Starlights Fun Part 1

BY : Kurai-Kou101
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Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, or any characters in it, that belongs to Naoko and Kurai belongs to Kaosu Studios. I am not making any money for this fanfiction, i do not really wish to.

Kurai ran around backstage looking for her twin sister, they had a major argument and Usagi had run off. "Dang it, where could she be?" Kurai asked herself when she suddenly bumped into someone. "Hey watch it!" Kurai snapped at the woman dressed as a man.

"Speak for yourself, this a VIP only." The person with sunglasses said taking them off which showed an annoyed look.

"Hmph, not much security around then, is there?" She huffed crossing her arms with an irritated glare.

The person who she bumped into examined her appearance closely and lightened up "Odango? When did you have your hair dyed?" He said smiling a bit.

"I'm not "Odango" I'm her sister Kurai" She said looking even more annoyed.

They didn't have time to argue as there was a golden light and a man screaming.

"Nani?" They both said before rushing outside and to see a man turning into a youma.

'I can't transform here, not infront of someone' Kurai thought and then she felt herself being pulled back inside with directions to get away.

'As if, I know how to fight.' Kurai thought as Seiya ran off somewhere and she was sure he was gone she transformed.

"Moon Eternal Power! Make-Up!" She said and trasformed.

After the battle....

"Fighter..." Sailor Dark Moon said looking at her in the eyes with such sadness and longing before she vanished.

"Do you know her?" Sailor Moon asked earning a sad nod.

"Yes, from long ago..." The twin sister with black hair replied honestly full of sadness.

The pair went back inside and a few moments later Seiya came up to them. "Odango? Are you alright?" Seiya asked looking at the pair of twins.

"Hai, this is my twin sister, Kurai." Usagi answered introducing them.

"Kou Seiya." He said holding out a hand.

"Tsukino Kurai" Kurai answered taking his hand and both of them felt something strange

'This feeling...what is it?' Kurai thought

'This girl, I know her somehow.' Seiya thought thinking of how he knew her.

"You have a twin sister Odango?" He asked releasing Kurais' hand

"Hai, she moved here last week." Usagi answered with a smile.

Before Seiya could say something Yaten appeared in the hallway "Oi, Seiya, we have to go." Yaten called.

"Hai hai, coming." Seiya said before leaving them both in the hallway.

"Who was that girl? With the black hair." Yaten asked as they walked away from their hearing and sight.

"Kurai, I think I know her from somewhere." Seiya answered honestly deep in thought.

Ok, I didnt write the fight scene cuz i was too lazy lol anyways here are what the word/names mean in case you dont know

Kurai Tsukino: Dark Moon

Usagi Tsukino: Bunny Moon

Nani: what

Hai: yes

Oi: hey

Odango: Meatball Head i think

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