The Eevee Brothel

BY : TheAnthroDex
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Disclaimer: I do not have any ownership of Pokémon nor any of its contents. The following story is based on the works of Pokémon. No money is being profited from the production of this work.

A/N: Please note that the Pokemon in this story is anthropomorphized. Also the conversion of Pokedollars to USD is about 100:1, similar to yen.


I consider myself a simple man. I work a desk job as an accountant from 9 to 5 every weekday. I go home to eat dinner, watch some TV, and get my recommended eight hours of sleep. I have no wife or kids, and I live by myself on the fourth floor of a decent sized apartment. My time for reaching my dreams have passed, so I have no goals for my near future. Everything in my life is normal and stable. I’m neither sad nor overjoyed about my situation, just content with what I have. And then, of course, I have that one place I go to for my special end of the week celebration.



I walked up to that place with my arms crossed, giving it another look over. On the surface, it looked like a shabby place, lost in the darkness of the alley where the entrance was located. Then again, it had to be like that considering the kind of business it was running. I checked my area briefly, making sure no one was watching before opening the door and stepping inside.


At the desk was the same overweight, middle-aged man I saw every time I came here. He was smoking a cigarette while watching something on his computer, the smoke from the cig filling the air of the confined room with its stench. He looked up from his computer once I entered and gave me a smile.


“Good to see you again, buddy,” he said to me, putting his cigarette in his hand. “How have you been?”


“I’ve been alright, Joe, thanks for asking,” I responded. “You shouldn’t be smoking in here. It’s bad for the girls.”


“They’ll be fine,” he said, waving his hand as if he were shooing away my words. “They stay up there, and I stay down here. I ain’t doing any harm to them. Anyway, what’ll it be this time?” A smirk appeared on his face as I looked at the vacant rooms.


“Only three right now, huh?” I said with a bit of disappointment. “Well, I was looking for a different one this time, but I guess I’ll just have the Normal course.”


“A classic,” he said before putting out his hand. I pulled out my wallet and handed him the usual 50,000 Pokedollars. “You sure are lucky to be an accountant. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to afford coming here so often,” he said with a chuckle as he counted the bills. “Alright, you’re good. Go enjoy yourself, bud.”


“I sure will,” I retorted as I stepped past him and pressed the button for the elevator. Despite how the place looked on the surface, on the inside, it was actually very well kept. As it should be, considering the amount of money they probably made in a single night. With a rate of 50,000 Pokedollars per course and nine courses to serve, this place was probably making over ten million Pokedollars a week if they had about 40 customers a day. Once the doors to the elevator opened, I stepped inside and pushed the button for the sixth floor.


Each girl had their own floor. The large space on each floor gave a more realistic feel to each situation as there was plenty of space to make the setting. Each girl also had their own special scenario. I looked at the sign hanging on the elevator, which gave descriptions for each floor. I reread the one I was going to as I waited for the elevator to reach my destination.


Floor 6: Eevee

Height: 5’2

Weight: 114.4 lb

Bust: B


Eevee is a woman you are seeing behind your wife’s back. You tell your wife that you are going to be home late again because of work. Little does she know that you are actually driving over to Eevee’s house for another evening of fun. Eevee knows that you have a wife, but she doesn’t mind as she keeps letting you stay over.


A loud ding echoed in my ears as the doors of the elevator opened. A pair of beautiful brown eyes looked up to meet mine on the other side. She had a coat of fur that was also light brown, covered by a white T-shirt and black yoga pants that clung tight to her slim legs. A long fluffy brown tail swung about behind her. Her large ears perked up as she saw me, and she gave me a wide smile as she moved to the side and let me enter.


I stepped inside to see what one would expect from a standard apartment flat. I entered from the living room, which was connected to the dining room. The kitchen was farther down, and there were doors for the bathroom, closet, and bedrooms; all of which were well-furnished to give a nice homey feeling. I took off my jacket and hung it on a rack next to the door.


“You’ve been coming over a lot more lately,” Eevee said to me as she turned around and sat down on the couch. “Has your wife been suspicious at all?”


“Of course not,” I replied as I sat down next to her. “She’ll believe anything I say. Completely clueless,” I said with confidence about my imaginary wife.


“Good,” she answered as she tilted her head and placed a hand on my cheek. I closed my eyes as I leaned in and accepted her kiss, opening my mouth a bit to let her tongue slip inside. Her tongue rubbed against mine, a slight taste of fish emanating from it. My hand drifted over to give her ass a firm squeeze as I pushed her tongue back to let mine enter her mouth. She moaned into the kiss as my tongue explored the depths of her warm mouth. I opened my eyes again when she broke the kiss to see her smiling at me.


“I can tell you’ve already ate,” she said softly, licking her lips. Apparently, her mouth wasn’t the only one telling what they ate. “I would have made you dinner.”


“I don’t think I would have the time. My wife would worry if I came back too late,” I responded, “but I always save some room for dessert.” I gave her ass another firm squeeze, making her let out a small squeak.


“I think you know where to go to find dessert,” she said flirtatiously before giving me a wink. She got up and rushed down the hallway. I heard the door of her bedroom close, leaving me in the living room alone in silence. A bulge was already apparent in my pants as my penis was aware of what was coming next. I could barely suppress my smile as I got up and matched her path down the hallway. I opened the door to see Eevee in black lingerie, laying on her side on a queen-sized bed. Her half-lidded eyes fluttered as she blew me a kiss.


“Like what you see?” she said.


“Hell yeah,” I responded as I quickly threw off my shirt and pulled down my pants, leaving me half-naked as I crawled onto the bed. I slid my body over hers before I began to lick her large left ear. A soft moan of pleasure entered my ear as I moved my head down and nibbled on the nape of her neck. She wrapped her arms around me in a warm embrace as she continued to moan. I brought my hand up and took ahold of her right breast, giving it a squeeze. She responded by nibbling on my ear, a shiver going down my spine as her warm tongue licked my earlobe. I stuck my hand underneath her bra and massaged her bare breast.


She stopped licking my ear and whispered, “Why only touch it when you can give it a taste?” I licked my lips as she arched her back to unhook her bra, tossing the undergarment off to the side, giving me a full view of her rather small, but supple breasts. I took the left one in my mouth, sucking on the nipple as I massaged her right.


“Just like that,” she cooed as she rested her hand on my head, combing her fingers through my hair. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I swirled my tongue around her nipple. I nibbled on the perky extrusion before pulling on it slightly, making her gasp in delight. I grinded my hips against hers as I began to sweat, my breath growing hot and heavy. I switched my mouth over to give the other nipple some attention, Eevee moaning as she enjoyed the pleasure.


“Do you like my body more than hers?” she asked, referring to my wife.


I paused to look up at her and answered, “Of course I do.” She smiled as she reached down to her panties and slid them off, revealing her dripping wet pussy.


“Right answer,” she replied as she spread the lips of her pussy with two fingers. “Now here’s your prize,” she said seductively with a wink.


My heart raced as I rushed to take off my boxers, quickly tossing them off my legs onto the ground and going back on top of her as I pressed the head of my length against her entrance. She gave me a short nod before I moved forward, my cock sliding in easily with her juices as lubrication. Her insides immediately tightened around my penis, the warmth making my eyes roll back from the pleasure. I pulled out halfway before sliding in again slowly, the both of us moaning in ecstasy. I continued in slow, strong strokes as she wrapped her legs around my waist. We looked into each other’s eyes as I picked up the pace, grunting with each thrust. She placed her hand on the back of my head and gently pushed my head down into another kiss, our tongues dancing together again. I rested my body on top of hers as I thrusted deep inside of her, a loud squelch emanating each time the base of my cock reached her pussy. Eevee broke the kiss again as her loud moans of pleasure began to echo across the room, the sound peaking with each thrust into her. I bent down and began to suck on her breast again as my motions grew in speed and intensity. A saltiness reached my tongue as I tasted the sweat covering both of our bodies. I took a deep whiff of her scent before sitting up and moving her legs on my shoulders. I lifted her ass into the air and began to pound down on her, the new position making her cry loudly into the night. My moans mixed in with hers as I gave quick, short thrusts deep inside of her. I grabbed onto her shoulders as I felt her pussy begin to convulse and tighten around my length, drawing my climax dangerously close. I thrusted a few more times before I pulled out all the way to the tip and slamming it back down hard into her. A shriek pierced my ears as I groaned, our climaxes releasing at the same time. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me as I shot several spurts of hot semen deep into her accepting pussy.


I wiped the head off my forehead as I caught my breath. Eevee was also catching her breath, a slight shade of red visible on her brown cheeks. I slipped my cock out of her and watched her rear fall down onto the mattress, a thick stream of white substance oozing out of her pussy. I laid down next to her and wrapped my arms around her to hug her from the side.


“How was it?” she asked in an exhausted voice.


“Amazing,” I responded as I rubbed my forehead along the back of her neck. A few minutes passed in silence as we regained our energy. She turned around and looked deep into my eyes with a sad expression.


“Why don’t you leave your wife for me?” she asked in a serious tone.


“I can’t just leave my wife. You may have a better body than her, but I still love her.”


A rather cute pout appeared on her face as she grumbled. “But I’ll do things that I bet she isn’t willing to do.”


I raised my eyebrow in interest. “What kind of things?” I asked. She smiled and crawled on all fours towards the foot of the bed. She raised her tail high in the air and exposed her small asshole. She brought her hand close to it as she wiggled her ass.


“I bet she never lets you do it in this hole,” she said, turning her head back at me with a mischievous smile.


I gulped as my cock quickly became hard again at the sight. I sat up and crawled up behind her, positioning the head in front of her back entrance. “You would be right about that,” I responded as I spat onto my penis and covered it as best as I could. She pressed her rear up against my cock, eagerly awaiting her penetration. Feeling adequately lubricated, I grabbed ahold of her hips and pressed the tip of my penis hard against her asshole. A pained expression came on her face as I pushed until the head entered with a pop. A groan of pain and pleasure escaped her lips as it went through. I paused for a moment to get used to the extreme tightness being put on my length before sliding further inside of her. The tightness was almost overwhelming to the point that I felt the need to hold back my climax. I continued until I was balls deep inside her ass before letting out a sigh of pleasure and wiggling around a bit to get more comfortable.


“How do you feel?” I asked Eevee, wanting to make sure she was feeling good as well.


“I-It hurts a bit,” she responded, “but it feels good too. You’re just so big.” She pressed her rear onto my groin, giving me the okay to continue. I pulled back with more effort than I originally thought before thrusting back in. I continued the motion, eventually being able to pick up my pace as it became easier to move inside her. I took a firmer hold of her hips as my thrusts grew more intense, my grunts filling up the room. Eventually, Eevee got used to the sensation and began to move her body in rhythm with mine. I spanked her ass, making her let out a loud yelp. My balls smacked against her pussy each time my groin hit her rear, her juices dripping onto the bed from her arousal. I felt my climax approaching again and saw Eevee’s ears perk up as my cock twitched about inside of her, warning her of my climax.


“Maybe I should give your wife a call and tell her what you’ve been doing every night,” she said suddenly, giving me a teasing smile. “I can tell her all about how you’ve been finishing in me raw, practically begging me to have your baby.”


“Don’t do it,” I responded, her teasing fueling my sex drive even further. I pulled on her tail out of spite, in hopes of making her regret what she just said.


“But I want you to be mine and mine alone,” she said in a longing voice. “If I tell her, she’ll leave you and then I can have you to all to myself! Then we can do this every night,” she cooed.


“Forget it!” I yelled through gritted teeth. I gave her ass another slap before going full force, biting my lower lip as sweat rolled down my body from all the effort. Eevee buried her face into the bedsheet as she raised her ass high in the air. I saw her hands clench down as she tried to keep her body steady. With one final thrust, I plunged my penis deep inside her ass and climaxed, sending several spurts of cum into her before pulling out and shooting the last few ropes onto her butt. Eevee’s rear flopped onto the bed while her hands released the hold on her blankets. I gently laid my body on top of hers as we caught our breath.


“Did you enjoy the course, sir?” Eevee asked in between pants, breaking out of character to signal my time was done.


“Yes, it’s one of the few courses here that allows anal. And, of course, you’re such a cute girl,” I said before rolling off of her.


“Thank you, sir,” she replied as she got up and started picking up her clothes. “I enjoyed it as well. I hope to see you again.” She gave me a small bow as she retrieved all her clothes and headed out of the room.

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