Forgiving the Devil

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Forgiving the Devil

Beelzemon tapped his foot impatiently as the cashier rang up his purchase, the Biker Digimon crossing his arms as he could feel the stares burning into the back of his head, he thought that several years after the D-Reaper incident that a Digimon walking among humans wouldn’t be such a strange thing but yet he still got countless stares on a daily basis, it was more tolerable in his Impmon form as he was harder to notice but in his Mega level form he didn’t have the option of staying out of sight

“Could ya hurry it up? I’ve got places to be” he grunted tapping his fingers along his bicep as his tail twitched uncomfortably around his leg, not used to having to restrain his fifth limb but in the stores cramped conditions he couldn’t risk accidently sending someone flying

His complaint was a total lie however, he just needed to get out of the house since Ai and Mako were fighting again and the noise was giving him a headache, thankfully the cashier didn’t take much longer allowing him to pay with the money he had taken from the house and leave before the claustrophobic conditions drove him crazy

Cracking open one of the beers Beelzemon promptly downed it in a couple of gulps before tossing the bottle aside “now what the hell am I gonna do?” he thought to himself as he cracked open another bottle, he had no intention of going home just yet as Ai and Mako were most likely still screaming at each other and since he had spent his money on beer he could hardly rent a motel room for the night

After a few minutes of wandering Beelzemon found himself in a familiar neighbourhood recognizing one of the nearby houses as Jeri’s “hey maybe I could….nah what am I thinking?” he sighed to himself, despite it being several years since the incident with the D-Reaper things were still very awkward between him and Jeri, she did claim that she had forgiven him but he knew deep down she still held some animosity towards him

Shaking his head the Digimon was about to turn around and walk away when a sudden crack of thunder filled the air and a torrential downpour appeared from almost nowhere soaking him to the bone without seconds “shit” he cursed, he hated the rain and there was no way in hell he was going to spend the next god knows how many hours wandering through it finding himself walking up to Jeri’s front door

“If I’m lucky Takato will be here and it’ll be a lot less awkward” he hoped as he slowly raised his hand to knock on the door, each knock seeming to echo much louder than it actually was to him as he waited with bated breath for someone to answer the door

When the door finally open the Digimon quickly realized that he should have just stood out in the rain as Jeri stood in the doorway “uh…hey” he greeted with an awkward grin as Jeri just stared up at him

“Hey…” Jeri replied equally as lost for words as he was

Clearing his throat Beelzemon decided to break the ten second silence that passed after Jeri spoke “look, it’s really coming down outsight, mind if I crash here til it lightens up?” he asked awkwardly honestly expecting her to slam the door in his face so he was surprised when she didn’t

“Yeah, ok” the teenager said simply stepping to a side to allow the Digimon entry, Beelzemon taking a moment to register that she hadn’t left him out in the rain making heading inside

Upon heading inside and getting settled in the living room Beelzemon quietly opened another beer and began to nurse it as an uncomfortable silence fell upon him and Jeri again, both of them casting occasional glances at each other whilst Jeri half watched the TV “so…how’s things?” Beelzemon eventually asked trying to break the silence flinching slightly as Jeri turned her full gaze to him

“Everything’s fine” Jeri replied a bit too quickly and sharply for Beelzemon’s liking making his stomach sink a little

“That’s…that’s good” the Digimon responded before letting out a weary sigh “look I ain’t gonna beat around the bush, I know ya hate me, I’ll be gone as soon as the rain lets up” he told her finishing off his beer before setting the empty bottle on the coffee table in front of him

“What? I don’t hate you”

“Don’t bullshit me Jeri” Beelzemon retorted roughly swigging the rest of his drink “you have every damn reason to hate me so don’t even try lying to me” he added slamming the bottle down on the table, nearly breaking it before he managed to steady himself not wanting to risk shattering it and potentially hurting Jeri with the glass “shit, this was a fuckin’ mistake, I’m just gonna go”

As he started to stand up Jeri stopped him holding a hand up “no, stay” she told him sounding more like an order than a request and as if obeying Beelzemon sat back down “you’re right, I did hate you” she explained starting to wring her hands together “years ago when you were trying to kill us”

“Jeri you don’t have to talk about this”

“No, I should, we should talk” Jeri cut him off before leaning down to take one of the remaining beers, cracking it open and taking a long drink of it surprising the Digimon, despite it being years since they met and Jeri now being a healthy eighteen year old Beelzemon couldn’t help but still see her as the little girl that he had emotionally crippled

Allowing Jeri to drink Beelzemon was both surprised and a little impressed as the petite girl downed the entire bottle in a few gulps before shaking her head to soften the buzz of it “I did hate you, I hated you so much, I was finally something, a Tamer, I could finally do something to help my friends and you took that all away from me” she stated, her words stabbing Beelzemon deep in the heart “I hated you, I hated you so much that I couldn’t stand it, I actually wanted you to kill me”

“Kid…” Beelzemon started only for Jeri to raise her hand to silence him

“But then you came to save me, I was so confused, why would you try to help me when before all you wanted to do was murder us?” she continued “even after the D-Reaper was beaten and you seemed to be our friend I didn’t know if we should trust you, you always seemed sincere after that though and I thought…maybe it was because Leomon’s a part of you now”

What Jeri did next nearly made Beelzemon jump out of his skin as the petite girl suddenly placed a hand on his thigh dangerously close to his groin “whoa kid!” he exclaimed grasping at her wrist “what’re you doing?”

“Leomon is a part of you right?” Jeri asked, her face brightly flushed showing that the beer had taken effect and that she was a total lightweight

“In a way yes, when I loaded his Data his being became one with mine, his strength became mine” the Digimon explained hoping that it would sate whatever need Jeri was experiencing and she would back off but to his surprise she moved to climb onto his lap “Jeri, what are you…?”

“Just let me…let me be…let me be close to him again” Jeri replied with an almost pleading tone as she clutched his jacket pressing her face to his chest “please…just this once”

Exhaling through his nose Beelzemon tried his best to relax, it was the least he could do after everything he had done to her allowing her to rest against him, her face resting against his chest as if trying to find Leomon’s heartbeat alongside his own and for a moment the Digimon had to admit that their proximity felt kind of nice

The nice feeling didn’t last long however as Jeri’s hands then trailed lower boldly grasping his groin “kid!” he exclaimed staring down at her with shock as Jeri began to work his pants open “what’re you doing?!”

“Do you truly want to amend things between us?” Jeri retorted continuing to work his pants open whilst he reluctantly nodded “then let me do this, let me be close with Leomon again” she instructed him bluntly as she then sat up on her knees, reaching one hand under her dress to pull her underwear to a side whilst pulling his endowment out of his pants

Swallowing thickly Beelzemon gripped the couch cushions hard enough that his claws ripped into them as he was ‘forced’ to which Jeri align herself up with the tip of his cock, he wanted to stop her, tell her that it was just the drink making her act this way but then again what if it wasn’t?

He was sick of the anonymity between them, sick of having to tip toe around her when he could freely talk and interact with the others like they were lifelong friends, sick of the look in her eye that just reminded him of his past sins, if this was what it was going to take for her to finally forgive him he was going to go for it

Balancing one hand against Beelzemon’s chest Jeri slowly lowered herself down on his thick cock, biting her lip as she felt her insides stretch and reshape to accommodate him “oh fuck…Leomon…” she moaned, her eyes tightly clenched shut making it obvious that she was fantasizing that Beelzemon was Leomon, normally he wouldn’t stand for someone to think of someone else whilst they were with him but at that moment he was going to let it slide for Jeri’s sake

Keeping himself quiet as to not ruin her fantasy Beelzemon simply sat back watching her as she rode him, gritting his teeth to silence any vocalizations of pleasure as her tiny wet pussy worked his thick shaft, her little hole the tightest thing he had ever felt easily putting Rika and Renamon to shame “oh…oh…yes…Leomon…fuck me…fuck me please…”

With that Beelzemon moved his arms to gently grasp her sides, not gripping too hard as to make it obvious that it was him and ruin Jeri’s mental image, how would Leomon do this anyway? He did have a much larger body than him so Beelzemon splayed his fingers out as much as he could to create the illusion of having larger hands which seemed to work as Jeri’s breath hitched and her core squeezed tighter around him

Grasping at Beelzemon’s jacket with both hands Jeri worked her hips harder and faster, nearly taking the Digimon’s entire length every time she slammed herself down on him as her breathing got heavier and more laboured, her pussy clenching in a way that showed she was close to cumming “yes…yes please…harder…” she panted, tears streaming down her cheeks from a mixture of pleasure and from scrunching her eyes so tightly shut

As Jeri rode him faster Beelzemon felt his release building up as well, gripping her sides a little tighter as the petite girl then threw her head back with a gasp of ecstasy, her core clenching even tighter to drive him over the edge with her “ah fuck!” he cursed breaking character but Jeri seemed to either not notice or mind as she shook on his lap, her entire body shivering and twitching as her orgasm coursed through her before she collapsed forward onto Beelzemon’s chest panting heavily

As Jeri recovered against him Beelzemon stayed motionless giving her time to get her strength back, winding an arm around her Beelzemon felt Jeri shift closer as if cuddling up to him “thank you” he heard her mumble quietly bringing a small smile to his lips

“It’s alright kid, I got you”

The next few days after that incident went on as normal, to the point that Impmon believed that either Jeri had regretted what they had done or it had simply only slightly cracked the wall between them, that was until a party was held at Henry’s and since he had nothing better to do he tagged along, sneaking in through a window and mingling in

Helping himself to the food that had been placed out Impmon flinched as Jeri walked up to stand next to him as he scarfed down a sandwich, swallowing the food nervously before glancing away “hey” he greeted expecting a curt huff or a cold reply

What he got however as a friendly titter and smile from her “hey, I was wondering when you were going to turn up, you’re never one to skip a party”

Surprised by Jeri’s sudden warmth towards him Impmon nervously smiled back “yeah, you know me” he replied rubbing the back of his head “listen, about the other day, are we cool now?”

“Yeah, we’re good” Jeri smiled bringing instant relief to Impmon’s clenching heart “it was something I needed to let out and you really helped a lot” she continued before her smile suddenly turned sultry and she placed a hand upon his “although more help is always good, want to go upstairs?”

Now Impmon wasn’t going to turn that down, at least not wanting to risk being on Jeri’s bad side again

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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