the fortress, long as she doesn't disrupt our plans, or reveal her true nature, we'll be ok. I'll keep a close eye on her…as of now, our plan is in the early stages. If you've got nothing else, you're free to go."

"Yes master," the person bowed.




Behind the line stood the paparazzi and cameras snapping various photos of the rich and famous, walking the red carpet. It was the official opening to an entertainment center, on the far side of town. It contained a large theater space, another section for dancing, food and even casino. In total were twelve floors, guests having the option to check into rooms on higher floors and it was much like a hotel. Between the twelve floors were five swimming areas, in addition to Jacuzzis and saunas.

"Look there, it's Bruce Wayne!" one of the cameramen alerted.

A portion of them faced their cameras that way, taking numerous shots of Bruce stepping around and opening the back door. Too no surprise a woman emerged from the backseat, wearing a purple dress and long purple gloves that stretched to her elbows, and long brown hair tied up. Taking her hand into his, Bruce helped her from the backseat closing the door.

"Hey, I think that's Alliya Gerdanson with him," another spoke taking more photos.

The limousine immediately took off to the parking space, leaving Bruce and Alliya to walk across the red carpet. She was an up and coming model that placed 2nd in the Miss Gotham competition, a month back. Flashes from the camera's annoyed her to a degree, but knew she'd have to get used to it with her status. Bruce on the other hand welcomed all the attention, putting on his billionaire smile as they entered through the front doors.

"That's the one thing I hate about having my face out there, ehhh. People following you around and asking for autographs is so…"

"You'll get used to it," Bruce interrupted pulling her in close. "After a while you won't even realize they're there."

"Easy for you to say being the CEO of Wayne Enterprises and it doesn't hurt you can hideaway in that mansion of yours," they laughed advancing further into the main room. "Really though, I never imagined it'd be like this. Sometimes I have that feeling of wanting to curl up in a corner and wish it would all go away. Ever feel that way, Bruce?"

"All the time," he grinned.

A fountain was positioned in the mid section of the large space, which they bypassed heading to the front desk.

"We'd like two tickets to the ballroom," Bruce uncovered a card from his wallet handing it to the person behind the desk. In one swipe they were granted access and directed to a door off to the left. Being the gentleman that he was, Bruce opened the door allowing Alliya to enter first following behind her. Her eyes went straight to the dance floor, pulling Bruce along.

"This'll be our first, won't it Bruce?"

"I believe so," he replied.

They found an open space on the dance floor, bringing their hands together and moved at the pace of the music. She leaned her head, resting it over his shoulder and thought of all that had transpired through the day. For some time they went around in circles, moving at a steady pace. He twirled her around a couple times, actually enjoying himself more than he had in quite awhile.

"Alliya, Bruce, over here," someone called out, entering through one of the side doors.

Looking in that direction, Bruce recognized two of the individuals approaching, but wasn't sure of the third.

"Terrance, Luke and…I don't believe we've met," Bruce shook hands with a woman, as he and Alliya stepped off the dance floor.

Alliya had only previously met Luke, so Bruce introduced her to the others.

"Had no idea you'd be attending the grand opening Mister Wayne, but must say it's a pleasant surprise. I was wondering when I'd get the chance to introduce you to Jenna with how busy our schedules have been. Looks like things turned out to perfection, ah Bruce," Terrance playfully punched him over the shoulder.

Bruce scratched at the side of his head, grinning.

"Guess things happen for a reason, earlier this morning I felt certain I wouldn't attend. That was until I received the fifth call from Alliya, begging me to and so far I don't regret it," with locked arms Bruce and Alliya returned to the dance floor, alongside Terrance and Jenna.

"I'll be at the bar, if any of you need me for anything," Luke waved, heading the opposite direction.

His schedule was free that night, so immediately agreed to attend when Terrance suggested he should. Lately he'd been working too many hours to go out partying, or anything for that matter. Sitting over a stool with his eyes closed and hands folded over the countertop, Luke was lost in his thoughts. For several minutes he sat without saying a word, occasionally looking over his shoulder onto the dance floor. It looked as though they were all having fun, and he didn't want to get in the way of that.

"A drink for you sir," the bartender slid the glass across the table.

"I never ordered anything to drink…there must be a mistake."

"Yes I know," the bartender pointed to someone sitting on the last stool, the other way. "She paid for it, on your behalf. Really nice lady, actually."

Taking the martini into his hand, Luke moved down taking a seat beside her. She was dressed in a blue/white dress combination, and blue hat. What stood out most was her long green hair and striking emerald colored eyes.

"Ah hello," he ran a hand over the countertop. When around pretty girls he had the tendency to grow nervous. "I don't believe we've met."

"You're right, we haven't," she faced him directly, twirling a strand of hair with her index finger. "I can sniff out when someone isn't having fun, and you my friend aren't," she moved in closer, positioning a hand over the lower part of his leg.

She licked at her lips, running it further up before coming to the area of his crotch. Luke quickly pushed her hand away.

"You're beautiful and all, but I don't even know yo…" his eyes met with hers and in that instant he froze.

He felt completely dazed and unable to resist. In that moment he wanted nothing more than to strip her down and kiss every inch of her body. What the hell was he thinking?! Why did he feel that way?! The woman pulled a keycard from her purse.

"I'm checked in across the street, give me ten minutes."

"What about my friends?"

"Take a look for yourself…I'd say they're having enough fun without you. Quit worrying, I bet they won't realize you're even gone and even if they do, just make up something later. I'm in room, five hundred seventeen, and expect to see you there in ten minutes," she looked over her shoulder. "Don't be late," she blew a kiss, before exiting the doors.

He had no answer to the way he felt. Upon looking into her eyes, it was like he lost control of his emotions, but at the same time in control. With each second that passed, his urge for her grew. Was he under a spell? Luke had no rational explanation for what he was feeling, but knew something wasn't right. For the next couple minutes kept a watchful eye on the nearest clock, feeling himself become aroused just thinking about her. Nearly seven minutes in, he stood from the stool looking out onto the dance floor, confirming Wayne, Terrance and the others weren't looking his way.

"What the hell did she do to me?! Why the hell do I want her so badly?" he murmured.

He quickly exited through the same door she did not long ago. No way could it have anything to do with the martini she ordered, seeing as he didn't take a single sip. Once outside, he crossed the street in a hurry, just as the light flipped from red to green. Once inside the hotel, he repeatedly whispered the room number out loud, so not to forget. Through an elevator, he traveled to the fifth floor, making his way down the hall and stopped in front of room 517. Luke wasn't sure if he should enter or knock, deciding to knock.

"Come in."

The voice definitely belonged to the woman he met at the bar. With one swipe of the card, he entered to a somewhat dark room and would have been pitch black, had it not been for the candles lit on either side of the bed. He almost drooled at the sight of her lied out, white stockings, thong and white bra.

"You just gonna stare, or go to work?" She teased winking.

"Honestly I'm not sure we should be doing this…for crying out loud we never even introduced ourselves!"

"Luke Vincent," she pushed off the pillows crawling on her hands and knees across the bed. "I know all about you."

She reached out, pulling him by his tie and brought her lips to his.

"Hold on a minute, I'm not going to do anything further unless you answer one question, first. Are you a pros…"

"Prostitute. Of course not," she shot before he could finish. "I could care less about your money. All I care about is having a good time, and I only sleep with cute guys like yourself. Forget all the questions. Let's get straight to business."

He was just about ready to say something else when their eyes met again. Whatever he wanted to ask, became a blur and he instead pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Her tongue ventured into his mouth, and she pulled him down onto the bed breaking the kiss.

"Let me first help you with this."

Little by little she helped him remove his clothing until he was down to only his boxer briefs. By her lead Luke re positioned on the bed, as she placed herself on top of him.

"I'm going to make this one ride to remember, and even if it's your last…it'll be the best ever," she smirked joining her lips with his in a deep kiss.




Somewhere between forty five minutes to an hour Bruce and the remainder of the group became aware of Luke's absence. Terrance assured them it wasn't out of the ordinary for him to takeoff, unexpectedly. For another thirty minutes they went on like they had been.

"Would you look at the time," Bruce looked down at his watch and then at his date. "Sorry Alliya, but it's about that time. I've got an early meeting in the morning and should get some shut eye. You can stay a little while longer if you'd like."

"Thanks, I believe I will. This was really fun Bruce, we have to do this more often," she kissed him over the cheek.

Outside the building, awaiting him was none other than his butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

"How long have you been waiting, never had the chance to give you a call?" Bruce asked, stepping into the backseat of the limo.

"Only a couple minutes, Master Bruce, no worries. Would you like to stop anywhere, before retiring for the evening, sir?"

"The manor will do just fine, Alfred."

By the time they arrived in front of the manor it was already after ten o'clock, in the evening. Needing some loosening, Bruce headed straight for the nearest weight room, on the third floor. For over an hour he worked on his body, Alfred knocking at the door from outside, before casually entering.

"Sorry to bother you sir, Alliya Gerdanson is on line one and it sounds urgent."

Bench pressing five additional reps of the 850 pounds, Bruce set the weight overhead, sitting up with a towel around his neck.

"Tell her I'll call back," Bruce gazed out the window setting his eyes on an all too familiar signal. "Batman is needed."

To Be Continued

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