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Ken's PoV

Looking around in the café, a Starbucks right in Newington, New Hampshire, I looked around and found Daisuke sitting in the chair across from me. I noticed Veemon's eyebrow twitching and noticed something was wrong. Wormmon's antennae were sticking up as well and it startled me when Wormmon suddenly jumped into my lap.

"Hey, buddy, what's up?" I asked, looking at Wormmon.

Wormmon sniffed the air and pointed a claw at my laptop.

"Ken-kun, there's something up with the internet. There are all kinds of 502 errors showing up on your laptop." Wormmon said, looking at the 502 errors.

I looked at my computer and sure enough, there were more 502 errors than you could shake a stick at.

"Ken-chan, I think that there's some kind of Digimon on the loose. Want to go investigate?" Daisuke asked, looking at me.

I nodded and I opened my laptop and clicked a mysterious application.

"DigiPort, open! Let's get Digital! Digital World Connection: Online! Login Credentials: Correct and Verified. Connection Complete! Digital World Outfits: Activate! DigiModify! Hermes' Winged Boots!" Daisuke and I said, sliding a card across our Digivices.

"DigiModify! Matrix Digivolution!" I shouted, and Daisuke and I slid the card for Digivolution up the Digivice.

"Wormmon Digivolve to... Stingmon!" Wormmon exclaimed, spinning around.

"LadyVeemon Digivolve to... LadyExVeemon!" LadyVeemon said, spinning around.

"Daisuke-kun, I don't see anything from the air." LadyExVeemon said, turning around to Daisuke.

"Hmm, Ken-kun, I don't see anything either. Are you sure there's something wrong here in the Digital World? Or was there just a false alarm?" Stingmon asked, looking at me.

"I think it was just a false alarm or perhaps a prank set up by my brother's ghost. It's likely he was trying to fool us." I said, beginning to sweatdrop.

Suddenly, I noticed a sweatdrop fall from my forehead and I knew there was something supernatural going on. A ghostly finger soon found its way onto my shoulder and I shivered.

"H-huh?! Who's there?!" I shouted turning around.

The ghostly finger was taken off of my shoulder and a familiar figure appeared. Suddenly, the figure revealed himself, having blue hair like my own, only his was slightly lighter in shade but very similar to my own, blue-purple eyes like my own, and he wore a familiar pair of square-shaped glasses. I recognized the figure instantly.

"Sam?! What are you doing here?" I asked, hugging my elder brother.

"Otouto, I've come to tell you important news. Kami-sama has allowed me to live in your world as a ghost but there's a set of rules. One, I can't turn invisible because mom and dad need to be able to see me at all times. Two, I have to babysit you three times a week while Jun's coming over to our house for our dates. Three, because Jun and I are dating, you've got to be on your best behaviour, even when your boyfriend is around. Four, mom and dad passed away two months ago and have asked me to take guardianship of you. Finally, you have to do what I ask when I ask you to do something. I know this is a lot to take in but mom and dad recently passed away and they have called on me to be your Ghostly Guardian." Sam said, looking at me.

"Sam, big brother... You baka! Why didn't you tell me anything about their deaths sooner?! And what's the big idea with all those 502 messages?!" I shouted, glaring at Sam with a slight smile on my face.

"Ha! I thought it'd be funny to see you get frustrated by my prank of endless 502 messages! As for the news about mama and papa, they only told me a few nights ago. The Seireitei, or the Soul Society's ruler, told me to tell you only until this point. Otouto, I'm a Soul Reaper. I help Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo Kurosaki with their work as Soul Reapers. That's why I couldn't tell you sooner. Soul Society policies prevented me from telling you right away, as much as I wanted to tell you right away so fucking badly." Sam said, doubling over in laughter but soon retaining a grim and serious expression.

"Aniki, why didn't you say anything about being part of the Soul Society or being a Soul Reaper up until now? Why did you hide this secret from me for so long?" I asked, looking at my oniisan.

Sam smiled briefly before hugging me with ghostly and boney fingers. "Otouto, I was forbidden from saying anything until about a week and a half ago. This was because of my initiation as a Soul Reaper, so I had to take an oath not to say anything for 1 month flat. A week and a half ago, the 1 month had finally ended but I wanted to give you a special surprise before telling you this sooner." Sam replied, smiling.

"Sam... Welcome home, oniisan." I said, hugging Sam and bursting into tears. Sam smiled, stroking my hair as I cried in happiness into his shirt.

"There there, little brother, it'll be alright. I'm back and this time, I'm not going anywhere without you by my side. Daisuke-kun, please, please take care of my little brother with me. I'm trusting you to be a good boyfriend and help me care for him. Welcome to the family. Daisuke-kun." Sam said, looking at Daisuke with a pleased expression.

"Well, as the new member of the family, I vow to help our family as best I can." Daisuke said, smiling.

With Ken's parents dead and Sam returning to the world of the living as a ghost to look after Ken, how will Sam Ichijouji readjust to life in their old home again? The next episode premieres soon! Tune in next week!

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