Android Eighteen's Sexual Corruption

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Krillin was being pushed out of the house by Eighteen.

“Go on, now, you need to go to work. I want you to make lots of money so I can buy lots of stuff, Krillin.”

“I-I get it, Eighteen, I am going. Geez, do you have to like shopping so much?”

Eighteen kneeled down slightly. Krillin was shorter than her, but still tall enough to be evidently considered an adult.

“I like YOU, silly. AND, I like shopping too. That’s why you have to go and work a lot.”

“You could get a job too, you know...” Krillin was slightly annoyed at being milked for cash so badly.

“But I already have a job, don’t I...?”

Eighteen gave him a naughty smile. Along with it, she extended her right hand to his crotch, over his pants. Krillin’s cock was half-erect, forming a small bulge that was visible to anyone looking straight at his waist.

The android used her superior strength to push him onto the wall and then proceeded to massage his bulge. Her right hand moved swiftly from left to right, up and down.

“See? Don’t you prefer when this is my main job…?” her face was so close to his that Krillin could feel the air coming out of her nose.

“A-ah… Come on, Eighteen, stop teasing me and suck it already…!” the desperation in his voice was evident.

“Am I so good that you can’t even wait a little bit? Or could it be that you’ll be late for work? Are you finding yourself motivated to go and make me lots of money?” she giggled.

“I just want to cum, come on…”

“Oh, fine…”

Eighteen crouched completely, her face now level with Krillin’s crotch. She lowered his pants in one swift motion. Her husband’s speediness was somewhat of a turnoff, so she just wanted to get it over with.

His erect cock was right in front of her eyes. It was clean, as it always is. Krillin was very obsessed with his hygiene, probably thinking it mattered a lot to her. She was unsure if she cared at all, to be honest. The cock was uncircumcised, average head, small length of 10cm and little thickness.

Eighteen began by pulling back his foreskin, revealing the full head. She then approached the head with her lips, starting her blowjob by slowly inserting the tip in her mouth and nothing more. Her soft and wet lips tightened around the head. The android used her tongue to circularly massage his cock’s head slowly.

“Nhnh… Hah… J-just a little m-more… Eighteen…” Krillin’s head was facing upward, torso leaning against the wall, with his eyes closed. His facial expression revealed he was feeling strained, close to ejaculating.

‘Already? And he’s not even seeing me suck him off…’ she thought. ‘Time to end this.’ she sped up her tongue movements and started bobbing her head back and forth. With soft lips pressed hard against the tip of Krillin’s cock, it really felt as if he was being milked. Eighteen let go of a few moans as she blew his dick’s head. The twitching was increasing. Once it became apparent that he was going to cum, she removed his dick from her mouth. Krillin looked back down at her.

“Can’t you take it in the mouth just this once?”

Instead of answering, Eighteen started stroking his full cock with her right hand while groping his balls with her left hand. There was no need to lube it up, as there was enough saliva around his cock’s head for her to not hold back. She stroked his penis’s full length, from base to tip, while massaging his balls.

“I’m going to…- Unghnnnh!!!!” Krillin gave a loud and long groan as his semen finally started spurting out.

She made sure that the cock was aiming a bit to the side of her face, to avoid getting any cum on her body or face. She continued to stroke him, attempting to produce as much pleasure for him as possible. It did not take long for Krillin’s orgasm to end – he never came much.

Even though he was leaning against the wall, arms hanging to his sides and panting in exhaustion, Eighteen continued to gently stroke the tip of his penis. She looked up at him with a genuine smile, while Krillin continued to pant. She had definitely made him feel good, and that was all that mattered to her.

“See how good I am at my job? Now you have to focus on your job, so I can keep on doing mine, right?” Eighteen stood up and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Yeah… Holy crap, how am I even alive after this one…”

“Now go and bring the money home, baby”

She turned him around, pushed him to the entrance door and opened the door.

“Make sure you come back a millionaire, okay?”

“Hah! Okay, I’ll totally try to do that.” Krillin gave her one last kiss on the cheeks and flew away.

Android Eighteen looked at him fly away until he was completely out of her view. She turned around and noticed the forgotten jets of semen on the floor.

‘Time to clean up again.’ she giggled, satisfied that her husband was satisfied. ‘And then I need to see Bulma about my problem. I hope she can help me.’

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