In the night garage aka Pandora’s box.

BY : Dragonlady
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I can’t believe that I’m so late getting out of here today – I walk up to my car, thinking of going home and what I’m going to have for my dinner – glad to finally have got out from work at last.

My mind is miles away, as I pause to unlock my car I hear a movement behind me – dropping my bag into the car I shut the door and as I turn a hard body slams mine against my car. I feel the breath leave my body as I look up into a pair of glowing silver eyes illuminated by the dim orange glow of the overhead lights.

The leather of his jacket is soft against me in complete contrast to the iron hard body within it, faintly I smell the mixed scents of leather, spices and whiskey as his body grinds against me. One of his arms tips my head back and his mouth crashes down on mine, my heart leaps in my chest as he drives his tongue in relentlessly.

His hands drop to my sides before grasping my breasts through my suit jacket. My breath becomes a gasp, as I feel his touch.

“Ciao Bella.” I hear his purring soft Latino voice growling in my ear.

I recognise that voice, I never thought I’d hear it this close to me. “Joe” my whisper is nearly silent.

Drawing back slightly, he tracks his right hand up my leg and under my skirt – until it is covering the triangle of silk between my legs, I feel the pressure of his fingers on me – the thin covering of silk is no barrier to his touch.

I can’t help myself I want him, I want him here and now in the dimly lit car park with no one around. My breathing is loud; almost echoing in the concrete room.  His strong hand rips the fragile silk from my body; his touch becomes harder, more insistent - my hips begin to buck against his hand – as I feel myself close to the point of no return. I almost cry out as I feel him take his hand away.

“What do you want, mmm?” His voice is all I can hear.

I can’t answer him.

He grasps my hair -pulling my head back - he repeats his question.

“I…” I’m embarrassed to say what he wants to hear.

The next thing I hear is a snarl – as he undoes his zip on his jeans pulling out his huge cock he presses the head up against me – the touch is like the sweetest kind of torture I have ever endured. He grasps his cock and brings it down on my clit - hard, a scream rips from my throat as he does so.

“Tell me!”

“I – I can’t.”

He brings his cock down hard on my clit again, I cry out loudly as he does so.

 “Tell me what you want!” His voice sounds a little desperate.

“I want you!” Finally I find my voice.

“Not enough – tell me – now!!” His voice is now rough with desperate emotion.

“I want you to fuck me Joe, fuck me now – please!!”

I feel his body against mine as he pushes his massive cock into my pussy, stretching me as he does so – I can hear his moan of lust as he sheathes himself deep inside me.

He thrusts in and out of me, getting harder and faster each time – I can hear his grunts and feel my back as it slams into my car door with each hard push of his body. I know we won’t be long before we both reach the end.

“Voglio vederti .” His voice has lapsed back into his native Italian.

“What - do you - want to – see?” My voice is faint and punctuated with loud gasps.

“Io voglio vedere venite per me.”

My body gives in to his words – and I come loudly as he watches me intently - my screams echoing around as I feel his body hitch and unload into me and his shout echoes with mine.

Drawing back slightly from my body, he leans down to kiss me; his lips soft as velvet on mine I can feel him smile.

“Oh Joe, long time no see.”

“Sure is, Pandora Hakase.”

He draws me into his strong arms – holding me close to him - our bodies still joined at the hips, somewhere out of the corner of my eye I see my red scarf flutter away.

I am safe in the knowledge that Joe and Nambu Hakase are the only ones who know I’m still alive. Every now and then Joe will appear out of nowhere and let me know in his own way that I am not forgotten – by the famous Konduro no Jo anyway.

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