A Different Kind of Present

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A Different Kind of Present

Gender-bend NaLu

Female Natsu = Natsumi (dom)

Male Lucy = Luke (sub)

Male Levy = Levi (mentioned)

Tomorrow was Luke’s birthday, and he was so excited he couldn’t sleep. So, after dinner, a shower, and some writing, he decided to relax in bed with a book Levi had recommended to him. Luke relaxed shirtless, in nothing but pajama pants, the spring air from his open window creating a warm breeze. Not long into the book, Luke had fallen asleep sitting up in bed. As he slept, a figure crept in through his window, hungrily eating up the sight of a mostly naked Luke, before setting to work.

Luke woke suddenly with the shock of something cold and wet being throw into his face, faintly hearing the Magnolia clock tower strike midnight; his birthday. Looking around, Luke realizes he was still on his bed, though his book was gone, and when he tried to move, found his hands tied behind his back. His legs were tied at opposite posts behind him, forcing him to be sitting on his feet, kneeling on the bed. At least he still had his pants. But what was going on?

At the sound of a single party streamer, Luke looked around his room, until his eyes found a figure dressed in a black tank-top and black pants, with a mask covering her eyes, and a bandana covering her hair. He was nervous, and when he tried to burn his restraints, found them to be a magical item that blocks the use of magic.

“What are you doing in my house?” Luke barked.

But the figure did not answer him, but instead waved her finger in a no potion.

“Answer me right now!”

Again, the figure didn’t answer him, but instead crawled up onto the bed with him. From the side of the bed the figure grabbed a black sleeping mask. Luke began to shake his head in an effort to keep the mask from covering his vision, but tied as he was the figure managed to secure it with little difficulty.

“Get off me! And let me go right now!” Luke demanded. “I swear when I get out of these you’re going to be sorry-” but before he could finish his threat, something hard and round had been shoved into his mouth, and was being buckled behind his head.

What is this? Luke thought, tentatively touching the object with his tongue. A ball gag? What in Mavis is going on?!

Luke continued to struggle as the figure ran her hands down his chest. No, this felt wrong. He had a girlfriend! This was not going to happen on his birthday! And he’s a guy! Was he really letting a girl take advantage of him like this? Others thought he was too timid to be with the fiery Natsumi, and if he let this happen he might as well be proving their points! Struggling again, Luke tried to yell at the figure he could no longer see or feel, but the gag prevented anything more than a spitty gurgle. Luke sat, trying to figure out exactly where the figure was, but couldn’t hear anything. However, after a moment, he felt his pants being ripped at his waist, all the way down his legs. Attempting to thrash about all he managed to do was hit his head against the back wall, his head now throbbing.

Ow. Okay, violently thrashing is a bad idea.

Feeling the bed sink beneath him he waited to feel what would happen. If he could keep his head clear, maybe he could figure out both a way out of this, and who this figure was. And what she wanted. The woman straddled his hips, and Luke sucked a sharp breath in through his nose when he felt her naked skin against his. Her lips began to kiss his exposed neck. Hot, open mouthed kisses right on the spots that drove him wild. His hips bucked what little they could under the woman, and she ran her hot tongue from his shoulder to his ear, where she gently blew her warm breath. It drove him wild, and couldn’t figure out how this masked figure had known exactly what turned him on.

No! You have Natsumi! You can’t cheat! Think of her!

But all that managed to do was for Luke to picture a naked Natsumi riding him hard and fast. Which is what he had wanted for his birthday, not this! He felt her hands begin to roam his body, and when she roughly bit into his shoulder, he bucked again. Damn did that feel good. Luke felt the figure begin to kiss her way down his body toward his manhood, and he tried to squirm once more. But it was useless, as she pushed on his chest with one hand to keep him in place, and began to pump his member with the other. The firm grasp gently pumping him was driving Luke wild, but he had to stay strong. He had to resist.

And he wanted to, but his body began to pump blood toward his penis, betraying his thoughts. Once his member was hard, he felt something warm being slid over his penis. It was warm, as if it had just been heated, and gently began to vibrate.

Did she just put a cock ring on me?! Luke yelled in his head, disbelieving. His thoughts left his mind however, when he felt her kiss the head of his penis. The vibrations of the cock ring added a new sensation he had never felt before as she took him into her mouth. A low throaty sound vibrated in Luke’s mouth, but was muffled by the gag. He wanted out of this! But getting sucked off felt so good, he was conflicted. The added sensation of the vibrating cock ring had Luke reaching his limit in no time as he released his load into her mouth.

Oh, Mavis. Oh, Mavis, what have I done? Where’s Natsumi when I need her?

Luke felt the cock ring be removed from his member, and it felt oddly dissatisfying to have it gone. He heard the woman open the door to his bathroom.

Is she using my mouthwash? Luke thought as he heard her gargle and then spit. Hearing his bathroom door close he prepared for her to come back.

He felt something brush against his nipples, and he instantly became rigid. It was cold, and felt like wood, but what latched onto his nipple was a hot mouth. Her tongue circled around his left nipple as she brushed the object over his right, before clasping it onto him.

Ow! He protested internally as he released a pained groan from his throat.

Her mouth released him and she clamped another onto his erect left nipple. There was pain, and he wanted to shake them off, but her tongue licked his right nipple, and a jolt shot through him. He wasn’t sure if he like it or not, but the feeling wasn’t bad. Luke felt the figure moving around the bed to be behind him, and roughly pushed him so that he fell face-first into his comforter. The figure leaned against him, snaking her arms around his front to flick the objects hanging from his nipples. This time, there was no pain, but an odd pleasure that had blood flowing back to his penis. Her hand began to pump his sensitive member once more, and again he felt a hot ring being slid down his member, though this one did not vibrate constantly like the last, this one did harder pulses every few seconds.

Luke felt the figure position his body so his backend stuck a little further in the air. He was confused as he felt the figure once more reach around him, but this time fastened something completely around his penis. He heard a small motor start, and then a sucking motion on his member. It felt as if his member was being milked, but it was such an intense feeling he wanted more as it alternated pulses with the cock ring.

Oh, Mavis this feels amazing. He momentarily forgot all about Natsumi, but it wasn’t for long. Natsumi, forgive. I’m powerless here.

Beneath the blindfold Luke’s eyes went wide when he felt the figure spread his cheeks and a cold, sticky substance touch his anus. Luke began to thrash and shake his head as he felt a small, round object begin to probe at his entrance. But it didn’t enter, the figure instead running the length of the object between his cheeks. He could feel the tip of the object was small and round, followed by increasingly larger, round objects. Luke knew what this was, but couldn’t fight as another pump from the object around his penis had him groaning, even as the first anal bead was inserted. Luke’s body tightened up as the foreign object began to move at the hands of the woman behind him. Once Luke began to relax, the woman inserted another, and then another. Luke groaned, the objects being pulled slightly as if they were to be removed, but never being allowed to exit. All these stimuli were beginning to edge Luke closer and closer to his finish, confused as he was about what was happening to him. It wasn’t long before he completely submitted to the woman, as she slipped another two anal beads into him. Luke struggled with his hands, wanting to grasp anything as he neared his release. The figure began to remove the beads, one at a time, slowly, and as the last was removed with a pop Luke came into the object around his member.

What did I just do? Why did I enjoy that? What am I going to tell Natsumi?

The figure forced Luke to sit back up as she removed the pump and the cock ring. He felt her hands reach around him, but didn’t fight as he felt her begin to remove the ball gag. Once it was out, he let into her, slightly out of breath.

“What do you think you’re doing? I have a girlfriend! You can’t just do this! Let me go right now!” However, he stopped struggling when the blindfold was removed. “N-natsumi?!”

There, before his eyes, was his girlfriend, naked with her rose hair in a wild mess. “Happy birthday, Luke!”

“Natsumi! What did you just do to me?” Luke asked, bewildered.

She smiled at him as she removed the clothes pins from his nipples, “Duh! I gave you your birthday present! Thought we could mix it up! Not knowing what happens to you is supposed to be very sexy!”

“Where on earth land did you learn that?” Luke demanded, his body tingling all over from the assault on his senses.

Natsumi smiled and scratched the back of her head. “Well, uh…”

“It was that iron dragon slayer, wasn’t it?”

Natsumi nodded. “Yah! She said her and Levi do this kind of stuff all the time! She once did this for Levi on his birthday and it went great!”

Luke smirked, “Natsumi, untie me.”

Natsumi cocked her head sideways, but began to untie his feet anyway. “Why?”

Once untied completely, Luke pinned her down, holding up the ball gag. “It’s your turn.”

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